Chapter 336 – Still Planning

After the couple finished washing up, they bid farewell to Wei Yan and prepared to return to the capital.

However, as soon as the two of them left the hotel, a car stopped in front of them. The window rolled down, revealing Old Master Wei with an almost expressionless face.

“Grandfather,” Wei Chen greeted.

“Get in the car,” Old Master Wei said, turning his head. “I’ll take you to the airport.”

Wei Chen was somewhat surprised. He thought his grandfather had come to persuade him to stay, but he hadn’t expected him to offer a ride to the airport.

So, Wei Chen had no reason to refuse. He opened the car door and got in with Chen Li.

Once the couple fastened their seat belts, the car started. It was very quiet inside, and the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

After about half an hour of driving, Old Master Wei finally spoke. “Achen,” his voice was faint, devoid of any discernible emotion.

“Yes,” Wei Chen replied softly.

Chen Li turned to look out the window, trying to diminish his presence.

Having received a response, Old Master Wei continued, “Achen, Grandpa knows you have grievances against me, and Grandpa doesn’t expect you to forgive me. But you are still a part of the Wei family. If the Wei family faces difficulties in the future, Grandpa hopes you won’t stand idly by.” Old Master Wei spoke earnestly, his expression stern, as if seeking a commitment from Wei Chen regarding the rise and fall of the Wei family.

Wei Chen didn’t know what Old Master Wei was really aiming for, whether he was completely compromising or taking a step back to move forward.

However, regardless of Old Master Wei’s current intentions, what he said at that moment resonated with Wei Chen’s inner thoughts. Therefore, Wei Chen nodded without hesitation.

He, Wei Chen, would protect the Wei family.

Old Master Wei’s tense posture relaxed slightly. Then, he shifted his gaze to Chen Li, took out a small gift box from his pocket, and handed it to Chen Li.

“I’ve done many wrongs to you. I realize my mistakes now. I don’t expect your forgiveness, but I hope that when Achen faces difficulties in the future, you can help him.”

Chen Li didn’t immediately take the gift. Instead, he looked at Wei Chen. Wei Chen nodded toward him, and only then did Chen Li extend his hands to accept what Old Master Wei offered.

He didn’t open to see what was inside, sitting reservedly in his place. Wei Chen, however, looked thoughtfully at Old Master Wei. Perhaps he understood Old Master Wei’s intentions now; inevitably, there was still some strategizing going on.

Afterward, the car fell into silence again, and after over half an hour, it stopped at Shanghai International Airport.

Watching Wei Chen and Chen Li’s figures vanish into the airport lobby, Old Master Wei curved his lips slightly.

Indeed, as he had mentioned to himself, he wouldn’t seek forgiveness from Wei Chen and Chen Li now, nor would he contemplate bridging their relationship. After all, he was aware that some mistakes couldn’t be resolved with a mere apology.

The chasm between himself and Wei Chen and Chen Li had been drawn, one that couldn’t be easily mended.

Once, Old Master Wei had been troubled by this situation, contemplating repairing the relationship. However, last night, he came to a realization.

Wei Chen had been raised by him, and he understood Wei Chen’s personality better than most. Wei Chen had a strong sense of responsibility, and the Wei family represented the weight of responsibility on Wei Chen’s shoulders.

Therefore, even if the relationship between him and the couple couldn’t be repaired, Wei Chen’s sense of duty towards the Wei family wouldn’t diminish in the slightest. Hence, if the Wei family encountered any issues in the future, Wei Chen wouldn’t just stand by.

As for the relationship between Wei Chen and Chen Li? Nothing could separate them, no matter the difficulties!

So, whatever relationship Chen Li had, it definitely was connected to Wei Chen’s connections. If Wei Chen faced any troubles within the Wei family, would Chen Li ignore it? With Chen Li’s network, resolving troubles for the Wei family would be a piece of cake, wouldn’t it?

Given this, why bother trying to please Chen Li with a smiling face? The outcome would be the same either way.

Wei Chen somewhat guessed Old Master Wei’s intentions, feeling not cold-hearted but rather thinking that this was exactly Old Master Wei’s style.

He did consider the Wei family as a responsibility on his shoulders, that much was true. But this responsibility would someday be lifted. After helping the Wei family overcome the calamities brought by the Chen family, that would be the time for him to relinquish this responsibility.

Of course, Wei Chen wouldn’t express this thought to Old Master Wei.

He glanced sideways at Chen Li, who was sleeping soundly with his head resting on his shoulder, his expression filled with tenderness and affection.

After the responsibilities of the Wei family were shed, Chen Li would be his future responsibility. Their home together would be his sole responsibility.

After a flight of over two hours, they finally landed at the capital’s airport.

Wei Chen and Chen Li didn’t delay much. They hailed a taxi, mentioning their home’s name, and headed straight back. Qiuqiu hadn’t slept with both of his dads for two consecutive nights. He was a bit restless yesterday night, whimpering a little but not crying loudly. He lay on the bed, refusing to sleep, wanting to be held. Once placed on the bed, he continued whimpering.

Chen Yunlan held Qiuqiu all night. In the early morning hours, Qiuqiu finally succumbed to sleep.

Thus, when Wei Chen and Chen Li arrived home, Qiuqiu and Chen Yunlan were still sleeping peacefully, the house calm and quiet.

“I’ll go check.” Wei Chen put down the luggage, gently opened Chen Yunlan’s door, saw the pair still asleep, and quietly closed the door again.

“Still sleeping?” Chen Li guessed the situation inside from Wei Chen’s actions, asking softly.

Wei Chen nodded, carrying the luggage and heading to their room with Chen Li.

It wasn’t until nearly noon that Qiuqiu woke up, lying on the bed whimpering softly. Chen Yunlan, hearing the noise, woke up as well, and a delightful aroma immediately greeted his nostrils.

Someone was cooking.

Chen Yunlan picked up Qiuqiu, suspecting Wei Chen and Chen Li had returned.

Sure enough, as he pushed open the door, he saw Chen Li at the easel on the balcony, painting, while Wei Chen was in the kitchen preparing lunch.

Qiuqiu spotted Chen Li right away. After not seeing him for two days, he hadn’t cried much, but now, upon seeing him, he seemed to collapse emotionally and burst into loud sobs.

Hearing Qiuqiu’s cries, Chen Li abandoned his painting, dropped the brush, and quickly went to Qiuqiu, picking him up and kissing his chubby cheeks, feeling a bit flustered for a moment.

Qiuqiu cried intensely, gasping for air, unlike he ever had before. In the past two days without both of his dads around, he felt distressed and missed them. However, he had stayed calm and didn’t cry because his two dads weren’t there. But now, seeing his dad, Qiuqiu couldn’t hold back and cried loudly.

In the kitchen, Wei Chen heard Qiuqiu’s crying, hurriedly turned off the stove, took off his apron, and rushed to the living room.

Qiuqiu cried even louder upon seeing his big dad. He extended his little arms to be carried by him but also reached out for his little dad, ultimately wrapping one arm around Chen Li’s neck and extending the other towards his big dad.

Wei Chen gently embraced Chen Li and Qiuqiu, patting Qiuqiu’s back softly while soothingly saying, “Daddy’s back, Daddy’s here to be with Qiuqiu.”

Qiuqiu clung to both dads, crying for quite some time. Then he grabbed their hands, not letting them go anywhere.

After finally calming Qiuqiu down, Wei Chen turned to Chen Yunlan and said, “Dad, thank you for these past few days.”

Chen Yunlan shook his head, “It’s nothing. I’ll go cook; you guys spend time with Qiuqiu.” Saying so, he entered the kitchen.

Why is their family’s little Qiuqiu so good?

Once Qiuqiu stopped crying and both dads were by his side, he took them to see his new toys, proudly displaying them to both dads, giggling.

If it weren’t for the traces of tears on his face, who would have known that Qiuqiu had just cried?

Both dads praised Qiuqiu’s toys, and Qiuqiu happily jumped into their arms, laughing. But because he couldn’t walk yet, he stumbled and sat back on the carpet.

Time flew by, and it was soon time for the start of the new semester at Q University.

Chen Li took out the appointment letter given by Q University and went there, finding Zhuge Yu at the School of Fine Arts, solemnly returning the appointment letter.

Zhuge Yu looked puzzled. “Xiao Li, you don’t want to be a lecturer?”

Chen Li shook his head. “I just feel my level isn’t there yet.”

“You underestimate yourself too much,” Zhuge Yu countered. “Your current level is more than enough to be a professor here at the School of Fine Arts.”

“Teacher, I want to learn other things,” Chen Li explained his plan. “So I’m asking for your help to attend other departments as an auditor.”

“Have you made up your mind?”

Chen Li nodded firmly. “I want to explore other areas.”

Zhuge Yu respected Chen Li’s decision and was pleased with his eagerness to learn, so he agreed.

With Chen Li’s reputation, it wasn’t difficult. The university lecturers could afford to allow him to be an auditor in any department.

“Thank you!” Chen Li smiled gratefully.

“While you study other subjects, don’t neglect your art,” Zhuge Yu reminded.

Chen Li nodded. “I won’t neglect it.”

With Chen Li’s promise, Zhuge Yu was satisfied. He handed the appointment letter to Chen Li and said, “You hold onto this. When you feel your level is there, sign it then.”

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Li agreed.

Zhuge Yu truly cared about Chen Li. In the morning, when Chen Li mentioned wanting to be an auditor in other departments, by noon, Zhuge Yu had already given him the auditor certification for any department at Q University.

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