Chapter 669 – Gone

After coming back in the evening, Lu Xia shared her thoughts with Jiang Junmo. After listening, Jiang Junmo expressed his support.

“It just so happens that I’m not busy these days. Let me take care of the children, and you can focus on your studies.”

He not only said this to her but also called the children over one by one and instructed them not to disturb their mother during this time.

Lu Xia was deeply moved and determined to succeed, not wanting to disappoint her family’s trust in her.

When the registration time came, she immediately registered and started reviewing during her spare time.

However, at this time, Lu Qiu came to the school again.

To be honest, Lu Xia didn’t know why she had come to see her, especially since they hadn’t met since the incident with the Lu family.

She probably also knew that Lu Xia didn’t want any further contact with them.

This time, the two of them sat by the lake, just like last time. Even though not much time had passed, they still felt that things had changed.

Lu Qiu silently stared at the surface of the lake without saying a word.

Lu Xia had been waiting for her to speak, but after a while, she realized that Lu Qiu still hadn’t said anything and was planning to ask.

It was at this moment that Lu Qiu finally spoke.

“Dad is gone…”

Lu Xia was stunned. “When did it happen?”

“A few days ago, I received a call from the prison. They said he got sick and didn’t make it. It was a sudden illness, and he didn’t suffer.”

Lu Xia nodded after hearing this, not sure what she was feeling.

Was it sadness?

Or was it a sigh of relief?

After all, only Father Lu knew the lies about her background, and as long as he was alive, there was a risk of those lies being exposed.

She just didn’t expect that he would leave in this way.

“…My condolences. Maybe, for him, it’s also a kind of release.” After all, Father Lu was not young, and compared to spending almost the entire latter half of his life in prison, who knew which was better.

Lu Qiu didn’t say anything in response to that but continued, “Mom is gone too. Shortly after Dad passed away, she lost her mind and, when the prison guards weren’t paying attention, she ran into a wall.”

Lu Xia fell into silence. In front of their real daughter, she didn’t want to reveal much. She didn’t feel sadness, just a sense of retribution.

And Lu Qiu probably didn’t have much to say to her either.

In her eyes, her family members were either in prison or deceased, and the reality of it all breaking apart was difficult to accept.

So she wanted to talk to her “second sister,” Lu Xia.

Lu Xia understood her, so even though she didn’t respond, she listened silently as Lu Qiu continued.

“From today on, I’m a child without parents.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia, unusually, replied, “I’ve never had parents.”

Lu Qiu fell silent and finally asked, “Do you still hate them, then?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “I don’t care anymore.”

It wasn’t that she didn’t hate; she simply didn’t care.

Lu Qiu understood her after hearing this and didn’t say much more. However, before leaving, Lu Xia gave her some funeral money, perhaps to consider it the money they spent to raise her.

Seeing Lu Qiu accept the money, Lu Xia added, “When Lu Dong is released, you can contact me. I promised Lu Dahai that I would take care of him.”

Lu Qiu nodded after hearing this and glanced at her before departing.

In that moment, she understood Lu Xia’s intention – not to come looking for her until Lu Dong was released.

It was then that Lu Qiu realized that Lu Xia was no longer her second sister; she truly had no family left.

But as she exited the gates of Peking University, seeing her husband waiting outside, her heart warmed. She still had a family, didn’t she…


Chapter 670 – The Ordeal of Pregnancy


The passing of Lu Xia’s parents didn’t have much of an impact on her. After returning home, she simply shared the news with Jiang Junmo.

Seeing that Lu Xia wasn’t particularly sad about it, Jiang Junmo refrained from offering consolation.

Afterward, Lu Xia immersed herself in her studies and successfully enrolled in the graduate program for Applied Foreign Languages and Translation at Peking University in March of the following year. The professor who supervised her was recommended by the department head, a man surnamed Lin, who was currently one of the most accomplished professors in their field.

Professor Lin had known Lu Xia from before and had a fair understanding of her abilities. Although he hadn’t given her any special treatment during the entrance exams, he was genuinely pleased that she had achieved the top ranking.

Even though the requirements and schedules for part-time graduate students and full-time graduate students differed, because Lu Xia’s job was located at Peking University, she attended classes when she had free time and also assisted Professor Lin with research and papers.

In essence, she was similar to a full-time graduate student.

This made her quite busy, with very few opportunities to leave work early. Fortunately, her children were older now and didn’t need her to pick them up.

Additionally, Jiang Junmo had started mentoring new employees, which reduced his workload and allowed him to help share the responsibilities at home.

This arrangement allowed Lu Xia to focus entirely on her academic work and studies. She knew that Jiang Junmo was working hard and enduring some challenges, but she also understood that it was only for a few more years. Once she graduated, they could reevaluate their priorities.

By May, Lu Xia’s cousin-in-law was approaching her due date and had already checked into the hospital. This pregnancy had been particularly difficult for her. While her return to Peking had initially made things easier, as her belly grew and the baby became more active, it became a real struggle.

There was a period when she couldn’t even eat properly, often vomiting whatever food Aunt Wang prepared for her.

In desperation, Aunt Jiang reached out to her, hoping that she could provide daily meals from her private kitchen for her cousin-in-law.

Lu Xia readily agreed. Adding one or two extra dishes to the private kitchen menu wasn’t a big deal, and it was more convenient for them to pick up the food daily.

Aunt Jiang was very appreciative and paid for a month’s worth of meals in advance when she learned of Lu Xia’s agreement. Lu Xia felt a bit helpless about the situation but understood that Aunt Jiang wouldn’t have agreed if it wasn’t paid for. So, she occasionally sent some fruit to her sister-in-law, many of which were grown in their own garden and watered with special spring water, making them especially delicious.

Her cousin-in-law fell in love with the fruits Lu Xia sent, and others refrained from eating them, leaving them for her. In this way, she had a constant supply of fruits during her pregnancy.

However, even with this arrangement, she nearly encountered a severe issue in the late stages of her pregnancy. She couldn’t eat anything, not even the dishes from the private kitchen, and she couldn’t tolerate fruits either. Everything she consumed led to vomiting.

She was becoming dangerously thin, with her belly being the only part that seemed to be growing.

In desperation, Aunt Jiang had no choice but to have her admitted to the hospital, where she received nutritional support through intravenous injections.

The hospital stay improved her condition somewhat, but for some reason, perhaps due to hospital habits or psychological factors, or maybe influenced by her profession as a doctor, she developed an aversion to colored objects once she returned home.

Looking at things with colors made her feel nauseous, and she couldn’t stand it.

Aunt Jiang had to replace all the bed linens and covers in her room with white ones, thinking that it would resolve the issue. But her aversion continued.

She couldn’t bear colored decor or objects around the house.

In the end, after discussing with Grandpa Jiang, they decided to remove or cover anything colored in the house, even if it meant using white covers. This seemed to help her feel better, and she could finally eat again.

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