Chapter 231- Sowing Discord and Winning Over

The flicker of fire at the corner of Chen Yunqi’s lips suddenly extinguished. Although he looked at Wei Chen with a smile on his face, his gaze was piercing, and his words were like the song of a siren in the sea, an irresistible temptation that led sailors astray on the high seas, ultimately causing them to fall into the abyss.

Wei Chen still had a stoic expression, and his glasses reflected a faint light in the bright conference room, but his eyes were ice-cold, unmoved by Chen Yunqi’s words. “Water flows downhill, and people climb upward. I am no exception. However…”

Just when Chen Yun thought Wei Chen’s resolve had wavered, Wei Chen added an unwavering statement.

“However, I prefer the process of striving.”

Chen Yunqi chuckled softly and didn’t press Wei Chen any further, simply saying, “Then I wish you a successful journey, Deputy General Manager Wei.”

“Thank you for your kind words, Young Master Chen,” Wei Chen replied, getting up to leave. However, a service member behind him blocked his way.

This service member had a military background and stood in Wei Chen’s path like a mountain, making it impossible for him to leave.

Wei Chen turned around, looking at Chen Yunqi with indifference. “Young Master Chen, what do you mean by this?”

Chen Yunqi continued to smile, gesturing to the soldier in the service member’s uniform to let Wei Chen pass. “Deputy General Manager Wei, we’ll meet again.”

“We will,” Wei Chen said, leaving without looking back.

Chen Yunqi played with the cigarette case in his hand and smiled gently.

So far, Wei Chen was the first person to reject him, and he did so decisively. Did Wei Chen truly regard power and money as worthless?

Chen Yunzeng knocked on the door. “Young Master.”

“Come in,” Chen Yunqi replied.

With Chen Yunqi’s permission, Chen Yunzeng entered the meeting room. As soon as he entered, he asked, “Young Master, what about Wei Chen…”

“He’s quite resolute,” Chen Yunqi said with a smile. “You’ll have your fun with him in the future at Changfeng Group.”

From Chen Yunqi’s tone, it seemed that Wei Chen had not been successfully brought into their camp. Chen Yunzeng was not surprised by this result, as he had gotten to know Wei Chen somewhat over this period, and he had some understanding of his character.

“I’ll have my fun with him,” Chen Yunzeng’s eyes behind his glasses squinted slightly, flashing a hint of danger.

“Alright,” Chen Yunqi said, glancing at the time and getting up to leave. However, when he reached the door, he stopped. “You’re free to do as you please with other departments and businesses, but if anyone tries to interfere with the Transportation Department, make that person disappear at any cost.”

Chen Yunzeng responded solemnly, “I understand.”

Chen Yunqi then left, and the soldier dressed as a service member followed him out.

The Transportation Department was the bottom line for the Chen family within Changfeng Group. This line had been under the control of the Chen family since the establishment of Changfeng Group. Although Chen Yunzeng didn’t know why the Chen family valued the Transportation Department so much, as a member of the Chen family, he would steadfastly protect this bottom line.

Furthermore, as the one who dealt with Zhou Tongpeng, Chen Yunzeng was very clear about why Zhou Tongpeng was treated as a discard. Part of the reason was that Zhou Tongpeng had come under scrutiny from disciplinary authorities, and the more significant part was that he was no longer competent in his position, unable to uphold the bottom line for the Chen family.

So, in order to avoid a fate similar to Zhou Tongpeng’s, Chen Yunzeng believed he should be extremely vigilant and fight them to the end.

After Wei Chen left the hotel, he didn’t call Sheng Jiaqi to explain the situation. Many things would only get more complicated if he did. Therefore, Wei Chen chose to trust Sheng Jiaqi, believing that he wouldn’t be misled by this simple strategy.

Yes, this hundred-day banquet was a scheme to sow discord between Wei Chen and Sheng Jiaqi.

Wei Chen had already guessed that, while he was waiting for Chen Yunqi in the conference room, someone must have informed Sheng Jiaqi about something, deliberately creating the illusion that he had talked and cooperated with Chen Yunqi.

This was why Chen Yunqi had called him to the conference room but had not appeared for so long. Perhaps in Sheng Jiaqi’s eyes, he and Chen Yunqi were having a pleasant conversation. During the hundred-day banquet, they must have been conspiring on something, and this naturally would lead to suspicion.

So, even if Sheng Jiaqi would continue to trust and use Wei Chen later, the seed of suspicion had been planted, and there would be reservations in using Wei Chen in the future.

This would serve the Chen family’s purpose.

So, the cooperation shown by the Chen family at this banquet was just a smokescreen. Their real goal was to drive a wedge between Wei Chen and Sheng Jiaqi.

However, it was clear that this attempt to sow discord had failed. Both Wei Chen and Sheng Jiaqi did not have any doubts about each other. They were both intelligent and magnanimous individuals, and they wouldn’t let a small plot like this cast doubt on their relationship.

By the time Wei Chen got home and opened the door, it was already past 11 o’clock in the evening. The sound of the door woke up Chen Li, who was dozing off on the sofa.

Chen Li immediately walked to the door and, with sleepy eyes, said, “Achen, you’re back.”

“Yeah, I’m back.” Wei Chen changed into indoor slippers, walked over to Chen Li, and held his hand. “Was dinner good?”

Chen Li nodded, showing a satisfied expression.

Wei Chen reached out and ruffled Chen Li’s hair, saying, “Next time, I’ll take you to that hotel for dinner myself. You can order whatever you like.”

Chen Li nodded eagerly, his drowsiness mostly gone.

“You must be tired. If you’re tired, go to sleep,” Wei Chen said as he led Chen Li into the bedroom.

Chen Li rubbed his eyes and said, “I was really tired just a while ago, but I don’t feel so tired now that you’re back.”

Wei Chen gently pressed Chen Li onto the bed and kissed his forehead. “At this hour, you should sleep even if you’re not tired.”

Chen Li playfully negotiated, “Then, you’ll sleep with me.”

Wei Chen agreed, “Sure, I’ll come out and join you after taking a shower.”

Chen Li obediently lay on the bed. He claimed not to be tired, but by the time Wei Chen had his clothes ready for a shower, Chen Li had already fallen asleep, clutching the blanket.

With a gentle smile, Wei Chen covered her with the blanket before going to take a shower. Soon, he joined Chen Li in a peaceful slumber.

The next afternoon, Wei Chen left work early and drove to Q University to pick up Chen Li. When Chen Li, who was about to head home, saw Wei Chen at the entrance of his art studio, he was a bit surprised. “Achen, why are you here?”

Wei Chen entered the studio, took Chen Li’s hand, and said, “Didn’t you say yesterday that the food at the hotel is delicious? Today, I’m taking you to that hotel for dinner.”

Chen Li nodded enthusiastically, surprised that Wei Chen had paid attention to what he had said while half-asleep yesterday.

The hotel Wei Chen had ordered takeout from yesterday was quite a distance from Q University. It took more than forty minutes to reach the hotel by car.

However, just as they had parked in the hotel’s parking lot and were walking towards the entrance, a noisy commotion broke out not far away. A person in a suit even approached Wei Chen and Chen Li, urging them to step aside politely. He said, “Sorry, please make way.”

Wei Chen and Chen Li had no choice but to stand at the hotel entrance and wait for the big battle to pass.

But it wasn’t just a big battle. Reporters with microphones and cameras surrounded a car that had just stopped, and a few security guards rushed down from other cars to quickly create a barrier, allowing space for the people inside to exit.

As soon as the car door opened, reporters bombarded them with questions.

“Mr. Chen Yunlan, are you planning to stay in the country this time?”

“Mr. Chen Yunlan, your latest painting was sold for over 90 million. How do you feel about it?”

“Mr. Chen Yunlan, we heard that you’ve changed your nationality. Is that true?”

The reporters continued with their questions, one after another, relentlessly. However, the person protected by the bodyguards showed no desire to answer their inquiries. He walked ahead with his head held high, disregarding the journalists and others on the side.

Under the protection of the bodyguards and hotel staff, Chen Yunlan quickly entered the hotel. The journalists were left standing outside the hotel, and they only departed when they could no longer see Chen Yunlan.

Thus, the hotel’s entrance, which had just been incredibly crowded, finally cleared.

“Dear ladies and gentlemen, we’re really sorry!” The man who had pushed people aside a moment ago turned around and bowed to the people standing at the hotel’s entrance. “You witnessed the commotion just now. If we hadn’t moved you aside, there might have been injuries. We sincerely apologize.”

Those who had experienced the earlier chaos could understand the actions of this staff member, but they were still curious. “Manager, who is the celebrity that just passed by? I haven’t seen him on TV at all.”

“Mr. Chen is not a celebrity; he is an internationally renowned artist in the art world,” the manager explained simply, without revealing more information about Chen Yunlan. He then courteously ushered the guests who had been pushed aside into the hotel’s lobby, apologizing once again.

“Apologies for any inconvenience you experienced.”

The manager gestured to Wei Chen and Chen Li to enter the hotel, and they proceeded directly to their destination – the restaurant on the hotel’s top floor.

As the elevator ascended, it made a brief stop before reaching the top floor. The elevator doors opened, and a man entered – it was none other than Chen Yunlan, who had been surrounded by reporters downstairs.

Upon seeing Chen Yunlan, Chen Li instinctively moved closer to Wei Chen, and his fingers, entwined with Wei Chen’s hand, unconsciously tightened their grip.

Wei Chen felt Chen Li’s emotional changes, stretched out his other hand to pull Chen Li into his arms, and patted Chen Li’s back gently.

Based on his understanding of Chen Li, Wei Chen surmised that Chen Li knew Chen Yunlan. Chen Yunlan… Surname Chen, and his name contains the character “云” (Yun). He is likely from the Chen family’s generation with the “云” character in their names, and it’s highly probable that he’s Chen Shihuai’s younger son – Chen Li’s uncle.

Wei Chen quietly made this deduction.

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