Chapter 591 – Vanity

When she arrived, she heard the class monitor saying, “We were all mistaken about Yu Shuping’s partner!”

Huh? What’s going on?

“Yu Shuping was almost sold off by her parents to an old bachelor in the village, in exchange for dowry for her elder brother, after finishing junior high. It was her husband who sold his job in the county and provided a high dowry to her family, defying their objections, in order to marry her and help her pursue further education.”

After marriage, because she wanted to continue her studies, her husband worked part-time and supported her education while doing laborious jobs. After she enrolled in college, he accompanied her because he was concerned.

Currently, he worked in a logistics company in Beijing, manually moving goods every day, and he gave all the money he earned to Yu Shuping.

So, all those new clothes Yu Shuping had were bought with his earnings.

As for the earlier discussion about moving out, it was because Yu Shuping complained that the cafeteria food at the school was not good. Her husband came a few times to deliver food for her, and upon hearing her complaints about the inconvenience of staying in the dorm, he planned to rent a nearby apartment for her.

However, he came too often, and classmates saw him. Feeling embarrassed, Yu Shuping disclosed her circumstances, which led everyone to sympathize with her.

Lu Xia was surprised to hear this unexpected turn of events. She hadn’t anticipated the situation to be like this. However, she asked, “How did you, class monitor, know about Yu Shuping’s thoughts? Did you ask her directly?”

“No, I asked her dorm mates.”

At this point, the class monitor smiled and said, “I’m over thirty years old; I can read people quite well. Young girls at this age care a lot about face, so it’s a reasonable assumption.”

He just felt a bit sorry for her husband, who had sacrificed so much for Yu Shuping and was now being rejected.

Although she was his student, he didn’t approve of her actions.

“So, what about her coming to me about a part-time job?” Lu Xia inquired.

“Her roommate mentioned that Yu Shuping wanted to quickly earn money to repay her husband so that she wouldn’t feel inferior or burdened.”

Lu Xia frowned upon hearing this. So, was she planning to divorce after repaying the money?

“As for the job at school, I suppose the young girl is sensitive and reluctant to do it.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia was speechless. Why beat around the bush? Wasn’t it just vanity?

She figured it out. Yu Shuping’s character wasn’t great. On one hand, she reluctantly accepted help, and on the other hand, she spent the hard-earned money lavishly, all the while speaking ill of the person helping her.

So, the person who helped her with education, money, and clothing, making sure she could study, was the bad guy.

Lu Xia didn’t want to say anything to a person like this.

If she truly didn’t like the person, she should have rejected the money from the start, found a part-time job after starting college, paid the money back early, explained things properly to him—it wasn’t impossible.

Now, it seemed like she was ungrateful.

Lu Xia couldn’t be bothered to say more.

In the end, she just left. After all, it had nothing to do with her. She would leave it to the class monitor, who was also the counselor, to handle.

Afterward, she didn’t hear about Yu Shuping’s husband visiting Peking University. Probably the class monitor had talked to him, or he realized he wasn’t welcome.

However, Yu Shuping remained the same. Everyone wasn’t naive; she kept saying she was leading a difficult life, yet she dressed well, had plenty to eat, and had good things. People could guess where the money came from.

So, they all understood what kind of person she was.

Gradually, they distanced themselves from her.

Even her roommates, after seeing her true character, didn’t want to interact with her.

As for what would happen between her and her husband in the future, Lu Xia wasn’t sure. But she had a guess. After all, she didn’t believe Yu Shuping would willingly accept her circumstances. She just hoped that good deeds would be rewarded.


Chapter 592 – Promoting Franchises


Afterwards, Lu Xia didn’t concern herself with Yu Shuping’s matter. She believed the class monitor, as a counselor, would handle it well. So, she focused her thoughts back on the company.

Currently, everything in the company was progressing smoothly.

Cosmetics and skincare products produced in the factory had already begun to be sold, and the sales were excellent, even trending towards a frenzy. This led to the factory struggling to keep up with demand.

This was something they hadn’t anticipated before.

So, they needed to expand production in the future, especially with the upcoming franchise expansion.

Of course, the products being sold were the company’s other offerings. Lu Xia’s “spiritual spring water” product was not for sale; it was only for use in the store, leaving many customers somewhat disappointed.

But there was no other way; this product had excellent effects, making it even more challenging to produce. However, the customers understood.

Thus, the business in the store hadn’t declined.

The development of the franchise stores was also doing well.

Liu Song had a quick mind. After taking over the franchise business, he applied for a travel allowance from Ye Lin and went to the neighboring Hebei province.

When he arrived, he didn’t wander around aimlessly. Instead, he directly published information about the franchise business in the local newspaper.

Everyone found this surprising, but some were curious and approached him for inquiries. In such cases, he would elaborate on the situation of the beauty salon and explain the methods of joining.

If someone had doubts or questioned the credibility, he would say, “If you don’t believe it, you can go to Beijing and see for yourself. Just ask anyone on the street, and they all know about Xia Lin Beauty Salon. Moreover, our beauty salon is not only planning to develop in Hebei but aims to expand nationwide. I’m just a small salesperson, and my colleagues are promoting it in other cities.”

At this point, someone asked, “Then can’t we start our own? Why bother with this franchise? We have to pay so much for the franchise fee. Isn’t that having money to burn?”

Liu Song chuckled, “If you think that way, it’s not correct. If you start your own business, leaving aside whether you can do it or not and understand it, various aspects will require your personal attention. But then, whether you can make a profit is still uncertain. However, if you join our chain store, our company will provide you with comprehensive assistance, including visits to the store, guidance on decoration, training for beauticians, and product supply in the store.”

He continued, “You can say that once you join, you won’t have to worry about anything. We have mature operational experience, ensuring you’ll get started quickly and not worry about losses.”

Others were surprised and excited after hearing this. “Really? Hands-on training?”

“Of course, we’re Xia Lin, a big brand. We have four stores in Beijing, and business has always been good. If you join us, you’ll use our brand, and we don’t want to tarnish our own reputation.”

Some of the others became interested upon hearing this, but given the substantial franchise fee, they still had some hesitations.

Upon seeing this, Liu Song said, “You don’t have to rush to make a decision. Think it over and go back. Besides, this place is close to Beijing. If you’re unsure, you can visit first. I’ll leave the company’s address and phone number for you. If you can’t find it, you can ask at the beauty salon’s stores.”


Some of those who were intrigued left with the address and phone number, but they were still a bit concerned, thinking they might visit and see how good the business was in their store, as Liu Song had mentioned.

After sorting things out with them, Liu Song left and moved on to the next city, employing the same method.

After visiting two cities, he worried that someone might come to investigate, so he returned first.

As soon as he returned, one of the interested individuals from Hebei province came to the company.

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