Chapter 617 – The New Teacher Returning from Abroad

As the advertising airtime increased, more and more people started calling the company.

The previous salespersons had now become telephone operators taking shifts to answer calls. During the times when both phones didn’t stop ringing, their mouths would get dry from talking all day.

Of course, there were also people who had decided to join after understanding and specially came to visit Beijing.

Seeing how good the company was and the current popularity of their beauty salon, they believed the words in the advertisements and decided to join.

The company had been receiving quite a number of clients during this period.

During busy times, even Lu Xia and their team were pulled in to attend to the clients.

Of course, after these people came, they would always ask one question.

That question was whether the woman in the advertisement was really 58 years old.

Whenever this happened, Lu Xia would awkwardly explain, “No, that person is the head of the company’s research and development department, and she’s 54 years old this year.”

But even at 54 years old, many people still didn’t believe it. Those who had seen Master Zhong would say she looked at most in her early forties.

In the end, Master Zhong had no choice but to start carrying her ID card. Well, in this era, no one would go out of their way to get an identity card.

To those who didn’t believe her age, she would show her ID card.

After seeing it, everyone finally believed and felt more at ease, confirming that the company’s products were reliable.

Over time, beauty salon franchisees from all over the country increased.

And the number of people coming to and from the building increased as well. Besides the increasing number of relocated companies, many were coming for consultations.

It wasn’t just Lu Xia’s company they were going to.

Although there weren’t many companies in the building that bought TV ads, Lu Xia saw that Su Man’s company had, and they had also implemented a franchise system.

After all, the clothing industry was more popular and had a higher acceptance rate, attracting more people to inquire at their company.

At one point, the first floor was mostly occupied by clients from these two companies.

Of course, Lu Xia didn’t stay with them for long.

Because she was going back to school!

After the new semester started, the first thing Lu Xia did at school was attend a meeting, and then the head of the department assigned them the teaching tasks for the new semester.

Surprisingly, this semester, Lu Xia was assigned to teach sophomore students, meaning she would be teaching the same group of students as before.

This arrangement caught her by surprise.

After all, as the youngest and least experienced teacher in their department, shouldn’t she be teaching students with little to no foundation?

But soon, the head of the department provided an answer.

It was because they had a new teacher in the department this semester.

It was said that this new teacher had returned from abroad.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia thought the teacher must have returned from studying abroad, and in this era, most people who studied abroad were government-sponsored scholars.

Like Teacher Li, who had taught her before; he was a government-sponsored student and came to Peking University to teach after returning.

But she quickly realized she was mistaken.

The day after the meeting, the new teacher reported to the department.

At that moment, Lu Xia was preparing her lessons in the office. The students hadn’t started yet, so the teachers weren’t very busy.

A few teachers in the office were discussing the recent hype about the beauty salons.

Several female teachers mentioned that they had visited, and even Teacher Li seemed interested and expressed a desire to experience it.

Lu Xia felt a bit embarrassed upon hearing this. She was about to say that she knew someone who could provide them with a few trial cards.

Just then, there was a knock on the office door.

Everyone instantly stopped their conversation.

“Come in!”

At this moment, the door opened from the outside, and a man dressed in a suit, wearing a tie and polished shoes, with slicked-back hair, looking as if he was going to a wedding, stood impeccably at the door.


Chapter 618 – Jiang Zhonghua


After the door opened, the man smiled at them and warmly greeted, “Hi, everyone! I’m Jiang Zhonghua, my English name is Jason. Nice to meet you all.”

After speaking, he casually walked in and shook hands with everyone.

Because Lu Xia’s seat was closest to the door, she was the first one to shake hands with him.

She hadn’t quite processed what was happening when she subconsciously stood up and shook his hand.

It was then that she noticed he had styled his hair with hair gel.

Not only that, when she got closer, she caught a whiff of the perfume he was wearing.

Really, he seemed more meticulously groomed than her.

The other people were also a bit puzzled by the warmth of the new teacher.

After he finished shaking hands with everyone, he explained with a smile, “We use cheek-kissing for greetings abroad. I heard it might be considered forward in China, so I learned to shake hands. Truly, the Chinese are reserved and gentlemanly.”

Hearing him say this, everyone started to speculate. Could this person have grown up abroad rather than being an international student?

Indeed, when the department head came to introduce him, she mentioned his background.

The Jiang family had emigrated from China during the Republic of China period. After the reform and opening up, the country invited many overseas Chinese to return and invest.

The Jiang family lived up to the country’s expectations and had returned to China a few years ago, investing in many industries.

Recently, they had sold off their foreign assets and immigrated back to China.

They planned to develop in the country in the future.

Jiang Zhonghua was the youngest son of the Jiang family. He had just graduated from his master’s and wasn’t interested in doing business, so he interviewed to become a teacher at Peking University.

After the school conducted an assessment and found him suitable, they kept him.

It was said that he majored in philosophy, so it was a mystery why Peking University assigned him to teach English. However, he seemed willing.

After the introduction, Lu Xia and the other teachers briefly introduced themselves.

Finally, the department head arranged his seat next to Lu Xia and asked her to assist him.

Lu Xia suddenly felt overwhelmed. She had a feeling that this Teacher Jiang might not be easy to handle.

Indeed, after he sat down for a while, Teacher Jiang glanced briefly at the freshman textbook and looked at Lu Xia in surprise. “Is this the knowledge we need to teach? It’s too simple. This is like elementary school material overseas.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia smiled and explained to him, “Teacher Jiang, that’s not quite right. English is a foreign language for us, but for people overseas, it’s their native language. So we can’t compare it that way. Foreign university students are starting to learn Mandarin from simple basics too, right?”

Teacher Jiang nodded in agreement, “You’re right, Teacher Lu. I misspoke. I assure you, I’ll teach it well.”

Lu Xia nodded and handed him her teaching plan. “The freshmen probably won’t have a strong foundation, so please be patient while teaching, Teacher Jiang.”

Teacher Jiang took it gratefully and expressed his thanks. He smiled and said, “Rest assured, Teacher Lu. I will.”

After that, Lu Xia didn’t bother him anymore.

However, Teacher Jiang seemed like someone who couldn’t sit still. After glancing at the teaching plan for a while, he stood up and started walking around the office, curious about everything he saw, and began asking everyone.

For a while, the office turned into a hub of curiosity, with almost every teacher being subjected to his questions.

“Teacher Yu, why is your desk taller than others? Is it because you’re tall and the desk is too short for you to sit comfortably?”

Teacher Yu: “No, it’s because the desks were not bought in the same batch, so the sizes are different.”

“Teacher Li, you have an artistic touch, drawing on the desk. But what is it? It looks like clouds!”

Teacher Li: “That’s ink I accidentally spilled and couldn’t wash off.”

“Teacher Han, what pattern is on your cup? It’s so unique!”

Teacher Han: “…That’s the paint that came off after the tea cup fell on the ground.”

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    1. Teacher Li(s) is (are) not the only one with gender fluidity. Even LX and JJM sometime have it. It might be typo or something else. But, reading the nowadays fiction books, as long as it didn’t significantly affect the story, just ignore it.

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