Chapter 335 – Wei Yan’s Wedding

Chen Yunlan placed the rice porridge on the coffee table. Normally, Qiuqiu would stick to the porridge due to its aroma, but today, Qiuqiu couldn’t divert attention from the two dads on the phone.

When Chen Yunlan took the phone, Qiuqiu’s tiny paws tightly grasped it, continuously calling for “da da,” looking quite pitiful.

Chen Yunlan decided to hold Qiuqiu with one hand and use the other to make a video call to Wei Chen and Chen Li.

Not much was said; the couple were simply worried about Qiuqiu. They gave Chen Yunlan some instructions and reluctantly ended the call.

Unable to see his dad on the screen, Qiuqiu pouted, almost crying.

Luckily, the porridge had cooled down by this time. Chen Yunlan scooped a spoonful, checked the temperature, and fed it to Qiuqiu’s open mouth.

Qiuqiu was about to cry, but when Chen Yunlan fed him the porridge, Qiuqiu smacked his lips, swallowed the porridge, and once again opened his mouth towards Chen Yunlan, saying, “Ah!”

On the other side, Xie Chunsheng was prepared to comfort Qiuqiu. He never expected that a spoonful of porridge could resolve everything. He was left quite astonished.

“Is Qiuqiu always this easy to handle?” Xie Chunsheng couldn’t help but ask.

Chen Yunlan smiled, “Yes, he’s quite easygoing. With food, he feels like he has the whole world.” His expression was gentle, and his actions of feeding Qiuqiu were tender, filled with affection.

Xie Chunsheng didn’t say much, just glanced at Chen Yunlan, then at Qiuqiu, his eyes softening.


Shanghai, Wei’s residence.

After ending the video call with Qiuqiu and seeing him behaving well, the two dads finally relaxed. However, the repeated calls of “dad” from Qiuqiu in the video made the two fathers homesick. They wished they could fly back immediately and give their chubby Qiuqiu a few kisses.

As the night grew deeper, Wei Chen embraced Chen Li to sleep. They did nothing but entwine their limbs and gradually fell into a deep slumber.

The next day, Wei Chen and Chen Li got up early. They had to attend Wei Yan’s wedding and accompany Wei Yan to pick up the bride.

After changing into their suits, they headed to Wei Yan’s house.

When they arrived, Wei Yan was already prepared. He seemed fine when seen yesterday, but now, looking at Wei Yan, he appeared extremely nervous.

Accompanying Wei Yan to pick up the bride were several of his friends, who arrived shortly after and joked with Wei Yan for a while.

Wei Yan actually blushed because of these jokes!

As the time approached, Wei Yan, along with his groomsmen, went to the bride’s house to fetch her.

The bride was Wei Yan’s university classmate from a well-off family. They had dated for three years in college but eventually broke up for reasons unknown. After a few years of separation, they reunited.

Wei Yan genuinely loved the bride. When they reached her house, despite any challenges presented by the bridesmaids, Wei Yan remained pleasant and willing.

Finally seeing the bride, Wei Yan pounced on her like a hungry tiger, lifting her up horizontally, causing a stir among the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Amidst the commotion, Wei Yan kissed the bride, and she, unembarrassed, reciprocated with equal enthusiasm.

As time approached, the wedding car carried the group towards the hotel where the wedding ceremony would take place.

In a separate car, Wei Chen and Chen Li sat together. Chen Li’s large, bright eyes had a slight upward curve at the corners of her mouth, evidently pleased. Wei Chen squeezed Chen Li’s hand, leaning in to ask softly, “Are you happy?”

“Mm-hmm!” Chen Li nodded. “Quite happy.”

Happiness is contagious, especially when one is already in a state of bliss and witnesses those around them finding their own happiness. It feels like happiness is magnified, filling the heart to the brim.

Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair, leaning down to plant a kiss on his slightly upturned lips.

Although Wei Yan was now a new elite in Shanghai, the wedding was quite low-key, attended only by close friends and family, without much fanfare.

As the ceremony commenced, Chen Li and Wei Chen, being relatives of Wei Yan and also his close sibling, sat at the main table alongside Wei Yan’s mother, Feng Cui’e.

Regarding the Wei family, Old Master Wei didn’t attend, sending Housekeeper Zhang, in his place. Housekeeper Zhang sat next to Wei Chen, nodding towards him as he took his seat.

Madam Feng Cui’e clearly didn’t hold much regard for the Wei family members; she didn’t even glance at Housekeeper Zhang. However, her expression softened considerably when she faced Wei Chen and Chen Li.

The bride’s parents also sat at the same table and seemed to get along well with Madam Feng, chatting and laughing.

The wedding ceremony commenced swiftly. The bride’s father, with teary eyes, solemnly handed his daughter over to Wei Yan, patting Wei Yan’s hand earnestly, reluctantly entrusting his daughter to him.

The couple made earnest vows, and as they gazed at each other, their eyes were full of affection.

Amidst the applause, the newlyweds had exchanged their first kiss.

Next came the toasting session for the newlyweds.

The toasting naturally began from the main table. When Wei Yan and the bride came to toast, Chen Li, taking advantage of Wei Chen’s distraction, sneakily poured half a cup of red wine in his own cup and finished it off in one gulp when Wei Yan and the bride approached for the toast.

Setting down his cup, Wei Chen noticed traces of red wine in Chen Li’s cup. He leaned over and softly asked, “Li Li, did you just drink?”

Innocently, Chen Li shook his head. “Nope.” As he spoke, he hiccupped, exhaling the fragrance of the rich wine.

Wei Chen didn’t expose him; he knew Chen Li’s tolerance was minimal, and it would be odd if he didn’t get tipsy.

No one understood Chen Li better than Wei Chen did. As expected, Wei Yan had just finished toasting the second table when Chen Li got drunk.

When Chen Li was drunk, he behaved well, placing his hands neatly on his lap and staring at the dishes on the table without speaking.

Seeing Chen Li sitting still, Wei Chen knew he was drunk. There was a hint of helplessness in his eyes, but more than that, there was indulgence. He knew what Chen Li liked to eat, so he used chopsticks to feed him.

When food was brought in front of him, Chen Li obediently opened his mouth, enjoying Wei Chen’s feeding.

Others at the table were aware of the relationship between Wei Chen and Chen Li, so they didn’t find it awkward. Seeing the young couple so loving, they smiled kindly.

Before long, the alcohol completely hit Chen Li, and he started dozing off bit by bit.

Wei Chen exchanged a few words with Madam Feng Cui’e and then left the banquet with Chen Li in his arms.

Chen Li leaned softly against Wei Chen, sporting a silly smile, occasionally puckering his lips, as if still savoring the dishes from the dinner table.

That wasn’t all. Chen Li got drunk, feeling a bit fuzzy, and started flirting with Wei Chen in the corridor, nuzzling up against him. He employed moves he wasn’t even sure where he learned, lightly circling his fingers on Wei Chen’s chest. He even lifted his head to lightly lick Wei Chen’s neck, causing an irresistible itch in Wei Chen’s heart, making him instinctively hold Chen Li tighter.

Luckily, Wei Chen and Chen Li had booked a room in the hotel yesterday, so they went straight up there. The elevator finally reached the designated floor, but before they reached the room, Wei Chen impatiently pressed his lips against Chen Li’s.

Feeling comfortable from the kiss, Chen Li wrapped his hands around Wei Chen’s neck and responded with loud smacking noises.

Using the room key to open the door, as soon as it closed behind them, Wei Chen pressed Chen Li against the door and kissed him.

Chen Li was bold in matters of intimacy to begin with, and being intoxicated made him even less shy. He reached out and undressed both himself and Wei Chen.

Wei Chen, being teased like this, naturally lost some control and engaged with Chen Li against the door.

After an intense session, Wei Chen carried Chen Li into the bathroom. As the warm water cascaded down, Chen Li’s muddled mind cleared a bit, gradually recollecting the intense moments they had just shared.

Chen Li wasn’t shy; instead, he surrendered all his strength to Wei Chen, leaning on him and letting Wei Chen wash him.

“Tired?” Wei Chen murmured near Chen Li’s ears, his voice husky and full of tenderness.

Chen Li shook his head, “Not really.”

“How about continuing?”

Before Chen Li could respond, Wei Chen pressed him against the sink and passionately engaged. Another long, passionate session passed, and by the time everything settled, it was the break of dawn.

At this point, Chen Li had already fallen into a deep sleep. Perhaps exhausted, he even snored softly.

Wei Chen gently brushed Chen Li’s flushed face, his eyes and brows filled with tenderness.

The night quietly slipped away, and soon it was the next day.

The weather was clear that day. Around seven o’clock, sunlight streamed in through the window, a golden hue.

Chen Li rolled around in bed for a bit before slowly sitting up, feeling a bit sore around the waist, reminding him of his indulgence with Wei Chen the night before. Hearing the movement, Wei Chen walked in, saw Chen Li massaging his waist, and immediately approached to take over, giving Chen Li a suitable massage.

Relaxed, Chen Li lay back lazily on Wei Chen.

“Feeling tired?” Wei Chen asked, “Should we head back later?”

Chen Li immediately shook his head, “Not tired. Let’s go home.”

After a day or two apart, he missed his chubby Qiuqiu at home.

“Okay, I’ve booked our flight ticket. Once you’re done freshening up, we can head to the airport,” Wei Chen said, lifting Chen Li horizontally, giving him a little shake, “You’ve gained a bit of weight.”

“Really? I’ve been feeling like I’ve gained some weight recently. Will it be tiring to carry me?” Chen Li said, but despite his words, he showed no intention of getting down, even leaning a bit more on Wei Chen, looking entirely comfortable.

“Not tiring at all. Even if I have to carry you forever, I won’t be tired,” Wei Chen said seriously, kissing Chen Li, his expression earnest.

Chen Li smiled with narrowed eyes.

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