Chapter 619 – Teacher Jiang’s Surprise

Upon reaching Lu Xia’s side, Teacher Jiang immediately looked at the photo she had placed on the table.

It was a group photo she had taken with Jiang Junmo and the children before.

After developing the photos, Jiang Junmo had said he wanted to put one on his desk at work so he could see it while working.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia also placed one on her office desk.

However, Jiang Junmo’s photo was a couple shot, while Lu Xia’s was a family photo.

Teacher Jiang, curious, asked, “Teacher Lu, are these your younger siblings? They look quite similar to you.”

Lu Xia chuckled and corrected, “No, they’re not my younger siblings. They are my husband and children.”

Teacher Jiang’s eyes widened in surprise, “Oh my god! Teacher Lu, you have so many children? Wait, you’re married?”

“Yes!” Lu Xia nodded. “I am married and already have four children.”

Teacher Jiang was visibly taken aback and mumbled, “Heavens! Do girls in China get married this early? I’ve heard of girls getting married and having children in their teens, and it’s true!”

Lu Xia chuckled and explained, “It’s not that girls in China marry early; it’s just that I’m not young anymore. I’m already 27 years old. Isn’t it normal to get married and have children at this age? And don’t be too alarmed by the four children; three of them are triplets from a single birth, so it’s not as shocking as you might think!”

But Teacher Jiang was still surprised at her age and exclaimed, “Teacher Lu is already 27? My god! You’re older than me? But you look like you’re not even 20!”

At this point, the other teachers laughed, “That’s right. It seems our Teacher Lu has aged in years but not in appearance.”

Lu Xia laughed and said, “Thank you for the compliment, Teacher Jiang. I hope to forever be 18.”

After that, Teacher Jiang was no longer astonished.

Perhaps he was shocked by Lu Xia’s age and hadn’t quite processed it yet.

But during the lunch break, he recovered.

He took out a camera from somewhere and started taking pictures.

He took pictures in the office, around the school, and even of the cafeteria meals.

Other teachers looked on curiously; after all, not everyone could just pull out a camera like that in this day and age.

So, someone tentatively asked if he could help take a photo.

Teacher Jiang readily agreed and assured them, “Rest assured, everyone. I minored in photography, so I can definitely take good photos of all of you.”

After lunch, several teachers enthusiastically went around the school with him to find places for photos.

Lu Xia was also pulled along and reluctantly took a few group pictures.

In the following days, Teacher Jiang’s enthusiasm did not wane, and he toured the entire school.

Lu Xia estimated that he used up quite a few rolls of film.

But it was clear he wasn’t concerned about the expense.

When the new students arrived, Teacher Jiang’s enthusiasm finally subsided slightly, and he began to focus on preparing lesson plans.

Seeing this, Lu Xia felt relieved, but she was still a bit worried about whether he would adapt to the teaching style in China.

However, soon Lu Xia had no time to worry about him because her sophomore year had also started, and she had to begin her classes.

Teacher Jiang even specifically asked to sit in on her lectures.

Lu Xia didn’t refuse. In the first class, she had him sit at the back of the classroom.

The students were curious, but Lu Xia had already started her lecture, and they didn’t ask further questions.


Chapter 620 – Qi Xiao’s Envy


After one class ended, they returned to the office.

Lu Xia looked at him and asked, “How was it? Could you understand?”

Teacher Jiang nodded in praise, “Of course! Teacher Lu, you explained very well, and your English is excellent. It’s almost on par with Mue! But Teacher Lu, have you really never been to the United States?”

Lu Xia smiled and shook her head, saying, “Thank you for the compliment. I really haven’t been, but the first-year students you’re teaching have a slightly lower foundation, so you might need to slow down a bit compared to how I teach.”

Teacher Jiang nodded, “Teacher Lu, rest assured. I know how to adjust.”

The next day, Teacher Jiang eagerly went to teach his class.

The other teachers in the office were quite curious. Those without classes pretended to pass by and listened.

Lu Xia also went to listen for a while and found that he was doing well. He slowed down while speaking English and would translate again, just like Lu Xia.

It seemed she didn’t need to worry.

So, she no longer paid attention to Teacher Jiang and focused on her own students.

After two semesters and a whole year of study, the English proficiency of the students she taught had noticeably improved.

In the class, several students had reached the minimum standard for translating for a magazine, so Lu Xia planned to fulfill her promise.

So, on this day after class, she called the class president, Zhao Mingzhao, and three others into the office.

Then she said to them, “As I mentioned before, once your proficiency improves, I will help you find translation work. Now that a few of you have just about reached the required English level, I wonder if you’d be willing to take on translation tasks?”

Upon hearing this, the students were pleasantly surprised. There was nothing to think about; translation not only improved their skills but also earned them money. Although their families were relatively well-off, having an additional income while studying was something they were very happy about.

They immediately agreed, “Teacher, we’re willing to do it!”

Lu Xia nodded without any surprise.

“Alright, go back and prepare. In a few days, I’ll assign the tasks to you. If you feel your vocabulary is not sufficient, make sure to prepare a dictionary in advance.

But let me be clear, you only have one chance. If you don’t do well, there won’t be another opportunity in the future!”

The students nodded quickly in agreement.

Soon, Lu Xia discussed with the magazine, received some simple translation documents, and assigned the tasks to them.

Lu Xia didn’t keep this a secret. When the students went back, the whole class knew that they had received translation tasks, and the pay was not low.

The other students were extremely envious, especially those from less privileged backgrounds.

Now that they saw how lucrative translation could be, they were inspired to study harder and vowed to improve their abilities, hoping to start earning through translation as soon as possible.

During this time, the academic atmosphere in the class became highly charged.

Soon, it was October 1st.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo took a break and rested at home, then received a call from Qi Xiao.

He had seen the advertisement for Lu Xia’s company on TV and heard that their company had rapidly expanded due to the publicity from the ad. He admired and envied them at the same time.

He then asked Lu Xia how they came up with the idea to do TV commercials.

Lu Xia explained that the TV station had approached them on their own.

Upon hearing this, Qi Xiao regretted, “It’s that easy? If I had known, I would have bought it too…”

Hearing him say this, Lu Xia laughed and said, “It’s not too late to buy now. If you want to, I can give you the TV station’s contact. You took the initiative to come to them, I’m sure they’ll be delighted.”

“Alright, sister-in-law, tell me about it.”

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