Chapter 643 – Buying a House Again

Lu Xia didn’t know if Ye Lin’s decision was right, but seeing that she hadn’t forgotten Qi Xiao for such a long time, she hoped they would have a good outcome.

So, when she later saw Qi Xiao, she specifically asked him if he planned to develop a relationship with Ye Lin.

Qi Xiao listened and seriously said to her, “Sister-in-law, rest assured, I am serious. Ye Lin is a good girl, and I will treat her well in the future.”

Lu Xia felt relieved upon hearing this, and she no longer got involved in their affairs.

The company wasn’t too busy at the beginning of the year, so she went once and didn’t go again.

During her rare free time, Lu Xia lived a leisurely life at home.

At this time, Guo Wei came to settle this year’s rent with her and set the rent for the next year.

Lu Xia became interested; finally, she could see some returns on her investment.

After handing over those big courtyards to Guo Wei, she didn’t pay much attention to them. However, she didn’t neglect them either. Instead, she had Jiang Junmo occasionally check on them.

She heard that Guo Wei managed them quite well.

He had a scary appearance and a strong physique, so the tenants dared not delay their rent payments.

But he was also very enthusiastic, helping out with leaking roofs and broken pots in the rooms. He even managed to repair and rent out the previously damaged rooms.

He did a good job of managing the big courtyards.

He also brought his wife and children with him. His wife was gentle, and before, some elderly ladies tried to manipulate her into delaying rent payments. However, she knew her shortcomings and held her ground, so others couldn’t say anything in front of Guo Wei.

So, the family was living a relatively good life.

When the agreed time came, Guo Wei proactively came to settle the rent with her. Lu Xia received the full rent, and the two of them signed a lease contract for the following year, with Lu Xia symbolically increasing the rent by ten yuan.

Guo Wei was deeply moved by this gesture.

After all, the amount of money Lu Xia received was not much, and he had earned more in the past six months than she had. He was very grateful to them.

Before leaving, he also told her something.

It turns out that there were more big courtyards for sale nearby, and this time it was a private sale. The owner planned to sell the house and do business in the south, but due to the unique nature of big courtyards, not many people were interested in buying. So, they inquired with Guo Wei.

Lu Xia became interested upon hearing this and asked Guo Wei to help gather information, to check whether the seller was reliable and if the property documents were in order.

Guo Wei went to investigate and within a couple of days, he confirmed the details.

When Lu Xia learned that the properties were available for purchase, she discussed it with Jiang Junmo. When he had some time off, they went to inspect the houses, and if they found them suitable, they purchased them directly.

Afterward, they left the management to Guo Wei.

Guo Wei was particularly happy because having more properties meant he could earn more.

When it came time for the property handover at the housing management office, they encountered the same staff member who had shown them houses last time. Surprisingly, the staff member recognized her.

Upon seeing her, they asked, “Didn’t you fail to purchase a courtyard house last time? Now there are two more available here, both of them are quite nice. Do you want to take a look?”

Jiang Junmo looked at Lu Xia, leaving the decision to her.

Lu Xia became interested and said, “Let’s go take a look.”

The courtyard houses weren’t far from their location. Indeed, both of them were as the staff member described, particularly one of them, which had a large area and even included a mountain and a stream (garden), suitable for a wealthy family.

Of course, the price was not low.

Lu Xia liked what she saw but had some reservations. She couldn’t help but think that if they bought it and couldn’t live in it, waiting for it to appreciate would take decades, which seemed like a waste.

Jiang Junmo said, “If you like it, just buy it. Isn’t it more sensible to invest your money in a house rather than keeping it in the bank? Besides, we don’t have many expenses right now, and money sitting idle doesn’t serve any purpose.”

Lu Xia thought it over and realized he was right. Since they had the opportunity, they decided to buy both courtyard houses, to avoid any regrets in the future.


Chapter 644 – Changes in Yu Shuping


After buying the courtyard houses, Lu Xia left them untouched, although Guo Wei suggested renting them out.

Lu Xia declined the offer, feeling somewhat attached to the properties. She especially liked the larger one, with its spacious garden and beautiful scenery inside.

Lu Xia had considered moving there to live, but she ultimately decided against it. The new location was somewhat distant from their workplace and school. Additionally, their current small courtyard had been carefully arranged by her and Jiang Junmo. Even though it was smaller, it had been their home for a long time since they returned to Beijing, and she didn’t want to leave.

So, the two houses remained as they were for the time being, and they would decide what to do with them in the future.

Soon, the new school year began.

Lu Xia was still teaching the sophomore class, and by now, she had become quite familiar with her students. Perhaps due to her youthful appearance, the students felt comfortable talking to her about various matters.

Not long after the school year started, Lu Xia heard some gossip from her students, and it was related to Yu Shuping.

To be honest, when she saw Yu Shuping this semester, she almost didn’t recognize her. In the past, Yu Shuping had been somewhat aloof and not very talkative, making Lu Xia think she was introverted. However, she had always dressed neatly and cleanly.

But this time when she saw her, she was shocked to find that Yu Shuping was wearing makeup and had even permed her hair into tight curls, and she was wearing high heels. She looked much older and different from her previous self.

Lu Xia didn’t know what had happened to her and didn’t want to ask because she had a negative impression of her.

However, her students quickly filled her in on the details.

After her divorce, Yu Shuping, although her ex-husband left her with a considerable sum of money, developed extravagant spending habits and quickly spent all her money. She even ended up going hungry because she had no money for food.

However, no one in the class or her dormitory wanted to help her, and she realized it herself. She endured without seeking help and, over time, she changed.

It was said that she found a new partner who was willing to support her. This new partner treated her well, and she often flaunted the things her partner bought for her to her dormitory mates. Eventually, she moved in with her new partner.

While this situation wasn’t unusual, some people in the class had seen her new partner, who was considerably older and could easily be her father. This led to some rumors, but Yu Shuping paid no attention to them.

Lu Xia furrowed her brows upon hearing this. Technically, these matters were not her concern, but Yu Shuping’s grades had declined rapidly. In the previous semester, she had performed very poorly, ranking last in the class, especially in English. She had gone from being a moderate student to the worst in the class.

Lu Xia had considered talking to her but decided against it when she saw Yu Shuping’s attitude. Instead, she decided to wait until she handed over the student assessment for this month to the class monitor/counselor. After all, she was an academic advisor, and this issue was better addressed by someone else.

However, Yu Shuping’s behavior continued to be problematic during her classes, including not paying attention, intentionally sleeping, or making noise.

Lu Xia experienced this several times and checked with other teachers to find out that this behavior only occurred in her classroom. She furrowed her brows, wondering if she had inadvertently offended Yu Shuping.

But she didn’t want to get involved or ask. Without waiting for the next assessment, she went directly to the class monitor/counselor and asked him to handle it.

The class monitor/counselor, upon hearing that it was regarding Yu Shuping, instinctively furrowed his brow and sighed, saying, “Don’t worry, Lu Xia. Leave this matter to me; I will take care of it.”

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