Chapter 226 – Three Wishes

Everyone in the art studio watched silently as the two tightly embraced individuals. No one approached to disturb them. Although the scene was very heartwarming, the onlookers were teary-eyed.

They didn’t know why, they didn’t know the story between Chen Li and Wei Chen, but just by watching them embrace, they inexplicably felt that they could be together. This was something that had gone through many difficulties and was not easy.

When Chen Li calmed down the emotions surging within, he gently extricated himself from Wei Chen’s embrace and displayed affection in front of everyone. Chen Li didn’t feel any shyness, mainly because the scent of the cake was lingering in the air, making him feel hungry.

Wei Chen understood Chen Li so well. He scooped a bit of cream from the cake and dabbed it on Chen Li’s nose, gently saying, “Make a birthday wish, blow out the candles, and then we can eat the cake.”

Chen Li nodded, but his eyes were fixated on the cake, wearing an expression as if he wanted to devour the cake right now.

Wei Chen pushed the cake to the center and shielded Chen Li by his side. With Wei Chen around, Chen Li wasn’t afraid of the people around. Moreover, those around him were all very familiar to him. There was no more timidity, just a bit of nervousness.

The candles in the shape of the number 22 were lit, and a small flame rose.

“Li Li, make a wish,” Wei Chen tousled Chen Li’s soft hair and said. Chen Li closed his eyes and made a wish.

It’s said that you can make three wishes on your birthday, so Chen Li made three wishes in his heart.

The first wish: I hope to be together with Achen forever.

The second wish: To be able to be together with Achen forever.

The third wish: To be forever and ever together with Achen.

After making the last wish, Chen Li opened his eyes and blew out the candles in one breath.

Applause and cheers erupted around, followed by a synchronized birthday song. After surveying the surroundings, Chen Li smiled, unable to contain it. Finally, his gaze settled on Wei Chen, fixed and deeply affectionate. His birthday wishes would surely come true.

Wei Chen tenderly gazed at Chen Li. After meeting Chen Li’s earnest and focused eyes, he leaned in and lightly kissed Chen Li’s lips, his voice low and gentle as if it could melt, “Li Li’s birthday wishes will definitely come true.” Whatever Li Li wanted, he would spare no effort to make it happen for him.

Chen Li nodded vigorously, and then amidst the cheers of the crowd, they cut the cake.

It was a very lively party, filled with singing and dancing. Every person at the party presented a gift to Chen Li. Regardless of the value of the gift, it was their heartfelt gesture and a blessing for Chen Li’s birthday.

On Chen Li’s twenty-second birthday, he celebrated his first birthday with his loved ones—his partner, friends, teacher, and classmates.

This was a scenario he had never imagined. Prior to this, he didn’t even know when his birthday was. But now, with the presence of these people, he could feel the goodwill and care emanating from them. Chen Li felt that his heart was filled with a complex emotion, a mix of many positive feelings, but if he had to define it with one word, it would be “happiness.”

Chen Li felt that he had never been this happy before.

As night fell, the birthday party came to an end. The crowd gradually dispersed, and after the excitement, the atmosphere returned to calm. However, what this birthday party had brought to Chen Li had already taken root and sprouted in his heart, remaining fresh.

When they returned home, the back seat of Wei Chen’s car was filled with gifts, in various shades of red and green, all carefully arranged by Chen Li on the car’s back seat.

In the city illuminated by the night, the neon lights shimmered with vibrant colors.

The car’s air conditioning was not turned on, and the windows were open. The night breeze had not yet dissipated the daytime warmth, carrying a hint of warmth.

Wei Chen didn’t drive too fast, as if wanting to savor the tranquility of the night with Chen Li, slowly driving on the road.

The usual twenty-minute journey took a full half-hour this time. By the time the car entered the parking lot of the residential complex, it was already ten o’clock at night.

Chen Li looked at the full gifts on the back seat, feeling a bit overwhelmed. How would they carry these gifts upstairs? Both he and Achen had only two hands, and just moving the gifts into the car at school was already quite challenging.

“Let’s take them upstairs tomorrow. I’ll take you to see something,” Wei Chen said, holding Chen Li’s hand, closing the car door, and resolving Chen Li’s dilemma.

Chen Li obediently entered the elevator with Wei Chen. Wei Chen pressed the button for the 11th floor, and Chen Li looked at him in confusion. Their home was on the 10th floor. Did Achen press the wrong button?

But Wei Chen seemed not to notice that he pressed the wrong button and let the elevator take them to the 11th floor.

“Achen, this is the 11th floor, not our home.”

The layout of each floor in the residential complex was the same, with the apartment doors a short walk to the left after exiting the elevator, including the 11th floor.

“I know,” Wei Chen said, leading Chen Li towards the door. He then pulled out a set of keys from his pocket and said, “This will also be our home from now on.”

As Wei Chen spoke, the door opened.

The house was almost finished with its decoration. It was different from their apartment on the 10th floor. This 11th floor house was designed as their 10th floor house’s second floor. As soon as you opened the door, there was a solid wood corridor, with several rooms on either side.

Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand and entered one of the rooms. This room was so large that it almost occupied the entire area of the house. A circular moon arch separated two-thirds of the room.

“In the future, this will be my study and your art studio. The art studio downstairs is too small, and your paintings won’t fit,” Wei Chen explained.

Indeed, as Wei Chen said, Chen Li had many artworks at home. The art studio downstairs had been converted from a guest bedroom and wasn’t very large. As Chen Li produced more artworks, the downstairs art studio began to feel cramped.

Furthermore, Wei Chen couldn’t work in the living room all the time; there was no dedicated workspace. So, Wei Chen decided to buy another floor and connect the two floors. The upstairs tenant was leaving the country next month, and upon hearing this news, Wei Chen immediately bought the house without any hesitation.

The kitchen, dining room, living room, and foyer were removed, and everything was designed according to the layout of the second floor. Considering Chen Li needed a large art studio, Wei Chen designed more than half of this floor as an art studio for Chen Li.

The reason Wei Chen embedded his own study within the art studio was that when he worked, he could look up and see Chen Li painting. This scene was something Wei Chen longed for.

Later, Wei Chen took Chen Li around the new house. After connecting the two floors with a staircase, the rooms on the 10th and 11th floors were linked.

And this was the home that Wei Chen carefully crafted for himself and Chen Li.

As the night grew darker, after inspecting all the arrangements on the 11th floor, Wei Chen finally took Chen Li’s hand and returned to the 10th floor.

Opening the door, Chen Li yawned deeply, feeling a bit tired indeed.

“Shall we take a shower and go to bed?” Wei Chen rubbed Chen Li’s head and said.

Chen Li yawned again, nodding a bit lethargically. The excitement had passed by now, and waves of weariness were crashing in.

“Achen, can you help me wash up?” Chen Li rubbed his eyes and, filled with drowsiness, said.

Wei Chen’s breathing stagnated, thinking about something. Finally, he nodded and said softly, “Sure.”

With that, he lifted Chen Li horizontally and headed towards the bathroom in the bedroom.

Chen Li was really exhausted. When Wei Chen helped him take a shower, Chen Li’s head was drooping, and Wei Chen couldn’t bring himself to do anything when he saw Chen Li in this state.

After hurriedly rinsing off the foam from Chen Li’s body, Wei Chen dried him off and carried him back to bed. Chen Li’s fair skin had taken on a rosy hue from the steamy hot water, making him look incredibly alluring.

Wei Chen subconsciously swallowed and looked up, only to see Chen Li already fast asleep, cuddling the blanket. Wei Chen shook his head helplessly and went into the bathroom, once again relying on the cold water and some self-control.

This time, let Chen Li owe him one; he would make sure to collect.

After finally extinguishing the fire, Wei Chen, feeling refreshed, stepped out of the bathroom. As soon as he lay down on the bed, Chen Li, seemingly sensing something, turned over and snuggled into Wei Chen’s embrace.

Chen Li’s skin was cool to the touch. Despite the dry summer air and the air conditioning on, the sensation of their skin touching when Chen Li pressed against him made Wei Chen let out a sigh.

He gently embraced Chen Li’s shoulders and planted a kiss on the top of Chen Li’s head. He then slowly cleared his mind and soon fell into a sweet slumber.

The next morning, the sunlight woke up before everyone else, lazily spilling into the room.

Chen Li wriggled on the bed a few times but didn’t find anyone. He sleepily opened his eyes, and with his head still muddled, he saw Wei Chen getting dressed.

“Achen, morning,” Chen Li mumbled, clearly not fully awake from his slumber.

“Morning,” Wei Chen, already dressed in workout clothes, walked over and ruffled Chen Li’s hair. “If you’re still tired, you can sleep a bit longer. I’ll go for a run.”

Chen Li shook his head. “I’ll come with you.”

Since being with Wei Chen, Chen Li had become more and more adept at lingering in bed. At first, he used to join Wei Chen for morning runs, but gradually, he couldn’t get up anymore. Wei Chen went along with it and didn’t force Chen Li to wake up.

Now, when Chen Li said he wanted to go running with Wei Chen, Wei Chen didn’t refuse. “Sure, I’ll wait for you.”

Chen Li scratched his hair, took a moment to fully wake up, and then went to freshen up in the bathroom. He changed into his workout clothes and went out for a morning run with Wei Chen.

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