Chapter 621 – Master Zhong Gains Popularity

Qi Xiao acted quickly. Shortly after receiving the call, he got in touch with the TV station. Moreover, he went all out, buying more airtime than Lu Xia’s company, and even had the ad script specially written by a professional screenwriter.

In short, once his appliance advertisement aired, without any surprise, his ZhengXiao Electronics gained more popularity.

By now, he had stores in many cities across the country, not as franchises but ones he owned himself. Although it was a bit troublesome, he got all the profits.

As a result, customers were pouring into his stores from all over, thinking that being on TV meant the products were of good quality, and they trusted their stores.

This led to a surge in sales in the stores and kept the factory busy.

Qi Xiao was busy but happy.

After hearing about this, Lu Xia knew that their dividends for the year would increase again.

Of course, these were stories for later.

After a busy period for her company, it had now settled into a normal routine.

However, the expansion was still fast. The factory had expanded several times already.

In order to keep up with the sales, the employees in the company were working in two shifts a day.

If the machines didn’t need rest, they would work 24 hours a day.

But this way, the products were barely enough.

Ye Lin had already discussed with Lu Xia about purchasing another machine.

Besides the products, the hottest thing in the company now was Master Zhong. With the advertisement airing, everyone, whether they knew her personally or not, knew about her.

Her family also saw it, and when relatives and friends found out that she was on TV, they felt especially proud.

Even many people now knew how accomplished she was and started to introduce potential suitors to her.

Master Zhong was both amused and exasperated.

At her age, she never expected people to introduce potential partners to her, and some of them were even more than ten years younger than her.

But she had turned them all down.

She had already stated that she wouldn’t look for a partner anymore. Now, she just wanted to take care of her son and raise her grandson properly.

Lu Xia and Ye Lin heard about this and found it quite amusing.

However, seeing Master Zhong’s daily cheerful appearance, they knew that she didn’t find her newfound “fame” troublesome. On the contrary, she was quite happy about it.

They were relieved.

However, the extent of Master Zhong’s “popularity” didn’t end there.

After the advertisement aired, a director approached her, intending to have Master Zhong act in a TV drama.

He said there was a role of a mother that suited her well.

Master Zhong refused several times, but the director didn’t give up and kept coming, hoping she would change her mind.

However, Master Zhong had no intention of going into acting.

In her own words, she was not a professional actress, and she wouldn’t know how to act. What if she didn’t do well?

If she were a few years younger or in the previous phase of her life, she might have gone.

But now she didn’t need to. She was not lacking in money, and at this age, there was no need to go through the trouble.

After a few days of persuasion from the director’s team, seeing that she wasn’t budging, they ultimately had to reluctantly give up.

Of course, they knew the possibility was small when they came. After all, before coming, they thought she was just an ordinary employee. But after they arrived, they found out she was also the boss, making a good amount of money. They guessed she might not want to act and go through the hardship.

But they still had hope when they first came, and now that they knew the result, although they were disappointed, they were prepared.

After they left, the employees felt sorry for Master Zhong, thinking she had missed an opportunity to become a star.

Lu Xia could understand. After all, Master Zhong was not young, and she was probably satisfied with her current state. She probably didn’t want to change.


Chapter 622 – Mercedes-Benz


The holiday passed quickly, and when school started again, in the morning when Lu Xia went to work, she saw a car parked downstairs near the teaching building.

It was not the common Jeep seen in China.

It was a Mercedes-Benz!

Even Lu Xia, who knew little about cars, could recognize this logo.

So, Mercedes-Benz cars were available in this era already?

It probably wouldn’t be cheap.

Teacher Jiang’s family indeed was in business.

Truly ostentatious.

Hmm, Lu Xia had already guessed whose car it was. Probably apart from Teacher Jiang, no one else in the school could afford such a good car.

At this moment, Teacher Jiang wasn’t in the car, likely inside the office.

As expected, when Lu Xia went in, she saw Teacher Jiang chatting with everyone in the office.

He was discussing the differences between foreign universities and the education system in China.

In foreign universities, they paid more attention to extracurricular activities and encouraged self-study.

But in China, the focus was more on what the teachers taught, and students learned accordingly.

The difference was significant.

One of the teachers in the office explained, “China has just restored the college entrance examination system a few years ago. The students may need an adaptation period. It will get better in the future.”

Teacher Jiang nodded, “Yes, before I came back, my grandfather had told me about the situation in China. I was quite worried initially, but after returning, I found that many things in China have already changed. At least there are toilets in the bathrooms now.”

Other teachers chuckled upon hearing this.

Some mischievous teacher teased him, “Teacher Jiang, you can go to the countryside for a few days. You’ll definitely see things differently.”

Teacher Jiang was curious, “What’s up in the countryside? Is the scenery different?”

Other teachers chuckled again, “It’s different, quite different! You’ll know when you go.”

Teacher Jiang didn’t realize they were joking and nodded, “Alright, I’ll go and see if I have the chance!”

Teacher Li hurriedly clarified upon seeing him take it seriously, “Don’t listen to their nonsense. There’s nothing in the countryside. It’s exactly the kind of dry toilet you fear, and there’s nothing to see.”

“Really?” Teacher Jiang was disappointed.

“Well, then, during the winter break, I’ll visit other places. I heard about many beautiful and picturesque places in China when I was learning ancient poetry. I really want to witness the spectacular scene of ‘falling three thousand feet like a galaxy descending Earth.'”

“That’s true. China is so vast, and there are so many beautiful sceneries. You should take a good look.”

“Yeah!” Teacher Jiang nodded eagerly, showing great anticipation.

Soon, the workday came to an end.

After work, everyone went downstairs together. Upon hearing that Teacher Jiang had driven to school, the others were quite curious.

Teacher Jiang felt a bit embarrassed and explained, “We bought a house in the suburbs after coming back to China. It’s a bit far from the school. We had a family gathering last night, so I stayed there. I was afraid I might be late if I came to school in the morning, so I drove.”

The others didn’t say much upon hearing this, but they knew that Teacher Jiang’s family conditions were probably quite good.

Immediately, a few teachers had some thoughts and asked, “Teacher Jiang, since your conditions are so good, do you have a partner?”

“Is it a girlfriend?” Teacher Jiang honestly shook his head, “I broke up with my girlfriend before returning to China, so not yet!”

The teacher who asked the question was suddenly interested. “How about I introduce someone to you? I have a niece who is 18 years old, currently studying at a teacher training college. After graduation, she’ll become a teacher. She looks good and has a nice personality. I think you two would be a good match.”

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Gazing at the Waterfall on Mount Lu
[Tang Dynasty] Li Bai

Up from Xianglu Peak
Spirals a purple mist
In the sunlight
From afar I view the cascade,
Which seems to leap down for thousands of sheer feet
It looks like the galaxy
Has descended to Earth.

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