Chapter 657 – Introduction by Second Sister

The shop was still under renovation, and after securing the chef, the next step was to find a suitable manager. However, due to Lu Xia’s high standards, finding the right candidate proved to be a challenge. Even after Jiang Junmo inquired around, he couldn’t find a suitable person.

Just when Lu Xia was getting worried about this, her second sister paid her a visit.

Lu Xia was surprised to see her sister coming to her house because, as a Women’s Federation staff member, her sister was usually very busy and didn’t visit often.

As expected, her sister didn’t beat around the bush. She got straight to the point.

“Little sister, I heard you’re planning to open a new store soon and are looking for someone to help you run it.”

Lu Xia nodded, not surprised that her sister knew about this. After all, Jiang Junmo had inquired around, and many friends and relatives were aware of her plans.

“Yes, Second Sister.”

After hearing this, her second sister hesitated for a moment and then asked, “I wonder if you have any specific requirements for the candidate? Does it have to be a man?”

Lu Xia was puzzled by her sister’s question but shook her head, saying, “No, it doesn’t have to be a man. The most important thing is their ability, their ability to manage the store without getting overwhelmed, and quick decision-making.”

Her second sister sighed with relief and then said, “In that case, I’d like to introduce someone to you.”

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow, realizing her sister’s intention. “Sure, Second Sister, who would you like to introduce?”

“This person may be someone you don’t know, but she used to be from our courtyard. Her name is Wang Qiuying. She used to be our neighbor, but she got married and things haven’t been going well for her lately.

Her entire family had immigrated abroad, leaving her behind due to her marriage. However, her in-laws had been a source of trouble for her, as they had constantly pressured her because she lacked the support of her natal family.

Recently, her in-laws had gone so far as to bring back an illegitimate child for her to raise, which had become unbearable for her. As a result, she had divorced her husband.

However, life wasn’t easy for her after the divorce. She had no job, and things weren’t going well for her now. Plus, she had a daughter to support, so she asked me to help her find a job.

I heard that you were recently looking for someone, so I wanted to inquire on her behalf.

Don’t worry, Qiuying is capable. Back in the day, besides me, she was one of the most successful people in our compound!”

Lu Xia listened to her second sister’s explanation and understood her situation. She decided to help her sister and said, “Don’t worry, Second Sister. If Wang Qiuying isn’t suitable for the role of a store manager, I can find her another suitable position in my company. I’ll make sure she gets a good job.”

Her second sister felt relieved and expressed her gratitude. After seeing her sister off, Lu Xia discussed the matter with Jiang Junmo when he returned from work.

She asked, “Do you know this person?”

Jiang Junmo nodded and replied, “I know her. She used to get along well with my second sister. Furthermore, her family has some connections with me. Remember when you asked me who taught me English? It was her father! The Wang family’s parents had lived abroad and even had foreign ancestry. When they learned about changes in immigration policies, they emigrated abroad. After that, I never saw the Wang family again, and I never expected that Wang Qiuying would be in such a difficult situation.”

Lu Xia understood Jiang Junmo’s sentiments and reassured him, “Don’t worry, this time she came to us, and I will definitely arrange a good job for her.”

After all, it was her father who had taught Jiang Junmo, and Lu Xia wanted to help him repay him.


Chapter 658 – Wang Qiuying


After arranging a meeting with Wang Qiuying, Lu Xia observed her carefully. Indeed, as her elder sister had described, she was a smart woman.

She appeared to be in her early thirties, and while the years had left their marks on her face, she had a certain charm about her. It was hard to imagine that a woman like her had endured a troubled marriage for so many years.

According to her elder sister, her previous compromises were all for the sake of her child. It seemed that no matter the circumstances, when it came to their children, women would always find a way to compromise.

However, now was not the time to dwell on these thoughts. While Lu Xia wanted to help her, she also had to ensure that the private kitchen restaurant would not suffer. She needed to thoroughly assess whether Wang Qiuying was suitable for the job.

So, in the following conversation, Lu Xia asked her about the restaurant’s development and potential future challenges. She found that Qiuying could provide excellent answers, which made her decision much easier.

Before parting ways, Lu Xia directly said to her, “The private kitchen restaurant is almost done with its renovation. After that, we should go and take a look together when you have time. We’ll need to meet with the chefs and discuss the arrangements for the future. As for hiring the service staff and such, I’ll leave it to you!”

Upon hearing this, Wang Qiuying understood that Lu Xia intended to hire her and felt a sense of relief. “Rest assured, I will do my best!”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Good, I believe in you!”

Afterward, she also discussed the terms, including the previously decided 10% share for her.

Wang Qiuying was deeply moved by this and felt a hint of warmth in her eyes but didn’t refuse.

She silently pledged to herself that she would manage the private kitchen restaurant excellently!

The next day, Lu Xia introduced Wang Qiuying to Grandfather Chang, and the three of them discussed the future development of the private kitchen restaurant.

They also went to visit the newly renovated courtyard.

In fact, it was Lu Xia’s first time visiting after the renovation was completed. As they entered the courtyard, there was a small garden right at the entrance, followed by two long corridors, leading to the reception area.

Beyond the corridors were the private dining rooms, of which there were around twenty. Since the restaurant catered to high-end clients, there weren’t too many private rooms.

In addition to the private rooms, there were also artificial rock formations, water features, and other scenic elements in the central area of the second section, visible from all the private rooms.

Upon reaching the third section, they entered the kitchen area. Lu Xia had combined two rooms to create a spacious, well-equipped kitchen. It was fully stocked with cooking utensils, and there were even two large refrigerators, all beautifully arranged.

Upon seeing this, Chang Yi couldn’t contain his excitement and seemed eager to start working right away. Grandfather Chang also appeared quite satisfied, judging from his expression.

Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief.

Apart from the kitchen, the third section also had several spare bedrooms that could be used as staff accommodations. There were also two VIP private rooms, larger and with better views than those in the second section. They were not initially planned for regular use; Lu Xia had set them up just in case or for personal use.

The decoration in each private room was also well done. They had repurposed old furniture, giving them a sense of history. Each room had its unique style and decor, all maintaining an air of elegance.

In summary, the word “elegant” characterized the establishment well.

After inspecting everything, Grandfather Chang immediately remarked, “Not bad at all! You, little girl, certainly have a way with this. From what I see, we won’t be short of customers here.”

Lu Xia humbly responded, “The external appearance is one thing, but to retain customers, we’ll have to rely on your culinary skills, sir!”

Grandfather Chang burst into laughter after hearing this, “Don’t worry, you’ve taken the first ten steps, and I’ll make sure we successfully take the final step!”

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