Chapter 86 – What’s in Your Sacks?

Given Xu Jinning’s learning ability despite her pretended illiteracy, both Cai Shumin and Xu Fanghua unanimously believed that Xu Jinning had a talent for learning.

Especially later, when learning Russian and English, Xu Jinningshowed even more aptitude.

Especially when listening to Xu Jinning’s pronunciation, it was much better than theirs.

Sometimes, Xu Jinning couldn’t help but correct some pronunciation and grammar errors made by the two, completely subconsciously.

This made Xu Fanghua and Cai Shumin even more amazed.

Even many times, there was a moment when they both felt that Xu Jinning’s proficiency in Russian and English was above theirs.

But that shouldn’t be right?

Xu Jinning hadn’t attended school for the past fifteen years.

So, it could only be attributed to Xu Jinning’s talent for learning and reading, especially in languages.

So, they looked at Xu Jinning as if they were seeing a genius.

And they both decided that they must prepare Xu Jinning to take the college entrance exam next year.

They believed that with Xu Jinning’s talent, there would be no problem.

But when Xu Jinning accidentally learned about their decision, she kept backing away, saying, “No, I can’t, I really can’t, I’m just a poor student, really.”

Anyway, in the days to come, Xu Jinning would spend her time in the agony and torment of studying.


On the county side.

During this period, the police station where Zhang Changzhengwas located was in a very tense state.

It was all because a gang of human tr*ffickers had fled from another province to this area. Although they didn’t know exactly where they were, they hadn’t left. Why hadn’t they left? Of course, it was because they were planning to commit crimes again, that is, they intended to abduct women and children again.

“Fortunately, Comrade Changzheng reminded us before, so we have raised our vigilance, which is why we are aware of it this time.”

With these words, everyone nodded in agreement.

Yes, these human tr*ffickers were too cunning.

Now they’ve actually stayed in Anren County, where they are, just to commit crimes again.

To be honest, if it weren’t for Zhang Changzheng’s earlier reminder and the increased vigilance and alertness, they wouldn’t have discovered their entry into Anren County this time.

But even though they knew they had entered Anren County, they still didn’t know where they were hiding.

“This time, I hope everyone will cooperate. If possible, we not only need to stop them from committing crimes again but also preferably arrest them all.”

“If we can catch them, everyone present will have made great contributions!”

After the meeting, Zhang Changzheng and others returned to their respective positions.

Zhang Changzheng thought about Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts he had heard before. Would he encounter these human tr*ffickers again?

Although in Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, he had been sacrificed in the hands of these people, this time was different. Zhang Changzheng was prepared; he hoped to encounter these human tr*ffickers and apprehend them.

Human tr*fficking, breaking up families that were once happy, was truly despicable!

These human tr*ffickers were indeed very cunning.

Even though they had increased their vigilance, conducted covert searches, and arrests, the next day, the day after, people still came to report cases, saying their family members had gone missing.

In just two days, three people had disappeared.

The first person who came to report said that when the child’s grandmother took her four-year-old grandson to visit relatives, the 4-year-old boy disappeared when they turned a corner.

The second person who came to report was from the DaheProduction Brigade. They said that they had taken their siblings to the supply and marketing cooperative to buy things. While the mother of the two children went into the cooperative to buy things, the siblings waited outside. However, when she came out, there was no trace of the two children.

According to their descriptions and the analysis of the police and others, the ones who took away the three children should be the same group of tr*ffickers who fled to and stayed in AnrenCounty.

“Strengthen the search again and make sure to catch them!”

The atmosphere in the county became even more tense afterwards, as it seemed that the group had sensed something, and there was no action from them in the following days.

That day, Zhang Changzheng finished work.

He rode his bicycle on the way home. At this time, it was almost dark, and there weren’t many people on the road.

By now, it was already past the time when most factories got off work. Zhang Changzheng finished work at this time because of the human traffickers’ matter, which required overtime.

So, he got off work at this hour.

Where could those human tr*ffickers be hiding?

They had covertly searched all the suspicious places, but found nothing.

Could they be hiding in…

A vague thought flashed through Zhang Changzheng’s mind, but he couldn’t grasp it.

At that moment, Zhang Changzheng’s bicycle passed by four people.

They were four men, two relatively young and two a few years older than Zhang Changzheng, all with their heads down, slightly hunched over.

The two younger men were carrying two sacks behind them.

Initially, Zhang Changzheng didn’t pay much attention.

However, as they passed by, one of the sacks suddenly moved, emitting a muffled sound.

It wasn’t clear what exactly was inside, but it was certain that there were living things in there.

The heightened vigilance during this period instantly caught Zhang Changzheng’s attention, making him alert.

“Wait a moment.” Zhang Changzheng stopped his bicycle and called out.

The group also stopped, and one of the older men turned around to look at Zhang Changzheng. His gaze swept over Zhang Changzheng’s police uniform, then he smiled and said, “Comrade police officer, is there something wrong?”

“What’s inside your sacks?” Zhang Changzheng narrowed his eyes slightly, scanning them with a serious tone.

“Oh, we were just planning to visit relatives. These sacks contain some food and clothes we brought along. It wouldn’t be right to visit someone’s home and then eat their food, would it?” The man explained, his face adorned with a simple and honest smile.

“Is that so? Just food and clothes? But why did I see movement inside the sacks just now?” Zhang Changzheng pressed, his tone becoming more serious.

As soon as the word “movement” came out, the backs of several men visibly stiffened, even the one talking to Zhang Changzheng, whose smile noticeably froze for a moment.

Their reaction was suspicious!

Zhang Changzheng instantly became alert, feeling doubtful. Slowly, one hand moved towards his waist, where his concealed gun was.

“Haha, comrade police officer, it’s definitely dark out. You must have made a mistake,” the man chuckled nervously.

“Open up the sacks. I need to check,” Zhang Changzhengdemanded directly.

“Comrade police officer, this isn’t appropriate. It’s getting dark, and we’re in a hurry. How about you ease up a bit? We really just have food and clothes here,” the man replied.

Just as he finished speaking, the two sacks, which had been quiet until then, suddenly moved, emitting muffled sounds, as if someone’s mouth had been covered.

At this moment, they realized they had been caught.

“Run!” The man who had been speaking with Zhang Changzheng’s face instantly turned grim. He turned around and shouted before sprinting away.

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