Chapter 597 – Wanting to Meet the Company’s Boss

Upon hearing this, the manager immediately assured her, “Rest assured, our company’s products comply with national qualification requirements and have been tested and approved by the country for production and sale. I can show you our testing certificates. You can be assured; they are absolutely safe!

As for the product you used today, it’s our salon’s unique formula. It’s extremely difficult to produce and has a limited quantity, so it’s the only one that isn’t for sale.”

The woman nodded after listening, “So, what you mean is… the other products in the salon can be sold?”

“Yes, because we women need to maintain our youthful appearance with daily skincare. Our company offers various skincare and makeup products, and they are all very effective. So, they are well-liked by everyone.”

The woman showed interest after hearing this, “Can I try them?”

“Of course, you just had a beauty treatment, so a little skincare is necessary.”

Saying this, the manager brought out a set of skincare products for her to try.

The woman tried each product and indeed felt that they were very good. The texture didn’t fall behind those big brands she bought abroad, but the price was much more affordable.

So, she decided to buy a set right away.

At this point, the manager continued, “If you find our services satisfactory and want to experience more in the future, you can get a membership card. It will give you a discount when you come in for beauty treatments.”

The woman showed interest again after hearing this, and she asked about the membership card in detail, although she ultimately didn’t get one.

The manager wasn’t disappointed and warmly saw her off.

In the following days, the woman visited the beauty salon repeatedly, experiencing all the services offered but still didn’t get the membership card.

She asked quite a lot of questions, which seemed a bit strange to the employees, but they answered all they could, keeping any confidential information to themselves.

Later, the woman also tried other salons in Beijing and felt there wasn’t much difference, which finally put her at ease.

Not long after, Lu Xia met this woman in the company.

Of course, she wasn’t aware of the woman’s visits to the beauty salon.

Liu Song had informed her, mentioning that someone wanted to join and wanted to meet the company’s boss before making a decision. Since Ye Lin had family matters and had taken leave to return home recently, Lu Xia was approached.

Lu Xia had no afternoon classes, so she left school early.

After arriving at the company, the client was already there.

Lu Xia immediately apologized upon seeing her, “I’m sorry for being late, making you wait for a long time!”

The woman smiled at her and said, “It’s okay, I’m here earlier than the appointed time. I heard that General Manager Lu has other duties. It’s quite challenging to fit into your busy schedule. I hope I didn’t disrupt your work?”

Lu Xia smiled back, “No, I had nothing planned for the afternoon. Actually, the company’s affairs are usually handled by another partner. However, she had something today, so I’m here instead.”

The woman nodded, “I heard about it. The two young bosses of your company have achieved so much at such a young age. It’s truly admirable.”

Hearing her words, Lu Xia humbly responded and then had a brief conversation with her, understanding some of the woman’s background.

Her name was Chen Lan, and while her age was unknown, she appeared significantly older than Lu Xia. She came from Shanghai.

After a brief interaction with her, Lu Xia felt that she had a unique air about her, exuding a sense of sophistication and authority.

However, Lu Xia didn’t detect any arrogance or condescension from her. She was pleasant to talk to, and her words showed that she was a person of substance.

After a few conversations with her, Lu Xia learned about the woman’s intentions.


Chapter 598 – Directly Franchising Five Stores


“Previously, when I heard about the beauty salon franchise from Xiao Liu, I wasn’t interested at all.

To be honest, I’ll be frank with you. I had been to a beauty salon abroad before, and I thought the service in China wouldn’t be as good as there. So, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

But recently, while attending a wedding in Beijing, I heard a lot of people talking about the beauty salon. That’s when my interest was piqued.

After experiencing it, I found that your beauty salon is already on par with those abroad.

While the environment and service might not be as good as abroad, the products are excellent, even better than what I’ve used abroad.

It was at this point that my interest was sparked, and I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh? What does Mrs. Chen want to discuss?”

Chen Lan smiled, “I’m a few years older than you. If you don’t mind, you can call me Sister Lan, and I can call you by your name. Is that okay?”

Lu Xia nodded, “Of course, Sister Lan, feel free.”

Chen Lan continued, “To be honest, I’m not short of money, and I’m not particularly interested in doing business. It’s just that your beauty salon impressed me, so I want to experience it frequently.

But my family is in Shanghai, and it’s inconvenient to travel back and forth. It’s not practical to come all the way to Beijing just for a beauty treatment. Having a store in Shanghai would make things much easier.

So, that’s why I decided to join your store.

Of course, even though I don’t want to be in business, if I do decide to go for it, I want to go big. Joining just one small store isn’t interesting.

I heard that your company allows a maximum of five stores in each city.

So, I’ll take all five in Shanghai. I’ll find someone to manage them for me later, making it easier for me to have beauty treatments in the future.”

Lu Xia looked at her in surprise upon hearing this.

She didn’t expect her to join for this reason. Truly, she was wealthy, opening a store just for the convenience of having beauty treatments.

To look good and save face, she casually said she’d open five stores, as if it was as simple as going out for a meal.

Indeed, Lu Xia couldn’t understand the mindset of wealthy people.

Moreover, after she finished speaking, she didn’t even inquire about the benefits of joining. She immediately asked Lu Xia to bring out the contract, signed it, and transferred the money to the bank.

Then she declined Lu Xia’s dinner invitation and left.

Of course, her only requirement was to open the stores as soon as possible. After returning to Shanghai, she didn’t want to wait too long.

However, to appreciate this major client, Lu Xia also gave her a bottle of the company’s non-sale skincare product infused with spiritual spring water. It should last her for a while.

Chen Lan was indeed very satisfied upon receiving it.

After she left, Lu Xia learned from Liu Song that this person was likely the wife of a high-ranking executive in Shanghai, belonging to the upper class.

“How did you meet her? Your publicity seems to have been effective, reaching the upper-class circles!”

Liu Song shook his head, feeling a bit embarrassed. “No, it was an accident. After I arrived in Shanghai, I also published the information in the newspaper. To make our company look more high-end, I arranged the meeting at a café.

Unexpectedly, during the discussion with potential customers, Mrs. Chen overheard us. She came over and asked a few questions. But I could tell she wasn’t interested at that time.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Good job this time. However, we have nearly ten franchise stores at the moment. Let’s not rush to expand for now; otherwise, the products might not keep up.

Didn’t Mrs. Chen say she would send someone to discuss future matters? You should deal with that first and strive to get her store up and running as soon as possible.”

Liu Song nodded, “Alright, I understand.”

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