Chapter 651 – Popular Demand

A week later, on another weekend, when Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were out shopping for seasonal clothing, they noticed that the newly opened cosmetics counter at the department store was already selling Xia Lin cosmetics.

Perhaps the promotional effect from the previous advertising campaign was still ongoing.

As soon as the cosmetics counter was set up, even before they began advertising, people started asking if it was the brand from the advertisement, “Xia Lin.”

The sales clerk nodded, and curious customers gathered around.

The prices of their cosmetics were the same as those in the beauty salon, which meant they were relatively expensive compared to other brands. However, the packaging was designed by Lu Xia and had a luxurious and high-end appearance, which attracted many people, even though the products were pricier.

Moreover, the counter offered a trial service, allowing customers to test the products on the spot and purchase them if they were satisfied. Some people could immediately feel the difference in quality.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and this fact was well-known. Those who could afford it bought the products on the spot. Even those who didn’t have enough money to purchase an entire set bought at least one product.

Overall, when Lu Xia arrived, she noticed that the business was thriving, and their cosmetics counter had far more customers compared to the neighboring counters selling different brands.

Seeing this, she felt relieved and didn’t feel the need to join the excitement. She and Jiang Junmo continued upstairs to shop for summer clothes for Kang Kang.

Kang Kang had grown rapidly over the past year, and the clothes he wore the previous year no longer fit him. So, this time, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were mainly shopping for his summer wardrobe.

After shopping for a while and buying a considerable amount of clothing, not just for Kang Kang but also for the other three children, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo decided to visit an electronics store. Lu Xia wanted to check if they had an oven because she was considering learning to bake cakes.

Lately, she had been thinking about making cakes at home. All of her children had developed a particular fondness for cake, and she believed they had picked up this preference from Jiang Junmo.

Even though Jiang Junmo usually had a casual attitude toward food, she could tell that he liked cake. There was a café they had visited a few times where he enjoyed the cakes. Occasionally, she would go there to buy some for him.

But she found it a bit troublesome and thought it might be easier if she learned to bake them herself.

However, when they arrived at the electronics store, they couldn’t find an oven. Upon inquiring, they learned that ovens were not a popular item and, as a result, were not stocked. However, the store manager, aware that Lu Xia knew the owner, assured her that they would discuss it with the owner and consider ordering an oven for her next time. They would then have it delivered to her.

Lu Xia expressed her gratitude and left with Jiang Junmo.

Upon returning home, the younger children were thrilled to find out that their parents had bought them clothes. They immediately changed into their new outfits and started running around the yard, getting themselves dirty within an afternoon.

Lu Xia was frustrated and decided not to deal with it. She left the cleanup to Jiang Junmo, reasoning that children of their age wouldn’t remember such scoldings for long.

When she returned to work at the school, she unexpectedly received a call from Yu Wan, who wanted to have dinner with her.

Luo Xia was initially puzzled but didn’t ask questions on the phone. She arranged to meet with Yu Wan on a day she could leave work early, and she informed Jiang Junmo that she wouldn’t be returning home that evening.

When Lu Xia arrived at the restaurant, Yu Wan hadn’t arrived yet. She sat down and waited for a while before seeing Yu Wan hurrying to the restaurant.

However, when Lu Xia saw Yu Wan this time, she couldn’t help but feel that something was off. Yu Wan’s expression seemed tinged with sadness.


Chapter 652 – Yu Wan’s Relationship


It was a bit strange because Yu Wan’s personality had always been carefree, and she was usually in a good mood, rarely having any worries. So Lu Xia couldn’t help but wonder what had happened.

However, she suspected that since Yu Wan had asked to meet up, it was likely because she wanted to talk about something.

As expected, after some casual conversation and while they were in the middle of their meal, Yu Wan said, “I’m in a relationship!”

“Really?” Lu Xia was surprised and raised her head. “When did this happen? Why didn’t you mention it before?”

“It happened after the New Year, and we officially started our relationship last month.”

“So fast! You kept it quite well. Congratulations! Tell me more about the person who managed to get you, someone who rarely shows interest in anyone.”

Yu Wan blushed slightly and said, “He’s a really good person. We’ve known each other for quite a while. I pass by his place on my way to and from work. Last year, I encountered some trouble when I was leaving work late. Two drunk troublemakers confronted me, and I was really scared. That’s when he saved me.”

Lu Xia laughed, “Ah, a knight in shining armor!”

Yu Wan joined in the laughter, “I was really frightened at the time, but we didn’t know each other. I felt awkward asking him to take me home, so I just bit the bullet and continued riding my bike home. When I got home, I realized there was someone following me. It turned out that he was worried about my safety and had followed me all the way home to make sure I arrived safely.”

Lu Xia smiled and found the story quite dreamy. “So what happened after that? Did you become friends and then gradually start a relationship?”

Yu Wan shook her head and said, “No, I didn’t see him for a long time after that incident. I had wanted to thank him properly, but I couldn’t find him.”

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow and asked, “So how did you reconnect with him?”

“Later, I ran into him again during a shopping trip. I encountered a thief. The thief snatched my bag and fled, and I chased him for two blocks but couldn’t catch him. It was he who helped me catch the thief this time. When I saw him, I immediately recognized him. I shamelessly asked for his name and his address.”

“The next day, I took some gifts to his house, and that’s how we became acquainted.”

Lu Xia couldn’t help but smile, “Two times of a knight in shining armor. It seems like you two have quite the fate! But if you’ve known each other for so long, why did you only start a relationship this year?”

Yu Wan’s face showed a bitter smile, and she sighed, “It’s because he thought we were not a good match, so he kept hesitating.”

“What do you mean?” Luo Xia inquired.

“In fact, I could tell that he liked me early on, and I had a fluttery feeling when I saw him. I thought we would naturally be together, but he had his reservations. It was only much later that I found out what he was thinking.”

Luo Xia had a hunch about this and asked, “What does he do for a living?”

Yu Wan shook her head and replied, “He doesn’t have a formal job because of his limited education. Currently, he does some manual labor and odd jobs.”

Lu Xia was unsure what to say at this point. Yu Wan, a high-achieving graduate from Peking University and a government official, dating someone with a lower education and no formal job was indeed quite an unconventional match.

Not to mention him; even from her perspective, it seemed like a significant mismatch, like night and day!

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  1. Honestly, I don’t know why I’ve persevered this long, the plot has become stale and repetitive. We’ve dealt with the major plot points I guess, MC in countryside, college and marriage; Su Man’s reconciliation with ml; ending of MC’s family.

    Afterwards it’s been contrived drama. Author didn’t even bother to give Lu Yunnan a bitter ending as other antagonistic females.

  2. Maybe I’m cynical, but I can’t help but find it suspicious whenever there is such a knight in shining armor plot. What if the incident was a setup to make the guy look good in front of someone he knew would otherwise be out of his league? The fact that it happened twice makes it even more suspicious…

    1. I’m the same, in a city of millions, she encountered crimes toward her twice in a short amount of time, and both time she was saved by the same person? Yeah, there is something fishy here…
      Plus, considering the amount of crimes we encountered in this novel… Heh.

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