Chapter 220 – Taken Away for Investigation

Zhou Tongpeng played his hand well! Sheng Jiaqi thought to himself. If he didn’t know better, he might have been led on by Zhou Tongpeng.

Zhou Tongpeng thought he had evidence against Wei Chen in his hands, so he deliberately had someone pass him the information to let him know about this matter in advance. He not only aimed to sow discord between him and Wei Chen but perhaps more importantly, to prompt him to notify the disciplinary committee to stop the investigation against Zhou Tongpeng.

Zhou Tongpeng was using Wei Chen to threaten Sheng Jiaqi.

The message Zhou Tongpeng wanted to convey to Sheng Jiaqi was that Wei Chen was Shen Jiaqi’s right-hand man, who had brought countless merits to the company in less than a year. Now, I have evidence that I can use to cut off your right-hand man. Do you want to keep him and spare me, or shall both he and I meet our demise together?

Zhou Tongpeng probably thought Sheng Jiaqi would choose to keep Wei Chen and spare him. However, even in doing so, Sheng Jiaqi now had doubts about Wei Chen due to his embezzlement, and the strategy to sow discord had succeeded.

Otherwise, how could Sheng Jiaqi praise Zhou Tongpeng’s strategy? He saved himself and caused a rift between Sheng Jiaqi and Wei Chen. Killing two birds with one stone, how could that not be good?

However, no matter how Zhou Tongpeng calculated, he didn’t account for the fact that the money transferred to Chen Li’s account had nothing to do with Wei Chen; it was rightfully meant for Chen Li.

This was awkward. The more Sheng Jiaqi thought about it, the more he couldn’t help but laugh.

In fact, Sheng Jiaqi even called Wei Chen and shared this joke with him.

Wei Chen listened and passed over it quickly, soon realizing the twists and turns within. However, he made no comment.

After joking about Wei Chen not understanding humor, Sheng Jiaqi hung up and patiently awaited the unfolding drama.

Indeed, as Sheng Jiaqi had expected, the person who passed the message to him was Zhou Tongpeng. After arranging for someone to pass the information about his conversation with Chen Yunzeng to Sheng Jiaqi, Zhou Tongpeng went to the disciplinary committee’s office with a USB drive.

He knocked and entered, and the members of the disciplinary committee were discussing Zhou Tongpeng’s case. Upon seeing Zhou Tongpeng, they immediately put away the documents on the table.

“Vice Chairman Zhou, what brings you here?” the leader asked.

Zhou Tongpeng glanced at the documents on the table, didn’t find anything noteworthy, withdrew his gaze, and then handed the USB drive to the person who had just spoken. “I want to report Comrade Wei Chen. I found over thirty million deposited in his partner’s account.”

“That’s his partner’s income; it doesn’t raise suspicion,” the disciplinary committee member stated.

Zhou Tongpeng, indignant, said, “You must not be aware that Wei Chen’s partner is autistic, to put it bluntly, he’s a fool! How could a fool have over thirty million in income? So, I believe this over thirty million transaction is definitely suspicious. Investigate this, and you will surely find evidence of Comrade Wei Chen’s crimes!”

The disciplinary committee accepted Zhou Tongpeng’s USB drive and said earnestly, “We will definitely investigate thoroughly and not let any rotten apples go!”

Zhou Tongpeng, satisfied with the committee’s approval, left. However, as he left, he glanced at the documents on the table again. He always felt that these documents were related to him.

Until Zhou Tongpeng left, the committee members didn’t reopen the documents. Once they couldn’t see Zhou Tongpeng anymore, they resumed discussing the case.

After the case discussion was over, the Discipline Inspection Director picked up the USB drive Zhou Tongpeng had handed over and said to the others, “Do you want to take a look?”

Naturally, the committee members were eager to know what was inside. They expressed their desire to see the contents, so the Discipline Inspection Director plugged the USB drive into the computer. Inside were two transfer records, the first for around ten million and the second, the over thirty million Zhou Tongpeng mentioned. The recipient was Wei Chen’s partner, Chen Li.

If, as Zhou Tongpeng claimed, Wei Chen’s partner was an autistic person, why would someone transfer such a large sum to Chen Li? Upon further thought, there seemed to be something fishy.

Below the transfer records, there was also a folder containing Wei Chen’s business or professional transactions around the time of these two transfers.

Could it be possible that Wei Chen received money from these people and then delegated the business to them?

This thought crossed the minds of everyone in the disciplinary office.

“There’s a problem! Definitely a problem!” a relatively young man exclaimed. He had recently joined the disciplinary committee and was very eager. Seeing such an obvious issue, he was indignant. “Director, should we bring Wei Chen in for questioning?”

The Discipline Inspection Director pondered for a while and nodded, “Go ahead, but be polite. After all, we haven’t reached a conclusion yet.”

The young man was immediately filled with determination, acting as if Wei Chen owed him millions or even billions.

Seeing his impulsive demeanor, the Discipline Inspection Director quickly asked a middle-aged man to accompany him, to prevent the young man from making the situation too unpleasant.

The middle-aged man was tactful and quickly caught up with the young man. Together, they headed towards Wei Chen’s office.

In the disciplinary office, the Discipline Inspection Director instructed the technicians to trace the origins of these two payments. He had met Wei Chen a few times and had a favorable impression of him. Personally, he believed that Wei Chen wouldn’t do something so foolish.

However, in his position, he couldn’t speak based on personal feelings. He had to speak based on evidence—evidence that would tell him the truth, and that’s what mattered!

When the young man and the middle-aged man arrived at Wei Chen’s office, the young man was about to push the door open but was stopped by the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man whispered to the young man, “Before the facts are established, don’t be so impulsive. Who knows if what your eyes see is the actual truth?”

After saying this, the middle-aged man knocked on the door of Wei Chen’s office. Only after hearing a low “come in” from inside did he enter.

The young man felt indignant but respected his elders. Since there was a senior present, he stood behind the senior and let him handle the situation entirely.

“Deputy General Manager Wei, we have received a report from the public regarding suspicions of embezzlement and bribery. Please come with us for an investigation,” the middle-aged man said relatively politely.

Wei Chen stood up and made a gesture of consent. “Please.”

The appearance of this honest gentleman irritated the young man. If you’ve embezzled and taken bribes, admit it. Why pretend? Wait until the evidence is presented, and let’s see if you can keep pretending!

Sensing the young man’s angry gaze, Wei Chen turned to look at him. The gaze behind his glasses was extremely cold, causing a chill down the young man’s spine. He subconsciously avoided Wei Chen’s gaze.

Now, the young man was thoroughly annoyed. “What are you acting high and mighty for? Don’t you know you’ve made a mistake? When you’ve made a mistake, you should show some remorse! If you show a bit of repentance for your mistakes, the punishment will be lighter!”

The young man deliberately raised his voice, wanting the whole world to know that Wei Chen had embezzled and taken bribes. Wei Chen was being investigated by the disciplinary committee, and soon, Wei Chen would be taken down!

The middle-aged man felt a tightness in his scalp. It was too late to stop the young man. He could only glare sternly at the young man, who defiantly stared back, presenting an air of ‘I have the truth, and I’m not afraid of anything.’

The middle-aged man felt somewhat helpless, looking apologetically at Wei Chen. He respectfully escorted Wei Chen into the disciplinary office, thanks to the young man’s loud voice. As soon as Wei Chen stepped into the disciplinary department, the news spread throughout the entire Changfeng Group.

Wei Chen is being investigated by the disciplinary committee!

Wei Chen made a mistake!

Wei Chen will be taken down soon!

The news spread like wildfire throughout the entire Changfeng Group. Some didn’t believe it, some found it unbelievable, some sighed about knowing someone’s face but not their heart, utterly disappointed in Wei Chen. Others considered themselves as spectators, treating it like a yearly spectacle, finding it extremely exciting.

When Zhuge Feng heard this news, he was surprised. He quickly called Sheng Jiaqi, only to realize that Sheng Jiaqi treated him as a mere spectator, watching this annual drama unfold.

“Zhuge, just relax. This show is quite spectacular,” Sheng Jiaqi said, chuckling.

Upon hearing Sheng Jiaqi’s attitude, Zhuge Feng understood that he had worried needlessly. After a brief conversation with Sheng Jiaqi, he hung up, leaned back, and awaited the unfolding drama.

Zhuge Feng contemplated whether to buy a pound of sunflower seeds, to observe the situation’s development while munching on the seeds.

Among the people in the company displaying a vastly different attitude was the whistleblower, Zhou Tongpeng.

When Zhou Tongpeng heard that Wei Chen had been taken away for investigation by the disciplinary committee, he got excited and even started dancing in his office.

However, he quickly suppressed his excitement. He straightened his clothes in front of the window’s reflected light and hummed a tune as he walked towards the Chairman’s office.

Sheng Jiaqi was currently handling documents in his office. When Zhou Tongpeng entered, he saw Sheng Jiaqi’s organized demeanor and sneered in his heart, what a pretentious individual!

“Vice Chairman Zhou, do you need something?” Sheng Jiaqi lifted his head from the documents, smiling at Zhou Tongpeng.

Zhou Tongpeng smiled back, “Chairman Sheng, I heard Wei Chen was taken away for investigation by the disciplinary committee?”

Sheng Jiaqi’s expression remained unchanged. “Yes, that’s the case. The Discipline Inspection Director just called to inform me.”

Zhou Tongpeng immediately put on an appearance of righteous indignation. “I can’t believe Wei Chen would betray the company like this. The company nurtured and promoted him at such a young age, making him a deputy general manager. How could he end up doing things that harm the company’s interests? Truly, you never know a person’s true character. It’s a waste of your efforts, Chairman Sheng.”

Sheng Jiaqi smiled as he watched Zhou Tongpeng’s outstanding performance. He understood Zhou Tongpeng’s purpose in coming over—to show off and simultaneously ask Sheng Jiaqi to spare him, as he believed Wei Chen posed a threat to him.

However, Sheng Jiaqi didn’t comply with Zhou Tongpeng’s wishes and merely said, “Regardless of the outcome, let the disciplinary department speak with facts. If Wei Chen has truly done something harmful to the company, we’ll handle it accordingly. Vice Chairman Zhou, rest assured that I won’t go easy on Wei Chen. Of course, this applies to anyone in the company.”

The smile on Zhou Tongpeng’s face froze, and a surge of anger bubbled in his heart. “Sheng Jiaqi, you’re quite something!”

After saying these words, Zhou Tongpeng turned and left. He wanted to see if, once Wei Chen was convicted, Sheng Jiaqi would stand by the statements he just made.

Sheng Jiaqi watched Zhou Tongpeng’s angrily departing figure and shook his head.

Some people just like to persist on a certain path, never looking back, never regretting. In the end, they will be utterly shattered.

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