Chapter 555 – Wishing I Weren’t Your Daughter

However, things quickly took a turn.

One day, Lu Xia received a call from her second brother-in-law, saying that her parents in prison wanted to see her.

Initially, Lu Xia wasn’t too keen on seeing them. After all, at this point, she wished she didn’t know them and didn’t want any further interaction with them.

But thinking about the situation she had been worried about earlier, she decided to meet them.

Jiang Junmo was at work, and after receiving the call, Lu Xia didn’t wait for him to come home. She went straight to the police station.

When she arrived, her second brother-in-law was already waiting here. After seeing her, he explained, “They will be transferred to prisons in other provinces soon, and they will also be separated from their youngest son, Lu Dong, and taken to different locations. I suspect they wanted to see you because of this.”

Lu Xia nodded understandingly, “I see. Thank you, brother-in-law.”

Her second brother-in-law shook his head, gesturing for her to go in.

At this time, prison visits weren’t as complicated as in later years. It was just a room with iron bars in the middle, with guards on both sides, and they talked to each other across the bars.

The Lu couple had aged and appeared quite haggard after their recent experiences. However, they were still very excited to see her.

Mother Lu said directly, “Second child, your dad and I are going to be taken away. Please take care of your younger brother, Lu Dong.”

Lu Xia looked at her in puzzlement after hearing this. “Why are you looking for me? You know I’m not close to you. Why didn’t you find Lu Qiu? After all, they are twins, and she shouldn’t ignore this.”

“What can she, an elementary school teacher, do?!” Mother Lu answered without much thought, “The family she married into is an ordinary one, and she can’t help much. Your brother will still rely on you in the future!”

Lu Xia laughed at her words, “Well, how are you so sure that I’ll help? Haven’t you forgotten? I severed ties with you several years ago!”

Mother Lu was taken aback at this point, then she stubbornly said, “Even if you’ve severed ties, you are still our daughter!”

“Yes!” Lu Xia sneered after hearing this, “You’re right. Even if the relationship is severed, the blood tie cannot be broken. Don’t you know that, because of you, I lost my original well-paid government job! And your influence is not just limited to that. Even my children’s future careers might be influenced by you.”

“How innocent are they in all this? Just because they have you as their blood-related but not affectionate grandparents, their entire future prospects can be affected!”

Saying this, Lu Xia looked at them coldly.

“I’ve been affected, and that’s one thing. After all, I grew up being taken care of by you for 17 years. But why should they? They haven’t even met you, yet they’re going to be burdened just because of blood relations!”

“So I hate you!”

“You want me to take care of Lu Dong? Forget about it!”

“I really wish I weren’t your daughter!”

Father Lu, who had been silent all this while, looked up at her when he heard this.

Lu Xia also looked back at him, and the two locked eyes for a moment. Then she didn’t say anything more, ignored her mother’s insults, and left directly.

After coming out, Lu Xia bid farewell to her second brother-in-law and then drove back alone.

On the way, she was on edge but finally felt relieved. The bait had been cast, now it was a matter of whether they would take it or not…

A few days later, when she received a call from her second brother-in-law again, Lu Xia finally heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that her parents from the Lu family had not disappointed her.

With a nervous mind, she came to the Public Security Bureau once again, this time being taken directly to her second brother-in-law’s office.


Chapter 556 – Her Origins


Second brother-in-law poured her a glass of water after she sat down, and then said, “The main reason for calling you over this time is something mentioned by Lu Jianhai.”

“What is it?” Lu Xia asked nervously.

Her second brother-in-law looked at her with a complex expression and said, “It’s related to your origins.”

“Huh?” Lu Xia’s heart raced, but her face showed confusion.

Then she heard second brother-in-law say, “You are not their biological daughter.”

“What?” Lu Xia stood up in astonishment upon hearing his words.

“How is that possible?!”

Seeing her so agitated, her second brother-in-law reassured her, “Don’t worry, let me explain.”

Lu Xia seemed to be taken aback, hesitated for a moment, and then sat down with a bewildered expression.

Second brother-in-law went on to explain, “After you met them last time and went back, Lu Jianhai had an argument with Sun Guifang in his excitement. In the heat of the moment, Lu Jianhai accidentally revealed the fact that you are not their biological daughter. A patrolling prison guard overheard it, and afterwards, they were re-interrogated.”

“At first, Lu Jianhai was unwilling to tell the truth. It took several attempts before he revealed your true origins. You are indeed not their daughter.”

“How is that possible? We look so much alike, how can I not be their daughter?” Lu Xia asked in bewilderment.

Although she was more beautiful than her siblings, there were still similarities, so it was evident that they were a family.

Second brother-in-law nodded, “This has to do with your biological father. Your biological father is also a member of the Lu family, so it’s natural for you to resemble them.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia frowned, “So who is my biological father? Have you already investigated this?”

Second brother-in-law nodded, “After Lu Jianhai spoke, we conducted an investigation. Your biological father is Lu Jianhai’s younger brother, Lu Jianhe.”

Lu Xia furrowed her brows upon hearing this, “I don’t remember my father. I mean, Lu Jianhai has another brother?”

“You not remembering is normal. He was adopted out when he was very young, around seven or eight years old. Later, the family he was adopted into faced misfortune and they all perished. As a result, he struggled to have enough to eat and to keep warm during his early teens. The Lu family was not well-off at the time, and only Lu Jianhai would occasionally provide him with some financial support.”

“Later, he somehow met a prominent figure and started following them. He went away for more than ten years.”

“When he returned, it was already 1955 when he came back in a hurry, and according to Lu Jianhai, at that time he might have been in trouble. After their meeting, he hastily gave him an infant and some money before leaving hurriedly.”

“Lu Jianhai later discreetly inquired and found out that when he left the neighboring province, the boat he was on capsized, and he died. So Lu Jianhai had no choice but to bring the child back.”

“At that time, Sun Guifang was experiencing difficulties during the birth of her second child and was in critical condition. The newborn was very weak, and the midwife said it would be difficult to raise the child.”

“At that time, Sun Guifang was weak, and after giving birth, she passed out. Shortly after the midwife left, the child died.”

“Lu Jianhai directly swapped the children, leaving behind the child brought back by Lu Jianhe and quietly burying the deceased child.”

Lu Xia frowned again upon hearing this, “So Sun Guifang doesn’t know about this?”

Second brother-in-law nodded.

“Are his words all true? There shouldn’t be much evidence, right?” Lu Xia inquired.

Second brother-in-law explained, “We have already investigated, and it seems to be true. Lu Jianhai indeed has a younger brother, and he did return during the time of your birth.”

“Our investigators found the witnesses from that time. Some people did see that he did return to the capital, and it’s true that the boat he was on capsized when he left.”

“As for whether you are the child he brought back, we also checked with the midwife at the time. She confirmed that Sun Guifang’s child was weak and difficult to raise, while you grew up healthy…”

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