Chapter 581 – Being Tricked by Mom

That’s right, ever since seeing Kang Kang riding a bike to school, a few kids started thinking about riding bikes too.

They often sneaked onto his bike when Kang Kang wasn’t paying attention, since his bike was the smallest and easiest to climb on!

The result was that Kang Kang caught them a few times and scolded them. They pretended to agree on the surface but secretly sneaked over.

When they accidentally dropped the bike and chipped the paint, Kang Kang had had enough. Every day after school, he would push his bike into his room and lock the door.

Now the little cubs had no way to ride Kang Kang’s bike. They didn’t dare approach their parents’ bikes either, so they decided to get their own.

Lu Xia laughed when she heard their plan. She didn’t expect them to be so persistent, and their desire to ride bikes hadn’t waned.

Surprisingly, they might actually achieve it.

Although the children’s version of the bike looked small, it was more expensive than the adult-sized ones, costing nearly 200 yuan, and they also needed a bike license.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to buy.

Leaving aside these external conditions, let’s talk about the money to buy the bikes, which they definitely didn’t have at the moment.

But they received more than 50 yuan in red envelopes this year, and if they continued like this, they would probably save enough in another two or three years.

So Lu Xia smiled and analyzed with them, “If you want to buy, you can. Let Mom help you save up. In three years, you’ll probably be in elementary school, and by then, you’ll have enough from the New Year’s money to buy a bike. Then you can ride to school.”

The kids were particularly happy after hearing this. They didn’t know how long two or three years was, but they knew it would be soon, so they entrusted their money to Lu Xia with relief and happily ran back to sleep.

After they left, Jiang Junmo saw Lu Xia still counting the New Year’s money and shook his head with a smile, “You’ve fooled them. When they grow up and realize that the money from the three of them is only enough to buy one bike, there might be some trouble.”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Well, that’s their problem. I never said they’d have enough to buy several bikes. If they can buy one with that money, it’ll be good enough. They’ll also need to rely on Grandpa’s favor for that. We’ll have to arrange for bike passes. If necessary, they can take turns riding.”

Jiang Junmo smiled and shook his head upon hearing this.

He could imagine the children being frustrated and helpless when they realized later that the money from the three of them was only enough for one bike. He wondered when they would figure it out themselves.

At this point, Lu Xia added, “But if they feel one isn’t enough, they can continue their ‘business,’ save for a few more years. By the time they graduate from elementary school, they should be able to afford one each. I just don’t know if anyone will still spoil them when they’re older and not as cute as they are now.”

Jiang Junmo sighed helplessly, increasingly convinced that these children were likely to be quite deceived by their mother.

However, he wouldn’t bring it up.

During the Chinese New Year, as everyone was on holiday, Lu Xia and her roommates finally had a chance to get together.

This time, none of them brought their children, including Yu Wan.

Because it was the dead of winter, they didn’t go out. Instead, they found a restaurant, got a private room, and had a meal together.

It was a rare occasion for them to gather, and during the meal, they talked about their work over the past six months.

The one who had adapted the quickest was Ye Nan. She had been interning at a newspaper for these years and was now familiar with her work there. The newspaper even entrusted her with guiding the new recruits assigned to that department this year, showing the level of trust they had in her.

But she was busier now, either going out for interviews from early morning till late at night or writing various articles.


Chapter 582 – Tan Yunfang’s Situation


In the past six months, Lu Xia had seen many articles published by Ye Nan in the newspaper.

She couldn’t help but exclaim, “Your job is so busy, and you often have to go on business trips, right?”

“Yeah!” Ye Nan smiled and said, “Fortunately, my family is quite supportive. My husband takes good care of the children, allowing me to focus on my work.”

Lu Xia nodded, “That’s good. You’re lucky to have supportive family members.”

“Yeah!” Ye Nan was very happy to hear this, a sense of happiness evident in her eyes.

Looking at Yu Wan, who seemed envious, Lu Xia inquired, “And you? Didn’t you mention attending gatherings before? Any recent developments?”

Hearing her question, the other two also became interested and looked at Yu Wan.

Yu Wan didn’t feel embarrassed and shook her head disappointingly, “There hasn’t been anyone suitable. I’ve come to realize that those who attend these gatherings are the leftovers chosen by others. I haven’t met anyone I really click with.”

Lu Xia listened and exchanged glances with the others. She then smiled and said, “It’s alright, no rush. You’re not that old yet. Focus on your work for now. Who knows, maybe the right person will come into your life at the right time.”

“Yeah!” Yu Wan nodded firmly. “My family knows my thoughts now, and they’ve stopped pressuring me. So, I’m not in a hurry anymore!”

“That’s good.”

However, the conversation shifted to Tan Yunfang, and everyone looked at her.

“What about you? Sister Yunfang, don’t you want to find someone else?”

They were all quite familiar with each other now and knew the reasons why Tan Yunfang didn’t want to pursue a new relationship. Initially, they might have been hesitant to ask, fearing it would touch a sensitive topic. But now, being close friends, it seemed more appropriate to ask.

Tan Yunfang wasn’t angry; she knew everyone was concerned about her. So, she smiled and shook her head, saying, “No, for now, I’m focused on my work. However, my colleagues are eager to introduce someone to me. Even Aunt Li tried to introduce someone to me this year!”

Speaking of this, Tan Yunfang had a complex expression, clearly indicating something was up. Lu Xia and the others were quite curious when they noticed.

“Aunt Li is your landlady, right? Who did she introduce?”

Tan Yunfang had a good relationship with her landlady over the years, so she hadn’t moved. Although her workplace provided dormitories after she started working, she hadn’t moved because of Xiao Ya; she continued renting that house.

Tan Yunfang answered their questions directly, saying, “She introduced her son to me.”

“Huh?” The others were surprised again when they heard this.

At this point, Lu Xia seemed to recall something. “If I remember correctly, didn’t I hear back then that her son was already married?”

“Yes, her son has been in the military. After getting married, he continued to live there with his wife. However, they divorced last year. They have two children, and they each took one. Her son is raising a boy.”

Aunt Li probably thought I was getting older and had a child, so she wanted to matchmake us.”

“Ah? Is that so?” Everyone hadn’t expected the situation to be so coincidental.

“What do you think? Have you met her son?” Lu Xia asked.

Tan Yunfang shook her head, saying, “No, he hasn’t come back these past few years. But he sends money to Aunt Li every month. As for me, I declined directly. I told her I’m not interested in starting another relationship, and Aunt Li didn’t push. After that, she has been especially kind to me and Xiao Ya, especially to Xiao Ya. She picks her up from school every day, treating her like her own granddaughter. This has made things a bit awkward for me lately, and I’m considering whether to move.”

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  1. The heck, divorced and each took one child with them? Are children some sort of furniture that can be split fairly during divorce proceedings? It’s a bit heartless.

  2. For the woman, if she doesn’t have a job, then even taking one child would be difficult for her to raise, so it’s understandable, but it could also be that she would have difficulty finding another potential partner if she has two children as “baggage” with her; especially since one of them would be the son from her previous marriage and I’m guessing the new husband and in-laws wouldn’t look favorably upon a son that isn’t related them, versus a girl, because the latter doesn’t have to carry on the family line and can’t threaten the position of any sons between the mother and her new husband.

    Perhaps both of them wanted the children, though, so the best option was to split them by gender since it would be easier for them. Either way, it’s sad for the children to be split apart and possibly not see their sibling and other parent again.

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