Chapter 322 – Chen Li Gets Drunk

Chen Li, unprepared, bit into a coin and accidentally got it lodged between his teeth. It wasn’t very painful, but it made him spit out both the filling and the coin together.

“How did this coin get in here?” Clearly, Chen Li didn’t understand the custom. When he bit into the coin, he was utterly confused. Who made this dumpling? How did a coin end up inside?

“Xiao Li, you’re lucky! You managed to eat this special dumpling.” Chen Yunlan was surprised at how quickly Chen Li found the dumpling with the coin. She smiled and wished him, “From now on, Xiao Li, you’ll surely be happy and healthy.”

Chen Li was still puzzled. Wei Chen leaned over and explained the meaning behind the special dumpling. After understanding, Chen Li tightly held onto the coin, closed his eyes, and made a wish. Yes, he not only wished for his own happiness and health but also for the happiness and health of everyone around him.

After making the wish, Chen Li solemnly kept the coin, securely placing it in his pocket. Next, the toasts began. The family started enjoying small drinks, nothing too strong, just light beer. Everyone was in high spirits. Even Chen Li couldn’t resist; he took a few sips from Wei Chen’s glass. It was his first time drinking alcohol, and the taste wasn’t bad at all. After one drink, Chen Li even wanted a second.

Wei Chen let Chen Li continue. Just a few sips of beer wouldn’t make Chen Li drunk, right? His alcohol tolerance couldn’t be that low.

The New Year’s Eve dinner lasted nearly an hour. Except for a bowl of clear soup, nothing else on the table was edible for Qiuqiu. Thankfully, Chen Yunlan and Fang Yun had prepared dumplings specifically for Qiuqiu.

This was Qiuqiu’s first time eating on his own. Until the end of the dinner, the dumplings in Qiuqiu’s bowl were nearly gone, but most of it ended up on the small table beside him. What Qiuqiu managed to eat directly was not much.

So, after Wei Chen finished his meal, he went to the kitchen and brought out another small bowl for Qiuqiu, feeding him spoon by spoon.

Qiuqiu always had a good appetite and wasn’t picky. He was probably a bit hungry now, eagerly opening his mouth for each spoonful, eating contentedly.

Before long, the small bowl of dumplings was empty. Qiuqiu, with his mouth still open, looked at Wei Chen.

“Qiuqiu, it’s finished,” Wei Chen said, raising the empty bowl.

Qiuqiu closed his mouth then promptly burped, indicating he was full.

Wei Chen, with a smile, lifted Qiuqiu from the baby chair. Although Qiuqiu wore a bib, his clothes were still a bit damp from the meal. Wei Chen intended to change Qiuqiu’s clothes.

As Wei Chen turned with Qiuqiu in his arms, he noticed Chen Li still seated in the same position as before. His posture hadn’t changed, his expression remained blank, and his large eyes seemed unfocused.

Could it be… he’s drunk?

So, Li Li’s alcohol tolerance was really this low.

Certainly, Chen Yunlan also noticed. He walked over and took Qiuqiu from Wei Chen’s arms. “Xiao Li is drunk. Help him upstairs to rest, and leave Qiuqiu to me. But Xiao Li’s tolerance for alcohol is really something. He only had a few sips of beer, and he’s already drunk.” Chen Yunlan couldn’t help but tease Chen Li about his low tolerance.

“Okay,” Wei Chen said, passing Qiuqiu to Chen Yunlan and then going to help Chen Li up.

“Li Li, let’s go, back to our room.”

“Hmm?” Chen Li obviously hadn’t quite grasped what was happening. He turned to look at Wei Chen, his gaze still unfocused.

“We’re going back to the room,” Wei Chen gently repeated.

Chen Li undoubtedly trusted Wei Chen. Realizing it was Wei Chen supporting him, he leaned on him like someone without bones. “Achen, I feel bad.”

Wei Chen simply picked Chen Li up horizontally and headed upstairs to their room.

Chen Li let Wei Chen carry him, and when they reached the room, as Wei Chen placed him on the bed, Chen Li, with a burst of energy from somewhere, pushed Wei Chen down onto the bed and lay on top of him. Without saying a word, he looked down at Wei Chen from above, running a hand over Wei Chen’s face, a silly smile on his face.



Chen Li repeated Wei Chen’s name over and over, his smile growing larger and more innocent.

“Achen, I really love you so much!” Chen Li murmured words of love, his hand caressing Wei Chen’s body.

Those few glasses of beer had no effect on Wei Chen whatsoever, but as they say, alcohol doesn’t inebriate a person, the person inebriates themselves. Perhaps infected by Chen Li’s mood, Wei Chen felt a slight tipsiness.

Just as Wei Chen lifted his head, intending to silence Chen Li with a kiss, Chen Li suddenly buried his head in Wei Chen’s neck. Soon, the even sound of breathing echoed in Wei Chen’s ear.

Chen Li, quite impolitely, had fallen asleep.

Wei Chen looked at the person now sound asleep on top of him, a hint of helplessness in his eyes, but mostly tenderness and understanding. He gently adjusted Chen Li’s sleeping position and tucked in the covers before getting up.

Downstairs, Chen Yunlan had already helped Qiuqiu change into new clothes. He sat on the carpet, teaching Qiuqiu to say “grandpa,” while Qiuqiu babbled, unsure if he could say it.

Qiuqiu spotted Wei Chen coming downstairs and made a sound, reaching out his hand, asking to be picked up.

“Where’s Xiao Li?” Chen Yunlan gathered Qiuqiu’s toys and inquired.

Wei Chen bent down, carrying Qiuqiu in his arms, and replied, “He’s asleep.”

“Xiao Li really can’t handle alcohol at all. Just a few sips of beer and he’s out cold,” Chen Yunlan couldn’t resist commenting, wondering whose genes determined this low alcohol tolerance. His own tolerance wasn’t great, but it didn’t hit him with just one drink.

“Yeah,” Wei Chen pinched Qiuqiu’s little hand. He hadn’t expected Chen Li’s alcohol tolerance to be so low that a few sips of beer would knock him out.

At that moment, Fang Yun emerged from the kitchen with a cup of honey water. “I’ll take this honey water upstairs for Xiao Li later to help him sober up.”

“Okay,” Wei Chen nodded.

With Chen Li asleep, Chen Yunlan and Fang Yun handed over red envelopes to Wei Chen, three in total, including one for Qiuqiu.

Later, the three of them also prepared red envelopes for Wei Wei. Holding these three bright red envelopes, Wei Wei smiled brightly. Even though the combined amount of these three red envelopes this year was less than what he usually received from the Wei family, some things couldn’t be measured by the thickness of the red packet. While the red packets might not have been as much as in previous years, his heart felt full and content.

It was New Year’s Eve, usually a night to stay up, but around 10 o’clock, Wei Wei felt tired. Despite his earlier declaration of staying up all night, he couldn’t last past ten.

Seeing Wei Wei yawn again, Fang Yun took his hand and led him off to bed.

Qiuqiu had been tired for a while and was already asleep in Wei Chen’s arms, his tiny mouth slightly open, perhaps dreaming, a faint smile gracing his lips.

“Achen, how about tonight, let Qiuqiu and I sleep together? Xiao Li is drunk, and you have to take care of him,” Chen Yunlan, considerate as ever, suggested when he saw Wei Chen getting up, concerned that Wei Chen might struggle to handle everything alone at night.

“No need, Dad,” Wei Chen softly declined. “Qiuqiu recognizes people at night. If he wakes up and doesn’t see us, he’ll cry.”

Although Qiuqiu was easy to handle, he still recognized people at night, much like other children.

“Alright, if it gets overwhelming at night, just call for help,” Chen Yunlan didn’t want his precious grandson to cry and fuss all night, so he let Wei Chen handle things.

“Well then, I’ll take Qiuqiu upstairs to rest. Dad, you should also get some sleep,” Wei Chen said.

“Okay,” Chen Yunlan agreed with a nod but showed no intention of returning to his room.

Wei Chen didn’t push it, carrying the sleeping Qiuqiu on his shoulder, and went back to the bedroom.

The bedroom door opened, but Wei Chen didn’t turn on the lights. Bathed in the faint glow from outside, he laid Qiuqiu in the crib, gently leaving Wei Chen’s embrace. Qiuqiu opened his eyes, saw Wei Chen, and then drifted back to sleep. In contrast, Chen Li, sprawled out and deeply asleep, snored softly. Wei Chen approached the bed, lightly pressing a hand against Chen Li’s forehead, then got up to take a shower.

Chen Li woke up past eleven, feeling a bit of a headache. As he moved, Wei Chen, who was sleeping beside him, also woke up. Seeing Chen Li placing his hand on his own head, Wei Chen realized Chen Li was feeling uncomfortable from the effects of drinking too much.

He turned on the bedside lamp, got up, fetched honey water for Chen Li, still warm, and offered it to him. Softly, he said, “Li Li, have some honey water. It’ll help with the hangover.”

“Hmm,” Chen Li nodded, taking the honey water and gulping down a big mouthful. Then, he leaned against Wei Chen, “Did I get drunk?” He was somewhat fuzzy about the memories, not recalling everything vividly.

Wei Chen’s slender fingers touched Chen Li’s forehead, gently massaging to ease his headache. “Yeah, you got drunk.”

Even though Chen Li couldn’t recall exactly what happened when he was drunk, the aftermath was indeed uncomfortable. Chen Li snuggled against Wei Chen’s face, murmuring, “I won’t drink again in the future,” speaking in a soft tone with a hint of coquettishness.

“Okay, no more drinking,” Wei Chen agreed, his eyes filled with a smile.

Chen Li quickly finished the honey water. Whether it was the honey water or Wei Chen’s massage, he soon began feeling much better. His head didn’t ache as much anymore. Tilting his head, he lightly teased by brushing his lips against Wei Chen’s cheek, followed by a playful poke with his tongue, but without any conscious attempt to seduce.

Before long, the passion between the two was reignited. Wei Chen rolled over, pinning Chen Li beneath him. He gently nibbled Chen Li’s lips, his voice husky, “Li Li, do you want to?”

Chen Li wrapped his arms around Wei Chen’s neck, responding naturally, “Yes.”

As their figures intertwined in passionate embrace, fireworks outside suddenly burst into full bloom, painting the entire world in a myriad of colors.

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