Chapter 209 – Promoted and Demoted Discreetly

Early the next day, a personnel relocation notice from the HR department once again caused a commotion throughout the entire company.

Wei Chen was promoted to the position of Deputy General Manager of Changfeng group, officially shedding the temporary acting title and becoming one of the three deputy general managers of the group. This was something expected by everyone within the company.

But who was this Chen Yun? How did he parachute into the position of Director of the Marketing Department? In the eyes of most people in the company, it was expected that along with Wei Chen’s promotion to Deputy General Manager, he would also concurrently hold the position of Marketing Department Director.

After the initial shock, everyone quickly realized a major issue. Director Wei had been promoted and demoted discreetly!

So, some individuals who became aware of this transfer order were suddenly at a loss.

Director Wei had brought so much benefit to the company in his role as the Marketing Department Director. It could be said that he had worked hard and achieved a lot. Why, at this point, did he end up in this situation?

What hidden motives were there that they hadn’t discovered, or perhaps, someone among the company’s top echelons felt threatened by Director Wei, prompting them to promote and demote him in this way?

Apart from the anger within the Marketing Department, most employees in other departments of the company were simply spectating. They were not fresh graduates just entering the workforce. In today’s fiercely competitive society, they had seen various means, and they couldn’t afford to get involved in the power struggle at the top. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even know how they might end up.

Of course, they felt sympathy for Wei Chen’s plight, but they wouldn’t pity him. After all, they didn’t have the qualification to pity Wei Chen. Given Wei Chen’s capabilities, if he was dissatisfied with this transfer order from the group, he could easily resign. There were many major companies outside eagerly seeking to hire him.

So, these insignificant onlookers could just watch the drama unfold quietly. In the battle of the top executives, they shouldn’t get involved.

However, within the company, a few individuals sensed the calm before the storm.

Wei Chen was exceptionally capable, and he would certainly not accept having his position and credit stolen by someone parachuting in. So, they were curious about the conflict that would unfold between Wei Chen and this parachuting Chen Yun.

They speculated that the annual major event of Changfeng Group was about to begin.

As Wei Chen entered the company today, he could already feel the eyes fixed on him, some curious, some just watching the show. Wei Chen understood why, but he chose not to pay attention. He took the elevator and headed to the Marketing Department.

The current office area of the Marketing Department had already doubled in size since the Sales Department joined. With the employees at this point in time, when they saw Wei Chen enter, without needing any coordination, they all stood up in unison and directed their gazes toward him.

“Director Wei…”

It’s unclear who spoke first, but then everyone spoke, calling for Wei Chen, their eyes filled with anger.

They were different from employees in other departments of the company. Those employees believed in self-preservation and saw themselves as bystanders, treating Wei Chen’s rise and fall as a spectacle.

But in their Marketing Department, they were Wei Chen’s subordinates, working directly under him. They could understand most directly how good a leader Wei Chen, who always seemed reserved, actually was.

So, when they learned about the unfair treatment Wei Chen had received, their first thought was not self-preservation but to protest to the higher department, seeking fair treatment for Wei Chen.

At this moment, facing Wei Chen, they felt deeply aggrieved for him.

Wei Chen could see their inner feelings from the angry looks in their eyes. He nodded at them and said, “Just go with the flow, don’t force it.”

“But…” someone protested, refusing to accept such unfair treatment. How could they just go with the flow after such an unfair treatment? Screw going with the flow.

Wei Chen didn’t say much. He passed through the office area and returned to his office, starting to organize his belongings. This place would no longer be his office.

Wei Chen’s departing figure was upright and resilient, even after facing such unfair treatment. He didn’t bend in the slightest.

The people from the Marketing Department watched as Wei Chen’s figure was gradually swallowed by the door of the director’s office. Their eyes felt very sore, and some couldn’t help but shed tears, while others were already choked with emotion.

Yes, they weren’t inexperienced youngsters just entering the world. However, after working under Director Wei for so long, their bodies were filled with vitality. This feeling of being brimming with energy was what young people should have, and this daily state of going to work with full spirits was imparted by Wei Chen.

Working under Wei Chen, they felt needed and valued. Every one of them had worth. As long as their ideas weren’t copied, Director Wei supported every kind of innovative thought and helped them transform those ideas into reality, bringing more profits to the company. Over the years of working, they never felt that going to work was so easy. Even when they were busy during work hours, they didn’t feel tired during their leisure time. They knew that everything they did would yield visible results in the near future.

And all of this was because they had a great boss like Wei Chen.

If Wei Chen had risen smoothly and soared to great heights this time, apart from feeling reluctant to let him go, they would have bid farewell to their director, but now, their director, Wei Chen, had been unexpectedly demoted. Faced with such unfair treatment of their director, how could they let him leave like this?

Their abilities might not be able to sway the decisions of the higher-ups, but they were determined to make the higher-ups see their stance.

Worst-case scenario… worst-case scenario, they would leave Changfeng Group. They believed that under Director Wei’s guidance during this period, their business skills were sufficient to qualify them for similar positions in any other company.

A storm was silently brewing in the Marketing Department, a storm that even Wei Chen couldn’t anticipate.

After packing his belongings, Wei Chen bid farewell to his colleagues in the Marketing Department and then cleanly entered the elevator, heading to a higher floor.

Although in the eyes of others, he was indeed going to a higher place this time, in reality, a lot of his authority had been nullified. But Wei Chen didn’t see it that way. He believed that at a higher level, he would undoubtedly gain the same level of authority as the higher-ups.

The elevator opened, and Zhuge Feng was standing outside, evidently waiting for Wei Chen’s arrival.

“Welcome, my office neighbor,” Zhuge Feng said as if he was unaware of Wei Chen’s demotion, extending his hand to welcome Wei Chen.

“Thank you,” Wei Chen replied, shaking Zhuge Feng’s hand lightly.

Zhuge Feng personally led Wei Chen to his current office, where Li Mingchang’s belongings had long been removed, and it had been redecorated according to Wei Chen’s preferences.

All of this was orchestrated by Zhuge Feng, clearly anticipating the day when Wei Chen would occupy this office.

Wei Chen thanked Zhuge Feng once again and then proceeded to organize his belongings.

“Deputy General Manager Wei, I look forward to working closely with you in the future,” Zhuge Feng said, winking at Wei Chen as he sat in his office chair.

“General Manager Zhuge, I look forward to your guidance,” Wei Chen replied, going with the flow.

After organizing his things, Wei Chen took out a document from his briefcase and headed to the chairman’s office. If one looked closely at the document, they would see a few signatures.

When Wei Chen arrived at the chairman’s office, he coincidentally encountered Chen Yun, who had been parachuted into the position of Marketing Department Director at Changfeng Group.

His appearance wasn’t remarkable, but his demeanor was outstanding, sporting a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. When he saw Wei Chen, he naturally curled his lips into a smile.

“Hello, I’m Chen Yunzeng, the new Director of the Marketing Department. I look forward to working closely with you, Deputy General Manager Wei,” Chen Yunzeng innocently introduced himself.

“Hello,” Wei Chen nodded at him, expressionless, and his gaze remained as cold as ever.

After a brief exchange, they went their separate ways, knowing that there would be opportunities for a deeper understanding in the future.

As Chen Yunzeng passed by Wei Chen, his gaze inadvertently fell on the document in Wei Chen’s hand, but he only saw a blank page and nothing useful.

Wei Chen knocked on the door of Sheng Jiaqi’s office, entering only after hearing a “come in.”

At this moment, Chen Yunzeng’s phone rang, and he answered the call.

“Saw him, quite an ambitious young man.”

“Does a young calf fear the tiger? Probably not. He seems to be a resourceful person.”

“As for the Wei family’s matter, I suspect he’s involved.”

“Yes, I will observe closely…”

The elevator doors opened, and Chen Yunzeng continued the call into the elevator. As the elevator doors closed again, his voice faded away.

In the chairman’s office, Sheng Jiaqi was lost in thought, holding Chen Yunzeng’s information. He snapped back to reality when Wei Chen walked up to the desk, absentmindedly handing Chen Yunzeng’s file to Wei Chen.

“Take a look.”

Wei Chen took the file handed over by Sheng Jiaqi, scanning through it quickly. His gaze finally settled on the section detailing Chen Yunzeng’s work history.

Until today, Chen Yunzeng was the CEO of the Chen Corporation.

The Chen Corporation was the company that previously collaborated with the Wei Corporation in the project development in the capital.

So, Chen Yunzeng was the person who had prior contact with Wei Zhenxiong.

Things were getting more and more interesting, Wei Chen thought to himself.

Wei Chen kept a poker face, returning Chen Yunzeng’s file to Sheng Jiaqi. At the same time, he handed over the document he held.

“Chairman Sheng, perhaps you should take a look at this document,” Wei Chen suggested.

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