Chapter 595 – Company Dinner

The company successfully joined its first store, and everyone was very happy.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia decided to invite the company employees for a celebratory dinner after work on Friday, which could also be considered a team-building event for the company.

The employees were especially delighted upon hearing the news.

When Friday arrived, Lu Xia met the class monitor on her way out of the office and casually asked, “Today we’re having a company dinner. Would you like to join, class monitor?”

The class monitor hesitated upon hearing this. “Is it appropriate for me to join your company’s dinner?”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Of course, you’re not the only outsider. My husband will also be there.”

Hearing her assurance, the class monitor was no longer hesitant. He had met Lu Xia’s husband before, who was quite well-known in their department. Additionally, he was concerned about his wife going home alone late after dinner, so he decided to join them.

As they came out of the school together, they ran into Jiang Junmo, who was waiting outside.

Lu Xia introduced the two to each other and they headed to the restaurant together.

Because they were having a company dinner, the company closed early.

When they arrived at the restaurant, the dishes were almost ready.

After their arrival, Lu Xia introduced Jiang Junmo and the class monitor to everyone.

Zhu Mei was quite surprised to see her husband.

However, after Lu Xia’s introduction, she felt a bit embarrassed under the playful gazes of her colleagues.

The dishes were served quickly, and they began eating without delay.

After finishing most of the meal, Lu Xia briefly spoke, “The success of the company until today is a result of everyone’s hard work. As the boss, I thank you all for your dedication and trust. I believe our company will continue to improve, and we won’t let your efforts go to waste. I hope everyone will keep up the good work and contribute to the company’s growth in the future.”

Lu Xia, having experienced the workplace in her past life, knew how to speak in such situations.

After her speech, everyone applauded, and then Ye Lin also said a few encouraging words and promises.

When she finished, Lu Xia looked at Liu Song and said, “Today’s gathering is to celebrate our company’s first franchise, and the main credit goes to Xiao Liu. Would you like to say a few words?”

Liu Song was excited upon hearing this and stood up, saying, “I don’t have much to say. The main thing is to thank the manager for her trust in me. I will work even harder in the future and strive to have our company’s franchise spread across the entire country as soon as possible!”

After he finished, the private room erupted into enthusiastic applause. It was evident that everyone was quite excited.

Lu Xia smiled, not expecting everyone to have such confidence in the company.

It seemed that in order not to disappoint these employees, she would have to work even harder.

After the dinner, more and more people came to the company for franchise inquiries.

However, perhaps due to the high franchise fees, the number of final decisions to join the franchise was not substantial.

Apart from the Sun couple who had decided to join earlier, there were three other franchisees confirmed. These four were conveniently distributed evenly in two cities around Beijing, ensuring they wouldn’t compete directly with each other.

In fact, when they were initially considering franchising, they had planned for this to avoid internal competition. Each city’s franchise stores would be limited to five at most, and there were specific location requirements as well, ensuring that the stores wouldn’t be too close to each other.

Of course, they didn’t have this concern now; it was more of a preventive measure.

After some time passed, no more inquiries came from the two cities they had visited earlier.

So Liu Song decided to continue expanding to other cities.

However, this time, he wanted to target larger cities rather than the neighboring ones.


Chapter 596 – A Special Guest


On the day of departure, Lu Xia happened to visit the company, so Liu Song shared his plan with her.

Lu Xia asked, “Where do you want to go?”

Liu Song remained silent for a moment and then said, “Shanghai.”

Lu Xia understood; indeed, Shanghai was currently one of the largest cities in the country after Beijing, and it was more developed and open—a good city for promotion.

She nodded and said, “Alright, but Shanghai is far, and the expenses for this trip will be significant. I’ll ask the accountant to allocate some funds for you.”

Liu Song shook his head and replied, “No need. I received a commission when we signed up the franchisees earlier. I have money on hand now.”

Lu Xia chuckled upon hearing this, “You can’t use your own money for a business trip. Alright, don’t refuse, go ahead and the company is waiting for your good news.”

After saying this, she patted his shoulder for encouragement and left.

Liu Song didn’t refuse further after seeing her leave. He silently resolved to work hard and not let the company’s trust down.

Liu Song’s trip this time was relatively long, taking almost half a month before he returned.

Taking into account the travel time, he spent about seven to eight days in Shanghai.

But upon his return, he was quite happy. Although there weren’t immediate franchise discussions, he mentioned that the publicity had a good effect. He had also spread the word in the nearby city of Suzhou and was waiting for people to come and discuss franchise opportunities.

Lu Xia and the others were relieved upon hearing this.

On this day, a new customer arrived at Xia Lin Beauty Salon, and this customer seemed somewhat distinctive.

She was around thirty years old, and her accent clearly revealed that she wasn’t from Beijing.

However, she seemed affluent.

Upon arrival, she inquired about all the services offered by the salon, asking detailed questions and thoroughly understanding each one. Afterward, she examined the promotional materials for each service.

The beautician who attended to her thought she hadn’t made a decision and asked if she wanted the salon manager to provide some recommendations.

The woman showed interest upon hearing this, “Sure, have the manager come over to assist me.”

Shortly after, the staff called for the manager.

Nowadays, each salon had its own manager, not just Master Zhong alone. They were the earliest disciples brought up by Master Zhong. Each salon had a manager, and they had learned well under Master Zhong’s guidance.

The manager for this salon arrived, greeted the woman, and then observed her skin.

Following that, she suggested, “Your skin is very good, but it might be a bit dry due to not being used to the climate here. You could try our moisturizing treatments. Also, you look very young, but it’s best to start skincare now. We have specially selected exclusive anti-aging products at our salon. You could also give them a try; they have excellent effects.”

The woman nodded upon hearing this, showing no clear signs of interest. She simply said, “Alright, let’s go with the first two. Also, I’ve been experiencing some discomfort from sitting for long hours during my travels. Please include the essential oil massage.”

“Sure, please wait a moment, and I’ll arrange it for you.”

Soon, the woman experienced these services at the beauty salon.

After the treatments, feeling the relaxation in her body and seeing her skin become even more fair and smooth in the mirror, she couldn’t help but praise the salon’s effectiveness.

At this moment, the manager came over again, asking, “How do you find our services?”

The woman nodded, “It’s good, very nice! However, I have a question. After using your products, the change in my skin is significant. Could it be that you’ve added something harmful to achieve this effect? I’ve heard of cases where people intentionally add toxic substances to cosmetics to get immediate improvement, but it harms the skin in the long run!”

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