Chapter 553 – Feeding the Younger Sister

Lu Xia nodded, acknowledging the situation.

“So you don’t plan to report for duty?”

“Yeah, I’m not going. My main goal for going to university was to return to the city and have a degree. Now that the goal has been achieved, it’s good this way.”

“That’s good!”

Seeing that Su Man had made her decision, Lu Xia didn’t say much more. She then asked about Su Man and Gu Xiangnan.

“How are things between you two? Are you getting back together?”

Su Man shook her head. “Not yet. Although he has been bringing it up throughout this year, I haven’t agreed. Recently, he just reported to work and has a lot on his plate. Let’s wait and see.”

Lu Xia raised her eyebrows upon hearing this. So Su Man was still hesitant?

“His family already knows about the child, and they really like her. They often come to see her, and occasionally the child stays with them for a few days. In fact, there’s not much difference from being back together now. It’s just a matter of formality. But Gu Xiangnan said that the wedding in the countryside was rushed and poorly prepared, so he feels a bit sorry to me. Therefore, he wants to have another ceremony, which can also give me some closure.”

Lu Xia nodded. “That’s also good. It’s evident that he cares about you.”

Su Man smiled but didn’t say anything.

Afterward, the two chatted for a while, and Su Man mentioned a possible date for her wedding and invited Lu Xia to attend. Then they parted ways.

Upon returning home, Lu Xia had just stepped in and saw three little rascals wreaking havoc in the yard with a younger child smaller than them.

They were ruthlessly uprooting the vegetables in the front yard, causing a mess. Some vegetables that hadn’t grown properly were directly pulled up and piled into a heap on the side.

Lu Xia’s temper flared upon seeing this.

She walked over, picked up the little ones, and lined them up under the eaves.

“Speak up, why did you mess up the vegetable patch? Don’t you want to eat dinner in the future?”

“We… we’re doing it for our… little sister to eat.”

The second child spoke.

Lu Xia, puzzled, looked at the fourth child. “You want to eat vegetables? Why didn’t you tell Aunt Sun, so she could make them for you?”

“Not me, for little sister!” The fourth child pointed to the even smaller girl who couldn’t stand still and was wobbling.

Lu Xia had already seen her, assuming she was a child from the neighborhood, and didn’t ask much. But now that she heard this, she couldn’t help but ask, “Who is this little child?”

“My little sister! Grandma’s house, little sister!”

“Which grandma’s house’s little sister?”

Before she could figure it out, Aunt Sun, who had been in the living room, and Granny Liu walked out.

“Xiao Xia is back? What happened to the child? Did she upset you?” Granny Liu smiled and asked casually, then naturally walked over and picked up the little girl.

Lu Xia instantly understood. So this was that grandma.

So she smiled and explained, “I just came back and saw them messing up the vegetable patch all over the place. I picked them out and asked what was going on. Turns out, they said they were doing it for their little sister. This should be Grandma Liu’s great-granddaughter, right? So adorable.”

Granny Liu felt a little embarrassed upon hearing this. She then looked at the messy vegetable patch and explained, “It’s my fault. I said before that the vegetables in your garden are good and tasty, and Xiao Sun said there are a lot at home and asked me to take some with me before leaving. I didn’t expect they would take matters into their own hands and start pulling them up.”

Lu Xia laughed upon hearing this. “What’s the big deal? If they want to pull them up, let them. If they’ve ruined a lot, let them eat it themselves. When they’re done eating, we’ll give them meat.”

Upon hearing that they couldn’t have meat, the little cubs all lowered their heads, looking upset.


Chapter 554 – Will It Affect the Children?


Lu Xia didn’t care about their thoughts. After chatting with Grandma Liu for a while, she took out the vegetables they had picked and packed a lot for her to take home.

The Liu family had many mouths to feed, and they didn’t have a backyard. The vegetables they planted wouldn’t be enough to eat. On the other hand, Lu Xia’s family planted more but ate less, so giving some away was not a big deal.

After Grandma Liu received the vegetables, she was all smiles, and then she happily left with the children.

Lu Xia didn’t bother with the remaining children, but she didn’t scold them either. The little cubs thought they had escaped a punishment.

In the evening, during dinner, they discovered that the table was full of green vegetables, and they made a bitter face. Just as they were about to act cute and say they wanted to eat meat…

Lu Xia said, “We can’t waste these vegetables. If we don’t eat them, we’ll have to throw them away. So, we have to finish them before they go bad. You picked these yourselves, won’t you eat them? Besides, me, your dad, and Aunt Sun will help eat them!”

The little cubs, hearing this, didn’t dare to complain anymore and could only eat the vegetables with a bitter face for two days, ending up with green faces before they finished.

Finally, they learned their lesson again and wouldn’t dare to randomly pull out vegetables in the future.

Jiang Junmo heard about this after work, and seeing how Lu Xia handled it, he didn’t say much, quietly eating the vegetables with them.

However, before bedtime, seeing that Lu Xia’s mood was still not very good, he thought she was upset.

So he put down his book and comforted, “The kids are still young, it’s normal for them to cause some trouble. Just punish them when they make mistakes. When they grow up in a few years, they’ll probably be more obedient.”

Lu Xia smiled at his words and said, “I know, kids are like that. I’m not angry with them.”

“What’s wrong then? Is it something related to the beauty salon?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “It’s not related to that, nothing’s wrong there.”

Seeing Jiang Junmo looking worried, she explained, “It’s related to the kids. Today I suddenly remembered Kang Kang saying he wants to be a soldier when he grows up. But I remember that being a soldier requires background check. If they check up to three generations of direct relatives, then our parents are the children’s grandparents. In the future, whether they become officials or soldiers, will it also have an impact?”

Jiang Junmo hadn’t thought of this before, because the country’s background check didn’t have a clear rule of examining up to three generations of direct relatives yet. They only checked the political outlook and conduct of close relatives.

“It should be fine, right? Kang Kang and the nominal grandparents have never met, let alone interacted. It shouldn’t have an impact.”

Lu Xia sighed after hearing this. Even though they knew how things were, others wouldn’t. When it comes to review, they wouldn’t consider whether they’ve interacted or have a good relationship; they would only consider the blood relation.

If it’s in the recent years, there probably wouldn’t be an issue, as there’s no clear law on this yet.

Plus, with the help of the Jiang family, they should be able to avoid any negative effects.

But Lu Xia couldn’t remember when the three-generation examination rule was officially established. It was probably in the late 1990s. If it happened when Kang Kang or the other children were making career choices, it would be troublesome.

So, she couldn’t be complacent. She needed to think about how to solve this issue.

But she knew it wouldn’t be easy to find a solution. After all, blood relationships can’t be severed or altered, and cutting ties wouldn’t help.

So, for a moment, Lu Xia was at a loss.

However, to not make Jiang Junmo worry, she didn’t show it. She just kept searching for a solution in her mind, not letting go even for a moment.

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