Chapter 262 – A Bowl of Fish Soup

“Chen Li is pregnant,” Wei Chen repeated these four words once again.

“Pregnant!” A wave of joy surged within Chen Yunlan, suppressing his extreme anger. He walked back to the door of the ward, gently pushed it ajar, and peered through to see Chen Li peacefully asleep inside.

“Li Li is very happy,” Wei Chen’s voice, though devoid of any expression, had softened considerably. “He knows he has a father now, and he is happy.”

Chen Yunlan was taken aback; he understood Wei Chen’s implication. Wei Chen was warning him not to act impulsively. Chen Yunlan then said, “I understand.”

As he calmed down, he pondered carefully. If he had acted foolishly just now, considering that he and Chen Li had only recently acknowledged each other, and now Chen Li was pregnant, he had become a grandfather. This life was something he had never dared to dream of before, and it was now unfolding before him. If Wei Chen hadn’t stopped him earlier, he might have really done something foolish out of anger. Then, the happiness that was within his grasp would have been shattered. It wasn’t worth the risk.

Seeing that Chen Yunlan had calmed down, Wei Chen didn’t say much more. He simply said to Chen Yunlan, “I’m going out for a while; stay with Li Li, okay?”

“Alright,” Chen Yunlan nodded, thanking Wei Chen for giving him the opportunity to be with Chen Li.

Although he was Chen Li’s father, Chen Yunlan was well aware that his position in Chen Li’s heart was incomparable to Wei Chen’s. Wei Chen was Chen Li’s pillar of support and solace, while he was just an additional presence, dispensable in reality.

This realization left Chen Yunlan somewhat disheartened, but he also understood that Rome wasn’t built in a day. He had just met Chen Li, and Chen Li was still in the process of accepting and getting accustomed to him. It wasn’t possible for him to place him in an important position in his heart immediately.

However, there were many days in the future, and he was determined to make Chen Li completely accept him!

With a firm resolve in his eyes because of Chen Li’s presence, he began to envision a hopeful life once again.

Sheng Jiaqi, standing aside, witnessed Chen Yunlan’s change. Also a father himself, he understood Chen Yunlan’s mindset and believed that Chen Yunlan would be a good father.

Chen Yunlan was unaware of Sheng Jiaqi’s opinion of him. He gently pushed open the door of the ward and walked in, sitting by the bedside, his gaze fixed on Chen Li’s face, unable to look away.

Wei Chen exited the hospital, where Jiang Ye had been waiting for him at the entrance. After exchanging greetings, they got into a car and headed towards the capital’s train station.

In about an hour, the high-speed train that Reinhert was on would be arriving, and before it did, they needed to prepare and retrieve the nets they had laid down.


Beijing City, Train Station.

Despite not being a holiday, the train station in the capital city remained bustling. Every day, countless individuals arrived in this city carrying their dreams, while an equal number left shattered and disappointed, their dreams unfulfilled.

Despite the constant influx of people, this city continued to transform at a rapid pace, attracting more dream pursuers with each passing day.

Jiang Ye parked the car in the train station’s parking lot but didn’t disembark. Wei Chen leaned against the car window, his gaze fixed on the prominent sign of the vast train station.

Shortly after, a vehicle pulled up beside them. It wasn’t a top-quality car, a domestic brand, but the individuals getting out were familiar to Wei Chen and Jiang Ye.

The person getting out of the car was Chen Yunsheng, displaying a hint of urgency on his face, evidently arriving for Reinhert. Chen Qing followed, and the father and son hurried towards the train station.

Chen Qing’s pace seemed more urgent because he had just received news of a failed plan. The attending doctor at the emergency room of Q University’s affiliated hospital had been subdued, and there was no trace of the Q University student; he might also have been subdued.

Furthermore, Wei Chen’s protection of Chen Li would undoubtedly be more vigilant after this incident. This made it increasingly challenging for him to seize an opportunity. It seemed improbable to take the path of murder and heart extraction. The only potential way for Chen Li to die would be through planting psychological suggestions in Reinhert’s consciousness.

As long as Reinhert was present, there was a significant possibility that even a mere glance from him could trigger the psychological suggestions in Chen Li’s mind, leading to his mental demise!

Wei Chen and Jiang Ye observed the two entering the train station from their car but remained inside. They stayed put until Jiang Ye heard a notification through his earpiece that Reinhert’s train was about to arrive. Then, Jiang Ye started the car and drove away.

“I checked. Reinhert has diplomatic immunity. Even if we catch him, we can only hand him over to the United States. We have no way to deal with him,” Jiang Ye said while driving. This was a headache for him. Initially, he didn’t know that when Reinhert arrived in China, he didn’t use the identity of a psychological doctor but that of a U.S. diplomat. Diplomats and their families in China have diplomatic immunity. In other words, Reinhert was already aware that he might commit a crime in China. Hence, before coming, he secured the identity of a diplomat.

It seemed that Reinhert’s visit to China this time had been premeditated.

Jiang Ye could think of things, and naturally, Wei Chen could think of them as well. However, due to Wei Chen’s rebirth, his thoughts tended to delve deeper than Jiang Ye’s.

Before Wei Chen’s rebirth, he had not met Reinhert, and Reinhert had not implanted any psychological suggestions into Chen Li. Therefore, in the previous life, was Reinhert’s purpose in coming to China not to implant psychological suggestions into Chen Li, but rather something else? And if this purpose were to be exposed, it would bring disaster to Reinhert. That’s why Reinhert appeared in China under the guise of a diplomatic official.

So, what was Reinhert’s true purpose in coming to China? Did it have any relation to the downfall of the Wei family in the past life?

It seemed that Reinhert was a potential breakthrough point and a stone for turning the tide.

“Jiang Ye, after Reinhert is captured, observe the reaction of the Chen family. I believe there must be some kind of connection between Reinhert and the Chen family,” Wei Chen stated after careful consideration, referring to the Chen family in Beijing.

He intended to use Reinhert as a pivot to seek information.

If the Chen family in Beijing exhibited excessive nervousness and concern over Reinhert’s arrest, then Reinhert was undoubtedly an important chess piece for the Chen family in Beijing.

Of course, the situation couldn’t be ruled out where the Chen family pretended to remain calm. However, Wei Chen wouldn’t allow them to stay calm!

“Alright,” Jiang Ye agreed without asking for reasons, as he also had doubts about the relationship between Reinhert and the Chen family.

Jiang Ye drove the car forward and eventually stopped once more at the entrance of Ci’en Hospital. After dropping Wei Chen off, Jiang Ye departed. Wei Chen then headed to a nearby congee shop, packed a serving of congee for Chen Li, and returned to his ward.

By the time Wei Chen returned, Chen Li was already awake, propped up in bed and engrossed in watching cartoons on the TV in the ward. Upon Wei Chen’s arrival at the door, Chen Li noticed and turned to see him entering. “Achen, you’re back,” he said.

After a good rest, Chen Li’s complexion had improved significantly, and he appeared more energetic.

“Yeah, I’m back.” Wei Chen placed the congee on the small table next to the bed and leaned in to give a kiss on Chen Li’s lips, unexpectedly tasting a different flavor. Arching his eyebrow, he asked, “What did you just eat?”

Chen Li didn’t conceal anything and replied, “I had a bowl of soup, Cookie brought it over.” As he said this, both Cookie and Wei Hua walked in, holding a thermos, having just washed it.

Cookie heard from Sheng Jiaqi that Chen Li was pregnant, so the household’s chef prepared a bowl of chicken soup to nourish him. Chen Li, feeling hungry, consumed a large portion of the soup in just a few minutes, moments before Wei Chen returned, hence the different taste on his lips.

“Now that you’re back, Achen. We’ll go pick up Little Biscuit,” Wei Hua held Cookie’s hand and said.

Although Wei Hua’s expression was neutral at the moment, inside, he was experiencing a storm of shock. It was his first time learning that men could give birth!

After this crucial revelation, Wei Hua’s recent doubts and discoveries began to connect in his mind, hinting at an imminent revelation.

“Go ahead, don’t keep Little Biscuit waiting,” Wei Chen’s attention was solely focused on Chen Li, and he didn’t notice anything amiss with Wei Hua, so he allowed them to leave first. Considering the time, Little Biscuit’s kindergarten would likely have finished for the day.

After Cookie and Wei Hua left, Wei Chen finally picked up the congee from the table, cooled it, and fed it to Chen Li. The congee, rich and aromatic from the long simmering process, was quickly consumed by Chen Li.

“Where’s Mr. Chen?” Wei Chen adjusted Chen Li’s bed once more and inquired. This “Mr. Chen” naturally referred to Chen Yunlan.

“After Wei Hua and Cookie arrived, he mentioned having something to do and left for a while,” Chen Li explained, not knowing where Chen Yunlan had gone.

As Chen Li spoke, the door to the ward opened, and Chen Yunlan entered, carrying a large thermos.

It turned out that Chen Yunlan had left to stew fish soup for Chen Li.

“It’s a bit rushed today, so the fish soup isn’t cooked enough,” Chen Yunlan placed the thermos on the table and continued, “When I have time tomorrow, I’ll make a more authentic one for you.”

The creamy white fish soup poured out of the thermos, releasing a fragrant aroma.

Although Chen Li had already eaten a serving of congee and chicken soup, upon smelling the fish soup, his eyes fixated on it. He still wanted to eat.

When Chen Yunlan entered and saw the packed bowl on the small table beside the bed, he realized Chen Li had already eaten, so he poured out a small portion and added a few pieces of fish to offer to Chen Li.

Although the soup was slightly undercooked, Chen Yunlan’s cooking skills were excellent. The fish soup was flavorful and free of fish bones, ensuring Chen Li wouldn’t have to worry about choking. As he had almost finished the small portion, Chen Li felt a bit full but controlled his desire to keep eating, though his eyes couldn’t help but fixate on the remaining soup, with the tantalizing taste of the fish still lingering on his tongue.

Chen Yunlan poured out another bowl of fish soup and handed it to Wei Chen. “Wei Chen, have some first,” he suggested, figuring that Wei Chen probably hadn’t eaten much all day. It was better for Wei Chen to have something to eat, considering that Wei Chen would be taking care of Chen Li in the evening.

“Thank you,” Wei Chen took the fish soup, its rich fragrance tantalizing his senses. After drinking a bowl of fish soup, Wei Chen realized Chen Li was staring directly at him. Just as he was about to speak, Chen Li dashed over, kissed Wei Chen on the lips, and then smiled.

Wei Chen rubbed Chen Li’s head, feeling somewhat helpless.

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