Chapter 647 – Interview

For example, the first question.

The journalist asked her, “What was the reason and the opportunity that led you to decide to open a beauty salon in this format?”

Ye Lin replied, “Actually, it was my partner’s suggestion at first. I simply liked doing makeup, so I begged my partner to teach me makeup. At that time, I was very busy doing makeup for others. She saw that I was too tired, so she suggested opening a shop, allowing customers to come to the shop themselves so that I wouldn’t have to run around everywhere every day.

But running a shop with only makeup services was too limited, so she also suggested the beauty industry. It happened to pique my interest, so I went for it!”

The journalist said, “Listening to your words, it sounds like your partner’s guidance played a significant role in where you are today.”

Ye Lin said, “Indeed! Every step of the company’s development was her suggestion, including starting the company and implementing the franchise system. She’s like a guiding light, and with her around, the company never fears going down the wrong path.”

The journalist asked, “So, your partner must be a very capable person.”

Ye Lin replied, “Yes, she’s very capable. I used to wonder how there could be such a capable person in this world. Just a few words and a few ideas would astonish me. Of course, she has her flaws too.”

The journalist asked, “Oh? What flaws?”

Ye Lin smiled and said, “She’s extremely lazy. She hands the company over to me and doesn’t want to manage it. Every time she comes up with a particularly good suggestion, she regrets it afterward because she knows she’ll be busy again. And this time, I wanted her to do the interview, but she rejected it without even thinking. Her dream is to make money while lying down.”

The journalist laughed upon hearing this and said, “Your partner must be an interesting person!”

Ye Lin replied, “Yes, she is. She’s great and quite interesting. She always says that the most important part of a company is its employees, so she tries to treat them as well as possible. For example, last year’s annual banquet was also her suggestion.”

Journalist: “This is indeed a great suggestion. I’ve also heard about the lavish gifts from your company, but you’ve also left other companies with a challenge. I guess they’ll have to figure out how to gift their employees in the future.”

Ye Lin laughed upon hearing this. “Well, their employees should be very thankful to us.”

The two of them continued to chat about the annual banquet. Of course, Ye Lin mentioned her partner in every sentence, showing her concern for her.

Finally, the journalist said, “Your partner is indeed very capable, but Ms. Ye, you are also very capable. I believe your partner thinks the same way. If it weren’t for such a great partner like you, she probably wouldn’t feel comfortable entrusting the company to you. So, you both complement each other.”

Ye Lin was briefly surprised by this and then laughed. “Haha, you’re right. I won’t be modest then. We do complement each other. Fortunately, she’s a woman. If she were a man, who knows, we might have developed a different kind of relationship.”

The journalist also laughed upon hearing this.

The interview ended there.

After reading the interview, Lu Xia had a smile on her face.

Other teachers nearby asked, “Teacher Lu, what are you so happy about while reading?”

Lu Xia smiled and explained, “I’m reading the latest issue of ‘Chinese People.'”

Another teacher nearby, curious, asked, “Has it come out already? I haven’t bought it yet. Teacher Lu, can you lend it to me after you’re done?”

“Sure!” Lu Xia handed the magazine to her.

After reading it, she marveled, “So Xia Lin’s boss is this young? There were rumors that the woman in the advertisements was Xia Lin’s boss, but I never thought she would be a young woman in her twenties.”


Chapter 648 – The Best Team


Another teacher nearby chimed in, “Yes, but from what they said in the interview, she has a business partner. I guess her partner should be older, judging by the way she talked. It seems like her partner is a wise and capable person, probably with some life experience.”

The other teachers nodded in agreement. “You’re right.”

At this moment, the teacher who had brought up the topic suddenly remembered something and turned to Lu Xia, asking, “I remember, Teacher Lu, when you gave us those trial vouchers, you mentioned that you knew someone at Xia Lin. You know her, right?”

Lu Xia chuckled, not only did she know, but she was also closely acquainted with them.

So, she nodded and said, “Yes, I do know her.”

The office teachers were curious. “Can you confirm what we’re discussing?”

Lu Xia shook her head. “You’re guessing wrong. That business partner isn’t very old, not even thirty.”

The other teachers widened their eyes in surprise. “Really?”

Lu Xia affirmed, “Really! But what you said about the person in the advertisement being one of the company’s partners, that’s correct too. She’s considered one of the bosses.”

Upon hearing this, everyone understood that this business partner also played a role in the company’s development.

Lu Xia continued to participate in the discussion, sharing what she knew without revealing that she was the business partner herself.

After all, at school, everyone was colleagues, and if they found out she had her own company outside, it might change how they viewed her, which she felt uncomfortable about. That’s why she had kept it a secret and even advised the class monitor/counselor not to disclose it to others.

So, it was better to keep this a secret.

After work, Lu Xia called Ye Lin.

Excitedly, Ye Lin asked Lu Xia if she had read the interview and how she had performed.

Lu Xia chuckled in resignation. “You performed very well, but it would have been even better if you didn’t mention me. You’ve clearly contributed so much to the company, why put all the credit on me?”

Ye Lin laughed in response. “But what I said is the truth. The company’s success is thanks to your wise decisions. I might be the boss in flattering terms, but in harsher terms, I work for you. I’m self-aware, and I know I couldn’t handle these things myself!”

Hearing this, Lu Xia smiled wryly, knowing that Ye Lin genuinely felt this way and wasn’t complaining.

Finally, she said in resignation, “Don’t underestimate yourself. Without your presence in the company, even if I make the best decisions, it wouldn’t have developed.”

“Hahaha,” Ye Lin laughed at her response. “I know, that’s why we’re the best team!”

Lu Xia also chuckled at this, and after a few more words, they ended the call.

Back at home, Lu Xia was in a good mood and had even thought of sharing the news with Jiang Junmo. However, when he got off work, she sensed that he seemed to be in a bad mood. Although he didn’t express it, she could feel it.

So, after dinner and sending the children to rest, Lu Xia asked, “What’s wrong with you today? You don’t seem very happy. Is it work-related?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head and replied, “No.”

“Then, what’s bothering you?”

Jiang Junmo didn’t want to hide it from her. After so many years of marriage, they could easily sense each other’s emotions. So he explained, “Today, I heard that one of my classmates had an accident.”

“Ah, what happened?”

“While he was on his way to a construction site, he was impaled by falling rebar. His condition is critical.”

“My God, that’s really serious!”

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