Chapter 623 – Sweet Pastry

Teacher Jiang probably didn’t expect that she would introduce him potential partner so directly. He busily waved his hands and refused, saying, “No…no need. I’m 25 years old already, and… she’s too young!”

Another teacher on the side chimed in, saying, “Yes, your niece isn’t suitable. She hasn’t even started working, and she’s too young for Teacher Jiang.”

“I think my niece is a good match. She’s currently working as a nurse at the Erqi Hospital, has a stable personality, and is more suitable for Teacher Jiang.”

As she said this, the first teacher was not pleased.

“What do you mean by my niece being too young? At 18, she’s not young at all. It’s perfectly fine to get married in two months, and besides, she has graduated from a vocational school. Your niece has probably just graduated from high school, right? Her education is much inferior to Teacher Jiang’s. Clearly not a good match.”

“So what if she graduated from high school? My niece received professional training after starting her job and performs better than those who graduated from university now. Besides, Teacher Jiang doesn’t strike me as someone who prioritizes material things. My niece is even better!”

“Oh, come on!”

Upon hearing her say this, the other teacher was about to say something again.

At this point, it was evident that the two teachers were about to argue over introducing a partner to him. Teacher Jiang felt a bit overwhelmed.

He sought help by looking at the others.

Other teachers felt it was inappropriate for them to discuss these matters at school and spoke up: “Stop it, both of you. Teacher Jiang has returned from abroad, where they emphasize free love. I doubt he would be interested in arranged meetings.”

Teacher Jiang nodded hurriedly and said, “Yes, yes! I prefer free love. No need for introductions. Thank you, both, but really, no need! I don’t want a girlfriend right now!”

Seeing that the main speaker had made their point, the two teachers had to back down.

Lu Xia saw Teacher Jiang wiping his sweat discreetly and couldn’t help but chuckle to herself. He really was a sought-after catch.

No wonder others were considering him.

Although Teacher Jiang didn’t drive to the school after that incident, the news of it quickly spread throughout the school since many people witnessed it.

Gradually, even Teacher Jiang’s family background became known.

For a while, Teacher Jiang became the most sought-after person in the entire school.

Many people wanted to introduce potential partners to him, and even some single female teachers would come to the English department for no apparent reason.

Lu Xia’s office saw an increase in visitors.

Even Teacher Li teased him, saying, “There are quite a few single female teachers coming to see me lately. Honestly, sometimes I don’t even know when I got to know so many people.”

He continued, annoyed, “When these people come, if they have something genuine to discuss, that’s fine. But the moment they sit down, they fix their gaze on Teacher Jiang or start asking about him.
Really, his nominal friend is being ignored like this.”

Lu Xia laughed at his words, “It’s a good thing I don’t know many people in other departments.”

Just as she said that, someone came to see her in the afternoon.

Lu was a bit puzzled to see this shy-looking girl.

Who is this? She doesn’t know her!

The girl took the initiative to introduce herself, “Hello, Lu Xia, my name is Ma Jing. I’m in the class next to Classmate Jiang Junmo’s, in the same year as him. After graduation, I started working in the school’s logistics.”

Lu Xia nodded upon hearing her introduction. So, she’s a classmate of Jiang Junmo.

She quickly invited her to sit, saying, “Please have a seat!”

Ma Jing sat down a little shyly and explained, “I came to find you mainly to ask for your help in informing Classmate Jiang about something. Next week, our school is holding an architectural model exhibition, and they’re inviting the outstanding alumni from previous years. I wanted to check if Classmate Jiang is available to attend.”


Chapter 624 – Declining the Invitation


Lu Xia was surprised to hear this. “He graduated just over a year ago, and he’s already considered an outstanding alumnus with significant achievements?”

Ma Jing blushed and glanced at Teacher Jiang beside her, then stammered an explanation, “Uh, Classmate Jiang was always outstanding during his time at the school. If he can come, I’m sure all the students would be very happy.”

Lu Xia could tell from her actions that she probably made up an excuse.

But she didn’t expose it; she just said, “Alright, I’ll tell him after I go back. But whether he has time or not is uncertain.”

Ma Jing hurriedly said, “It’s okay if he can’t make it. Classmate Jiang seems very busy now, and we understand.”

Lu Xia smiled and, realizing that Ma Jing didn’t seem to want to leave after discussing the matter, casually engaged in a conversation with her.

But she could tell that the girl’s attention was not on her; she was constantly watching Teacher Jiang.

However, Teacher Jiang seemed as engrossed in the book as if he were being held captive by it, not glancing at her.

Finally, when Ma Jing realized there was nothing more to talk about with Lu Xia, she left, regretfully.

After she left,

Lu Xia glanced at Teacher Jiang, who was still pretending to read a book without turning a page for a long time, and said, “Thanks to you, I now have ‘visitors’ coming to me.”

Teacher Jiang put down the book after hearing this, sighed, and said, “I’ve already made it clear that I just went through a breakup and currently don’t want a girlfriend. Why doesn’t anyone believe me?”

Of course, it’s because you’re so attractive, and everyone doesn’t want to give up on the opportunity.

But Lu Xia didn’t say that. She only said, “I guess Teacher Jiang is just too outstanding!”

Teacher Jiang sighed helplessly after hearing this, shook his head, and sighed again. Then, he looked up at the sunlight at a 45-degree angle, wearing a look of someone troubled by their own excellence. It made people want to give him a good beating just looking at him.

Thinking of this, Lu Xia chuckled and shook her head,

Not thinking about his affairs anymore.

After work that evening, she told Jiang Junmo about what happened today.

In the end, she asked, “Do you know this Ma Jing?”

Jiang Junmo carefully thought for a moment and then shook his head, “I don’t have much of an impression of classmates from the adjacent class. I might know the names of the guys, but I don’t remember the girls. If I saw them, I might recognize them.”

Lu Xia thought the same way.

“So, do you plan to attend this event she mentioned?” Lu Xia asked.

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “No, I’m not going. They’ve invited outstanding alumni, and what am I? It’s probably just an excuse for her to find you, as you said.”

Lu Xia hugged his arm and said, “Don’t say that. Our dear Mo Mo is outstanding too. If she’s representing the department to reach out to you, it means it wasn’t her decision alone.”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “I know, but I believe my capabilities aren’t enough. I’ll go back when I achieve something.”

Lu Xia nodded and didn’t insist any further. She then asked, “Didn’t you mention earlier that you were working on a project recently? How’s it going?”

Upon hearing her ask about this, Jiang Junmo said, “I was just about to tell you. The design phase of my project is nearing completion. They are in a hurry for it, so I’ll be quite busy in the next few days. After finalizing the design, I’ll have to go to the construction site to oversee the project. I won’t have much time for our family during that period.”

Lu Xia said immediately, “It’s okay. Go and focus on your work. We have me and Aunt Sun at home. Besides, Kang Kang is quite sensible now. He knows how to help take care of his younger siblings. I feel much more at ease now.”

Jiang Junmo smiled upon hearing this, “If you find the little rascals not listening, just ask Kang Kang to manage them. They’ll listen to him.”

Lu Xia gave him a playful look, “Sure, the children will listen to you, listen to Kang Kang, but not to me. I’m the mom without any authority!”

“How could that be?”

Upon hearing her say this, Jiang Junmo hurriedly said, “Don’t underestimate them just because they’re young. The little rascals are very good at reading people’s moods. They know to please you at home if you manage the finances and act nicely. If you get angry with them for real, do you think they won’t be afraid?”

Lu Xia also understood this. The little rascals were clever in their own ways, especially good at reading people’s moods. They knew to please whoever had control over the finances at home. Moreover, she never really got angry with them, so if she did, they would probably be afraid.

But she couldn’t bring herself to get angry. After all, they were her own kids.

Most of the time, they were quite sensible, so she let the mischievous behavior slide. After all, there was also their Dad and big brother to keep them in check.

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