Chapter 380 – Grandfather Wei Falls Ill

In fact, Grandfather Wei’s illness didn’t come very suddenly. Being an elderly man and having dedicated his life to the Wei Corporation, he had quite a few minor health issues. Moreover, the previous incident that affected the Wei Corporation seemed to have exacerbated his condition, making him not only appear much older but also worsened his health.

Since the last incident, Grandfather Wei had been taking medication, yet he didn’t let Houskeeper Zhang inform Wei Chen. After all, during that time, Wei Chen was very busy, and Grandfather Wei didn’t want Wei Chen to be distracted.

Yesterday, when Grandfather Wei saw Wei Zhenxiong and heard what he said, it triggered something in him, pushing him into a state of mental distress. That night, he couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning, his mind unclear, not even knowing what he was thinking about.

Later, Grandfather Wei suddenly felt dizzy and lost consciousness. At that moment, Housekeeper Zhang was delivering medicine to Grandfather Wei and immediately called for help upon seeing him faint.

Upon hearing the commotion, Wei Chen rushed over and provided emergency aid to Grandfather Wei. The ambulance arrived quickly, and due to Wei Chen’s timely first aid, Grandfather Wei managed to snatch back his life from the clutches of death.

However, while his life was saved, Grandfather Wei’s physical condition was far from what it used to be. He now resembled an old man in his last days, appearing extremely frail and lacking any color in his face. Even the doctors said his situation was not optimistic.

From the moment Grandfather Wei entered the operating room, Wei Chen stayed by his side in the hospital. Grandfather Wei underwent a rescue operation that lasted for more than seven hours and remained unconscious afterward.

As the doctors advised against disturbance, Wei Chen sat outside the corridor, sending a message to Wei Yan and Wei Hua.

Wei Yan hurried to the hospital, his face filled with worry. Spotting Wei Chen in the corridor, he asked, “Is Grandfather alright?”

Wei Chen replied with a strained and hoarse voice, “He’s been rescued.” It wasn’t clear whether it was due to staying up late or other reasons.

Only then did Wei Yan breathe a sigh of relief, saying, “As long as he’s been saved.”

He then sat beside Wei Chen, patting his shoulder, and suggested, “Why don’t you go home and change? Chen Li and Qiuqiu are waiting for you at home. I’ll stay here at the hospital.”

“Alright,” Wei Chen nodded. Given the urgency of the situation, he was still wearing his pajamas and indeed needed to change into proper clothes.

Moreover, Wei Yan was right; Chen Li and Qiuqiu were waiting for him to return home safely.

“Then, I’ll leave this to you,” Wei Chen said.

Wei Yan nodded, “Don’t worry, the doctors said Grandfather will be fine.”

Only then did Wei Chen ease his worries.

At the old Wei family residence, Chen Li anxiously sat on the sofa, holding Qiuqiu, waiting for Wei Chen to return. Qiuqiu seemed to sense Chen Li’s emotions and was quietly sitting in Chen Li’s arms.

Chen Li spotted Wei Chen’s hurried figure from a distance and quickly approached, holding Qiuqiu. “Achen, is Grandfather okay?” he asked.

Wei Chen didn’t reply; instead, he tightly embraced Chen Li as though trying to embed him into his own being.

This reaction startled Chen Li, instantly painting his expression with disbelief and sorrow. “Achen, is it Grandfather…?”

“He’s fine, he’s been rescued, but the situation isn’t very optimistic,” Wei Chen responded.

It was only now that he realized how old his grandfather had become, stepping closer to the brink of life’s end.

“Phew…” Chen Li heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Grandfather was okay, but Wei Chen had truly scared him.

Still, Chen Li reached out and hugged Wei Chen back, reassuringly saying, “Achen, it’s alright now. Grandfather will be fine. Don’t worry.”

“Yeah,” Wei Chen calmed down, kissing Chen Li’s cheek apologetically. “I’m sorry, our return to the capital will have to be postponed.”

Originally, Wei Chen had planned to take Wei Corporation affairs into order and then leave them to Wei Yan before returning to the capital with Chen Li and Qiuqiu. But given Grandfather Wei’s condition, he couldn’t leave now.

Chen Li patted Wei Chen’s shoulder, smiling, “It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry to go back. As long as you’re here, Qiuqiu and I will be here too.”

Wherever Wei Chen was, that was their home, so he didn’t mind.

At noon, Wei Huai rushed back from the capital, accompanied by Cookie and Little Biscuit. Little Eggroll, being too young, was left with Sheng Jiaqi for care.

Grandfather Wei woke up shortly after Wei Huai and Little Biscuit returned. His eyes seemed clouded due to the illness.

After Grandfather Wei regained consciousness, the doctor checked his condition and allowed family visits.

Chen Li and Wei Chen arrived together, bringing Qiuqiu along. Regarding Qiuqiu, Wei Chen decided to be open with Grandfather Wei and let him know that Qiuqiu was his great-grandson.

Chen Li understood this decision, but he still had concerns. After all, Qiuqiu bore the Qu family name now. Would Grandfather Wei be upset or distressed upon finding out?

Wei Chen, however, didn’t have this concern. Recently, the old man had become much more accepting, especially concerning matters of lineage. So, it should have been acceptable.

The room remained quiet, even the youngest, Qiuqiu, sensed the adults’ emotions and behaved obediently in Wei Chen’s arms. However, his curious big eyes kept watching Grandfather Wei on the hospital bed, unsure why he was still lying there.

“Why have you all come back?” Grandfather Wei looked at his grandsons gathered around him and weakly said, “Go back to work; there’s nothing interesting about this old man.”

As Grandfather Wei glanced around the room, his gaze paused slightly when it fell on Little Biscuit. It was their first meeting, and Grandfather Wei’s impression of Little Biscuit had been limited to being Wei Hua’s partner’s son.

But now, as Grandfather Wei observed Little Biscuit and then glanced at Wei Huai, surprise finally appeared on his face.

“Is this Little Biscuit?” Grandfather Wei asked, his pale face unable to conceal the astonishment.

“Yes, he is Little Biscuit,” Wei Huai said, then instructed Little Biscuit, “Call him Great Grandfather.”

Little Biscuit obediently said, “Great Grandfather.”

As Little Biscuit had grown a bit older, his facial features resembled Wei Huai more and more. It was evident to anyone that he was Wei Huai’s son.

Grandfather Wei naturally noticed this and felt somewhat bewildered. “Ahua, is this your son?”

Wei Hua nodded, “Yes, Grandfather. Little Biscuit is my and Xiao Qi’s son.”

Wei Hua deliberately emphasized “my and Xiao Qi’s,” believing Grandfather Wei would understand the implication.

Indeed, Grandfather Wei did grasp it. His eyes widened slightly, encountering something beyond his comprehension. However, the truth stood before him, leaving him no choice but to believe it.

He opened his mouth and accepted this fact.

Perhaps facing death made Grandfather Wei much more accepting. After a brief surprise, he surprisingly accepted this reality.

“Great Grandfather,” Little Biscuit approached and called out again.

Grandfather Wei finally looked at Little Biscuit and smiled. There was a hint of affection in his cloudy eyes.

“Great Grandfather, you’ll get better,” Little Biscuit earnestly said.

Seeing Little Biscuit address him as Great Grandfather, even Qiuqiu joined in, using his soft, sweet voice, “Gweat Gwandpa.”

Grandfather Wei heard this and looked at the chubby Qiuqiu. Their eyes met, and Qiuqiu cheerfully called out again, “Gweat Gwandpa.”

“En,” Grandfather Wei’s mood suddenly lifted because of the calls from these two great-grandchildren.

And, knowing that Wei Huai and Cookie could have Little Biscuit, Grandfather Wei had a faint guess in his mind. Could Qiuqiu be the child of Wei Chen and Chen Li? After all, Chen Li and Cookie were cousins, and even as a male, Chen Li might be capable of having children.

Grandfather Wei held onto this speculation, and despite it being a mere guess, it excited him involuntarily.

When Wei Hua took Cookie and Little Biscuit to rest, leaving only Wei Chen in the ward, Grandfather Wei finally brought up this guess.

“Achen, I have a question for you,” Grandfather Wei lay on the bed, and surprisingly, his weak voice amplified a lot due to this question.

Wei Chen anticipated what Grandfather Wei wanted to ask and answered directly, “Qiuqiu is indeed mine and Chen Li’s child. Chen Li is a bit special.”

Although he had already speculated, hearing the answer made Grandfather Wei excited and thrilled.

No wonder he could see traces of Wei Chen in Qiuqiu; initially, he thought it was because Wei Chen had spent a lot of time with Qiuqiu, causing a slight resemblance.

Now it was clear – Qiuqiu resembled Wei Chen because he was Wei Chen’s son.

He had unconsciously become a great-grandfather!

The exhaustion on Grandfather Wei vanished in a flash due to this news. Qiuqiu, such an adorable child, was his great-grandson!

After the excitement, Grandfather Wei finally got to the crucial point. “So, was Qiuqiu’s name your choice or Chen Li’s?”

Qiuqiu was his Wei family descendant, so why did he bear the Qu surname?

Actually, Grandfather Wei still had some reservations about this. After all, after valuing something for a lifetime, it’s not easy to let go of it.

Sensing the underlying inquiry in Grandfather Wei’s tone, Wei Chen responded, “It was my choice.”

“You…” Grandfather Wei felt a bit disappointed. How could his grandson choose someone else’s surname?

However, thinking about what the surname Qu represented, Grandfather Wei swallowed his reluctance. Having this surname would make his great-grandson’s future path much easier.

“Never mind, never mind,” Grandfather Wei emphasized solemnly. “Since the name has been chosen, remember, the next child you and Chen Li have should bear the Wei surname.”

His tone suggested that if Wei Chen’s child didn’t bear the Wei surname, it would be a significant loss.

“Grandfather, please rest. I’ll be outside,” Wei Chen, unwilling to continue this conversation, promptly left the room.

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