Chapter 217 – Twist of Fate

“Uncle, cousin Cookie,” Jiang Ye walked up and greeted Sheng Jiaqi and Cookie.

When Little Biscuit saw Jiang Ye, he rushed into Jiang Ye’s arms like a missile and hugged his thigh, softly saying, “Uncle, Biscuit misses you.”

Jiang Ye was Cookie’s cousin.

Jiang Ye picked up Cookie and said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Little Biscuit.” With that, he gently rubbed Little Biscuit’s chubby cheeks.

“Yeah, Uncle never comes to see Biscuit,” Little Biscuit pouted and complained.

Coincidentally, Jiang Ye noticed that Little Biscuit was missing a tooth, “It’s Uncle’s fault; Little Biscuit lost a tooth, Uncle didn’t know.”

Little Biscuit realized that his missing tooth was noticed and quickly covered his mouth, not speaking. It was quite unsightly to have a missing tooth.

“Xiao Ye, do you know Achen?” Sheng Jiaqi asked, surprised that Jiang Ye appeared at Wei Chen’s house.

Jiang Ye stopped teasing Little Biscuit and answered Sheng Jiaqi’s question while holding Little Biscuit, “I’ve collaborated on some projects with the Wei family.”

Sheng Jiaqi didn’t ask further; he knew how capable his nephew was, despite being only a sophomore. He had to admire the skills Jiang Ye possessed. Teaming up with Wei Chen was indeed a formidable alliance.

As for why Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping were here at this moment, it was because Lan Xiping wanted to come and apologize. After all, his negligence had caused a commotion that worried a large group of people.

Originally, Lan Xiping thought he would apologize to Chen Li later, but when he found out that Jiang Ye knew Chen Li’s family, he persuaded Jiang Ye to bring him here.

Jiang Ye knew Wei Chen lived in this neighborhood, but he didn’t know which floor exactly. Just as he was about to call Wei Chen, he coincidentally met Wei Chen and Wei Hua going upstairs after buying groceries.

However, Jiang Ye didn’t expect the world to be so small that he would meet Sheng Jiaqi’s family in Wei Chen’s home.

Since they all knew each other, there was no longer any sense of restraint. Jiang Ye introduced Lan Xiping to everyone, and Lan Xiping acted relaxed. Coupled with his handsome appearance and confident demeanor, he quickly blended in.

Wei Chen carried the groceries into the kitchen, and Wei Hua volunteered to help. However, not long after, he was chased out by Wei Chen. Having studied in the United States for five years and not knowing how to cook even a bowl of porridge, he was far from being useful in the kitchen; his presence would only create chaos.

Wei Hua wasn’t annoyed when he was chased out. Instead, he went to play with Little Biscuit. At the moment, Little Biscuit was sticking to Cookie and wanted some ice cream. However, Cookie didn’t give any to Little Biscuit because he had already eaten one when he went out. Even though it was summer, it’s still best to consume less cold food.

Little Biscuit was usually well-behaved, but he had an inexplicable obsession with ice cream. Cookie didn’t know where this obsession came from until he was with Wei Hua.

Despite Wei Hua being a grown man, when it came to eating ice cream, he was carefree. Even in the midst of a vast snowfall outdoors in the cold weather, he could enjoy it immensely. Cookie felt it was freezing just watching him.

Wei Hua picked up Little Biscuit and whispered in his ear, “Little Biscuit, guess what Uncle Wei just bought at the supermarket?”

Little Biscuit’s eyes lit up, and he immediately guessed the answer, whispering back, “Ice cream?”

Wei Hua nodded, “Yes, Uncle Wei will take you to the fridge later to get some, but we can’t let your dad know.”

Seeing Little Biscuit and Wei Hua whispering to each other, Cookie guessed that they were planning to sneakily eat ice cream later. He didn’t reveal that he knew and got up to help in the kitchen, leaving Wei Hua and Little Biscuit to deal with it themselves.

When Wei Hua saw Cookie go into the kitchen, he exchanged a glance with Little Biscuit and went in together.

When Wei Hua opened the fridge, Cookie saw but didn’t say anything. He continued washing the vegetables. When Wei Hua quietly took out the ice cream, Cookie purposefully gave him a disapproving look. Wei Hua pretended to be nonchalant and looked around.

“Let Little Biscuit have a little less,” in the end, Cookie still advised, and added reluctantly, “You too, eating too much isn’t good for your health.”

In the end, they couldn’t resist having some ice cream.

Wei Hua happily carried the two cups of ice cream out, and Little Biscuit couldn’t take his eyes off the ice cream in Wei Hua’s hands.

“Uncle Wei, I want to eat,” Little Biscuit said, gazing longingly at the ice cream.

Wei Hua leaned closer to Little Biscuit and asked sneakily, “What do you have to call me to get some ice cream?”

Little Biscuit didn’t hesitate at all and blurted out, “Big daddy!”

“Good boy!” Wei Hua burst into a smile, opened the lid of the ice cream, and handed it over to Little Biscuit.

Little Biscuit happily took the ice cream, not caring whether he had lost a tooth at the moment. After all, in his heart, he already regarded Uncle Wei as his dad. If calling Uncle Wei “big daddy” could get him ice cream, then he would call Uncle Wei “uncle” in the future, and only say “big daddy” when Uncle Wei gave him ice cream.

Wei Hua didn’t know what was going on in Little Biscuit’s little head. He scooped a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth. The soft sweetness and the sensation of coldness instantly clashed on his taste buds, making Wei Hua close his eyes in satisfaction.

Little Biscuit felt the same way.

Sheng Jiaqi turned his head and happened to see the matching expressions of this big and small pair. It was as if they were cut from the same mold, even the curve of their upturned mouths was the same. Anyone who saw them could guess they had a father-son relationship.

For a moment, Sheng Jiaqi felt a bit complicated.

Jiang Ye noticed Sheng Jiaqi’s distraction and followed his gaze, seeing Wei Hua and Cookie. His pupils shrank in surprise and a bold speculation formed in his mind, but in the end, Jiang Ye chose to remain composed.

On the other side, Lan Xiping sat next to Chen Li. He knew about Chen Li’s condition, so he kept a safe distance from him, not approaching too closely.

“Hello, I’m Lan Xiping. Thank you for letting me borrow your bicycle yesterday,” Lan Xiping’s voice was clear, perhaps due to his medical studies, it carried a reassuring strength.

At least Chen Li liked to hear Lan Xiping speak. He didn’t even resist Lan Xiping getting closer.

“I… My name is Chen Li,” Chen Li introduced himself.

“I’ve come to apologize. I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday. I should have called your family when I left you there. Because of my negligence, they worried about you,” Lan Xiping said sincerely, with a comforting smile on his face.

Chen Li quickly waved his hand, “It’s not your fault. It’s also my fault for forgetting. And I want to thank you for letting me stay overnight.” After speaking with Lan Xiping, Chen Li surprisingly spoke smoothly, without any stumbles or nervousness.

The reason Chen Li wanted to thank Lan Xiping was that by sheer coincidence, Lan Xiping had helped him avoid a disaster. This was something that Wei Chen and Chen Li discussed during lunch while sitting on the sofa.

Wei Chen had attracted some hostile attention due to his ruthless approach at the company. Someone wanted to retaliate against Wei Chen, and they planned to use Chen Li to achieve that. The head of the logistics department found individuals who lay in ambush on Chen Li’s usual route home, intending to kidnap him and threaten Wei Chen.

However, because Chen Li was waiting for Lan Xiping to return his bicycle and ended up falling asleep in front of Lan Xiping’s dormitory, Lan Xiping returned late. As a result, Chen Li stayed overnight in Lan Xiping’s dorm.

The head of the logistics department was captured, and the individuals who had planned to kidnap Chen Li were naturally revealed by the captured head. They were arrested by the police in the middle of the night.

So, Chen Li wanted to thank Lan Xiping because, thanks to him, he had escaped a dangerous situation.

However, Chen Li didn’t explain this reason to Lan Xiping, and Lan Xiping didn’t ask. They shifted to other topics and started discussing.

Lan Xiping’s ambition was to become a cardiac surgeon, and his mentor was a well-known cardiac surgeon internationally. While studying his specialization, Lan Xiping also paid attention to knowledge in other medical fields. Psychology was one of the fields that Lan Xiping found particularly interesting.

Hence, Lan Xiping found the best way to chat with Chen Li, and Chen Li was relatively relaxed in the presence of Lan Xiping.

As they continued their conversation, they both smiled and exchanged ideas.

Wei Hua noticed this and was amazed, his jaw almost dropping. He and Cookie had known Chen Li for a while. When Chen Li was alone with them, he would often display nervousness and a slight resistance. But today, Chen Li’s demeanor while talking to Lan Xiping didn’t show any signs of nervousness. In fact, he actively leaned in and discussed things with Lan Xiping.

Could it be that Lan Xiping was also an artist? That’s why he had a common topic with Chen Li.

Wei Hua couldn’t help but ask Jiang Ye, “Young Master Jiang, is your roommate an art major?”

Jiang Ye was puzzled, “He’s studying medicine. Why do you ask?”

Wei Hua shook his head, “It’s nothing.” But inside, he couldn’t help but feel amazed. Could it be that Jiang Ye’s roommate was studying psychology? But that didn’t make sense. Even the psychologist Xu Ruru couldn’t get close to Chen Li!

Absolutely amazing! Wei Hua exclaimed again in his mind and turned to finish things with Cookie. While Cookie wasn’t great at cooking, he was, after all, running a coffee shop and had experience with handling food. So, with his help, Wei Chen’s cooking speed improved significantly.

Around an hour later, the dining table in the dining room was filled with a fragrant array of dishes. Although the presentation couldn’t match that of a hotel, the homely touch of the dishes was their unique charm. The guests in the house, not needing any invitation, sat at their respective places drawn by the enticing aroma.

A table full of dishes, a table full of people, lively and bustling—the heart-pounding and thrilling events from yesterday seemed as if they had never happened.

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