Chapter 673 – Ningning Stays

When cousin returned, Lu Xia and the others also went back to the main courtyard. However, this time, they noticed that the cousin seemed quite exhausted. They heard that he had shortened his mission to come back earlier and was worried about his wife, which likely left him physically and mentally drained.

Lu Xia noticed that when the cousin spoke about this, Aunt Jiang’s eyes turned red, and her face revealed concern.

On the other hand, cousin-in-law became considerably happier when her husband returned.

Cousin showed a rare smile when interacting with the baby. It was clear that he had affection for the child.

However, during this visit, Lu Xia unexpectedly learned why cousin-in-law didn’t use the names chosen by Grandpa Jiang and Uncle Jiang.

While having a meal in the main courtyard, Lu Xia’s clothes got dirty, and she thought there might be some spare clothes they had left behind when they moved, so she went upstairs to change.

As she passed their room, she overheard the cousin-in-law’s complaints.

According to cousin-in-law, her in-laws didn’t value her because she gave birth to a daughter. Even during her delivery, Grandpa Jiang and Uncle Jiang didn’t show up, and they didn’t bond with the baby later.

Hearing all this, Lu Xia felt that Grandpa Jiang and the others didn’t deserve such treatment.

During her pregnancy, the Jiang family had been supportive and didn’t complain about the disruptions. On the day she gave birth, Grandpa Jiang had even stayed with her the whole day, only leaving when he couldn’t bear it any longer in the evening.

Furthermore, Uncle Jiang had always prioritized work above all else in his life, even skipping family gatherings during holidays. The fact that he made a special effort to take a day off and return was a significant gesture.

It was a shame that their goodwill seemed to go unnoticed.

At this moment, cousin-in-law was holding Qiqi and had an aggrieved look on her face as she said, “Qiqi is my daughter. They may not value her, but I do!”

Cousin didn’t know how to respond to this and asked, “Do you really think the family doesn’t value you? Have you forgotten what you’ve been doing these past few months? Even without you saying it, I know. Everyone knows how well the family treats you now. Without their support and understanding, would you have been so comfortable? Honestly, do you think they don’t value you?”

Perhaps seeing the cousin getting angry, the cousin-in-law changed her tone and said weakly, “I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that the names they chose don’t match Ningning. It’s obvious they’re sisters. Naming her Jiang Jin is so nice; they both have ‘mu’ (木) in them. And we met in that birch forest. I just thought it would be a great name.”

The cousin sighed upon hearing her explanation, and eventually, he seemed to lose the will to argue further. He said, “Fine, you can call her whatever you want.”

Lu Xia didn’t listen further after this.

However, because cousin had taken a leave to come back, he couldn’t stay in the capital for long. He left after just three days.

Seeing how hard he had to travel back and forth, Aunt Jiang felt sorry for him, but she also understood the difficulties of military life, being a soldier herself.

Soon, cousin-in-law’s postpartum period came to an end, but she didn’t immediately return home. She stayed for a while longer, and it wasn’t until the cousin called a few times urging her that she reluctantly left.

Before leaving, she left Ningning behind.

She only took Qiqi with her.

Because Qiqi had been born prematurely and was weaker than a normal child, cousin-in-law was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to take care of both children by herself, so she suggested leaving Ningning behind.

Aunt Jiang and the others were also concerned that once their daughter-in-law returned to work, she wouldn’t have as much time to care for the children, so they ultimately agreed to let Ningning stay.

The cousin didn’t know about this at first, but when he found out later, he was quite upset. If he had taken a leave of absence, he would probably have come personally to take Ningning back.


Chapter 674 – Zhenzhen Falls Ill


Although Ningning was left behind, it was still necessary for Aunt Wang to take care of the household’s meals. Given Grandpa Jiang’s advanced age, he couldn’t be expected to look after the child, so they had to send her to a daycare center. They also offered Aunt Wang an additional salary to help take care of Ningning in the evenings.

With these arrangements, they gradually adapted to the situation.

At this point, Lu Xia received a letter from Shen Qingqing, stating that she had also become a mother now.

Lu Xia couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia. She hadn’t expected that the young girl she had known back then would become a mother now. Time had passed so quickly, and she was about to turn thirty. She wondered how all those young people who had gone to the countryside with her were doing now.

As if on cue, she unexpectedly ran into Su Man.

This chance encounter took place in the hospital.

The weather had been changing rapidly recently, and summer was approaching, but mornings and evenings were still quite chilly. Unfortunately, Zhenzhen couldn’t tolerate heat. Lu Xia had dressed her in warm clothes in the morning, but as soon as the sun came out, she secretly took them off.

As a result, she caught a cold.

Seeing her suffering from a fever and feeling weak, Lu Xia couldn’t help but worry and feel heartbroken.

In the morning, after making a call with other teachers to cover a class, Lu Xia declined Jiang Junmo’s proposal to take a leave and go with her, and took Zhenzhen to the hospital by herself.

Fortunately, the other two children were strong and healthy, so she could manage taking care of just one child.

Due to their regular consumption of food cooked with the spiritual spring water, both adults and children rarely fell ill, which made Lu Xia concerned about Zhenzhen’s illness this time. After undergoing some tests at the hospital, the doctor confirmed it was a simple cold, and Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief.

As they were leaving the hospital, Lu Xia unexpectedly ran into Su Man. Seeing her there was somewhat surprising. They both came out of the pediatric ward, so Lu Xia was curious and asked, “Why are you here? Is your child unwell too?”

Su Man nodded and said, “Yes, both of my little ones had some issues. Is your child also sick?”

Lu Xia nodded, “She caught a cold. We just came here for a check-up. Luckily, there’s nothing serious. We’re just buying some medicine and going back.”

Su Man agreed, “I see. I won’t keep you then. Take your child back quickly.”

Since this wasn’t the right place for a conversation, Lu Xia didn’t say much and replied, “Alright, see you another time.”

However, after they separated and left the hospital, Lu Xia suddenly realized that Su Man had said something that intrigued her – “two little ones.” Did that mean Su Man had more children now? But wasn’t her husband, Gu Xiangnan, a public servant? Could they have a second child?

However, Lu Xia decided not to dwell on this mystery, as it didn’t directly concern her.

Later, when Lu Xia was called to a quarterly summary meeting at the company by Ye Lin, she ran into Su Man in the elevator once again. Su Man casually asked if Lu Xia had time to meet up, and Lu Xia agreed.

So the two of them found a nearby teahouse to sit down and chat.

It was during this conversation that Lu Xia finally found the time to ask about her earlier question, “You mentioned having two little ones. Did you have another child?”

Su Man nodded and said, “Yes, they’re four months old, twins, two boys.”

Lu Xia nodded and smiled, “Congratulations on having both a son and a daughter.”

Su Man also smiled and replied, “Thank you, and congratulations to you as well.”

However, the curiosity about her previous question arose once more. Lu Xia wondered how they managed this situation, but she ultimately decided not to ask. After all, it was a matter of personal privacy, and they might have used a method that wasn’t convenient to discuss.

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