Chapter 583 – Job Interviews

Upon hearing this, Ye Nan directly said, “It’s not necessary. As you mentioned, your landlady’s attitude towards you hasn’t changed. Plus, she has been considerate to you and Xiao Ya over the years. If you move out, it might affect this relationship of goodwill.”

Tan Yunfang sighed after hearing that. “I know, that’s why I’m so torn.”

Lu Xia pondered and said, “Actually, you don’t need to overthink. Perhaps she just mentioned it casually. After you declined, she didn’t insist. Just treat it as a passing thing. Decide how to interact in the future. Since she’s good to you and Xiao Ya, try to look out for her more in your daily interactions. She’s an elderly lady and may have times when she needs help.”

Tan Yunfang looked visibly relieved after hearing this. “You’re right; maybe I was making a mountain out of a molehill.”

The others didn’t think she handled it poorly. After all, Tan Yunfang had been hurt in this aspect, so she was naturally sensitive, and they understood.

Afterward, they shifted the topic and chatted for a while. Once they finished their meal and set a date for the next gathering, they went their separate ways.

With school starting in a few days, the beauty salon had already opened for business. After the opening, Ye Lin was busy with the company’s affairs.

While handling the paperwork, she also placed recruitment ads in the newspapers.

In this era without online job portals, many employers would directly post classified ads in newspapers. Of course, they didn’t reach as many people and were less formal.

So Ye Lin preferred spending money on newspaper ads, hoping to attract capable individuals.

And Lu Xia was once again conscripted to help with interviewing the new hires.

During the preparations for registering the company, Ye Lin had already rented an office space.

Because there were no traditional office buildings in Beijing at the time, she rented a shop. The space was not large; she placed a few tables inside, making it look quite decent.

Lu Xia wasn’t quite clear how she managed to set it up in such a short time and suspected that she hadn’t taken a break during the Lunar New Year.

It was evident how passionate she was about starting a company.

For a moment, she felt a bit guilty, thinking that she, as the big boss, had done too little.

So, she resolved to recruit people properly, to try to share the burden for her.

Since the interview time and location were advertised in the newspaper, Lu Xia went to the company early that day, prepared, waiting for people to come for the interviews.

They weren’t hiring for many positions this time, but they were all quite important roles, belonging to the management level. Therefore, the requirements for the candidates were high. In the morning, a few candidates came for interviews, but Lu Xia didn’t find anyone satisfactory.

These individuals didn’t have much education or skills; they could do manual labor in a factory, but they weren’t suitable for management positions.

However, Lu Xia also kept their contact information, indicating they would contact them for hiring in the factory and beauty salon in the future.

As for hiring for the beauty salon and factory, the requirements were not high, and they didn’t need to advertise in the newspaper. A small ad would attract many candidates.

In the afternoon, Lu Xia encountered someone she was relatively satisfied with.

This person’s name was Zhu Mei, 32 years old, applying for the position of an accountant.

Lu Xia asked for her information and found out she used to work as a factory worker in a clothing factory and had been an accountant for over ten years, possessing ample work experience.

Lu Xia was surprised upon hearing this. “Then why didn’t you continue working in the factory?”

Zhu Mei smiled and explained, “The clothing factory where I used to work was not in Beijing. Later, my husband found a job in Beijing, so my child and I moved here. We plan to settle down in the city. Now, my child is older and has started school, so I thought of finding a job.”


Chapter 584 – Zhu Mei


Lu Xia was a bit surprised when she heard the reason. “Then why didn’t you apply for a transfer at the time? Your husband was working in Beijing, so you should have been able to request a transfer, right?”

“I could have, but if I transferred to another city, it would be okay. However, job opportunities in Beijing are very rare. After I applied for a transfer, I didn’t find a suitable receiving unit for quite some time. In the end, I had no choice but to resign directly.”

Lu Xia nodded upon hearing this. “So, why did you decide to join our company? Do you know much about our company?”

Zhu Mei shook her head and honestly said, “To be honest, I don’t know much about your company. Actually, I’ve been looking for a job since coming to Beijing last year. However, it’s difficult to get into factories, and there aren’t many private companies. The position of an accountant is too important, and many private enterprises are managed by the owners themselves or their relatives. They don’t trust outsiders much, so I haven’t found a suitable opportunity. I’ve only heard about your company, ‘Xia Lin,’ which is quite famous in Beijing. It has opened several branches. Since you were willing to advertise in the newspaper for recruitment, I felt it was more reliable, so I wanted to give it a try.”

Lu Xia nodded as she found Zhu Mei’s words sincere and satisfactory.

She proceeded to introduce the current situation of the company to her.

“Our company was just established and is still going through procedures. However, we should be registered soon. In the future, we won’t only be involved in the beauty salon industry but also in the cosmetics industry. So, the company will grow and become busier. There will be more and more financial transactions involved, so we need a mature accountant to oversee everything.”

Later, Lu Xia discussed the company’s treatment for the accounting position.

Upon hearing this, Zhu Mei was somewhat excited. Although she had come with a trial mindset to see what the company had to offer, she was still quite satisfied with the company’s prospects and treatment.

Even though she was leaving the stable job at the factory, she still wanted to find a better job. Xia Lin had been the best she had encountered in so long, and the salary was much higher than what she used to earn in the factory, even several times more.

So, she said directly, “I’m okay with it. I’ve been working as an accountant for over ten years and am very familiar with fund management and accounting processes. I am confident I can handle this job.”

Lu Xia nodded. “I understand. However, currently, the company has more than one person in charge. I need to discuss this with the other partners before making a decision. Think it over and we might have a second interview. If you are confirmed for the position, I will contact you.”


After Zhu Mei left, Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, she found someone she was relatively satisfied with, but the role of an accountant was too crucial, so she couldn’t make a decision lightly. She needed to consider it further.

However, that afternoon, apart from Zhu Mei, they didn’t find any more suitable candidates. The candidates who came were either not up to par or overly self-important.

Clearly not knowing anything and lacking work experience, they would sit down and immediately express their desire to become managers. They would then boast for a long time without saying anything sensible, so Lu Xia sent them away directly.

By the end of the interviews, she felt mentally drained.

When she got home, seeing her like this, Jiang Junmo asked, “What’s wrong? Couldn’t find a suitable candidate?”

Lu Xia sighed, “I only met one suitable candidate. The rest weren’t up to par. It’s so difficult to find a capable person. I guess those who are capable don’t consider our small company and aim for positions in state-owned enterprises or big factories.”

After hearing this, Jiang Junmo advised, “Don’t worry. You’re still in the development stage. Once the company grows, it will be better.”

Lu Xia tried to console herself with these words.

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