Chapter 381 – Half a Year

Grandfather Wei looked at Wei Chen’s departing figure and sighed deeply.

Why was Wei Chen so stubborn when it came to Chen Li? He even let someone else’s surname be used for his own child.

This feeling of hating iron for not becoming steel was even more evident.

However, when Grandfather Wei found out about his great-grandchild, his mood expanded suddenly, and he seemed much more spirited.

Nevertheless, this rescue had indeed taken a toll on Grandfather Wei’s remaining vitality; his health deteriorated significantly.

Despite being discharged from the hospital after half a month, Grandfather Wei spent most of his time at home lying in bed.

As time passed, Grandfather Wei’s health declined day by day.

He felt it himself and strongly resisted going to the hospital. It was as though each hospital visit drained a bit of his life force, leaving him even more exhausted upon discharge.

He was afraid, afraid that if he went to the hospital one more time, he might never come back.

Grandfather Wei stubbornly fought against the illness, going to the hospital several times. The doctors issued critical condition notices multiple times, but Grandfather Wei always skirted the edge of death and managed to come back each time.

Wei Hua traveled back and forth between the capital and Shanghai several times for this. Of course, he was willing to do so; he didn’t want Grandfather Wei to pass away.

This was a vibrant life. Grandfather Wei, the owner of this life, didn’t want to leave, and his grandchildren didn’t want him to go. However, when the Grim Reaper arrived, no one could defy it.

Six months later, Grandfather Wei was once again wheeled into the operating room. This time, when he emerged, the doctor’s expression wasn’t one of relief but of extreme gravity.

“Please accept my condolences,” the doctor apologized to the family outside the operating room.

It wasn’t a surprising piece of news. Over the past half-year, with Grandfather Wei repeatedly admitted to the hospital and receiving multiple critical condition notices, Wei Chen and the others had mentally prepared themselves.

However prepared they were, when death truly arrived, it struck everyone hard.

Wei Hua rushed back from the capital again, but this time, he didn’t need to rush back; Grandfather Wei had closed his eyes forever.

No one cried. They just stood outside the ward in the corridor for a long, long time. This moment felt so unreal, so unreal that it seemed they were living in a dream.

Grandfather Wei’s body was wheeled out by the doctors, covered with a white cloth, forever departed. Whatever he had done in his lifetime, it vanished along with the closing of his eyes.

On that day, a fine rain fell from the sky, so light that the rain threads were barely visible, yet the ground was damp, telling everyone that it was raining now.

It was also the day of Grandfather Wei’s farewell ceremony.

The farewell for Grandfather Wei’s body took place in a cemetery in Shanghai. Grandfather Wei’s life was legendary, attracting people from the political, business, and military spheres to bid him goodbye.

Wei Chen, Wei Yan, and Wei Hua, dressed in black suits, stood by Grandfather Wei’s body, bidding farewell as his grandsons. Their faces didn’t display much emotion; they appeared not very saddened, but only they knew their true feelings.

As Grandfather Wei’s body was pushed into the crematorium, the rain seemed to intensify, weaving a fine line in the air.

The three brothers sat waiting for Grandfather Wei’s ashes to come out; during this time, not a word was spoken.

The world seemed to have fallen into silence, quietly and silently.

Half an hour? Perhaps an hour? The rain kept pouring.

When Grandfather Wei’s ashes finally emerged, the funeral home staff allowed them to take one last look. It was the final glance.

A person ultimately turns into a handful of ashes, bidding farewell to this world.

Finally, the three brothers personally buried Grandfather Wei’s ashes, marking Grandfather Wei’s complete departure from this world.

The rain continued until late into the night before it finally ceased.

The Wei family could be considered a large clan. As the patriarch of the Wei family passed away, there was no dispute over his estate. The Wei family let Grandfather Wei depart peacefully.

On the evening of bidding farewell to Grandfather Wei, Wei Chen held Chen Li in his arms for a long, long time.

Wei Chen’s feelings toward Grandfather Wei were complex; there was admiration, resentment, respect, and impatience.

But ultimately, Grandfather Wei had raised Wei Chen single-handedly, imparting numerous skills and qualities.

This person was his grandfather, the sky of his youthful world.

But now, his grandfather had departed, and the sky of his youthful world had collapsed.

With Grandfather Wei’s departure, hatred and impatience vanished. What remained was respect, admiration, and endless nostalgia for the days ahead.

That night, Chen Li stayed with Wei Chen until dawn, not uttering a word to console him. He simply stayed quietly by his side, offering him strength when he needed it the most.

Finally, daylight broke, and the rain outside ceased.

The deceased had passed, but the living had to continue living, with many things left to do.

In the course of that night, Wei Chen managed to settle his pain. After sending Chen Li off to rest, he headed to a prison on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Regardless of everything, Wei Zhenxiong needed to know that Grandfather Wei had passed away.

Wei Zhenxiong didn’t expect Wei Chen’s visit. He was about to jest with Wei Chen when he noticed the white flower tied to Wei Chen’s arm.

Instantly, Wei Zhenxiong froze. He stared at Wei Chen, hoping that Wei Chen would tell him that the white flower was accidentally attached, that Grandfather Wei was still alive and well. But Wei Chen’s words weren’t what Wei Zhenxiong wanted to hear.

“Grandfather passed away,” Wei Chen said, his voice sounding hoarse from the prolonged nights.

“Are you lying to me?” Wei Zhenxiong laughed, then began pounding on the glass in front of him, his face contorted, “Wei Chen, you’re lying to me, right? How could he die? How could he die?!”

Wei Chen’s expression remained unchanged. He simply recounted to Wei Zhenxiong what Grandfather Wei had said to him the day before entering the operating room.

“Grandfather wanted me to tell you,” Wei Chen’s voice was hoarse and heavy, “he’s sorry for what he did and hopes you can forgive him.”

Those were the words Grandfather Wei had repeated incessantly that day, each word causing him immense pain. Yet, he repeated that sentence many times until he was taken into the operating room. He looked at Wei Chen with hope, silently mouthing those words.

Wei Zhenxiong collapsed into the chair, unable to hold back his sobs.

“I won’t forgive him, I won’t forgive him.”

As if by saying so, he could retain Grandfather Wei.

Wei Chen glanced deeply at Wei Zhenxiong before finally leaving.

After Wei Chen left, the prison guards didn’t immediately take Wei Zhenxiong back. They knew Wei Zhenxiong had lost his father, allowing him to cry alone.

Wei Zhenxiong had never regretted or felt as lost as he did in that moment.

The old man was dead? His father was dead?

How could he be dead? When he was locked up, his father still had a head full of black hair. How could he have passed away?

But as Wei Zhenxiong tried to recall his father’s appearance, he suddenly remembered the visit his father made to see him in prison.

What was his father like during that visit?

Leaning against the railing, with white hair, he looked like an elderly man in decline.

So, his father had aged without his noticing.

Therefore, when he hadn’t realized it, the old man had left.

Wei Zhenxiong had thought that his father’s death would bring relief, that he would be happy.

However, when the moment truly arrived, he realized how much his heart could ache, as if something was gnawing at it.

The pain made Wei Zhenxiong feel breathing was incredibly difficult.


How could he be dead like this?

In a daze, Wei Zhenxiong was finally carried back to the prison by the guards, his eyes vacant, staring at the ceiling as if trying to see something beyond this enclosed world.

The next day, someone came to visit Wei Zhenxiong in prison again.

This time, it wasn’t Wei Chen, but Housekeeper Zhang who had always served by Old Master Wei’s side.

Housekeeper Zhang sat across from Wei Zhenxiong, also dressed in black, the sorrow on his face still present.

Upon seeing Housekeeper Zhang, a faint smile crossed Wei Zhenxiong’s lips. “You’re here. Are you here to tell me that old man is dead? Go back and tell him I won’t forgive him, not in this lifetime!”

Housekeeper Zhang didn’t acknowledge Wei Zhenxiong’s outburst but calmly stated, “After the day the old master came to visit you, he fell seriously ill that same night.”

That sentence halted Wei Zhenxiong’s hysteria.

Wei Zhenxiong stared blankly at Housekeeper Zhang. “What did you say? Say that again!”

“After visiting you that day, the old master fell seriously ill that same night. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. He was saved then but only managed to hold on for half a year.”

Housekeeper Zhang’s words, though spoken calmly and without emotion, felt like a sharp blade thrust deep into Wei Zhenxiong’s heart.

Why did the old man die? It was all because of you, Wei Zhenxiong. His death, entirely caused by your actions.

Wei Zhenxiong covered his face silently, curled up in the chair. He seemed like an abandoned child, filled with helplessness and regret.

Seeing his aim accomplished, Housekeeper Zhang rose and left. As he turned away, a mocking smile played on his lips.

Wouldn’t it be too easy for someone like Wei Zhenxiong? He deserved to live in endless regret for much of his life.

Once again, the guards carried Wei Zhenxiong back to the prison. He appeared like a lifeless body, as if devoid of a soul.

Housekeeper Zhang returned to Wei’s old mansion, starting to pack his belongings. Eventually, his gaze settled on a photograph.

It was a picture of him and Old Master Wei, the only picture from their entire lives together.

Back then, they were young, with lips lifted in a rare smile captured for eternity.

Although the photo was black and white, it was immaculately preserved by Housekeeper Zhang, devoid of any creases or exposure.

Cherishing it dearly, he placed the photo into the suitcase. His weathered hand lightly traced its surface, reluctantly closing the luggage at last.

He never married, dedicating his entire life to the Wei family. Since childhood, he had revered Old Master Wei as his personal deity, accompanying him throughout his life.

The moment he realized his feelings, he knew he had fallen for someone he shouldn’t have.

As a result, he harbored twisted thoughts. To ensure Old Master Wei’s descendants carried blood similar to his, he schemed to send his sister into Old Master Wei’s bed.

A child bearing their blood was born, but instead of receiving affection, it marked the beginning of all the wrongdoings in the Wei family.

It all began with him.

Now, it was finally coming to an end.

This would remain a secret buried deep within him, never to see the light of day.

The greatest punishment for Old Master Wei was this: in his lifetime, none of his great-grandchildren bore the Wei surname.

Qiuqiu was surnamed Qu, Little Biscuit was surnamed Sheng, and Wei Yan’s child was surnamed Feng.

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