Chapter 276 – One Day and One Night

Jiang Ye’s voice was deep and magnetic. At this moment, his voice reached Wei Chen’s ears through the phone, as if it possessed a magical charm. The two words, “Xiping,” were like a soothing pill, instantly calming Wei Chen’s restless heart.

“I’ll arrange for someone to pick you up,” Wei Chen said, his voice carrying an urgency that even he wasn’t aware of.

Ending the call, Wei Chen’s emotional shift was keenly sensed by Chen Li, who asked, “Has Xiping arrived?”

Wei Chen nodded, “They are already at the airport in LD. I’ll ask Dad to pick them up.” With that, Wei Chen got up to talk to Chen Yunlan, asking him to go to LD Airport to pick up Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping.

Chen Li grabbed Wei Chen’s hand, focusing his gaze on him. “Achen, I want to go out for a walk. Let’s go pick them up.”

“Okay,” Wei Chen said, helping Chen Li put on his clothes. It was cold outside, and he bundled him up like a ball.

Hand in hand, the two went downstairs. Chen Yunlan noticed them, “Are you going out?”

“Yes, friends are coming, and we’re going to the airport to pick them up. It’s a good opportunity for Li Li to get some fresh air,” Wei Chen replied.

“Today’s weather is nice. Take Xiao Li for a stroll. Be careful on the road,” Chen Yunlan didn’t object, just offering a concerned reminder.

“Alright,” Wei Chen replied, and he and Chen Li left.

Before leaving, Chen Li turned back and made a farewell gesture to Chen Yunlan.

Chen Yunlan watched the two leave, then sighed. Xiao Li seemed much more exhausted than yesterday. At this rate, could Xiao Li endure it?

Chen Yunlan’s brows furrowed tightly. The more he worried about Chen Li, the more he hated the instigator of all this. He wished the Chen family could be shattered into pieces before him right now!

Indeed, it was a beautiful day. After several days of snowfall, it had finally stopped in the morning. The long-missed sun emerged, casting a golden light on the pure white snow, enveloping the entire world in a silvery blanket.

It would take at least an hour or more to travel from the estate to the airport. Despite Wei Chen’s urgency, there was a thin layer of ice on the road. He had to suppress his impatience and drive at a slower speed.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Chen Li looked ahead, his eyes unblinking. In fact, he was somewhat tired but dared not fall asleep, afraid that if he did, the endless nightmares would engulf him.

When the traffic light turned green, Wei Chen reached out and held Chen Li’s hand, whispering softly, “Li Li, don’t worry. Everything will be okay.”

This was the first comforting words Wei Chen had spoken in over half a month, and it was also the first time he had openly revealed his concerns.

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen and nodded gently, “Yes, everything will be okay.”

As the green light lit up, Wei Chen refocused his gaze ahead, driving carefully.

When they arrived at the airport, Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping had already been waiting with their luggage. As soon as Wei Chen and Chen Li entered, they saw the two.

“Why didn’t you tell us in advance to come early? I could have come earlier,” Wei Chen said.

Jiang Ye replied, “It was too rushed, and there wasn’t time to inform you.”

Indeed, that was the case. Lan Xiping came up with a solution in the middle of the night. The two hurriedly bought tickets for the nearest flight and rushed over. Once on the plane, Lan Xiping’s entire focus was on Chen Li. He kept flipping through psychology books and the notes he had taken during this time. If Jiang Ye hadn’t been keeping an eye on him, Lan Xiping might not have slept at all.

After exchanging pleasantries, the four got into the car. Jiang Ye was arranged in the front passenger seat by Lan Xiping, who then pulled Chen Li into the back seat. Wei Chen took the driver’s seat.

Just ten minutes into the journey, nobody knew what Lan Xiping and Chen Li had talked about. Surprisingly, Chen Li fell asleep with his head on Lan Xiping’s shoulder, even emitting a faint snoring sound.

Wei Chen, looking at the situation through the rearview mirror, was somewhat surprised but, more importantly, he trusted Lan Xiping.

To avoid waking Chen Li up, the three who were awake did not exchange any words throughout the journey. An hour later, the car entered the estate’s garage.

Wei Chen went to the back seat and lifted Chen Li horizontally. Chen Li was truly in a deep sleep and didn’t wake up even when lifted by Wei Chen. He found a comfortable position on his own and continued to sleep soundly.

Chen Yunlan, hearing the commotion, was waiting at the door. Seeing Wei Chen carrying the sleeping Chen Li in, Chen Yunlan couldn’t help but show a surprised expression.

In the past half month, Chen Li had never had a complete night’s sleep. Every time he fell asleep, nightmares would wake him up. It was unusual for him to sleep so peacefully today.

However, Chen Yunlan’s surprise was only momentary. He then greeted Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping, not knowing who these two young people were but sensing Wei Chen’s trust in them. Moreover, Chen Yunlan had a premonition that Chen Li’s ability to sleep was closely related to these two young people.

Wei Chen carried Chen Li back to bed, and Chen Li still didn’t wake up. With his hands resting on his stomach, he continued to sleep in a peaceful posture.

After watching for a while, Wei Chen saw no signs of Chen Li waking up, so he quietly left the room and went downstairs. Lan Xiping had arrived, and there were many things Wei Chen needed to consult him about Chen Li’s condition. He hoped that Lan Xiping’s visit this time wouldn’t be in vain.

As Wei Chen went downstairs, Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye were chatting with Chen Yunlan. The three of them were knowledgeable individuals, so they could easily find common topics without resorting to awkward conversations.

But it was their first meeting, and the conversation wasn’t very relaxed. When Wei Chen came down, the atmosphere in the living room noticeably lightened.

“Xiao Li is asleep?” Chen Yunlan asked when he saw Wei Chen coming down, despite having witnessed it just now. Now thinking about it, Chen Yunlan still found it somewhat unbelievable.

Wei Chen nodded, found a seat, and then looked at Lan Xiping, asking directly, “How long will Li Li sleep this time?” He knew that Lan Xiping must have intervened for Chen Li to be able to sleep now.

“If nothing unexpected happens, he won’t wake up until tomorrow noon. Chen Li’s mental state is very poor, and he needs proper rest before he can undergo treatment,” Lan Xiping said, without any concealment. Chen Li’s condition was worse than he had imagined. In this state, he couldn’t receive treatment. That’s why he thought of a way in the car to let Chen Li sleep after being mentally and physically exhausted, and it was expected to be a long sleep.

Chen Yunlan’s premonition was confirmed. He looked at Lan Xiping, and the surprise in his eyes was evident. This young man in front of him, who looked to be around twenty, had such deep knowledge in psychology?

“Thank you,” Wei Chen and Chen Yunlan both said almost simultaneously, expressing gratitude to Lan Xiping.

“Don’t thank me. Tomorrow night, I will help Chen Li erase the psychological suggestion from his mind,” Lan Xiping said. For this goal, he had been working tirelessly for months, finally coming up with a method to remove the psychological suggestion in the middle of the night before yesterday and rushing over non-stop.

Chen Yunlan and Wei Chen both showed joy on their faces upon hearing this.

“However, you need to be mentally prepared. The success rate is not one hundred percent. After erasing the psychological suggestion, there is a thirty percent chance of causing neurological damage, turning him into a mentally handicapped patient. And not only Chen Li but even Wei Chen may be affected,” Lan Xiping’s tone became heavy. This was the best result he could achieve to maximize the success rate. After Lan Xiping finished speaking, there was silence in the living room.

It seemed like a long time passed before Wei Chen spoke, “I believe in you. Whether it’s a seventy percent success or a thirty percent failure, I believe in you. Because regardless of success or failure, my Li Li will still be alive. And what I become in the end doesn’t matter anymore.”

“I will do my best,” Lan Xiping, as a future doctor, wanted to hear nothing more than the words “I believe in you” from the family members of the patient.

As Lan Xiping had said, Chen Li slept directly until noon the next day. When he woke up, he saw Wei Chen sitting by the bedside reading a book. Hearing movement, Wei Chen looked at Chen Li and met his somewhat sleepy eyes.

“Achen,” Chen Li called out. Due to sleeping for an extended period, Chen Li’s voice was somewhat hoarse.


“How long did I sleep?” Chen Li reached out to Wei Chen, wanting him to help him up.

Wei Chen grabbed Chen Li’s hand and pulled him up. “Are you hungry?”

Chen Li nodded, “Very hungry.” After a nap, Chen Li felt much more energetic, and he didn’t look as listless as before.

“Then get up, wash your face and brush your teeth. Dad has prepared lunch for you.”

It was only then that Chen Li realized it was already noon. He shuffled into the bathroom while asking Wei Chen, “Did I sleep for so long?”

Yesterday, when he went to pick up Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping, it was in the evening. His memory stopped at getting in the car and chatting with Lan Xiping. After that, he fell asleep in a daze, and now he had woken up at this time.

Afterward, Chen Li had a hearty appetite and quickly finished two bowls of rice, feeling quite satisfied.

After lunch, Lan Xiping took Chen Li for a walk around the estate. The weather was still good, and Carl had cleared the snow from the paths. Now, under the sunshine, there wasn’t even a trace of ice on the small paths.

Chen Li and Lan Xiping had an inexplicable connection. In front of Lan Xiping, Chen Li could easily relax. Coupled with Lan Xiping’s application of some psychological techniques, it didn’t take long for Chen Li to recount the dream he had in his sleep, doing so in a calm manner.

After a stroll around the estate, Lan Xiping took Chen Li back to the bedroom, with Wei Chen following them in. He closed the bedroom door behind them.

This door remained closed for a day and a night. When it opened again, Lan Xiping walked out with a pale face, extremely drained both physically and mentally, showing signs of exhaustion.

Jiang Ye noticed this and hurriedly went up to support Lan Xiping, his face filled with concern. “Xiping, are you okay?”

Lan Xiping shook his head. “I’m fine, just need a good night’s sleep.” With that said, he looked at Chen Yunlan, who was anxiously watching them.

Chen Yunlan, meeting Lan Xiping’s gaze, immediately asked, “Are they okay?”

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