Chapter 334 – Is Biological

Chen Li stood on tiptoe, kissed Wei Chen’s lips, and narrowed his eyes with a smile.

“I believe in Achen. In this world, I trust Achen the most.”

It was Achen who gently pulled him out of the dark, sealed world. It was Achen who made him perceive this colorful world, and it was Achen who brought him everything.

Chen Li knew that in this world, Achen was wholeheartedly good to him, everything he did was for him.

So, why wouldn’t he have a reason to believe in Achen?

In this world, anyone could deceive him, but Chen Li believed that only Wei Chen wouldn’t deceive him.

Wei Chen’s eyes were filled with endless tenderness. He reached out and embraced Chen Li, feeling his heart full and incredibly happy.

The couple left the airport, not heading back to Wei’s residence but went directly to the hotel where Wei Yan’s wedding was scheduled, booking a room in advance.

When Wei Yan heard that the two had arrived, he made time to come to the hotel.

Wei Yan didn’t reminisce much with Wei Chen; instead, they discussed some company matters. Last year, in the middle of the year, Wei Chen and Wei Yan had jointly founded a company, quietly merging it with the Chen family’s previous enterprise. Jiang Ye also invested. The company founded by the two brothers was rapidly developing in Shanghai, emerging as a strong dark horse.

However, outsiders were unaware that the big boss behind this company was the two young masters from the Wei family.

Wei Yan and Wei Chen discussed work matters for over an hour until Housekeeper Zhang came over and interrupted their conversation. Housekeeper Zhang knocked on Wei Chen’s door respectfully and said, “Young Master Chen, the old master asked me to bring you and Young Master Chen Li back home.”

If the old master sent Housekeeper Zhang to invite them, it meant that the old master wanted Wei Chen and Chen Li to return to the Wei family. If they didn’t go back with Housekeeper Zhang now, the next step might be the old master coming directly.

“Okay.” Wei Chen understood this reasoning and didn’t hesitate. Together with Chen Li, he got into Housekeeper Zhang’s car and headed back to the Wei family home.

The old master was waiting in the living room. When he saw Wei Chen and Chen Li walking in hand in hand, he straightened his back slightly and said, “Back already?”

Although his face didn’t show a kind expression, his tone wasn’t as harsh as before, showing some consideration for Chen Li’s status.

“Yeah.” Wei Chen nodded and addressed him as “Grandfather.”

Chen Li followed behind Wei Chen and also said, “Grandfather.”

Both of them only used polite titles, devoid of any emotional tone.

“Grandfather, if there’s nothing else, Li Li and I will go upstairs to rest.”

At present, there wasn’t much affection left between Wei Chen and the Wei family, just the final shred of a bond waiting to be torn apart.

He had helped the Wei family escape from the blame of the Chen family, one reason was because in the eyes of the Chen family, he and the Wei family were inseparable. If he didn’t find a solution, he’d be sitting duck. Secondly, it was also due to Wei Chen’s sense of responsibility. Despite the numerous cold-hearted actions of Grandfather Wei and Wei Zhenxiong, he, Wei Chen, was still surnamed Wei. He was a part of this Wei family. When the Wei family faced difficulties, he should step forward.

But that was all.

“Achen!” Grandfather Wei called out to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen halted but didn’t turn back.

“Achen, if you still worry about whether you are your father’s biological child, I can tell you that you are!” Grandfather Wei compromised, “If you don’t believe it, in my room, there’s a paternity test I had done for you and your father when you were born.”

Indeed, Grandfather Wei had always known that Wei Chen was the biological son of Wei Zhenxiong. Otherwise, with his emphasis on tradition and the inheritance of bloodline, he wouldn’t have raised Wei Chen by his side since childhood.

Of course, Grandfather Wei also knew about Wei Zhenxiong’s doubts regarding Wei Chen’s parentage, yet he had never told Wei Zhenxiong. He even used a fake paternity test to deceive Wei Zhenxiong, all to make Wei Zhenxiong doubt Wei Chen’s lineage and distance himself from him.

In Grandfather Wei’s view, a qualified and excellent heir to the Wei family must be ruthless.

Thus, from Wei Chen’s early years, Grandfather Wei had worked to sever all possible emotional connections Wei Chen could develop. He didn’t hesitate to keep Wei Chen’s biological parents away from him, alienate him, and make him despised by them.

In terms of education, Grandfather Wei ensured Wei Chen skipped grades to prevent him from spending too much time with classmates and forming unnecessary emotions.

When he noticed Wei Chen’s fondness for Chen Qing, Grandfather Wei immediately contacted the Chen family, not only for the benefits the Chen family offered but also to sever Wei Chen’s feelings for Chen Qing. He even forced Wei Chen to marry Chen Li, aiming to exhaust any remnants of affection Wei Chen held for him.

Grandfather Wei had a clear objective. Since he brought Wei Chen into his fold, he had already decided to mold Wei Chen into a heartless, loveless, outstanding heir of the Wei family. No, one might as well call it a machine!

A machine that only understands work, not love!

Wei Chen had already guessed Grandfather Wei’s intentions. Whether he was angry or not, Wei Chen was somewhat grateful to Grandfather Wei. It was because of Grandfather Wei’s guidance that Wei Chen became who he was today. However, he couldn’t agree with this method of upbringing.

“Grandfather, I don’t mind,” Wei Chen turned around, looking earnestly at Grandfather Wei.

Perhaps in his past life, he cared about why Fang Yun and Wei Zhenxiong were so distant, but now, he truly didn’t care about Wei Zhenxiong’s attitude towards him. Whether he was his biological child or not, Wei Zhenxiong was just a passerby in his life. He didn’t expect fatherly love from Wei Zhenxiong nor did he want to show any admiration toward Wei Zhenxiong as a son.

After saying this, Wei Chen went upstairs with Chen Li, this time without looking back.

Old Master Wei sighed deeply, then lifted his head, meeting Housekeeper Zhang‚Äôs incredulous gaze. He smirked, “What’s wrong? Disappointed that Wei Chen is Wei Zhenxiong’s son? All these years of your kindness to him were in vain.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir,” Zhang closed his eyes briefly and when he opened them again, there was no trace of any emotion.

Old Master Wei sneered, “Old Zhang, you’ve been with us for many years, but do you really think I’m unaware of the past? Do you know why I acknowledged Wei Yan back then?”

Lowering his head, Housekeeper Zhang replied, “I don’t know.”

“It’s because of you!” Old Master Wei stood up and patted Housekeeper Zhang’s back, “After all, because of my Wei family, you have no descendants. How could I let your Zhang family’s lineage suffer? Of course, Zhang Ze, I disregarded him. He’s like dirty mud, I don’t want him to tarnish my Wei family’s reputation!”

“Sir…” Housekeeper Zhang wasn’t surprised that the old master knew about the events from years ago or about Zhang Ze, the illegitimate child. He understood it more than anyone.

Zhang Ze was his sister’s child, a product of the time he arranged for his sister to be with Old Master Wei. Wei Yan was Zhang Ze’s child, carrying the bloodline of his Zhang family. Over the years, he had secretly helped Wei Yan many times, and Old Master Wei surely had noticed.

But why Old Master Wei had acknowledged Wei Yan into the Wei family and put him in the family tree, Housekeeper Zhang thought, perhaps because Wei Yan was one reason, and the other was that Old Master Wei found Wei Yan remarkably talented.

Otherwise, why would Wei Yan be brought back to the Wei family at the age of fifteen when he was nearly set in his ways?

“You don’t have to thank me,” Old Master Wei chuckled, “Consider it a reward for your loyalty to my Wei family.”

Although Old Master Wei was smiling, Housekeeper Zhang felt a shiver down his spine. He kept his head lowered and dared not speak at this moment.

“Old Zhang, are you disappointed now? Achen isn’t Zhang Ze’s offspring, is he?” Old Master Wei continued to smile, patted Housekeeper Zhang’s back, and then turned and left.

Housekeeper Zhang stared at Old Master Wei’s departing figure, feeling a cold sweat in the palm of his hand.


Wei Chen and Chen Li were unaware of what Old Master Wei had discussed with Housekeeper Zhang. They returned to Wei Chen’s room and took a shower.

Upon coming out, they sent a video call invitation to Chen Yunlan. After all, two dads were naturally concerned about their child.

In the capital, Chen Yunlan was in the kitchen cooking porridge for Qiuqiu. Xie Chunsheng was sitting properly on the sofa holding Qiuqiu. Chen Yunlan’s phone rang, and Xie Chunsheng glanced at it.

He said to Chen Yunlan in the kitchen, “Yunlan, it’s a video call from Wei Chen.”

Chen Yunlan couldn’t step away momentarily, so he responded, “They’re probably worried about Qiuqiu; you should answer.”

“Alright,” Xie Chunsheng answered and accepted the video call.

As the call connected, the faces of Wei Chen and Chen Li appeared on the screen. They seemed surprised to see Xie Chunsheng answering, but Wei Chen quickly regained his composure. “Mr. Xie.”

“Hello, Mr. Xie,” Chen Li added.

Qiuqiu’s attention was still fixed on the cartoon. Upon hearing the voices from the phone, he dropped the teether rabbit in his hand and reached out with his chubby little paw toward the phone.

“Da da… Da da…” His round face almost touched the screen of the phone.

Qiuqiu wanted both daddies to pick him up, but he couldn’t reach them, and they didn’t pick him up. His urgency wrinkled his brows, calling out to his dads.

Wei Chen and Chen Li comforted Qiuqiu for a while. Eventually, Qiuqiu settled back into Xie Chunsheng’s arms, but he still looked pitifully at the phone. His big watery eyes seemed as though tears might flow out any moment, causing both dads to ache to fly back and hold Qiuqiu, giving him kisses and cuddles.

“Thank you, Mr. Xie,” Wei Chen reluctantly shifted his gaze away from Qiuqiu and thanked Xie Chunsheng. After all, Xie Chunsheng was helping take care of Qiuqiu.

“No trouble at all; Qiuqiu is very well-behaved,” Xie Chunsheng shook his head. As he spoke, a loving look surfaced in his eyes, one that even he didn’t notice.

Wei Chen noticed it but remained composed. “Where’s Dad?”

“Yunlan is in the kitchen preparing porridge for Qiuqiu. He’ll be out in a moment.” As soon as Xie Chunsheng finished speaking, Chen Yunlan emerged from the kitchen holding the just-cooked porridge.

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