Chapter 210 – Collective Strike

Sheng Jiaqi took the document from Wei Chen’s hand, looked at Wei Chen suspiciously, very eager to know what Wei Chen was really up to. Perhaps this was the preparation Wei Chen had made early on targeting the new marketing department director parachuting in.

Wei Chen understood Sheng Jiaqi’s suspicion and made a gesture of invitation in response to Sheng Jiaqi’s gaze.

Sheng Jiaqi looked at the document in his hands with a lot of doubt. The more he read, the more thrilled he felt. This was a proposal that no one could refuse. Even if one had different views from Wei Chen, upon reading this proposal, one could see the beckoning of benefits not too far away. One would unconsciously leave their signature on it. Sheng Jiaqi saw a few existing signatures on the proposal. After reading the entire proposal, Sheng Jiaqi also signed his name, stamped it with the company seal, and when he handed the document to Wei Chen, Sheng Jiaqi came to his senses. Upon seeing these benefits, he also saw Wei Chen’s strategy in this proposal.

“Achen, you truly make me pleasantly surprised!” Sheng Jiaqi said with a smile.

With Sheng Jiaqi’s signature and the signatures of other colleagues on the proposal, more than half of the approval had been obtained. According to Changfeng Group’s board rules, decisions or proposals with the approval of more than half of the directors could be executed. So Wei Chen’s proposal was already on track to be implemented.

With this proposal, Wei Chen had secured his own achievements. Did the Chen family want to steal Wei Chen’s achievements? They would probably come out empty-handed.

So, don’t be fooled by Wei Chen’s usual stern and serious appearance. He might seem upright, but only those who spent a lot of time with him would know that Wei Chen was like a sesame ball. He looked like someone who followed the rules easily on the surface, but inside, he was cunning and not easy to manipulate or calculate, no matter who tried.

For the first time, Sheng Jiaqi felt proud of his judgment. He had successfully brought Wei Chen, this gold mine, into the company.

After leaving Sheng Jiaqi’s office, Wei Chen went to the marketing department again. He needed to hand over his current tasks and responsibilities to Chen Yunzeng. Chen Yunzeng was brought to the marketing department by Sheng Jiaqi’s assistant, after all, he was from the Chen family. Sheng Jiaqi had to give him some face. Bringing the assistant to introduce Chen Yunzeng to the marketing department was a way of showing respect, and it was comparable to Wei Chen’s last visit to the marketing department in terms of protocol.

When Wei Chen arrived at the marketing department, Chen Yunzeng had just finished introducing himself. However, when he finished speaking, there was a quiet atmosphere. Although the colleagues in the marketing department didn’t openly show displeasure to Chen Yunzeng, they politely listened to his speech but were not very cooperative. There wasn’t even applause at this moment.

When the first applause broke out, colleagues in the marketing department turned their attention to where the applause originated. They saw Wei Chen walking into the marketing department, clapping reluctantly together. It was sparse and not very enthusiastic, but it did ease some of the awkwardness.

“Deputy General Manager Wei.” Chen Yunzeng also noticed Wei Chen and nodded towards him.

“I’ve come down to hand over with you,” Wei Chen got straight to the point.

“I was just wondering how to get started. Deputy General Manager Wei, you’ve come just in time to relieve my urgent concern,” Chen Yunzeng, perhaps sensing the strong cohesion among the marketing department employees, softened upon seeing Wei Chen, the one who had facilitated this cohesion.

Wei Chen nodded without expressing any opinion and brought the marketing department manager, Lu Wei, to familiarize Chen Yunzeng with the marketing department and hand over the tasks to him.

Both Wei Chen and Chen Yunzeng were very efficient individuals. Half an hour later, Wei Chen completed the handover and left the marketing department where he had spent nearly ten months at Changfeng Group.

Chen Yunzeng watched Wei Chen leave. He had remembered all the details of the recent handover, and many things were now well understood, except for the exclusive Max agency deal, which hadn’t been handed over.

Was it because he didn’t want to hand over Max to him, or did Wei Chen already have other plans for Max?

Given Wei Chen’s capabilities, Chen Yunzeng naturally leaned towards the latter. However, he believed that it was now too late for Wei Chen to have different arrangements. Wei Chen was already at Changfeng Group and he would not allow Wei Chen to succeed easily.

Chen Yunzeng withdrew his gaze, adjusted his glasses on his nose, and looked at the marketing department manager, Lu Wei.

“How do you see Deputy General Manager Wei?” Chen Yunzeng asked with a faint smile, concealing his intentions.

“A competent superior,” Lu Wei didn’t say anything to praise Wei Chen, nor did he deliberately downgrade Wei Chen to please his new boss. This was the most accurate assessment he could give to Wei Chen and the highest one he believed in.

“Competent?” Chen Yunzeng smiled ambiguously. “You can go back to work. I’ll take a look myself.”

“Alright.” Lu Wei immediately turned and left, without revealing any thoughts in front of Chen Yunzeng.

Chen Yunzeng looked at the spacious marketing department and observed the discontented expressions of his colleagues. A faint smile curled at the corner of his mouth.

Interesting, very interesting. Not only Wei Chen is interesting, but the marketing department is also quite intriguing!

The next day, the sun rose as usual, and the temperature slowly rose with the approaching summer. However, a major event occurred at Changfeng Group.

The employees of the marketing department went on a collective strike!

Chen Yunzeng came to the company in the morning, entered the marketing department, which was usually bustling with activity. However, today, there was no one in the marketing department. The empty seats seemed to mock his helplessness.

Chen Yunzeng knew that Wei Chen’s colleagues in the marketing department would create trouble in front of him due to their dissatisfaction with Wei Chen being reassigned. However, he had never imagined that the employees of the marketing department would be so bold, risking their careers like this and going on a collective strike!

For Chen Yunzeng, who was on his first official day of work, this was an insult. Although he knew that the employees’ intention was not directed at him but rather a protest against the decision to transfer Wei Chen, this collective strike was a slap in his face.

He didn’t know if Wei Chen had a hand in this, but he had to admire Wei Chen’s ability to manage so many people in the marketing department effectively, getting them to go on strike so easily!

Even though Chen Yunzeng had good manners, facing this situation made him inevitably angry. Veins were showing on his forehead, and he clenched his hands tightly. He let out a fierce punch on the side of the door, but the glass was reinforced and remained undamaged.

However, soon, Chen Yunzeng suppressed the anger inside him. He regained his refined appearance, pushed his glasses up on his nose, as if nothing had happened, and walked into his office.

In less than twenty minutes, news of the collective strike by all the employees in the marketing department spread throughout Changfeng Group. Everyone was extremely shocked that the entire department would go to such lengths for Wei Chen!

The senior management also heard the news and quickly convened an emergency meeting. The marketing department was not an ordinary department, especially after the merger with the sales department. The importance of the marketing department was unparalleled compared to other departments. A one-day strike by the entire marketing department would cause incalculable economic losses to the company.

When Wei Chen received the notification, he was also surprised. He had no knowledge of this matter. He never expected that his colleagues in the marketing department would go to such lengths for him.

However, Wei Chen knew the seriousness of the situation. After hastily organizing his documents, he headed to the conference room.

As soon as Wei Chen entered the conference room, a sarcastic voice came, “Our Deputy General Manager Wei has finally arrived. The entire marketing department is on strike now due to Deputy General Manager Wei’s promotion. Deputy General Manager Wei is indeed very charming.”

The speaker was another deputy general manager of Changfeng Group, named Huang Hua, around fifty years old, with a typical Mediterranean hairstyle. He had long hair on the sides to cover the balding area, creating a self-comforting style. He had a prominent beer belly, resembling a pregnant woman in her fourth or fifth month. Although his shirt was tailored, due to his sitting posture, the buttons were somewhat strained, revealing his white belly.

Wei Chen just glanced at him and sat back in his seat, ignoring the probing or mocking gazes directed at him, waiting for the meeting to begin.

Another deputy general manager sat next to Wei Chen. Seeing Wei Chen sit down, he nudged Wei Chen’s hand and asked, “Are you aware of this matter?” Although he was convinced that Wei Chen was involved in this matter, he couldn’t help but ask.

The voice of this deputy general manager was not loud but not small either. Many people around heard it and pricked up their ears to hear what Wei Chen would say.

“Do Deputy General Manager Zheng want to hear the answer he wants or the answer Deputy General Manager Wei will tell you?” Zhuge Feng, sitting next to Deputy General Manager Zheng, asked in a noncommittal tone.

Deputy General Manager Zheng chuckled, “I don’t have any preferred answer. Deputy General Manager Wei will give the answer as it is.”

“That’s not the same,” another person from the same faction as Zhuge Feng said, “If Deputy General Manager Zheng already has an answer in his mind, no matter what Deputy General Manager Wei says, Deputy General Manager Zheng’s answer will be the same. So why does Deputy General Manager Zheng need Deputy General Manager Wei to answer?”

Deputy General Manager Zheng was speechless, realizing that he had already convinced himself that Wei Chen was behind the collective strike in the marketing department, aiming to assert authority over Chen Yunzeng. Now, with his thoughts exposed, even though he had a thick skin, he found it hard to defend himself.

During this process, Wei Chen remained silent but sent a text message to Lu Wei: “Get everyone back to work. I want to see every person in the marketing department in half an hour!”

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Sesame balls – Jiandui or sesame balls are a type of fried Chinese pastry made from glutinous rice flour. When you use it to describe a person, it means they are cunning or scheming inside, since the inside of sesame balls are black.

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