Chapter 649 – Applying for the Lecturer Position


Jiang Junmo let out a sigh. “And his family’s financial situation isn’t great. They can’t even afford the medical expenses for the surgery. When Zhou Yan told me about this today, he said the class is organizing donations for him.”

Lu Xia furrowed her brow upon hearing this. “Shouldn’t this be a work-related injury? Isn’t the company responsible?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “The problem is right here. His company wants him to come up with a design, and this is the first task he received after joining the company. He really wants to do it well, so after work, he went to the site to study the terrain and find inspiration.

As a result, he got injured while passing by another company’s construction site. Because of this, his company will cover some of the medical expenses but not all of them.”

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say at this point; she could only conclude that this person’s luck was truly not very good. Finally, she sighed, “The situation has already happened, and worrying won’t change anything. We should donate some money and hope he recovers.”

Jiang Junmo nodded, and for some reason, he suddenly reached out and hugged her, burying his head in her shoulder without moving.

“What’s wrong? Still worried?” Lu Xia asked, feeling that Jiang Junmo seemed a bit fragile today.

Jiang Junmo shook his head and suddenly assured her, “I will make sure to prioritize safety from now on!”

Lu Xia fell silent for a moment and then asked, “Why are you suddenly talking about this? Did his situation scare you?”

Jiang Junmo remained silent for a moment and explained, “Today, when I heard from Zhou Yan, I found out that my classmate has been married for just a year, and their child is only two months old. After this incident, I don’t think his wife and child will have an easy life ahead. It made me think, if I were in the same situation, how hard it would be for you!”

Lu Xia smiled after hearing his words. “You’re right. So, remember to take care of yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I will!”

Because of this incident, Jiang Junmo was in low spirits for two days, until Lu Xia came home early to make him soup with a familiar taste. Eating the soup, he felt a bit better.

Lu Xia also felt relieved.

A few days later, when Lu Xia had no classes at school, she was suddenly called to the office by the department head.

She initially thought that the department might be assigning her new teaching tasks again, but when she entered the office, the department head handed her a pile of application materials.

Taking a closer look, she realized that these were application materials for the position of lecturer.

But she had only been working for less than two years, could she apply for a lecturer position already?

Seeing her concern, the department head smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Teacher Lu. You’ve been performing excellently over the past two years, and our department has an opening for this position. After discussions with me and other leaders, we’ve decided to offer this opportunity to you. We hope you won’t let the school down.”

Lu Xia immediately responded, “Thank you for giving me this opportunity, and don’t worry, I’ll continue to work hard!”

The department head nodded in satisfaction. “Well, then, go for it and strive to become a professor as soon as possible.”

Lu Xia fell silent after hearing this. With her qualifications, becoming a professor wasn’t something she needed to rush.

After filling out the application materials and returning to her office, her colleagues congratulated her. Lu Xia then realized that everyone else had known about it in advance and had kept it a secret from her.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, she thanked everyone. However, she didn’t get too carried away since the final decision hadn’t been made yet.

But when she returned home, she was delighted to share the news with Jiang Junmo.

Upon hearing the news, Jiang Junmo was happy for her. He even cooked a meal to celebrate, making Lu Xia feel extremely happy.


Chapter 650 – Department Store Offer


At this time, Lu Xia received a call from Ye Lin, who informed her about an interesting development. The department store wanted to sell their company’s products.

Lu Xia was surprised to hear this, but she knew that this decision was not hers alone. So, during her free time, she went to the company and organized a meeting with the company’s senior management to discuss the matter.

During the meeting, Ye Lin began by explaining the department store’s intentions.

“Due to the rise of beauty salons, some customers who don’t visit beauty salons have heard about the effectiveness of our company’s cosmetics. Many people who can’t commit to regular beauty treatments are buying our products directly. This has significantly impacted the sales of cosmetics at the department store, especially high-end cosmetics. Therefore, they are interested in collaborating with us. They propose setting up a counter in the department store to sell our cosmetics. Alternatively, the department store can directly purchase products from our company and sell them.”

Lu Xia nodded in understanding and asked the others, “What do you all think?”

Liu Song was the first to speak, “I think we should go for it. The department store has much higher foot traffic compared to beauty salons. If we set up a counter there, it will definitely lead to a substantial increase in our product sales.”

On the other hand, Master Zhong voiced her concerns, “But won’t this potentially divert foot traffic from the beauty salons and result in fewer customers?”

Ye Lin nodded, “There is indeed that possibility. Many people purchase products when they are getting beauty treatments or get beauty treatments while buying products. However, the impact shouldn’t be too significant. After all, using products alone doesn’t provide the same results as a beauty treatment. Some high-end customers will likely continue visiting the beauty salons. This way, we can divert some of the customers who are initially attracted by our products, making it less hectic for the beauty salons.”

Lu Xia sensed that Ye Lin was in favor of exploring other distribution channels. She then turned to the factory manager, Zeng Jun, and asked, “If we start supplying the department store, can the factory handle the increased volume?”

Zeng Jun nodded and said, “Yes, we can. Last year, the company acquired a new machine, and we’ve already caught up with the demand from the franchise stores. If we need to increase production further, we can implement a two-shift system to double the output.”

Lu Xia nodded and continued, “Zeng Jun, carefully calculate the production capacity. If we decide to distribute to the department store, it’s likely that we won’t stop at just one department store in the capital. Over time, we’ll expand to various locations across the country, and that will require a greater volume of products. But for now, let’s not jump too far ahead. Look into what we need and make preparations. If Xia Lin Cosmetics is to be available nationwide in the future, we’ll definitely need a larger production capacity.”

Her words fired up the meeting attendees.

Earlier, some of them had doubted the effectiveness of distributing products through the department store, but now, they all seemed to be on board with the idea.

They were all looking forward to a future where everyone in the country would use their cosmetics.

Now that they had decided to distribute through the department store, they needed to choose between the two options. The first option involved selling the products themselves, but it came with higher profits. The second option, similar to the franchise stores, offered lower profit margins but was more hassle-free.

After discussing it, they decided to try selling the products themselves first. If the results were good, they would consider the direct selling approach for other department stores in different regions. Lu Xia had no objections and offered some sales strategies. The rest of the details were left for others to handle.

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