Chapter 274 – Nightmare

Chen Li took the initiative to embrace Wei Chen, and naturally, Wei Chen held Chen Li tightly in his arms. He gently rubbed Chen Li’s face with his chin. Wei Chen hadn’t shaved in the morning, and now there was some stubble on his chin. Chen Li felt a bit prickly and playfully bit down on Wei Chen’s chin, not actually biting, just pretending to grind his teeth.

Wei Chen took this opportunity to hold Chen Li’s chin, kissing Chen Li’s slightly pursed lips on the sofa in the living room. They exchanged a passionate kiss, and even some suggestive sounds could be heard.

Chen Yunlan had originally intended to enter the living room, but upon seeing the two entangled on the sofa, he retracted his steps.

Carl also noticed and couldn’t help but smile, saying, “Mr. Wei and the young master are truly affectionate, and the young master looks genuinely happy.”

Indeed, Xiao Li is very happy now. He is fortunate to have met Wei Chen in his life, a man who can spoil him endlessly but also fully respect his wishes, a man who knows when to let go and allow Xiao Li to do what he likes.

Moreover, their happiness is contagious. Although it seems like a relationship between Chen Li and Wei Chen to outsiders, those who witness this happiness also find their own moods lifted.

At noon, Chen Li was still in an excited mood. Inspired, he sat on the balcony and finally completed a painting. He was very satisfied with it and personally framed the painting, hanging it on the bedroom wall.

It was a simple painting, featuring Wei Chen as the main character.

The scene depicted was from the second day here. That day, Chen Li wanted to drink milk, and Carl and Mary had gone to the city for something, so Wei Chen, rolling up his sleeves, personally squeezed milk for Chen Li.

At first, Wei Chen’s movements were clumsy, nearly angering the cow. Fortunately, Wei Chen skillfully evaded the cow’s attack, avoiding any trouble. However, Chen Li, who was watching on the side, was startled and said he didn’t want to drink it anymore.

Wei Chen didn’t give up, gradually getting the hang of it. On that day, Chen Li drank milk squeezed by Wei Chen himself and felt it was the best-tasting milk he had ever had.

Of course, for this, Chen Li rewarded Wei Chen with a passionate kiss.

The scene on the painting was the moment when Wei Chen was squeezing the milk, and by chance, he couldn’t control the force, causing a stream of milk to squirt onto his face.

When Wei Chen saw the painting hanging on the wall in the bedroom, he didn’t say anything about it. Under Chen Li’s expectant gaze, he praised Chen Li.

Naturally, Chen Li was delighted and rewarded Wei Chen with another kiss on the lips.

During this period, Wei Chen’s rewards were limited to such moments. Going deeper was not allowed by Chen Li’s body.

Days flowed leisurely like this, and in the blink of an eye, over two months had passed. Chen Li and Wei Chen had been in the country for three months.

Chen Li’s belly seemed to have inflated like a balloon. Originally, the signs of pregnancy were not visible, but now it seemed to have grown in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps because the time for morning sickness had passed when Chen Li discovered his pregnancy, or maybe due to Chen Li’s constitution, he skipped the morning sickness stage altogether. He spent his days eating well, drinking well, and sleeping well. Today, over two months later, Chen Li’s face seemed to have rounded out even more.

Chen Li had gained weight, a development welcomed by Wei Chen and Chen Yunlan. What was even more pleasantly surprising was that Chen Li was becoming more open. In the past, when dealing with strangers, Chen Li would be nervous and guarded. But now, he could completely relax, even when Wei Chen was not around. Although he still felt a slight nervousness, everything seemed to be heading in the right direction, and tomorrow was sure to be even better.

After three months of living in the mansion in the country with Wei Chen, the estate welcomed two guests today, one of whom pleasantly surprised Chen Li.

These two guests were Zhuge Yu and Sylvester.

“Teacher, why are you here?” Chen Li asked in surprise when he saw Zhuge Yu, excitement evident in his eyes. He was obviously happy to see Zhuge Yu.

“I came over for a business trip, knew you were here, so I came to see you,” Zhuge Yu said with a smiling expression. “How about it, Xiao Li, have you missed your teacher?”

Chen Li nodded, “Yes.”

Zhuge Yu became even happier, his eyes almost disappearing with his smile.

Zhuge Yu indeed missed Chen Li. He held Chen Li and talked for a long time, witnessing Chen Li’s changes with both joy and melancholy. He almost shed tears and kept saying ‘good, good’.

Chen Yunlan, seeing Zhuge Yu in this state, almost couldn’t help but despise him.

At noon, unable to resist drowsiness, Chen Li went to take a nap. Zhuge Yu and Sylvester pulled Chen Yunlan to a quiet corner and explained the purpose of their visit.

Their purpose was quite simple this time: they wanted to persuade Chen Li to organize an art exhibition.

Zhuge Yu had mentioned the idea of an art exhibition to Chen Li before, but it was rejected. However, this time was different. Chen Li’s reputation had spread in the country, but internationally, there was still room for growth.

So, Zhuge Yu wanted to take advantage of Chen Li’s current stay in the foreign country to organize a personal exhibition, believing that Chen Li had the capability for international recognition.

Chen Yunlan had also thought about this issue, and now naturally agreed with Zhuge Yu. The three influential figures in the international art scene gathered to discuss the details of the art exhibition.

During the discussions, there were clashes of different thoughts. A war without gunpowder began when Chen Li went to sleep and continued until he woke up. Regardless of their viewpoints, whether the art exhibition would proceed depended on Chen Li’s willingness. If Chen Li was unwilling, they wouldn’t force him.

After dinner, Zhuge Yu briefly mentioned the idea of the art exhibition to Chen Li, mentally prepared for the possibility of being rejected by Chen Li.

However, this time, Chen Li just thought for a moment and said, “Sure.”

Zhuge Yu, upon hearing this answer, looked at Chen Li in surprise. “Xiao Li, did you agree?”

Chen Li nodded, “Yes, I agreed.”

Upon hearing Chen Li’s agreement, Chen Yunlan and Sylvester immediately activated their experiences in organizing art exhibitions in their minds, striving to create a world-shaking exhibition for Chen Li.

Wei Chen didn’t get involved, as this was not his area of expertise. As long as he followed Chen Li’s lead, he was content to wait for the exhibition to begin.

Taking advantage of organizing the exhibition, Zhuge Yu and Sylvester settled in the mansion. So, for the next period, you could see three art world titans, with a combined age of nearly two hundred, constantly arguing over the details of the exhibition.

Yesterday, they argued about the choice of venue. Today, they quarreled over which paintings to display. The day after tomorrow, they might argue about who to invite to the exhibition. They said three women on stage make a drama, but with these three art titans gathered, it was more than just a drama.

In any case, the once calm and quiet mansion became lively with the arrival of Zhuge Yu and Sylvester. Although the art exhibition was organized by Wei Chen and Chen Li, Chen Li was more of a hands-off manager. He continued his carefree life of eating, drinking, sleeping, and displaying affection with Wei Chen.

However, fate always likes to play pranks. Perhaps it couldn’t stand people being too happy. Chen Li’s happiness didn’t last long before the timed bomb in his mind started ticking again.

One noon, while Chen Li was taking a nap, Wei Chen was in the study handling some official matters. After all, Wei Chen hadn’t officially resigned from Changfeng Group. He still held the positions of Marketing Director and Deputy General Manager, so he couldn’t completely detach himself from work. Some important documents still required Wei Chen’s personal attention.

Just as Wei Chen finished reading a document, he heard a noise from the bedroom. Looking up, he saw Chen Li sitting up with a frightened expression in his eyes.

Wei Chen quickly put down the work in his hands and rushed back to the bedroom, gripping Chen Li’s cold hand. He anxiously but gently asked, “Li Li, what’s wrong?”

Upon hearing Wei Chen’s voice, Chen Li’s eyes slowly regained focus. He threw himself into Wei Chen’s arms, holding him tightly, not speaking for a long time, as if trying to emerge from the fear brought by that terrible nightmare.

Wei Chen’s broad hand gently patted Chen Li’s back, also remaining silent but providing the greatest comfort to Chen Li. After a long time, Chen Li finally found his voice, “Achen, I’m fine, just had a nightmare.”

As for what he dreamt about, Chen Li couldn’t remember anymore. However, trying to recall brought a bone-chilling sense of terror, as if it was about to overwhelm him.

“I know, I will always be here,” Wei Chen kissed the top of Chen Li’s head, gently saying.

Chen Li buried his head in Wei Chen’s chest, unable to see the surging emotions in Wei Chen’s eyes.

Afterward, Chen Li slept well again. That nightmare seemed like an ordinary bad dream and no longer affected him. However, Wei Chen didn’t dare to let Chen Li sleep alone. Whenever Chen Li fell asleep, Wei Chen would stay by his side, holding his hand.

At the same time, Wei Chen began to frequently call Jiang Ye, hoping to get updates on Lan Xiping’s progress, even if it was just a little information.

However, in front of Chen Li, Wei Chen hid his anxiety well. Chen Li didn’t notice, but Chen Li’s sleep time decreased while his painting time increased.

Wei Chen understood Chen Li very well. Chen Li was subconsciously avoiding dreams by keeping busy, not wanting the nightmares to return when he fell asleep.

Days continued forward in a state of anxiety, not stopping for anyone, until one stormy evening, the nightmare that had been lurking in Chen Li’s mind for a long time erupted once again.

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