Chapter 645 – Yu Shuping Gets into Trouble Again

After the class monitor/counselor addressed the issue, Yu Shuping behaved herself during Lu Xia’s classes, allowing Lu Xia to teach without disruptions.

However, it wasn’t long before Yu Shuping got into trouble once again.

One day, after the first morning class ended, Lu Xia had no more classes for the day. She was in the office chatting with other teachers when they heard chaotic footsteps and commotion in the hallway.

Several teachers exchanged glances and went to investigate.

They found that everyone seemed to be heading downstairs.

Curious, Lu Xia stopped a student and asked, “Where is everyone going?”

The student, upon realizing they were teachers, instinctively replied, “I heard that a student from the English department got involved in someone else’s family issue, and people have come to confront her. Everyone’s going to watch the commotion.”

Lu Xia was surprised by this information and was about to ask for more details, but the student rushed away after speaking.

Leaving a few curious teachers behind, they decided to go downstairs as well.

Once they reached the second floor, they found the usually quiet corridor now packed with people. They could only stand on the staircase.

However, the view from there was good, and they quickly spotted what was happening.

To their shock, the central figure in this incident was none other than Yu Shuping.

However, she had lost any semblance of dignity. Her face was swollen from being beaten, she had lost a considerable amount of hair, and her feet appeared to be injured. She was being held down and physically assa*lted.

The person assa*lting her looked to be in their forties, slightly overweight, and their face jiggled as they moved due to the excess flesh.

While beating Yu Shuping, the middle-aged woman was also hurling insults at her. She said, “You little wench, you sure know how to spend Zhao Jianguo’s money! You’re Zhao Jianguo’s sugar baby! How is it? Being someone’s mistress suits you just fine, huh? Look at how seductive you’ve dressed up, you leech, can’t survive without a man, can you? And you’re a student at Peking University? Do you even deserve to be here with your leech-like behavior?”

Lu Xia frowned upon hearing this.

As the woman continued to hit Yu Shuping and insult her, some classmates couldn’t bear to watch any longer. Regardless of Yu Shuping’s flaws, she was still their classmate, and it was unacceptable to witness someone being beaten in front of them. Led by Zhao Chaohua, several male classmates attempted to approach and intervene.

However, the woman had brought some tall and muscular men with her, and they blocked the classmates’ path.

Seeing Yu Shuping becoming increasingly defenseless, the department leaders, including the academic advisor, finally arrived. After dispersing the onlookers, they managed to calm the middle-aged woman down through persuasion. They then had Yu Shuping taken to the hospital for medical attention.

As for what happened next, Lu Xia wasn’t aware. But after witnessing the incident, she couldn’t help feeling a sense of pity. She felt that Yu Shuping had squandered her potential and turned things into a complete mess.

The incident quickly became widely known throughout the school. The English department became infamous, and the teachers often found themselves questioned by colleagues from other departments, asking about what had happened with their students and whether they had indeed broken up a family.

Some of the teachers found this situation embarrassing, and their disdain for Yu Shuping grew.

Privately, they discussed whether the school would expel her this time. However, the outcome was soon decided. Yu Shuping wasn’t expelled but received a major disciplinary warning.

Lu Xia could understand this outcome. After all, it was a challenging feat to get admitted to Peking University in this day and age, and the school didn’t want to lose a promising student. However, she later learned that the reason Yu Shuping wasn’t expelled was primarily due to the class monitor/counselor.

It was said that Yu Shuping knelt before the class monitor/counselor and begged for a second chance, recounting the hardships she had faced during her years of education. The class monitor/counselor, feeling sympathetic, interceded on her behalf with the school.


Chapter 646 – “Chinese People” Magazine


After the disciplinary measures were imposed, Lu Xia didn’t see Yu Shuping for quite some time at the university. She wasn’t sure if Yu Shuping’s physical injuries were still healing or if she simply felt too embarrassed to show her face.

When they eventually crossed paths again, Yu Shuping had changed. She had reverted to her previous image of a clean and fresh young woman. However, her eyes still revealed a sense of melancholy and gloom that made her appear different from before.

Due to the previous incident, Yu Shuping’s popularity had plummeted, and her classmates didn’t want to associate with her. She had become an invisible presence, speaking rarely and participating less in class discussions. She did, however, appear more focused on her studies.

Lu Xia sighed, hoping that Yu Shuping would change for the better and not disappoint the class monitor/counselor’s expectations.

Not long after the new semester began, Ye Lin called Lu Xia and informed her about an issue. Last year, their company had organized an innovative annual party that had gained recognition. The event and the gifts given out during it had become well-known. As a result, their company had become one of the most desirable places to work, and many people were eager to join.

Moreover, their company had experienced rapid growth over the past year, expanding its chain stores across the country. It had become a relatively large enterprise. With their company’s reputation growing, several media outlets had contacted them to request an interview with the company’s owner.

Ye Lin had declined interviews with some small newspapers, but recently, a well-known magazine approached them, seeking an exclusive interview with the company’s owner. She wanted to know Lu Xia’s opinion on whether to accept the request.

Lu Xia was surprised to learn that their company was now being approached by major publications. She immediately said, “This is a great opportunity for publicity. Why not accept it?”

Ye Lin listened and said, “I thought you were still going to work? If you agree, I’ll arrange a meeting with the magazine and then contact you.”

“Wait… Wait a minute. What do you mean? Why would they contact me? I didn’t say I’m going. You should go!”

“I should go?”

Ye Lin seemed surprised by the suggestion. “But they want to interview the company owner about the entrepreneurial story and philosophy, and those are your ideas. You’re also the company’s major shareholder and owner. I think it’s better for you to go.”

“What’s wrong with that? You’re also a company owner, and you’ve been managing the company all along. It would be odd if I went. Don’t worry; you know more about the company’s affairs than I do. It’s more suitable for you!”

“Really?” Ye Lin sounded somewhat skeptical.

“Absolutely!” Lu Xia affirmed, “Just dress up nicely, and you’ll probably be featured in the magazine soon!”

Upon hearing Lu Xia’s reluctance, Ye Lin could only nod and agree.

About half a month later, Lu Xia saw the interview about Ye Lin in the magazine. The magazine was quite famous, called “Chinese People”, and many well-known figures from various fields had appeared in it.

Upon learning that Ye Lin had been featured, Lu Xia specifically bought a copy on her way to work and read it in her office during the first free period of the morning.

Unexpectedly, Ye Lin’s photo appeared on the first page. She seemed to have taken Lu Xia’s advice to heart and had dressed up for the occasion, resulting in a well-taken photograph.

In the picture, Ye Lin was dressed in a smart suit, presenting herself as a modern career woman. Combined with her youthful and attractive appearance, she was quite captivating.

Lu Xia chuckled after seeing the photo and then proceeded to read the interview content.

The opening was an introduction to Xia Lin’s company, portraying it as a pioneering force in the emerging industry of the beauty sector, beloved by countless women across the country.

Lu Xia found it a bit exaggerated. However, when she read Ye Lin’s interview responses, she wasn’t sure how to react.

She felt that Ye Lin had been overly candid in her answers.

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