Chapter 85 – He was actually assigned to clean up manure!

Although the divorce of Cai Shumin originated because of Zhou Yinsheng, many people in the village still felt that Cai Shuminwas in the wrong.

They couldn’t understand why Cai Shumin cared about love affairs. If she liked Zhou Yinsheng, as long as Zhou Yinshengstayed by her side, it would be fine. Her father was the brigadeleader, while Zhou Yinsheng was a sent-down youth. As long as Cai Shumin wanted, she could persuade her father, and Zhou Yinsheng might never be able to return to the city for the rest of his life. Even if there was a chance in the future, as long as Captain Cai didn’t provide an introduction letter, there would be no way.

Who cares whom he likes? As long as he marries her now, and stays by her side, it’s all good.

That’s what most people thought.

Some even thought that the Cai family was acting foolishly. How could they support Cai Shumin when she wanted a divorce?

Divorce was such a shameful thing. Look, now the whole village knows about it and they’re all laughing.

It’s going to be difficult for Cai Shumin to get married in the future.

Originally, she was the only daughter of the brigade leader’s family and a high school student. She looked pretty good, too. Before getting married, Cai Shumin was considered a highly desirable girl in several nearby villages.

But now, Cai Shumin has divorced, and she was the one who initiated it. A woman with such strong opinions, no one’s family would want her.

Of course, there were those busybodies who took these words to persuade the Cai family.

They hoped that the Cai family could stop Cai Shumin from divorcing or perhaps criticize her.

But the Cai family didn’t do that.

For the Cai family, yes, divorce was indeed a big deal, but as long as their little sister wanted it, they supported her.

And this whole thing was entirely Zhou Yinsheng’s fault. Little sister didn’t do anything wrong.

Furthermore, living with Zhou Yinsheng, such a deceitful and scheming person, would only make little sister even more unhappy. Who knows when she might be harmed by Zhou Yinsheng in the future.

So, it’s better to divorce.

They respected little sister’s decision.

They didn’t feel ashamed at all about this.

Moreover, after the divorce, little sister still had a place to go.

She still lived in her original place, which was still her home.

If anyone had to leave, it was Zhou Yinsheng who was kicked out.

Indeed, after the divorce, Zhou Yinsheng was driven out of the Cai family.

His belongings were thrown out directly.

Zhou Yinsheng was angry, resentful, and even harbored hatred, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

He could only sneak back to the Educated Youth Spot with his things.

Of course, even though Zhou Yinsheng harbored resentment towards the Cai family and Cai Shumin, he dared not show it outwardly.

He even kept apologizing, admitting his faults, and defending himself.

As people in the village said, Cai Shumin’s father was the brigade leader, a person who could directly prevent him from returning to the city.

So even though Cai Shumin did something that made him angry and resentful, kicking him out of the Cai family after divorcing him, he still couldn’t retaliate.

Life at the educated youth spot was indeed tough for Zhou Yinsheng.

While he was at the Cai family’s home, he had his own room with Cai Shumin. Now, he had to share a room with several other educated youths and sleep on a communal bed.

During his stay at the Cai family’s home, he not only lived there but also ate with the Cai family.

The Cai family was well-off; Father Cai was the brigade leader, and Cai Shumin’s brothers were strong workers. The food at the Cai family’s home was good, and they occasionally had fine grains and meat.

Moreover, Zhou Yinsheng used to do easy tasks during his time at the Cai family’s home.

And now, in retaliation against him, the Cai family actually arranged for him to clean up manure!

He, a talented individual, a man of culture, a city dweller, was actually going to pick up that filthy manure!

That was something Zhou Yinsheng couldn’t bear.

But even though he couldn’t bear it, he had to endure it because it was ordered by Captain Cai, and there was no way to change it. If others saw it, they might just see it as a joke at his expense, or even think he deserved it, without sympathizing with him or offering any help.

After toiling and picking up the manure, coming back with just a meager amount of work points, Zhou Yinsheng ate very poorly every day.

After that, Zhou Yinsheng’s mental state visibly deteriorated.

Of course, Zhou Yinsheng not only resented the Cai family but also resented Shi Xue.

Clearly, she was once like a moonlight in his heart, but now he could hate her.

Zhou Yinsheng felt it was Shi Xue’s presence that led to Cai Shumin divorcing him, leading to his current situation.

Love when he says love, hate when he says hate.

In fact, Zhou Yinsheng’s fundamental love was not for Shi Xueor anyone else; he loved himself the most.

And he was an extremely selfish person.

Of course, after the divorce, Zhou Yinsheng lived a hard life. He didn’t want to live like that, so he wanted to reconcile with Cai Shumin.

But it was useless.

Cai Shumin completely ignored him and remained unmoved.

Sometimes when he encountered Cai Shumin’s brothersaccompanying her, he would even be beaten up by her brothers.

Over time, Zhou Yinsheng became afraid.

After Cai Shumin’s divorce, the Cai family originally thought she would be sad and upset, especially since she had liked Zhou Yinsheng so much before.

But no, after the divorce, Cai Shumin still lived happily every day, ignoring the rumors and gossip outside.

The Cai family noticed that not only was Cai Shumin not sad, but she also started to read books, saying that she thought the college entrance exam might resume, and she wanted to go to college.

Although the Cai family didn’t believe the college entrance exam would resume, they supported her reading.

Having a goal is good, having something to do is good, so she wouldn’t waste time on that jerk and feeling sad.

Indeed, Cai Shumin had no time to feel sad or upset, and she wasn’t sad at all. On the contrary, after divorcing Zhou Yinsheng, she felt much relieved.

Many times, she felt that her previous infatuation with Zhou Yinsheng, even feeling like she could sacrifice everything for him, seemed like being imprisoned.

Her body was imprisoned, and so was her mind.

To say it was imprisonment was essentially the same as control.

But now, she was free, both physically and mentally.

She believed that she would live better in the future.

She wanted to take the college entrance exam, go to college, and see the wider world outside.

Oh, and there’s also Xu Jinning…

If it weren’t for Xu Jinning’s reminder, perhaps she would have met the fate of being pushed down the cliff by Zhou Yinshengnext year, ending up as a dead body with three lives lost.

So, Cai Shumin was grateful to Xu Jinning.

However, this gratitude was destined to be known only to herself.

But she would repay the debt of saving her life. Such kindness deserved a lifetime of repayment.

And now, let’s start repaying it partially.


Originally, Xu Jinning, who only needed to deal with Xu Fanghua alone, now had another teacher.

Yes, Cai Shumin took the initiative to come to her house, offering to teach Xu Jinning when Xu Fanghua was not at home due to work.

Xu Jinning was stunned, to say the least.

Both Xu Fanghua and Cai Shumin were academic achievers.

Could she, a poor student, make it?

Xu Jinning wanted to postpone it, but Cai Shumin was very determined, and Xu Fanghua also agreed to it for her.

So, Xu Jinning had no choice but to accept Cai Shumin as another one of her teachers.

But Cai Shumin was really good to her, whether when teaching her or in daily life, she was very gentle with her.

Every time she came, she would bring different things for her, mostly food, and often fed her.

It could be said that Cai Shumin treated her like a little sister!

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