Chapter 232 – Chen Yunlan

Chen Yunlan didn’t look particularly outstanding, but he had that enduring type of attractiveness. Even though he was already in his forties, he appeared to be in his early thirties due to proper maintenance, looking quite youthful.

Chen Yunlan had attractive eyes, fox-like in shape. His eyes slanted upwards, with narrow and slightly raised tails. Even though he appeared to gaze at people with a calm expression, it inexplicably made others feel he had a myriad of charm.

The term “myriad of charm” shouldn’t typically be used to describe a man. However, when used to describe Chen Yunlan, it was incredibly fitting. Despite his plain appearance, those fox-like eyes added a lot of charm.

At this moment, Chen Yunlan also noticed Wei Chen and Chen Li in the elevator. He could tell from their interlocked fingers that they had a close relationship. However, Chen Yunlan didn’t recognize Chen Li. He stood there, waiting for the elevator to reach his desired floor.

The three of them had the same destination, the rooftop restaurant. When the elevator arrived, Chen Yunlan exited. He had an appointment and had already given his name to the waiter, who then guided him to his table.

Wei Chen and Chen Li followed soon after. By chance, their table was right next to Chen Yunlan’s. Chen Yunlan, engrossed in his conversation with the person he had invited, didn’t notice Wei Chen and Chen Li. They were chatting enthusiastically, probably because they hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

Chen Li glanced at Chen Yunlan’s location for a moment and then shifted his focus back to the menu. Just at that moment, the server approached with the menu, which displayed a wide array of dishes, capturing Chen Li’s attention.

The restaurant served the dishes promptly, and thereafter, Chen Li wholeheartedly indulged in his meal, paying no further attention to Chen Yunlan. Wei Chen, on the other hand, was solely devoted to taking care of Chen Li, effortlessly serving the dishes and expertly peeling prawns. His movements were so smooth, it had become a matter of routine.

Of course, Chen Li didn’t find this strange at all. He had grown accustomed to Wei Chen’s meticulous care. Even though he could easily handle his own food, he still appreciated Wei Chen’s attentive assistance.

Because of time constraints, takeout food naturally couldn’t compare to the restaurant’s offerings. Yesterday, Chen Li had finished two servings of food meant for both of them at home because it was so delicious. Now, at the restaurant, the food tasted even better than what he had experienced at home. Chen Li couldn’t resist the temptation and indulged to his heart’s content.

When the dessert was served, Chen Li still wanted more, but Wei Chen stopped him. Chen Li looked at Wei Chen and softly said, “Big Brother Achen.”

Wei Chen felt a surge in his heart, released his hand, and wasn’t sure when he had learned to act coquettish or when he had started calling himself “Big Brother Achen.” At that moment, he had no resistance left and surrendered in a matter of minutes.

Chen Li accepted the dessert from Wei Chen with a satisfied smile, his eyes crinkling. He enjoyed his meal immensely.

Observing Chen Li’s contented expression, Wei Chen’s stern gaze gradually softened.

Eventually, Chen Li had eaten to his heart’s content and sat back in his chair, letting out a burp. He didn’t even lift a finger.

Wei Chen didn’t rush Chen Li; he waited for Chen Li to recover from the overindulgence. Then, he took Chen Li’s hand and led him out of the restaurant. Chen Li walked slowly, feeling uncomfortable from overeating. He trailed behind Wei Chen, and when Wei Chen looked at him, he had a pitiful look on his face, saying, “Achen, I’m so full.”

“I have some digestive pills in the car. You can take a few when we get down,” Wei Chen said, gently rubbing Chen Li’s head, unable to bring himself to scold him.

“I need to use the restroom,” Chen Li said. He had consumed several cups of juice and had almost finished a bowl of soup, so he urgently needed to go to the restroom.

“I’ll take you,” Wei Chen said, accompanying Chen Li and following the signs to find the restroom.

Once Chen Li and Wei Chen entered the restroom, they were greeted by the sight of two men locked in an amorous embrace, passionately kissing each other. Despite noticing someone entering, they didn’t release each other. It appeared they were quite passionate, finding a moment of desire in the scented restroom without even making it to a hotel room downstairs.

Chen Li, however, didn’t feel embarrassed like he had walked in on something private. He calmly went to the urinal to relieve himself. By the time he was done, the two embracing men had finally separated.

To his surprise, these two men were none other than Chen Yunlan and his friend, who had been dining at the table next to Chen Li and Wei Chen.

Seeing Chen Yunlan, Chen Li couldn’t help but feel nervous. He lowered his head and quickly left the restroom, taking Wei Chen’s hand and hurriedly exiting. Chen Yunlan’s gaze fell on Chen Li’s retreating figure, and his fox-like eyes narrowed. Did this young man just get flustered when he saw me?

“What’s wrong?” the other man asked, tilting Chen Yunlan’s chin, making him look at him.

“Nothing,” Chen Yunlan replied nonchalantly, his hand caressing the man’s robust chest. “My room is downstairs. Would you like to join me?” His fox-like eyes instantly took on a seductive allure.

The man had arranged to meet Chen Yunlan today, and while they had discussed some business matters, the main reason was for a passionate encounter with Chen Yunlan.

Chen Yunlan’s allure was something unforgettable once you experienced it.

The man, impatient and filled with desire, half-embraced Chen Yunlan as they exited the restroom. He couldn’t wait and pushed the elevator button. Inside the elevator, he couldn’t bear to be apart from Chen Yunlan and kissed him passionately.

However, their night of passion was not meant to be. As the two of them lovingly embraced each other and arrived at the door of Chen Yunlan’s room, they found someone waiting there. This person was staring at Chen Yunlan with a piercing gaze.

Because of this intruding individual’s intimidating stare, the man let go of Chen Yunlan, and with a puzzled expression, he raised an eyebrow, saying, “Did you make plans with someone else tonight? I don’t mind having a threes*me.” After all, before Chen Yunlan went abroad, they had occasionally involved a third person.

Chen Yunlan, however, adjusted his disheveled clothing, and the seductive look he had worn moments before vanished. He cast an icy glance at the man and snapped, “Get lost!”

The man was undeterred by Chen Yunlan’s words and lightly touched Chen Yunlan’s still tender face. He hadn’t given up on his intentions for the night. “What’s your relationship with him? Are you going to save yourself for him?”

Chen Yunlan didn’t waste words and delivered a swift kick to the man’s groin, sternly saying, “Get lost!”

The man hadn’t expected Chen Yunlan to be so ruthless. He cast one last resentful glance at Chen Yunlan and the man guarding the door like a gatekeeper before slinking away.

In the hallway, only Chen Yunlan and the man guarding the door remained.

Chen Yunlan showed no sign of embarrassment and calmly opened the door. “Big brother, why are you here?”

Indeed, the man guarding the door was Chen Yunlan’s elder brother, Chen Yunsheng, Chen Li’s father.

“Are you still associating with these unsavory people?” Chen Yunsheng frowned, clearly displeased with the man who had just left. “Yunlan, you’re not getting any younger. It’s time to settle down. Even Father no longer objects to your relationships with men. Why are you still so…?”

“So what?” Chen Yunlan interrupted with a cold smile. “So promiscuous, is that it? Big brother, if you came here today just to give me a lecture, you can leave.”

Chen Yunsheng didn’t know what to do with his younger brother. He thought that Chen Yunlan had shown restraint by letting the other man leave. If he continued to press the matter, his fate might be similar to the man who had just departed.

“Dad wants to bring Chen Li back home. When the time comes, you should get to know Chen Li. After all, you both share a common interest, and…”

“There’s no ‘and’ to discuss!” Chen Yunlan immediately cut off Chen Yunsheng’s words. “Tell Dad I’ll try to get to know him.”

Chen Yunsheng breathed a sigh of relief. He continued, “Next month is Dad’s 70th birthday. You should come home for that.”

Chen Yunlan walked to the liquor cabinet, poured himself a glass of red wine, and replied, “You should have told me earlier. I’ll try to make time to come back.”

“Yunlan, Father was certainly wrong in the past, but so many years have passed. Can’t you forgive him now? He’s seventy, and he’s just hoping you can come back home,” Chen Yunsheng’s tone grew heavier. It had been so many years, and he couldn’t understand why his younger brother couldn’t move on.

Chen Yunlan tilted his head and drained his glass of red wine in one go, his fox-like eyes filled with indifference. “Forgive him, and then what? Pretend like nothing ever happened?”

“But it’s been so many years, and you’ve indulged yourself for so long. Dad hopes you can come back every day. And why do you need to torment yourself like this, seeking revenge on Dad?” Chen Yunsheng was visibly angry and couldn’t bear to watch Chen Yunlan’s promiscuous lifestyle over the years.

“Big brother, as I said, if you came here to lecture me, then leave now,” Chen Yunlan said. As he spoke, the highball glass shattered at Chen Yunsheng’s feet, and his expression became emotionless.

Chen Yunsheng opened his mouth, but for a moment, he didn’t know what to say. Then, with a bitter smile, he left.

It was only when Chen Yunlan was alone in the room that he slumped onto the couch, his fox-like eyes vacant, like a lifeless shell.

As Chen Yunsheng left the hotel, a figure rushed toward him. Before he could react, he was punched hard.

Chen Yunsheng had served in the military and had some combat skills. He had been caught off guard when he was punched. However, he quickly recovered and subdued the person, pinning him to the ground.

In the dim light, Chen Yunsheng recognized the man who had just attacked him. It was the same man who had been with Chen Yunlan earlier.

The man struggled on the ground, still muttering angrily, “Why the hell did you come out? Why didn’t you have a go with Chen Yunlan? Do you think Chen Yunlan is as cold as you saw him? Let me tell you, he’s a wh*re, a sl*t. Any man can have him! You haven’t experienced it. He’s even more seductive than a woman. Once you’ve had a taste, you can’t forget it. How about it, want to go back up for another round?”

Chen Yunsheng couldn’t tolerate someone speaking of his brother in such a manner. He lost his temper, delivering one punch after another to the man’s face until the man couldn’t speak. Then, he got up and kicked the man.

Spitting on the man, Chen Yunsheng said in a harsh tone, “Next time, if I hear you spewing that filth again, I’ll make sure to send you to meet your ancestors in advance.”

The man tried to say something back but was in too much pain to speak. His mouth was bleeding profusely, and the kick he had received from Chen Yunlan moments ago had left him resentful.

He had impulsively decided to teach Chen Yunlan’s partner a lesson when he saw him coming out of the hotel. However, he had bitten off more than he could chew.

The hotel security, noticing Chen Yunsheng had left, came over to check on the man. Finding him unable to stand, they quickly called for an ambulance.

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