Chapter 547 – Everything Was the Best Arrangement

Later, she went to find Teacher Li and expressed her gratitude.

Teacher Li smiled and said, “Speaking of it, the school really struck gold. I kept you here for my own benefit. Currently, our school has a shortage of foreign language teachers. Some teachers have to handle several classes, and some teachers of less common languages only have one class. The workload for those with many courses is particularly hectic.”

“You know three languages, and if you stay at the school, you can help us a lot.”

Lu Xia laughed upon hearing this, knowing that Teacher Li said this to downplay her gratitude.

She then bowed to Teacher Li and left.

The other classmates didn’t know the specific job assignments yet, and Lu Xia didn’t mention that her previously confirmed job had fallen through.

At this moment, she didn’t want to stay at the school. To her surprise, she saw Jiang Junmo waiting downstairs.

Lu Xia was surprised, “Why are you here? Why didn’t you come to my class?”

“I just arrived,” Jiang Junmo smiled and, seeing her expression, asked with concern, “What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “I have good news and bad news to tell you. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Jiang Junmo carefully looked at her before saying, “I’ll listen to whichever you want to say first.”

Lu Xia smirked, “Then let’s start with the good news. My job is confirmed, and I’m staying at the school. I’m going to be a glorious university teacher. Envious, right? Not only is the work easier, but there are also winter and summer vacations, so I’ll have more time to be with you and the kids!”

Pausing for a moment, Lu Xia continued, “As for the bad news, you probably already know. I lost the job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! But it’s okay. Blessings come in disguise. Being a university teacher is also good. It’s quite difficult to secure a position at a university now, so this is a good job!”

After hearing this, Jiang Junmo paused and looked at Lu Xia, who had been smiling since the beginning. He didn’t say anything, just held her hand and led her to a less crowded area by the lake.

Lu Xia didn’t understand what he was up to, but she didn’t ask.

It wasn’t until they arrived here that Jiang Junmo said, “There’s no one around now.”

“Yeah, what’s going on?”

Jiang Junmo looked at her face carefully and said sympathetically, “If you don’t want to smile, don’t force it. If you want to cry, go ahead and cry.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia’s smile froze on her face. She opened her mouth, wanting to say that she didn’t want to cry, but looking at Jiang Junmo’s worried expression, she couldn’t say anything.

In the end, her smile faded, and she hugged him, burying her head in his chest.

Jiang Junmo gently stroked her back, filled with heartache.

Until he felt his chest slightly damp, he knew she must have cried, though she didn’t make a sound.

After crying for a while and releasing some pent-up emotions, Lu Xia felt much better.

When she calmed down, her eyes were red as she explained, “I’m not crying because I’m sad, but because I feel regret. After all, it was a job I’ve always aspired to.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“But being a university teacher is also good, not as demanding.”


“Losing me is their loss, right?”

Jiang Junmo smiled, “Yes, my Xia Xia is amazing!”

Lu Xia smiled. This time, it was a genuine smile. After crying, she had come to terms with it.

Life continued, and there was more than one good job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She could now work at the best university in China right after graduating from her undergraduate studies, something she wouldn’t have dared to dream of before.

So, who could say this wasn’t a good job?

She had to cherish it, after all, it was an opportunity fought for by the teachers.

She believed that in this position, she could shine just as brightly.

Perhaps, everything was the best arrangement by fate…


Chapter 548 – Staying at the University


A few days after being informed by the counselor, the final graduation job assignments for the seniors came out…

On the same day, the classmates in the class were nervous, and they were all excited when they received their placement notices.

Most of them were assigned to jobs in their hometown’s government.

As expected, Lu Xia directly chose to stay at the university. In addition to her, the class president also chose to stay.

Lu Xia wasn’t surprised; the class president was not young, had good grades, a strong sense of responsibility, and was suitable for a role as a counselor.

Suddenly, she heard the excited voice of Yu Wan.

Before Lu Xia could turn around, she was grabbed by Yu Wan in excitement.

“Oh my, Lu Xia, I’ve been assigned to the Foreign Trade Bureau. I’ll be a government official from now on. Hey, maybe I’ll have some work-related connections with you, a diplomat.”

Yu Wan was unaware of Lu Xia’s job situation, so she said this now.

Lu Xia smiled and said, “I hate to disappoint you, but I’m staying at the university. You can call me Teacher Lu Xia from now on.”

“What? Staying at the university?”

Yu Wan was surprised and couldn’t believe it. She quickly took the registration form from Lu Xia’s hand, and indeed, the receiving unit listed was Peking University.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t your job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed? How did you suddenly decide to stay at the university?”

“Is it not good to stay at the university? Peking University is excellent, and it’s difficult for others to stay here.”

“I’m not saying Peking University isn’t good; I mean, you clearly had a better job. How did you suddenly lose it? Was it taken by someone else?” Yu Wan was ready to find the counselor to get an explanation.

Lu Xia knew she was worried about her, so she hurriedly held her to reassure her, saying, “There’s no good or bad in jobs, and besides, it’s my own decision.”

“What’s your reason? Why did you give up such a good job?”

Lu Xia sighed, “I had no choice. I’ll tell you when we get back to the dorm.”

Yu Wan reluctantly agreed after hearing this.

Once all the classmates in the class received their unit placement forms and knew where they were assigned, there was nothing much left to do. In other words, from now on, they were officially graduated.

Everyone bid each other farewell in the classroom.

Although they had been saying their goodbyes for a while, this was the last time. They wished each other well, made an effort to remember each other’s faces, and then went their separate ways.

Back in the dorm, the two students from the Literature Department had already returned. Yu Wan, anxious to know their job placements, quickly asked Lu Xia, “What’s going on? Why did you say that your confirmed job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is gone?”

“What? Lu Xia’s job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is gone?”

Tan Yunfang and Ye Nan were also shocked to hear this.

“What happened? Lu Xia didn’t get assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?”

“No, Lu Xia is staying at the university.”

“Staying at the university?” Tan Yunfang was surprised. “Although this job is good, it’s still not comparable to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What’s going on?”

Seeing their concern, Lu Xia briefly explained the situation with her family.

Everyone was astonished after hearing it. “Did something like this happen? So, you didn’t go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because your background check didn’t pass? Why did you keep this from us? Is this how you treat friends?”

Yu Wan was angry after hearing this.

Lu Xia quickly explained, “It wasn’t intentional to keep it from you. It was related to confidentiality before, and I couldn’t talk about it. Plus, I wasn’t sure if I would be affected. I didn’t expect it to affect me in the end…”

The others sighed understandingly.

After so many years of being together, they had some understanding of each other’s situations. They knew that Lu Xia didn’t have a good relationship with her parents.

They had even lost contact. But reality was just so unpredictable.

They ended up dragging her down, and it happened at such a crucial moment. It was just bad luck.

<< _ >>

The author has something to say: Readers who see this may be a little angry. Here is an explanation. The reason why the heroine changed her job is because of the website review, after discussing the results with the editor. I hope you all understand.

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