Chapter 671 – Finally About to Give Birth

Over the weekend, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo came to visit the main courtyard.

Before they even entered, they were both made to wear white coats typically worn by doctors by Aunt Jiang.

They had already heard about their cousin-in-law’s condition before they came, so it didn’t come as a surprise to them.

However, when they entered the house, they were still taken aback at the sight.

The living room was entirely white, even the sofa was covered with a white sheet.

Indeed, anyone else who came would probably be scared.

But during this period, nobody was being invited over. Although they didn’t publicize it, given the size of the compound, the commotion surrounding the Jiang family’s pregnant daughter-in-law was evident to everyone.

Everyone knew that the pregnant daughter-in-law was quite delicate, and they were afraid that any accidental bumps or knocks could harm her, so they avoided coming.

Even Grandpa Jiang didn’t stay at home much. He was worried about bothering the cousin-in-law, and Kang Kang and the other three little ones didn’t come over either.

So when Grandpa Jiang missed them, he would go to the small courtyard. Though he rarely spent the night there, Lu Xia could tell that he felt somewhat constrained in the main courtyard.

So whenever he had time, Lu Xia would call him over.

This time, Lu Xia came mainly to inquire about the cousin-in-law’s health.

However, when they entered, the cousin-in-law hadn’t come out yet. They sat on the sofa for a while, and she came down slowly.

She was also dressed in all white. After being pregnant for so long and consuming so many nutritional supplements, she hadn’t gained weight; the only noticeable change was her enlarged belly.

Upon seeing the two of them, the cousin-in-law actually smiled.

Lu Xia brought some fruits from the space for her to taste. After all, fruits cultivated with the spiritual spring water were not only good for health but also hoped that they would help her feel better, so she wouldn’t have to go through so much.

But before she could say anything, the cousin-in-law saw the red apple placed on the coffee table and covered her mouth, looking like she was about to vomit.

Lu Xia: “…”

He wondered how the fruits got here and how they would be taken back.

After they left, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo exchanged glances, sighed helplessly, and thought, “Oh well, she probably won’t eat them; she must not have the luck for it.”

It had been quite a journey, and now she was finally about to give birth.

The cousin-in-law had gone to the hospital in advance.

Aunt Jiang had everything arranged here.

However, cousin couldn’t return due to his duty.

According to Aunt Jiang’s words, it seemed like cousin was not very happy.

But in any case, the child’s due date had finally arrived.

It wasn’t a weekend, and both Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo still had to go to work. However, when they called in the morning, they were told that the time was near, and there were already signs of labor.

After finishing work, having dinner at home, and preparing dinner for the others, they finally went to the hospital to visit.

To their surprise, when they arrived at the hospital, the baby had not yet been born.

Lu Xia, surprised, said, “Wasn’t she supposed to be giving birth this morning?”

Being their second child, and it still not having been born after a whole day?

Aunt Jiang sighed and said, “It was a difficult natural birth, so they switched to a cesarean section. They just took her into the operating room, and the head of the obstetrics department is performing the surgery. There shouldn’t be any problems.”

Lu Xia hadn’t expected such twists and turns in the cousin-in-law’s childbirth, but at this point, there was no need to say anything. They probably didn’t have time to eat, so he offered them the meals he had brought.

“Have some food first; otherwise, you won’t have the energy to take care of the baby once it’s born.”

Aunt Jiang shook her head after hearing that. “I can’t eat. Let your grandfather have some.”

Then she looked at Grandpa Jiang and said, “Dad, you should eat and go back first. Don’t stay here all night. Come back tomorrow; the baby should be fine by then.”

After thinking for a moment, Grandpa Jiang didn’t insist and left. After all, he was not young, and staying in the hospital for so long was tiring.

So, after having a meal, he departed.

As for Uncle Jiang , he had other commitments today and couldn’t make it. So, after Grandpa Jiang left, only Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo, along with Aunt Jiang, were waiting outside the operating room.


Chapter 672 – Choosing a Name


The cesarean section was swift, taking less than half an hour, and the nurse came out holding the baby.

“Born at 7:07 PM, a girl, weighing 5 pounds and 6 ounces.”

Aunt Jiang finally smiled upon seeing the baby.

“How’s my daughter-in-law?”

The nurse smiled, “Don’t worry, Director Liu, both the mother and the baby are safe.”

Aunt Jiang sighed with relief and suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion, swaying a bit.

Seeing this, Lu Xia helped her sit down and said, “Why don’t Jiang Junmo and I go see the baby, and you can rest here for a while while waiting for cousin-in-law to come out?”

Aunt Jiang nodded, “Okay, then I’ll trouble you both.”

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo took the baby to the pediatric department for a check-up.

When they returned, cousin-in-law was already back in the hospital room.

After a day of upheaval, she was probably exhausted and had fallen asleep.

Aunt Jiang took the baby when she saw them return.

Lu Xia noticed that she was quite busy by herself, and she seemed tired. She thought about staying overnight, but Aunt Jiang declined.

“You have to go to work tomorrow; it’s better if you go back. Don’t worry, I’ll be here at work, and I know all the doctors and nurses. They can all lend a hand, and if necessary, I can find a nurse to assist.”

Lu Xia was reassured by her words.

However, the next day, after finishing work, they returned.

This time, they brought the baby with them because they had been clamoring to see their little sister at home.

When they arrived, Grandpa Jiang and Uncle Jiang were also present.

At this point, cousin-in-law’s complexion had improved somewhat. Lu Xia greeted her, and she responded with a faint smile. However, it seemed like she might not be entirely happy for some reason.

Lu Xia didn’t inquire further and noticed that the baby was awake, so she and the children began to play with her.

She also gave them a reminder, “Your little sister is very young, so you can look at her, but don’t touch her, okay?”

The kids nodded, saying, “Okay!”

It seemed like the baby, perhaps intrigued by all the people, suddenly smiled.

Lu Xia, with a smile on her face, commented, “This little one is quite a happy baby.”

When Aunt Jiang entered the room and heard this, she also smiled, “Yes, when your uncle was holding her today, she also smiled. Our Qiqi is a cheerful child.”

Lu Xia then inquired, “Is Qiqi her name? Has it been decided?”

Aunt Jiang replied, “No, Qiqi is her nickname, and since she was born at 7:07, it just fits.”

Lu Xia agreed, “That sounds lovely. What about her full name? Has that been chosen?”

Aunt Jiang glanced at the cousin-in-law upon hearing the question and said, “We have a few options, but we’ve left it to your cousin-in-law to decide. She hasn’t made up her mind yet and wants to wait for your cousin to come and decide together.”

Lu Xia, curious, asked, “What are the options?”

“Your grandfather has chosen the name Jiang Youning, and your uncle has selected Jiang Changle.”

Lu Xia smiled upon hearing the names, “They both sound great. Grandpa’s name is inspired by the Book of Poetry, and uncle’s name is a wonderful blessing from the elders. Both are suitable for our Qiqi. If I were cousin-in-law, I’d probably have a hard time choosing as well.”

However, Lu Xia noticed that cousin-in-law seemed to purse her lips and displayed a somewhat disapproving expression upon hearing his words.

She furrowed her brow but didn’t say anything.

Since it was a cesarean section, cousin-in-law stayed in the hospital for five days.

On the sixth day, when it was confirmed that everything was fine, she returned to the main courtyard for her postpartum recovery.

The day after she returned, cousin finally came back.

And when cousin returned, Lu Xia also learned the final name chosen for Qiqi.

Jiang Jin.

Yes, in the end, they didn’t use the names Grandpa Jiang and Uncle Jiang had picked. Instead, she was named after Ningning.

Lu Xia wasn’t sure what her cousin-in-law had been thinking, but it was clear that she had made this decision.

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