Chapter 216 – Guests at Home

Time seemed to stop at this moment. Wei Chen and Chen Li were tightly embracing each other at the doorstep of their home. Wei Chen was holding onto Chen Li’s body, as if wanting to merge Chen Li into his own being, as if only in this way could he soothe the heart that had lost a night.

Wei Hua and Cookie confirmed that the person had already returned, but they didn’t make a sound. They quietly left, leaving this space to Wei Chen and Chen Li.

It felt like a century had passed when the throbbing heart of Wei Chen finally eased. He didn’t question Chen Li about why he didn’t call him or why he didn’t come home yesterday. It didn’t matter anymore; the person was back. Investigating these matters had no meaning. What he wanted to do now was to possess Chen Li fiercely and feel his presence in the most direct way possible.

  Wei Chen directly pushed Chen Li into the house and closed the door with a bang. There was no time to open the door, so he directly pressed Chen Li against the door, and then blocked Chen Li’s lips with his own lips, his tongue eagerly got into Chen Li’s mouth, sweeping unscrupulously, his hands were not idle, and his movements were messy. Groping on Chen Li’s body, when the clothes blocked the movements of his hands, Wei Chen directly used force to tear Chen Li’s thin summer shirt directly.

Chen Li felt worry and deep fear from Wei Chen’s body, so he did not refuse Wei Chen, and even responded enthusiastically to Wei Chen. Wei Chen brought him into the whirlpool of love and couldn’t extricate himself.

An hour later, the madness ended. Disheveled clothing spread from the entranceway all the way to the couple’s bedroom. The bedsheets were in disarray due to their intense activity, leaving white traces on the dark sheets as a testament to their passion.

There was no one on the bed anymore; the sound of water could be heard from the bathroom. Wei Chen was currently helping clean up Chen Li. In the heat of the moment, they hadn’t used protection, and the depth of their encounter made the cleanup a bit troublesome.

“Achen.” Chen Li put his arms around Wei Chen’s neck and obediently let Wei Chen clean him. His big eyes were watery, and there was a beauty mark on Chen Li’s upper lip. Even if he wasn’t pouting, the presence of the beauty mark made his lips appear slightly puckered. After the passionate encounter, Chen Li’s face was still rosy and hadn’t fully recovered from the recent surge of emotions, making him look incredibly alluring.

“Um?” Wei Chen’s voice was still a bit hoarse, and he exerted great self-control to resist the temptation of having another round with Chen Li against the bathtub.

“Achen, I’m sorry,” Chen Li apologized once again, and explained with a heart full of guilt, “My phone ran out of battery, and I left it in the studio, so I couldn’t call you. Someone borrowed my bike, and when I went to find them to get it back, I accidentally fell asleep at their dormitory entrance. By the time I woke up, it was already their dorm’s curfew, and I couldn’t leave, so I ended up spending the night in their dorm.” Although he didn’t know what happened during that night he spent away, he could feel Wei Chen’s worry and fear.

Realizing he didn’t return that night, Wei Chen must have been in a lot of pain and torment.

Thinking this, Chen Li reached out and embraced Wei Chen, softly repeating, “Achen, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Wei Chen tilted his head and kissed Chen Li’s lips. He didn’t want to hear “I’m sorry” from Chen Li. In his eyes, Chen Li was always faultless, just like today. If anything, it was his own shortcomings, and he would become stronger, not giving Chen Li a chance to apologize again.

“Li Li.” As it ended, Wei Chen held Chen Li close to him, their bare skin touching. A sense of satisfaction arose from within, “Don’t say ‘I’m sorry’ to me, never say it.”

“Okay.” Chen Li didn’t know the reason, but he obediently nodded.

“Good boy,” Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair and said gently. Then, he turned off the shower and grabbed a towel to dry Chen Li off.

Afterward, Wei Chen went to change the bedsheets, stuffing the stained bedsheets into the washing machine. When he returned to the bedroom, Chen Li had already spread out the new sheets on the bed and was waiting for Wei Chen.

“Achen, come up and get some sleep.” Chen Li patted the pillow beside him, inviting him. He knew Wei Chen hadn’t slept the previous night, and it was time for him to rest.

“Okay.” Wei Chen lay down on the bed, holding Chen Li and quickly feeling drowsy.

Chen Li hadn’t slept very soundly the previous night, and with the recent intense activity, feeling the familiar and deeply comforting breath from Wei Chen, he quickly fell into a deep and sweet dream.

They slept until past noon. When they woke up, their stomachs were already making protest sounds. Wei Chen kissed Chen Li’s still sleepy forehead and spoke gently, “Want to sleep a little more? I’ll go cook.”

Chen Li nodded drowsily and then curled up, pulling the blanket into his arms, and continued to sleep soundly.

Wei Chen indulgently looked at Chen Li for a moment before heading to the bathroom to freshen up. Afterward, he went to the kitchen to cook.

The scent of the food woke Chen Li up. The aroma infiltrated his senses, awakening his dormant taste buds. He opened his eyes, feeling fully awake now. He got up, put on his slippers, went to the bathroom to freshen up, and then entered the dining room, obediently sitting at the table, waiting for the meal.

Until Wei Chen brought all the dishes to the table, Chen Li’s gaze never left the delicious spread on the table, displaying an eager and hungry expression. However, Chen Li didn’t sneak a bite; he wanted to eat together with Wei Chen.

Wei Chen came out with two bowls of rice, sat down next to Chen Li, and only then did Chen Li eagerly pick up his chopsticks and start eating.

Having been hungry the whole day, both Chen Li and Wei Chen had hearty appetites. Wei Chen cooked a bit extra than usual, and it all ended up in their bellies.

After satisfying their hunger, Chen Li sprawled on the sofa, his belly exposed. He picked up the remote, turned on the TV, and switched to a children’s channel. Even if there were no cartoons playing at the moment, Chen Li was engrossed in watching the commercials.

Wei Chen finished washing the dishes and sat next to Chen Li. As soon as he sat down, Chen Li seemed boneless, shifting from slouching on the couch to lying against Wei Chen.

Wei Chen went along with Chen Li, holding his hand and watching TV together. The TV was showing commercials or previews of upcoming shows, nothing substantial, but being with Chen Li made it enjoyable for Wei Chen.

This is how they spent the whole afternoon, cuddled up on the sofa, occasionally chatting about mundane aspects of life, work, or studies. They were not bored because they had each other.

By evening, a small wave of guests arrived at their home, all of them concerned about Chen Li. They needed to see Chen Li in person to be reassured.

As soon as Little Biscuit arrived at Chen Li and Wei Chen’s home, he rushed to Chen Li, grabbed his hand, and blew a kiss on it, then blew on it a few more times, saying in a playful manner, “Biscuit blow, bad luck go.”

Chen Li was amused by Little Biscuit’s antics and took Little Biscuit to his art studio.

When Little Biscuit entered the art studio and saw the many paintings on the wall, he immediately covered his mouth and exclaimed, “So many beautiful paintings, Uncle Chen Li, you’re amazing!”

Little Biscuit seemed to have entered a fascinating world. He looked at one painting and then another, although he couldn’t understand the meanings expressed in many of the paintings. However, their visual appeal was evident to Little Biscuit, and his admiration for Chen Li grew.

Chen Li wasn’t afraid of Little Biscuit damaging his paintings. He picked up a brush from the table and started painting. By the time Little Biscuit returned to Chen Li after examining the paintings, Chen Li had almost finished drawing a small character.

Chen Li was drawing a character from an animated series, one that Little Biscuit liked. It was done with colored pencils and looked lifelike, identical to what he saw on TV. Chen Li’s drawing even had a touch of liveliness that made it more endearing.

Little Biscuit looked at Chen Li’s drawing hands with sparkling eyes. He felt that Chen Li’s hands were as beautiful as his dad’s hands. When his dad tapped the computer keyboard, his fingers seemed to fly. When Uncle Chen Li drew, he held the pen, and it felt like he could feel the magical power in Uncle Chen Li’s hands. That’s why the drawings were so good.

After completing the finishing touches, Chen Li handed the drawing he just finished to Little Biscuit.

Little Biscuit looked at Chen Li with his mouth slightly open. “Uncle Chen Li, is this for me?”

Chen Li nodded.

Little Biscuit smiled, revealing a set of white teeth, with one front tooth missing. Although he had lost a tooth just yesterday, his smile was still infectious. Nonetheless, he didn’t mind, “Thank you, Uncle Chen Li. Biscuit really likes it.”

Later on, they left the art studio hand in hand. Little Biscuit treated the drawing Chen Li gave him as a treasure and would proudly show it off when he met someone familiar.

“Grandpa, grandpa, look, Uncle Chen Li gave me a drawing.” Little Biscuit ran to Sheng Jiaqi’s side, presenting the drawing like a treasure, and then took it back after Sheng Jiaqi glanced at it.

Sheng Jiaqi ruffled Little Biscuit’s head and said, “Biscuit, you need to take good care of this drawing.”

Little Biscuit nodded firmly. “Biscuit will, just like how grandpa protects the painting in our living room.”

Sheng Jiaqi nodded in agreement with Little Biscuit’s words.

Wei Chen came back at this moment. Because they had guests at home, and the fridge didn’t have enough ingredients, earlier, Wei Chen had taken Wei Hua to the nearby supermarket to purchase groceries.

However, when the two went to buy groceries, they came back with four people.

Sheng Jiaqi was a bit surprised to see Jiang Ye, who was following behind Wei Chen. “Xiao Ye, what are you doing here?”

Yes, the two people who came back with Wei Chen were Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping.

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