Chapter 219 – Wounding a Thousand Enemies

Sheng Jiaqi quickly returned. Accompanying him was Zhuge Feng. After they both entered Sheng Jiaqi’s office and closed the door, they were secluded from prying ears outside.

However, on the other side, once the door was closed, someone already knew that the three of them were together in the chairman’s office, plotting who knows what.

At this moment, in Zhou Tongpeng’s office.

Zhou Tongpeng had come back to work yesterday. He had been lying in the hospital for over a month. Zhou Tongpeng initially didn’t want to return, but the events in the logistics department gave him an ominous feeling. He felt that something was about to happen, so he hastily left the hospital and rushed back to the company.

When he wasn’t in the company, others might have plotted against him without his knowledge. But being present in the company would deter those targeting him from being so brazen. At least he could carve out some time for observation and counteraction.

Now, Zhou Tongpeng heard from his informant stationed close to Sheng Jiaqi that Sheng Jiaqi had summoned Wei Chen and Zhuge Yu for a conversation. The sense of unease in Zhou Tongpeng grew stronger, and he even felt like there was a fire burning intensely within him, making him restless.

Chen Yunzeng sat in Zhou Tongpeng’s office chair, calmly watching Zhou Tongpeng pacing in front of him, spinning his phone in his hand, thinking about something.

As Zhou Tongpeng walked back and forth and met Chen Yunzeng’s calm gaze, he sighed heavily and said, “Why do I feel like something big is about to happen?”

“What could be so significant?” Chen Yunzeng lightly smiled. “You’re so anxious about a disturbance in the logistics department?”

“Mr. Chen, you don’t understand Sheng Jiaqi. If he goes crazy, he can do anything,” Zhou Tongpeng furrowed his brow, looking troubled. “I’m worried that he might use the logistics department incident as an excuse to thoroughly investigate the company’s leadership. Mr. Chen, our people…”

Zhou Tongpeng paused and subconsciously swallowed, feeling a sense of fear. “Our people, they’re not exactly clean.” Among them, the least clean was Zhou Tongpeng himself, so he was afraid that Sheng Jiaqi would ignite the fire of anti-corruption. It was a time when the country was cracking down rigorously, and if Sheng Jiaqi found evidence, even with the backing of the Chen family, it might be futile.

“What are you afraid of?” Chen Yunzeng sneered. “Even if Sheng Jiaqi is clean, are his subordinates clean? Take Wei Chen, for instance. Not long ago, his partner’s account received over thirty million. I checked, and at that time, Wei Chen happened to assign a business deal to a subsidiary in the southwest province. How could the southwest province handle such a huge business at that time? Do you believe this?”

Following Chen Yunzeng’s words, Zhou Tongpeng pondered for a moment and quickly understood Chen Yunzeng’s meaning. His eyebrows immediately lifted, and he said, “Mr. Chen, are you suggesting…?”

Chen Yunzeng nodded, his lips slightly curved, revealing a faint smile, quite cunning.

Zhou Tongpeng smiled knowingly. Since Sheng Jiaqi intended to use the pretext of the logistics department to target the company’s leadership for corruption, Zhou Tongpeng could seize this opportunity to take down Sheng Jiaqi’s right-hand man!

Chen Yunzeng twirled his phone in his hand. After witnessing Zhou Tongpeng’s change of expression, a subtle smirk played at the corner of his mouth, perhaps mocking something.

Just as Zhou Tongpeng had anticipated, Sheng Jiaqi was indeed planning to leverage the corruption in the logistics department to escalate the situation and aggressively tackle corruption within the leadership.

Summoning Wei Chen and Zhuge Feng for this reason, the three of them had discussed in the office for a whole morning. As the lunch break approached, Sheng Jiaqi made a decisive gesture, concluding the discussion, and the plan for action was mostly set.

Earlier, Sheng Jiaqi had taken a folder to the company’s disciplinary departments, submitting various application documents. He intended for these departments to form an investigative team and cleanse the Changfeng Group of internal corruption from top to bottom.

Perhaps within these corrupt elements were individuals aligned with Sheng Jiaqi’s faction. But as Zhou Tongpeng had mentioned, when Sheng Jiaqi goes on a rampage, there’s no limit to what he might do. The consequences of this action were undoubtedly a case of hurting a thousand enemies while injuring oneself, but Sheng Jiaqi didn’t care.

Firstly, it would give Changfeng Group a fresh start in its appearance. Secondly, after this incident, it would serve as a heavy blow to those hesitating or considering going down the path of no return, telling them that enriching oneself within the Changfeng Group was an impossible endeavor.

This time, Sheng Jiaqi had truly gone crazy.

Under Sheng Jiaqi’s signal, the disciplinary investigation quietly commenced. Some astute individuals had already sensed the changing atmosphere and started feeling insecure. The less perceptive ones continued to commit brazen mistakes, thinking they were operating under the guise of unwritten rules.

Until three days later, the first big fish was caught.

This big fish was none other than Deputy General Manager Zheng, who had become plump with ill-gotten gains.

After the disciplinary investigation, it was revealed that Zheng’s corrupt activities had amounted to over a hundred million. The investigation even unearthed information about Zheng’s monthly visits to the gambling city, with transactions involving tens of millions each time, all directly using Zheng’s personal account.

Why was Zheng so audacious in his corruption? The disciplinary investigators naturally pondered this question, and the answer was simple: someone higher up was protecting him, providing cover for his actions!

Once this answer came out, the disciplinary committee didn’t immediately act openly. Everything was investigated covertly. They had anticipated that this time, they would surely capture a major figure. Moreover, to lull those of a higher rank than Deputy General Manager Zheng, the disciplinary committee consecutively dealt with a few small fry, creating an illusion that they were now solely focused on dealing with the small fry.

The disciplinary committee of Changfeng Group was busy swatting the small fry, causing a sudden upheaval throughout the entire organization. The ordinary employees were fine; they didn’t have many opportunities to be exposed to affairs at this level. However, upon seeing the current state of the company, they were perplexed.

How could it be that within a few days, the entire organization seemed to have changed? Today, someone was their boss, and the next day, they were taken away by the disciplinary committee during work hours, not allowed a shred of defense.

However, soon, these ordinary employees snapped out of it. After regaining their senses, they weren’t exactly delighted. As subordinates, no one likes a superior who takes credit for their work, bullies the weak, and steals their achievements. When they saw these corrupt individuals being taken away one by one, the ordinary employees couldn’t help but applaud.

Of course, some employees with wavering thoughts retracted their steps towards the abyss upon witnessing the intensity of the organization’s anti-corruption efforts.

It could be said that the entire Changfeng Group was in a state of trepidation. Nevertheless, with Sheng Jiaqi leading, along with Wei Chen and Zhuge Feng personally overseeing, and Chen Yunzeng playing his role at this moment, it had to be acknowledged that Chen Yunzeng was remarkably competent. Under his leadership in the marketing department, operations continued in an orderly fashion.

With these four individuals supporting the organization, even though Changfeng Group was restless due to this large-scale anti-corruption campaign, the functioning of the company remained unaffected, and it continued to thrive.

Days passed, and the disciplinary committee’s efforts intensified. However, apart from Deputy General Manager Zheng, who was a major figure, the disciplinary committee primarily targeted insignificant individuals. Despite this, Zhou Tongpeng remained anxious and fearful. The reason was simple: he was the person covering for Deputy General Manager Zheng.

Zhou Tongpeng now couldn’t sleep soundly. In his dreams, he was always seeing the disciplinary committee storming into his home with a large group of people or taking him away for investigation from his office. Or he found himself wearing cold handcuffs, standing at the defendant’s seat in the courtroom, facing the judge’s judgment.

He was extremely fearful. His blood pressure had been soaring during this period, and he had experienced dizziness more than once. Yet, he refrained from going to the hospital because he was afraid. He feared that if he went to the hospital, he would become like meat on the chopping block, without a chance to resist.

On that day, Zhou Tongpeng was restless in his office, devoid of composure. He didn’t know what came over him. He abruptly stood up from his office chair and quickly made his way to the marketing department. Without knocking, he pushed open the door to Chen Yunzeng’s office.

Chen Yunzeng remained calm and composed. Seeing Zhou Tongpeng enter, he gestured towards the office sofa and politely said, “Vice Chairman Zhou, what brings you here in such a hurry? Sit down, and I’ll have my secretary prepare a cup of hot tea for you.”

Zhou Tongpeng was not in the mood for small talk with Chen Yunzeng. He closed the office door and approached Chen Yunzeng’s desk, a pleading expression on his face. “Mr. Chen, could you give me the transfer records of over thirty million made by Wei Chen? I want to report Wei Chen to the disciplinary committee. Since they are pressing so hard, I don’t want to be polite with them anymore.”

Chen Yunzeng rubbed his temples and said, “Vice Chairman Zhou, why are you in such a rush? Give this matter some more time. Perhaps there might be a turning point.”

“Mr. Chen!” Zhou Tongpeng roared with a fierce expression. “I can’t wait any longer. I really can’t wait! Let Wei Chen be the first to go in. That’s my turning point. Please give me the evidence!”

Chen Yunzeng shook his head and eventually took out a USB drive from a drawer, handing it to Zhou Tongpeng. “The transfer records of that money are in here. Submit it to the disciplinary committee. They will surely initiate an investigation.”

Zhou Tongpeng beamed with joy. The previous distress and fierceness vanished in an instant with the sight of this USB drive. He turned and hurriedly left Chen Yunzeng’s office, heading straight to the disciplinary committee’s office.

Watching Zhou Tongpeng’s departing figure, Chen Yunzeng couldn’t help but smile. This smile had a slight upward tilt at the corner of his mouth, radiating a ruthless glint in his eyes.

The secretary came in with water and unintentionally caught a glimpse of Chen Yunzeng’s smile, sending shivers down her spine. She fumbled, and the water cup slipped from her hands to the floor.

Quickly crouching down to pick it up, the secretary saw Chen Yunzeng approaching and asked softly, “Are you okay? Why so careless?”

“Sorry, Director Chen, it wasn’t intentional,” the secretary quickly apologized.

“As long as you’re okay, accidents happen to everyone,” Chen Yunzeng replied.

The secretary cleaned up the fragments and noticed Chen Yunzeng’s refined demeanor, as if the sinister and ruthless expression from moments ago had never appeared.

Meanwhile, as Zhou Tongpeng had just left Chen Yunzeng’s office, Sheng Jiaqi on the top floor received the news, even knowing what Zhou Tongpeng and Chen Yunzeng had just discussed.

The person who conveyed this news to Sheng Jiaqi was not one of his informants. So when this person hung up the internal call, Sheng Jiaqi became very puzzled. Who leaked this information to him? And why only to him?

Soon, Sheng Jiaqi figured it out.

The person who leaked this information to him aimed to sow discord, to sow distrust between him and Wei Chen, to make him have a crisis of trust towards Wei Chen.

But in Sheng Jiaqi’s eyes, the information that Chen Yunzeng and Zhou Tongpeng had obtained about the transfer of over thirty million was incredibly ignorant and laughable.

Presumably, in their eyes, Chen Li was just someone with autism, a fool. How could he possibly have received over thirty million in income? So they naturally suspected Wei Chen of embezzlement.

But was it difficult for Chen Li to earn over thirty million?

What a joke. Would Chen Yunzeng and Zhou Tongpeng be infuriated if they knew that one of Chen Li’s paintings had already been traded in the art circle for seventy to eighty million?

Sheng Jiaqi chuckled and suddenly found this ending quite amusing.

As for who passed on the information to him, Sheng Jiaqi already had a suspicion. Aside from Zhou Tongpeng, there was no one else.

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