Chapter 563 – Lu Xia Faces Rejection

After listening to her words, Jiang Junmo thought for a while and said: “There is a community-run daycare center near our lane. I went to check it out when I came back, and it seemed pretty good. The nearby children are all there. I think we should try sending them there first. It’s convenient for drop-off and pick-up, and we can decide when they are ready for kindergarten.”

Lu Xia thought about it and nodded. “That sounds good. Otherwise, it’s not very convenient to take a few children out every day.”

Since the decision was made, Lu Xia wasted no time. The next day after work, she went to the daycare center to inquire and observed their environment.

Although it was community-run, the daycare center was very clean, and the teachers in charge of taking care of the children seemed gentle and patient.

Lu Xia was quite satisfied with what she saw. She immediately discussed with the person in charge and paid the fees. She planned to send the three little cubs there the next day.

Otherwise, without them around, the children would run around every day, and it was quite exhausting for Aunt Sun to take care of them alone.

Knowing that they would soon be going to the daycare center, the little cubs were very excited.

They had long envied their older brother for being able to go to school every day.

For them, going to school meant being able to go out and play.

So the little cubs were excited and jumping with joy.

However, after the excitement, they started misbehaving and insisted that Lu Xia prepare school bags for them.

Lu Xia didn’t agree. They didn’t even have any books, so why would they need school bags?

But they kept crying and causing a fuss, refusing to back down.

Kang Kang felt sorry for them and suggested, “How about giving them the old one I used before?”

He was starting elementary school, and Lu Xia had bought him a new school bag a few days ago, so the old one was just lying there unused.

Lu Xia shook her head, “You only have one. If we give it to one, the other two will be upset.”

Kang Kang understood and furrowed his brow, unsure of what to do.

Seeing this, Lu Xia had to compromise. “Alright, forget it. Don’t worry about this. I’ll stay up tonight and make school bags for them.”

Saying that, she went back to the room and took out some fabric.

She asked Jiang Junmo and Aunt Sun to help with the cutting.

Making a school bag wasn’t difficult, and they were still young, so they didn’t need much fabric. But Lu Xia wasn’t very skilled, even though Jiang Junmo and Aunt Sun had taught her how to do it. The finished product was still met with the children’s rejection.

The ones made by Jiang Junmo and Aunt Sun were snatched by the third and fourth children.

The second child looked longingly at the neat schoolbags in their hands, then looked at the crumpled schoolbag made by Lu Xia, opened his mouth, and looked at his father.

In the end, Jiang Junmo said seriously: “Your mother spent all night making you a schoolbag. Don’t you have to thank her?”

The second child looked at the schoolbag again, then at Lu Xia, and finally almost cried. He could only put the schoolbag back on his back and said aggrievedly: “Thank you, Mom.”

Seeing the pitiful look on his face, Lu Xia felt uncomfortable. This child was just too simple and was always bullied by his younger siblings.

It was also her fault for not being good at this, leaving him with an ugly bag.

Jiang Junmo saw this and quietly called the second child into the room. When he came out, he was smiling happily.

Then he touched the bag made by Lu Xia, liking it very much.

Lu Xia found it strange and asked Jiang Junmo that night what he had said to the second eldest. Jiang Junmo just said three words.

“It’s a secret.”

Lu Xia glared at him.


And then she didn’t bother to ask further.


Chapter 564 – Children’s First Day at Daycare


Perhaps the children were too excited the night before, and they stayed up late, making it difficult for them to get up the next morning.

Aunt Sun went in and called them several times, but they were reluctant to get up.

Seeing that time was running out, Lu Xia went in and shouted, “If you don’t get up now, I won’t take you to school!”

A few lazy little rascals finally got up.

After getting them ready, Lu Xia took the curious little cubs to the daycare.

The daycare staff already knew that three new children would be coming today, and they were triplets. They were waiting outside eagerly.

Seeing the delicate-looking little cubs, they were even more fond of them.

However, Lu Xia gave them vaccinations in advance.

“My kids can be quite mischievous. If they don’t behave, please let me know, and I’ll discipline them when I get home in the evening.”

These little cubs were quite cunning, and she was afraid the teachers wouldn’t be able to handle them.

The teacher smiled and said, “Don’t worry, there are many playful children at the daycare, and we will keep an eye on them.”

Lu Xia was relieved upon hearing this.

However, she was still worried after dropping the children off and kept thinking about it all day, eager to go home after work.

At this point, Aunt Sun had already picked up the children.

After Lu Xia returned home and saw that the children were fine and playing in the yard, she asked Aunt Sun, “How did they do today? Did they behave at the daycare?”

“They did well. The teachers at the daycare praised them for being sensible. They even said they were polite at such a young age and could help comfort other crying children!” Aunt Sun said with a smile.

Lu Xia was surprised to hear this. Were these really her own children? They were so well-behaved?

Lu Xia was a bit skeptical and walked over to the children who were playing a game of building a wall. She crouched down and asked, “How was your day at the daycare? Did you have fun?”

The second child looked up at her and said loudly, “It was fun!”

Lu Xia nodded and looked at the other two, “And what about you?”

The third child sighed and thought for a moment, “It was okay, I guess?”

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow at this somewhat weary tone.

Then she looked at the fourth child, who furrowed her brow and said directly, “It was too noisy!”

“Hmm? Are you saying the other children there were too noisy?”

“Yeah, they kept crying!”

Lu Xia fell silent after hearing this. “What did you do today?”

“Played soccer!”

“Caught little chicks!”

“Recited ancient poems!”

Lu Xia nodded. So, their day was quite eventful.

“Did you memorize the ancient poem?”

“I did, I did!” The fourth child raised her hand.

“Alright, recite it for Mom.”

“Goose, goose, goose, quack quack!”

“…Hmm? That’s it?” Lu Xia was surprised. Was this a poem? It sounded more like a nursery rhyme.

Then the third child chimed in, “Goose, goose, goose, neck sings a song!”

Lu Xia remained silent.

Well, she knew which poem it was.

However, considering it was their first day of learning, Lu Xia didn’t say much and looked at the second child.

“Both your siblings have memorized it. Have you learned it too?”

The second child grinned when he heard this but remained silent.

Lu Xia understood; he probably hadn’t learned it yet.

She patted his shoulder reassuringly, “It’s okay, it’s just the first day. You’ll get it after a few more tries.”

The second child smiled at her and then said, “Mom, soccer!”

“Hmm? What soccer?”

At this point, the third child spoke up, “We want to play soccer!”

“Yeah, it’s really fun!”

The fourth child added.

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Tangshi poem / song video:

Here’s the translation of the song:
Goose, goose, goose, flexed neck, sing towards the sky~ White feathers, float on water~ Red palms, paddle through clear waves~

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