Chapter 218 – He Saved Someone

The night deepened, and once they confirmed that Chen Li was fine, the group of visitors took their leave.

Little Biscuit cherished the drawing Chen Li had given him. When it was time to leave, he bid a reluctant farewell to Chen Li and made plans to visit again.

Jiang Ye didn’t intend to leave just yet. It happened that there were some matters regarding the A Zone project in Shanghai that needed to be discussed with Wei Chen. After dinner, they opened a video call and held a brief online meeting with Wei Yan, who was in Shanghai.

Lan Xiping was with Jiang Ye, and since Jiang Ye didn’t leave, Lan Xiping naturally stayed back to wait for him.

The living room was occupied by Jiang Ye and Wei Chen for their meeting. Chen Li glanced at them and invited Lan Xiping to his studio.

Though Wei Chen was engaged in the conversation with Jiang Ye and Wei Yan, he still kept an eye on Chen Li. When he saw that Chen Li had invited someone he had just met into the studio, Wei Chen couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.

It’s important to note that besides himself and Little Biscuit, Chen Li’s studio wasn’t open to just anyone.

Though Wei Chen was inwardly surprised, he maintained his composure. He turned his attention back to the discussion about the A Zone project.

As expected, Wei Chen had judged correctly. Wei Yan was competent, and with his extensive travels to various countries over the years, his perspective was undoubtedly broad. This was evident in his contributions to this project.

The project was progressing smoothly and steadily. There were challenges along the way, but Wei Yan had managed to solve them, and he didn’t feel the need to inform Wei Chen and Jiang Ye.

After Grandpa Wei reviewed the progress of the project a few times and realized he couldn’t intervene effectively, he gradually eased his concerns. He decided not to get involved in the construction of the project in A Zone anymore and handed full authority over to Wei Yan.

The Chen family wasn’t being honest and had made many moves behind the scenes. However, Wei Yan quietly thwarted all their attempts.

Wei Yan was using his abilities to tell Wei Chen that his initial decision to trust him was the right one.

This brief meeting lasted half an hour. Jiang Ye trusted Wei Chen and, by extension, the person Wei Chen had selected. Given the results they were seeing now, Jiang Ye wasn’t very surprised.

After half an hour, the video meeting concluded, and Jiang Ye took his leave.

“Xiping, we’re leaving,” Jiang Ye called into the studio. In a short while, Lan Xiping emerged from the studio.

It was unclear what Lan Xiping and Chen Li had discussed inside, but when they came out, both of them had smiling eyes.

Wei Chen understood Chen Li. He could sense that Chen Li was relaxed at this moment and had no guard up.

Quietly seeing Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye off, Chen Li waved goodbye to Lan Xiping when he left.

After closing the door, Wei Chen looked at Chen Li, his eyes holding a hint of melancholy he hadn’t even noticed.

“Li Li, is he okay?” Wei Chen didn’t feel threatened. His Li Li was like a blank canvas, unaffected by the world’s complexities. His likes and dislikes were direct and straightforward. So, Wei Chen could immediately tell that his Li Li liked this young man named Lan Xiping. It was a trait of Chen Li that Wei Chen easily recognized. Chen Li’s fondness for Lan Xiping was simple, akin to how he liked Little Biscuit and Zhuge Yu.

Wei Chen was just surprised that this young man named Lan Xiping had gained Li Li’s trust so quickly, causing Li Li to let down his guard.

So, Wei Chen felt a tinge of jealousy.

However, Chen Li didn’t notice the subtle tone of jealousy in Wei Chen’s words. He nodded with a smile, his eyes curved, and when he chatted with Lan Xiping, Chen Li didn’t feel any pressure or nervousness; he felt very relaxed.

“Why?” Wei Chen asked, his tone growing more sour.

Without hesitation, Chen Li replied, “Because he saved someone.”

This answer caught Wei Chen off guard. But because of this answer, a long-forgotten memory, blurred by time, resurfaced in Wei Chen’s mind.

Around October last year, Wei Chen and Chen Li were shopping at a supermarket when they witnessed an altercation. An elderly person, perhaps overcome by stress, fainted in front of them. He was later rescued and revived by a young person.

Now, Wei Chen realized that the young man who saved the person was Lan Xiping.

Recalling this event, Wei Chen understood why Chen Li had accepted Lan Xiping so quickly. Of course, Wei Chen had to admit that Chen Li and Lan Xiping had a natural affinity; otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to chat so casually so quickly. Additionally, Chen Li had a preconceived impression of Lan Xiping—kind and harmless.

Yes, in today’s society, someone who takes the initiative to save a person in need without any prior connection is fundamentally kind-hearted. At that time, Lan Xiping had just started his freshman year and was not yet a doctor, so one couldn’t attribute it to the responsibility a doctor bears. Another point was that Wei Chen had observed Lan Xiping just now; this young man’s laughter was infectious, brimming with sunshine. It seemed that no matter the difficulties ahead, his smile could easily overcome them.

In Chen Li’s world, such a smile was needed, like a ray of sunshine, which could subtly influence Chen Li. Considering the above points, only then did Chen Li quickly accept Lan Xiping’s approach, able to easily chat and converse with Lan Xiping. Wei Chen’s slight feeling of bitterness in his heart disappeared. He indeed had a strong possessiveness towards Chen Li, but he wouldn’t prevent Chen Li from making friends, wouldn’t stop Chen Li from experiencing things other than love, such as the emotions Zhuge Yu brought to Chen Li, like that of a teacher and student, or the emotions between father and son. So, this Lan Xiping might bring friendship to Chen Li.

In his Li Li’s life, there shouldn’t only be Wei Chen, there should be others, filling Li Li’s dark life slowly with other colors, making it incredibly wonderful.

Wei Chen reached out and ruffled Chen Li’s hair, gently saying, “If you like him, you can go find him later. He’s also a student at Q University.”

Chen Li nodded, but said somewhat belatedly, “Achen, were you jealous just now?”

Wei Chen didn’t answer. Chen Li continued to ask, like he had discovered something amusing, determined to get a satisfactory answer. Wei Chen directly sealed Chen Li’s lips that wanted to press on and uncover the truth, giving Chen Li a fiery kiss, making Chen Li forget the present moment.

Indeed, as soon as it ended, Chen Li didn’t ask Wei Chen if he was jealous. He just touched Wei Chen’s reddened lips and said, “Your stubble is quite prickly.”

Having not slept the entire night last night, after finding Chen Li, there was an intense activity. The stubble that appeared hadn’t been shaved off yet, adding a hint of mature and seasoned feeling to Wei Chen. At the same time, during the kiss, it gave Chen Li a slight tingling sensation.

“Help me shave it,” Wei Chen said casually.

Chen Li nodded and agreed, “Sure, sure,” his eyes sparkling.

Chen Li had relatively less body hair, with hardly any visible throughout his body. Apart from his hair, he didn’t have much hair, so a beard was something rare for Chen Li. He had long coveted Wei Chen’s beard, wanting to try the feeling of shaving Wei Chen’s beard.

However, while Chen Li had skilled hands in drawing, it wasn’t necessarily the case for shaving beards. Just as the razor touched, Wei Chen’s chin was cut, thankfully Chen Li stopped quickly, otherwise, the cut might have been more significant.

Seeing a hint of red blood seeping from Wei Chen’s chin, Chen Li quickly withdrew his hand, looking apologetically at Wei Chen.

“Achen, I…”

Wei Chen waved his hand, “It’s okay, Li Li, you can continue.” Although there was a cut on his chin, Wei Chen still looked at Chen Li with a lot of trust, allowing Chen Li to continue shaving his beard.

Chen Li hesitated for a moment, encouraged by Wei Chen’s gaze, and then lifted his hand to continue shaving Wei Chen’s beard. This time, he was even more careful, but soon Chen Li found the feel of drawing, shaving the beard faster. Afterward, he used the razor to draw a white rose.

Looking at the flower blooming on his face in the mirror, Wei Chen was full of smiles, and there was much more liveliness in his eyes and between his brows.

“Li Li, what does this flower mean?” Wei Chen asked.

Actually, it didn’t mean much; it was just something done casually, Chen Li thought in his heart, but still suppressed the words, “Flowers for the beauty.”

“Am I the beauty or the flowers?” Wei Chen persisted.

Chen Li, with a dumbfounded expression, replied, “The beauty.”

Wei Chen couldn’t hold back his smile anymore and leaned down to kiss Chen Li’s lips, leaving both of them with a face full of foam.

They frolicked in the bathroom for quite a while before coming out. Wei Chen’s stubble was now shaved clean, and the mature and seasoned look had disappeared, reverting to his previous cold and restrained appearance.

However, that wound on his chin, covered with a cartoon adhesive bandage, seemed quite out of place on this handsome and stern face. The cartoon bandage was bought by Chen Li, featuring characters from the recent animated series he had been watching. It was also brought along during a recent trip to the pharmacy with Wei Chen to buy condoms for their outing.

When the cashier saw a box of cute adhesive bandages and a box of fiery and thin hot sensation condoms placed together for payment, she looked at Wei Chen and Chen Li with surprise.

Naturally, the thin hot sensation condoms were used by both of them, and Wei Chen didn’t expect that the box of cartoon adhesive bandages would end up on his face.

The next day, after Wei Chen washed his face, Chen Li carefully replaced the adhesive bandage with a new one. This time, it featured a female character from the animation Chen Li had been watching recently, displaying a pink color.

Wei Chen didn’t take off this adhesive bandage either and went to work with the pink adhesive bandage on.

So, when the employees of Changfeng Group saw their wise and stern Deputy General Manager Wei, they were all a bit puzzled. Were they still half-asleep or was their vision blurred? How else could they see a pink adhesive bandage on Wei’s face, featuring a cute cartoon character?

Wei Chen ignored these perplexed looks and went straight to his office without glancing sideways.

Before he could settle into his chair, a call came from Chairman Sheng Jiaqi’s internal line, asking Wei Chen to come up for a discussion.

When Wei Chen arrived at Chairman Sheng’s office on the top floor, Sheng Jiaqi happened to come out, holding a stack of documents.

Upon seeing Wei Chen, he said, “Wait for a moment in the office. I’ll be right back.” At this moment, Sheng Jiaqi finally noticed the pink adhesive bandage on Wei Chen’s face. While other employees didn’t dare to laugh, Sheng Jiaqi had no such inhibitions and laughed directly in front of Wei Chen. “Hahaha, Wei Chen, your chin…”

“I accidentally cut it while shaving,” Wei Chen calmly explained.

“What I meant is, how come you have this kind of adhesive bandage?” Sheng Jiaqi continued to laugh.

Wei Chen remained calm, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

Sheng Jiaqi shook his head immediately, praised sincerely, “It’s very cute, very…suitable for you.” The first part was a fact, but the latter half, Sheng Jiaqi admitted, was insincere.

Wei Chen nodded, accepting Sheng Jiaqi’s praise, and said, “Chairman Sheng, did you need something from me?”

Sheng Jiaqi then remembered the actual matter, “Wait inside, I’ll talk to you about the affairs of the logistics department later.” With that, Sheng Jiaqi took the folder and headed towards the elevator, while Wei Chen went into the office and sat on the genuine leather sofa, waiting.

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