Chapter 275 – Xiping Arrives

The timeline had already entered the depths of winter, with the wind and snow raging outside the window.

The cold wind seemed furious, howling and roaring outside the window as if intending to overturn the world. Snowflakes fell in abundance, resembling goose feathers, swiftly enveloping the world under their influence and continuing to expand.

In such a snowstorm, no matter how thick the doors and windows were, they couldn’t block out the eerie sounds of wailing and howling from outside, penetrating the ears and resonating in the heart.

Wei Chen was awakened by the noise of the snowstorm. Without opening his eyes fully, he gently covered Chen Li’s ears with his hand, hoping to let him sleep more peacefully.

Perhaps Chen Li did not hear the snowstorm outside the window, but within Chen Li’s dreams, a more intense snowstorm had already taken place.

Dreams that Chen Li had forgotten returned to him—the cold white, piercing blood-red, and the two lifeless bodies lying above and below the hospital bed, both staring fixedly at each other, never to meet again.

Intense pain emanated from his heart, perhaps to prove that he was alive. Chen Li began to struggle violently, tears staining his face at some point.

Wei Chen noticed, but he dared not wake Chen Li from that nightmare, fearing that his negligence might trigger the psychological suggestion in Chen Li’s mind, causing consequences he couldn’t bear.

As the night deepened, the storm outside persisted, and Chen Li finally succumbed to the nightmare, abruptly opening his eyes. It was as if he had been lifted up by someone, and he fiercely jumped on the bed.

Only when Wei Chen knew that Chen Li had awakened did he turn on the bedside lamp. Chen Li was blinded by the sudden light and, as if realizing something, suddenly pounced into Wei Chen’s arms, not letting him see his tear-streaked face.

Wei Chen embraced Chen Li, gently patting his shoulders without speaking, providing the most comforting and secure feeling with his broad shoulders.

After the wave of pain in his heart subsided, Chen Li, in Wei Chen’s embrace, said, “Achen, let’s do it.”

Wei Chen’s hand touched Chen Li’s swollen belly. He didn’t agree immediately; could Chen Li’s current body withstand it?

Chen Li said, “I asked the doctor, and he said it’s okay.”

The doctor Chen Li mentioned was introduced by Wang Kaiji, someone who knew that men could give birth. During this time, he would come regularly to conduct check-ups for Chen Li.

“So, let’s do it.” Chen Li raised his head, and the last word “do it” disappeared in the lips that were now intertwined.

This time, Chen Li was very enthusiastic, and Wei Chen couldn’t resist any longer, shifting from being passive to taking the initiative, gently taking Chen Li once, controlling the intensity throughout to avoid hurting him.

In the latter half of the night, perhaps due to exhaustion, Chen Li seemed to have avoided nightmares and slept soundly until dawn. However, Wei Chen knew that Chen Li hadn’t really fallen asleep; he was just pretending to sleep to avoid worrying Wei Chen. Chen Li’s irregular breathing gave away the act.

Wei Chen saw through it but didn’t expose it. He stayed with Chen Li until dawn, holding Chen Li’s somewhat cold hand tightly, afraid that letting go would make the person beside him leave forever.

As dawn approached, the furious snowstorm that had been retaliating against the world finally subsided. The eerie sounds outside the window came to an end, but the entire world was covered in a thick layer of snow and ice.

With the daylight, it meant it was time to wake up. Chen Li closed his eyes and felt Wei Chen’s movements. When Wei Chen got up, Chen Li pretended to groggily climb out of bed and greeted Wei Chen with a sleepy “good morning.”

Wei Chen reached out and patted Chen Li’s head, feeling as if his heart was being tightly squeezed, causing aching pain. However, he didn’t show any signs of discomfort, smiling as he wished Chen Li a “good morning.”

From that day on, Chen Li no longer indulged in sleep. He engaged in painting and calligraphy, staying busy every day. However, as soon as he fell asleep at night, nightmares would engulf him, causing him unbearable pain.

Despite this, Chen Li insisted on sleeping every day because he knew that his unborn baby couldn’t withstand the strain of him staying awake. Even though he would suffer immense pain after falling asleep, Chen Li went to bed on time every day, only to be abruptly awakened by nightmares.

This cycle repeated itself.

After just half a month, Chen Li underwent another change. The flesh he had painstakingly gained began to wither away due to the nightmares of the past weeks. Despite Chen Li’s almost frantic efforts to replenish his energy every day, the mental torment prevented him from retaining those nutrients, leading to a gradual emaciation.

Wei Chen witnessed all of this, and in moments when no one was around, he couldn’t help but feel heartbroken and shed tears. He had considered various solutions and even consulted Lu Min, asking if Lu Min could come and give Chen Li another psychological suggestion to temporarily relieve his suffering. However, this time, Lu Min shook his head helplessly, stating that he was powerless.

Of course, Wei Chen never gave up hope. When facing Chen Li, he remained gentle and caring, not showing any signs of worry on his face.

Chen Li also became increasingly attached to Wei Chen. Most of the time, wherever Wei Chen went, Chen Li followed. Even activities that used to captivate Chen Li’s full attention, like painting, now couldn’t completely hold his focus. Chen Li would draw for a while, then seek out Wei Chen. Only when he saw Wei Chen by his side would Chen Li continue drawing.

Today, when the doctor came to examine Chen Li, he noticed Chen Li’s condition but chose not to mention it directly in front of him. After silently conducting the examination according to the routine, the doctor glanced at Chen Yunlan.

Chen Yunlan understood the doctor’s implication and promptly said, “It’s snowing outside now. I’ll accompany the doctor out.”

Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand, his expression unchanged as he watched Chen Yunlan and the doctor leave.

“Achen, your hand is sweating,” Chen Li looked up at Wei Chen. Due to the lack of good sleep, Chen Li appeared quite haggard, with sunken eye sockets and prominent dark circles. Against his pale complexion, it was a rather distressing sight.

Wei Chen lowered his head, kissed Chen Li’s forehead, and said, “I’m feeling a bit warm.” However, his voice couldn’t hide the hoarseness.

Chen Li encircled Wei Chen’s waist, burying his head in Wei Chen’s chest, choosing not to say anything.

Chen Yunlan followed the doctor outside, and the doctor’s facial expression did not look promising.

“Mr. Chen, is the Young Master’s recent mental state not good?” the doctor inquired.

Chen Yunlan nodded; he was aware of the situation. It was a minefield—knowing the problem but hesitating to step in.

“I suggest getting a psychotherapist for the Young Master. If this continues, his body won’t be able to bear it. In the end, it won’t be good for him, and it won’t be good for the baby in his stomach either,” the doctor’s expression was serious, and his tone carried a heavy weight.

“I understand,” Chen Yunlan nodded solemnly. Though bitter, he knew that if a psychotherapist could resolve the issue, they would gladly accept it. However, Chen Li’s current situation was indeed complicated.

“Mr. Chen, I’m not saying this without reason. If I come next time, and the Young Master is still in this state, I will suggest a small birth. His body can’t take it anymore, and for his sake, this might be the only option. So, Mr. Chen, please be cautious,” the doctor left after delivering this extremely serious statement.

Chen Yunlan stared blankly at the doctor’s retreating figure, unable to describe the emotions within him. He wiped his face with his hand, hiding all emotions. Then, Chen Yunlan turned back inside.

Now, including him and Wei Chen, no one would show any emotions in front of Chen Li. They didn’t want to burden Chen Li with additional worries because of them.

When Chen Yunlan returned to the house, Chen Li and Wei Chen were no longer in the living room. He asked Carl, “Where are Xiao Li and Wei Chen?”

Carl replied, “The Young Master said he’s tired, so Mr. Wei took him upstairs to rest.”

Upon hearing Carl’s response, Chen Yunlan chose not to disturb them.

He understood Chen Li’s mindset. While they were considerate of Chen Li, he knew that Chen Li was also concerned about them. Therefore, Chen Li tried to follow their advice—eating, drinking, and sleeping as recommended—to prevent them from worrying.

Later in the evening, Wei Chen came down from upstairs.

Chen Yunlan looked at Wei Chen in confusion. Chen Li couldn’t be separated from Wei Chen for even a moment, so why was Wei Chen downstairs?

“He wants scallion oil noodles. I came down to cook a bowl for him,” Wei Chen explained, noticing Chen Yunlan’s confusion.

Chen Yunlan nodded and saw Wei Chen entering the kitchen. Thinking about the doctor’s words, as he took a step forward to follow, he hesitated. In the end, he retracted his steps.

He had experienced despair himself and knew how precious a glimmer of light could be within despair. He also understood how much Chen Li valued the baby in his stomach. If Chen Li were to find out at this moment that there was a possibility of losing the baby, given Chen Li’s current mental state, he would likely collapse.

Because of this understanding, Chen Yunlan hesitated about whether to tell Wei Chen the truth and let him make the choice. However, in the end, Chen Yunlan chose to keep it hidden.

During this period, Wei Chen’s mental state had reached its limits. Informing him of this matter would only add to Wei Chen’s distress. Chen Yunlan believed that Wei Chen would make the same choice as him—not to let Chen Li know about it. So, in the end, whether or not Wei Chen knew didn’t make much difference.

Chen Yunlan came to terms with his decision, but the bitter and pained feelings in his heart refused to dissipate. He couldn’t help but want to angrily question the heavens why his son couldn’t have a smooth life. Why did he have to go through so much hardship?

Wei Chen returned to the room with the scallion oil noodles, and Chen Li looked over. Wei Chen walked over.

“Achen, feed me,” Chen Li looked at Wei Chen and said.


Wei Chen fed Chen Li spoon by spoon, watching Chen Li reluctantly eat. He felt a warmth in his eyes, placing the bowl of noodles aside. “Li Li, if you don’t want to eat, don’t eat.”

“Okay,” Chen Li nodded obediently.

At that moment, Wei Chen’s phone rang.

Glancing at the caller ID, something called hope entered Wei Chen’s heart, which had been desolate for more than half a month. The call was from Jiang Ye, and Wei Chen eagerly answered.

“Wei Chen, Xiping and I are at LD Airport. Tell me the address, and we’ll come over right away.”

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