Chapter 561 – Reporting for Duty

After he left, Lu Xia noticed that Jiang Junmo was looking at her with surprise.

She asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Junmo sighed and said, “I just feel that it’s a waste for you not to do business. Sometimes I even suspect if you really want to do business, otherwise, you wouldn’t be so knowledgeable about the country’s policies.”

Lu Xia laughed upon hearing this. She wasn’t really knowledgeable about it; it was just that she had read a lot of novels in her past life where the female protagonists were good at doing business and thrived in that era. She remembered the general development paths and mentioned it subconsciously.

As for the policies, she hadn’t been paying much attention to them.

However, she couldn’t say that now. She simply shook her head and said, “Let’s forget about it. Doing business is too tiring and time-consuming. It’s not suitable for me. I’d rather be an honest university teacher. It’s great—light workload and respectable.”

Jiang Junmo smiled, “I understand. You just want to make money while lying down.”

“That’s right!” Lu Xia nodded in agreement.

Jiang Junmo understood her thoughts, so he just smiled and didn’t say more.

Soon, at the end of August, Kang Kang returned from his summer break and moved into the small courtyard. Lu Xia also had to report to Peking University.

Of course, the teachers couldn’t start the school year with the students; they had to go a few days earlier.

So on the day of reporting, Lu Xia got up early, packed her things, and changed into slightly more mature clothes: a white shirt and a black long skirt, wearing small leather shoes.

After getting ready, she left.

Well, because she was afraid of being late on the first day, she didn’t ride her bicycle and took the bus instead.

Upon arrival, she went straight to the archives reception at the school.

After registering, she was officially considered to have reported.

After completing the registration, Lu Xia went to the English department and found the department head.

The department head was very happy about her arrival.

“Lu Xia, right? I’ve heard that among the first batch of university students, there’s a student with outstanding abilities in all aspects. It seems our school has gained another talent!”

Lu Xia modestly said, “Director, you’re too kind. There are still many areas I need to learn.”

The department head nodded discreetly upon seeing her modesty. After welcoming her, he began to assign her courses for this semester.

This semester, the number of admissions at the school increased, so there were more courses to teach. The courses for the teachers were also redistributed.

Previously, Lu Xia and her colleagues would teach students from the first year to the fourth year in the same specialty.

Now it had changed. Those who taught first-year students would only teach first-year students, so some professors didn’t have to start from scratch and could use their expertise more effectively.

Since Lu Xia had just graduated, she wouldn’t be given third or fourth-year students. Her current task was to teach English to the three English major classes in the first year.

This semester, there was an additional class in the first year. Although they didn’t have major courses every day, the three classes had a total of nine lessons per week, averaging two lessons per day. They were all major classes, making the workload quite heavy.

However, Lu Xia wasn’t afraid; in fact, she was looking forward to it.

According to the department head, she would find it relatively easy at first, being a newcomer. However, in the next year, she would likely have to teach elective courses. Lu Xia understood.

After that, they discussed her salary and benefits. She already knew this information when she reported because as a university graduate, her starting salary was higher than that of others, more than 50 yuan. In an average family, it was already quite good. Although Lu Xia wasn’t in need of money, she was still very happy.

However, her current position was only an assistant professor, and she hoped to be promoted soon. When she became a professor, the benefits would be even better.


Chapter 562 – First Day at Work


After talking to the department head, Lu Xia was taken to the office by him.

By this time, there were already many teachers in the office.

The department head came in and introduced, “This is our new colleague, Comrade Lu Xia. I hope you all welcome her.”

As soon as the words fell, a teacher in the office said, “We all know each other, no need for introductions, Director.”

Lu Xia looked over and saw Teacher Liu, the teacher who had taught her Western history before, smiling at her.

The director laughed and said, “Alright, it’s good that you know each other. From now on, you’re colleagues. If Lu Xia has any questions about teaching, ask them.”

“Okay, thank you, Director.”

After the head left, Lu Xia greeted the other teachers, most of whom were her former teachers. It felt quite strange to be colleagues now.

Then, Teacher Li said, “You can sit here!”

Lu Xia looked at her pointing to the seat opposite her, and without much hesitation, she sat down.

Later, Teacher Li asked her about her tasks for this semester. Knowing that she was teaching freshmen was not surprising; he just lent her teaching materials.

Lu Xia immediately expressed her gratitude and found out that starting this semester, Teacher Li would only be teaching juniors and seniors.

Afterward, Lu Xia spent the morning in the office reviewing teaching materials and contemplating her teaching methods. Suddenly, she realized that she hadn’t seen the class monitor, who was also staying at the school.

She asked Teacher Li, and Teacher Li said, “He should be in the office of the previous counselor.”

Lu Xia understood. It seemed that he had become a counselor, and their future career paths were different.

At noon, Lu Xia and Teacher Li went to the school’s staff canteen for lunch. The taste was a bit better than the student canteen, but of course, it was a bit more expensive. Fortunately, they had subsidies.

After returning, she went to find the class monitor. After all, they were former classmates, so she had to say hello.

When she arrived, the previous counselor was also there, but after greeting her, he left.

Later, Lu Xia sat down and chatted with the class monitor. She learned that he would be the counselor for the freshmen this year, and he also learned that Lu Xia would be teaching them English.

Both of them found it quite strange.

She also learned about his recent situation. The class monitor’s family was not from the capital city. After successfully staying at the school, he brought his wife and children over during the summer break. They had settled down now, and the child had found a school.

After asking, Lu Xia learned that the class monitor’s eldest child had already started middle school. Well, the class monitor was 33 years old, so it was normal for the child to be that age.

After chatting for a while about their future work, Lu Xia went back to the office to prepare for her lessons.

When she finished work and got on the bus back home in the evening, she realized that Jiang Junmo seemed even more nervous than her about her first day at work. When she got home, he asked her, “How was it? Did you adapt to your first day at work?”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “There’s nothing to not adapt to. The colleagues are all former teachers I know. Besides, the students haven’t started school yet, so I didn’t have any classes. I just prepared for lessons in the office.”

Hearing her say this, Jiang Junmo relaxed, “That’s good.”

Seeing him smile like that, Lu Xia didn’t mention the matter again. Instead, she asked, “Kang Kang is starting school soon, right? Are you ready?”

“Not much preparation. We’ll take him to register together when the time comes.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Also, what are your plans for the other three’s kindergarten? Are you thinking of sending them to our workplace’s kindergarten?”

Lu Xia’s Peking University and Jiang Junmo’s Design Institute both had kindergartens, but they were a bit far from where they lived.

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