Chapter 261 – He is very strong

“This is also the reason why I had you bring Chen Li to Ci’en. Although there are men in this world with the genes to bear children, they are extremely rare. It’s a very discreet matter; those who are aware either have relatives with such genes or possess the genes themselves.” Wang Kaiji responded, “I can’t guarantee whether the doctors at Q University Affiliated Hospital know about this, so, to prevent Chen Li from being treated as a subject for scientific study, I had Lan Xiping take him to Ci’en.”

After Wang Kaiji said this, he finally began to answer the question Lan Xiping had just asked, “Chen Li is very strong. Although he didn’t know he was already pregnant, when he fell, he instinctively protected his abdomen. The child in his belly is also very strong. Perhaps it could feel its father’s love, so it persisted in holding on, so both father and child are safe. However, Chen Li’s physical condition is relatively poor. And falling this time means he needs a period of rest.”

When the words ‘father and child are safe’ was spoken, Lan Xiping let out a sigh of relief. He looked at Wei Chen and only then noticed that Wei, who typically remained calm in the face of adversity, was now covered in fine sweat, his face pale. His hands were clenched tightly until Wang Kaiji mentioned the safety of the father and child, and only then did he slowly release his grip.

It was evident just how nervous and worried he had been moments before.

“It’s all right. When Chen Li wakes up later, you can go and see him.” Wang Kaiji patted Wei Chen’s shoulder, reassuringly saying. However, it was only in that brief moment of contact with Wei Chen’s shoulder that Wang Kaiji realized Wei Chen was still trembling.

“Thank you.” Wei Chen remained silent for a long time before finding his voice again, although it sounded somewhat hoarse and even trembling at the end.

At that moment, Wang Kaiji’s phone rang. It was the director of Q University Affiliated Hospital calling.

After Wang Kaiji answered the call, he expressed gratitude to the director for temporarily adjourning a meeting, which allowed the ambulance to transport Chen Li to Ci’en today. Otherwise, by now, the news that a man could become pregnant might have made headlines in various major news outlets.

However, in the subsequent conversation, Wang Kaiji’s expression suddenly stiffened, even showing signs of anger. If not for his good upbringing, he might have smashed the phone in his hand right then and there.

“Director Wu, please ensure fairness in handling this matter.” Wang Kaiji’s expression was serious, and his tone was not a request but more of a command, indicating the infuriating information he received from Director Wu at Q University Affiliated Hospital.

After receiving assurances from Director Wu, Wang Kaiji ended the call and looked at Wei Chen. “It seems the child in Chen Li’s belly is your lucky star.” With that, Wang Kaiji let out a sigh of relief. He couldn’t fathom what might have happened if Chen Li hadn’t been brought to Ci’en today but had been taken to Q University Affiliated Hospital instead.

“Teacher, what happened?” Lan Xiping was puzzled.

Wei Chen was equally perplexed. Just like Lan Xiping, he turned to Wang Kaiji with a questioning look.

“The director of Q University Affiliated Hospital just called me. He said that today, someone had bribed the doctor on duty in their emergency room. Once Chen Li was wheeled into the emergency operating room, they intended to kill him and extract his heart!” Wang Kaiji’s voice trembled when he mentioned the killing and heart extraction. It carried anger, but more than that, it seemed incredulous.

The mastermind behind this incident was undoubtedly from the Chen family. Wang Kaiji couldn’t believe the extent to which the Chen family had gone mad! What did they consider human life to be? They were talking about killing and extracting someone’s heart?

Although Wei Chen was not surprised that the Chen family could stoop to this level, his anger was raging. He couldn’t even fathom what might have happened if Lan Xiping hadn’t gone to the School of Fine Arts to find Chen Li, hadn’t noticed something wrong with Chen Li, or if Director Wang Kaiji hadn’t insisted on taking Chen Li to Ci’en instead of Q University Affiliated Hospital. If the injured Chen Li had been taken to the nearest Q University Affiliated Hospital, the consequences would have been unimaginable once he was taken into the operating room.

“Director Wang, Lan Xiping, thank you.” Wei Chen restrained his anger, stood up from the sofa, bowed first to Wang Kaiji and then to Lan Xiping.

Wang Kaiji and Lan Xiping both evaded the gesture.

“What are you planning to do next?” Wang Kaiji asked.

“Everything will follow the procedures of the law,” Wei Chen said, his icy eyes slightly narrowed.

But before that, he wanted the Chen family to experience the sudden despair after their high expectations.

After leaving the office, Wei Chen entered Chen Li’s room. Chen Li was still unconscious. Wei Chen sat by Chen Li’s side, holding his hand, tenderly watching over him.

In the next moment, as if sensing Wei Chen’s gaze, Chen Li’s hand moved. Wei Chen noticed and tightly held Chen Li’s hand.

“A… Achen… ” Chen Li, still not awake, subconsciously called out Wei Chen’s name, trusting and relying on him wholeheartedly.

“Li Li, I’m here.” Wei Chen pressed a kiss on the back of Chen Li’s hand, gently responding to Chen Li’s call.

Chen Li slowly opened his eyes, meeting Wei Chen’s tender and affectionate gaze.

“A… Achen…” Chen Li, weakly, said, “Did I fall?”

Wei Chen nodded, “Yes, be more careful next time.”

“Next time I catch a cold, I won’t go to school,” Chen Li felt guilty. His hospitalization due to the fall must have worried Wei Chen.

Chen Li thought he slipped due to catching a cold, causing him to fall down the stairs. Next time such a situation arose, he decided he would obediently stay at home to prevent any further incidents.

Wei Chen leaned down and kissed Chen Li’s pale lips, placing his palm on Chen Li’s belly, asking, “The doctor said when you fell, you protected your abdomen. Can you tell me why you protected it? Li Li, hmm?”

Chen Li placed his hand on top of Wei Chen’s, looking very puzzled. He didn’t know why he protected his belly. “I don’t know,” Chen Li honestly replied. “In that moment, I felt like there was something very important inside my belly. I couldn’t lose it.”

“Yes, there really is something very important inside.” Wei Chen stood up, pressing his ear against Chen Li’s belly. Even though it was early in the pregnancy, he couldn’t hear any movement, but Wei Chen felt as if a little life was calling him ‘Dad’.

Chen Li’s eyes squinted slightly; he seemed to understand Wei Chen’s intention.

“A… Achen…” Chen Li called out, lightly touching his belly, “Is there a baby inside?”

“Yes, Li Li, there’s our baby inside,” Wei Chen confirmed positively.

The arrival of this new life brought him so many surprises. It was something Wei Chen had never even thought of, but at this moment, he didn’t resist in the slightest. He accepted the arrival of this child without any confusion.

Chen Li’s eyes lit up all of a sudden. A baby, he and Wei Chen had a baby.

What a miraculous thing this was!

“Baby, A… Achen, do we really have a baby?” Chen Li confirmed again.

Wei Chen bent down and kissed Chen Li’s lips, affirming once more, “Yes, we have a baby.”

In fact, after hearing Chen Yunlan’s story yesterday, Wei Chen had planned to take Chen Li to the hospital today for a check-up, to see if Chen Li was pregnant. After all, many times, they got carried away and didn’t use protection.

However, Wei Chen never expected this to happen…

Now, thinking about it, Wei Chen felt a chill down his spine and a sense of lingering fear.

Afterward, Chen Li was somewhat excited, discussing the baby with Wei Chen, but his body was weak. He soon felt drowsy. With Wei Chen’s reassurance, he slowly drifted into slumber, a faint smile on his lips, presumably feeling content.

After receiving a call, Chen Yunlan hurriedly arrived at Ci’en. When he reached the door of Chen Li’s ward, Chen Li had already fallen asleep again.

As Chen Yunlan pushed open the door and entered, Wei Chen was sitting by Chen Li’s bedside, holding his hand, his gaze gentle upon Chen Li’s face.

Chen Li, lying on the hospital bed, had a bandage on his forehead from the fall down the stairs, and his face bore some other minor scratches, fortunately not too deep.

His complexion was pale, deeply asleep at the moment.

Chen Yunlan approached the bedside and asked, “Is Xiao Li okay?”

Wei Chen’s gaze didn’t shift from Chen Li’s face; he simply nodded his head. “He’s okay.”

Upon hearing these three words, Chen Yunlan’s anxious heart slightly eased.

Standing by the hospital bed, he quietly observed Chen Li, and his restless heart gradually calmed down.

Not long after, Sheng Jiaqi arrived. The man who caught the student with ill intentions towards Chen Li was someone sent by Sheng Jiaqi to protect him. Consequently, Sheng Jiaqi received the news first and promptly interrogated the student.

After obtaining the truth from the student, Sheng Jiaqi rushed over.

Likewise, upon seeing Chen Li sleeping peacefully on the hospital bed, Sheng Jiaqi also breathed a sigh of relief—no major harm had come to the person.

“Wei Chen,” Sheng Jiaqi patted Wei Chen’s shoulder and spoke softly, “Step out for a moment. I need to talk to you.” Wei Chen released Chen Li’s hand and followed Sheng Jiaqi out.

Once they reached the door of the ward, Sheng Jiaqi got straight to the point. “I caught the person and retrieved something from him.”

“Uncle Sheng, please, just tell me.” Due to the incident mentioned by Director Wu from Q University Affiliated Hospital, Wei Chen already had some speculations in his mind.

“That person was acting under orders to kidnap Chen Li. If they couldn’t kidnap him, the intention was to cause serious harm to him.” Sheng Jiaqi succinctly explained the details of his investigation, who was behind it, and how, following the trail, he managed to uncover the truth.

“The person instructing that student isn’t Chen Yunsheng; it’s Chen Yunsheng’s son, Chen Qing.” This revelation surprised Sheng Jiaqi, given that Chen Qing was quite young, and it was unexpected for someone of his age to harbor such malicious intentions.

It seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The entire Chen family, from top to bottom, is thoroughly corrupt.

Of course, Chen Yunlan and Chen Li are exceptions in the family.

“However, there’s some confusion: why would Chen Qing want Chen Li seriously injured? Did he plan to kill and extract his heart directly during surgery?” Despite speculating in this manner, Sheng Jiaqi instinctively found it hard to believe that such a heinous plan could be true. However, the next moment, Wei Chen redefined the extent of cruelty within the Chen family.

“The attending doctor in the Q University Affiliated Hospital’s emergency room was bribed. Indeed, as you suspected, they intended to kill and extract the heart.”

Sheng Jiaqi felt his nerves jolt intensely, even though he himself had spoken of this possibility. Yet, having received confirmation, he couldn’t help but feel a chilling shock at the cruelty and madness within the Chen family.

“Is what you’re saying true?” The door to the ward opened, and Chen Yunlan emerged but gently closed the door behind him.

Chen Yunlan stood just behind the corner, listening intently to Wei Chen and Sheng Jiaqi’s conversation. Veins popped in his hand, his gaze filled with ferocity, as if he were ready to confront the members of the Chen family at any moment.

“Mr. Chen, please calm down,” Sheng Jiaqi could feel Chen Yunlan’s rage and understand it, but he also knew that rashness and fury wouldn’t solve the problem.

“How can I possibly remain calm? They are after my child’s life!” Chen Yunlan’s eyes turned red, veins protruding on his neck. After saying these words, he turned and walked away.

This was Ci’en Hospital, where Chen Yu was. To hell with long-term plans, screw his slowly sinking the Chen family into despair! Right now, he just wanted to kill Chen Yu!

Wei Chen sensed Chen Yunlan’s insane murderous intent. He didn’t step forward to stop him but just spoke to Chen Yunlan’s departing back, “Li Li is pregnant.”

These words acted as a sedative. Chen Yunlan paused.

“What did you say?” He turned around, looking at Wei Chen, wanting to confirm again.

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