Chapter 57.2 – Cross-dresser Jiang (x) (1)

There were no sounds of a TV from outside the room throughout the morning. It remained quiet.

Studying quietly until noon, it was nearly lunchtime when Chen Jing put away the papers in his hand and opened the room door to prepare a meal.

This morning, when he entered the room, the person was sitting in a certain position. Now, he’s still in the same spot, holding a large goose and not moving an inch.

He asked what he was doing, and the person replied that he was witnessing the birth of great friendship.

Chen Jing went to prepare food.

“Witnessing the birth of great friendship” meant going through the chat history between the girl and her friends. The parts that couldn’t be shown had already been removed. His task now was to remember the friends’ names, their personalities, and the events that had occurred between them.

The chat log seemed like it began from the creation of the universe. After the initial agreement for the task, Tang Guo shared a lot of crucial information with him. For instance, she mentioned having an ambiguous relationship with someone not quite ordinary. Jiang Yujin searched for a while and later learned about a fitting term: “online romance becoming reality.”

He wasn’t in love, but he was tasked with making it real. The girl felt this behavior was deceitful, but she couldn’t bring herself to address it, so she hoped that he would help end this relationship on the day they met.

Jiang Yujin’s face was buried in the large goose as he scrolled through the chat records, his eyes getting numb. Eventually, his entire face was obscured by the goose.

Young people nowadays are truly complex.

But among these complex young people, there was also a sincerely kind high school student.

Hearing the high schooler call out for food, Jiang Yujin raised his head from the goose, feeling once again that the high schooler was indeed inherently good-hearted.

After finishing the meal, not wanting to continue going through the lengthy chat records, Jiang Yujin decided to take a stroll outside and asked the high schooler if he wanted to join. However, the high schooler was doing the dishes and waiting for the analysis results regarding One-eyed’s worms from Xiao Pang, and didn’t want to go out.

So, Jiang Yujin went for a stroll alone.

As he went downstairs, it happened to be mealtime, and the barber shop owner was having his meal. The moment the owner saw him, he swiftly carried his food into the kitchen.

It was evident he was being treated like an unwanted guest.

Jiang Yujin was astonished, “So this is how you see me!”

The barber shop owner glanced at him but didn’t deny his words.

Jiang Yujin took a seat in the shop, leaning back and propping his chin up, “My son’s back; nobody wants to dine at your place anymore.”

Jiang Yujin appeared quite proud.

Without a word, the barber shop owner started to usher him out.

Before being forced to leave, Jiang Yujin quickly apologized and extended his hand, “I want a wig.”

He was promptly kicked out.

The ousted Citizen Jiang strolled a few streets away.

A newly opened convenience store stood nearby, and on the plastic mannequins inside, colorful wigs adorned their heads.

The wrinkled-faced owner glanced up at him before returning to his bookkeeping.

Jiang Yujin entered the store and purchased the cheapest white wig.

Tang Guo and her friends had scheduled a gathering at a downtown hotel in three days’ time. One of them had deep pockets and had booked a whole hall.

During these days, Jiang Yujin communicated repeatedly with Tang Guo and finally made a final decision.

As expected, Tang Guo still wanted to meet her friends and decided to go together. She wouldn’t enter the main hall for the gathering but would sit in the hotel lobby.

She couldn’t pretend to be mute, so she informed her friends in advance that she had developed a throat problem these days and couldn’t speak temporarily.

Jiang Yujin felt there was a certain reason why the other person was suitable for online dating. When face-to-face, the other person struggled to speak for a while but could type swiftly on their phone, making communication smooth.

The night before the scheduled meeting, Jiang Yujin immediately fell asleep, setting the morning time for the gathering.

The next morning, high schooler who was getting back to his school routine was surprised to find that the person who was unwaveringly consistent in waking up at noon had somehow woken up a bit later.

This person had risen but remained half-asleep.

While the other person was brushing his teeth, Chen Jing reminded, “You forgot to put toothpaste on.”

So, Jiang Yujin leisurely started applying toothpaste. Only when the high schooler left did he slowly begin to have breakfast.

Tang Guo arrived shortly after the high schooler’s departure, finding Jiang Yujin struggling with his wig.

The wig was indeed noticeably artificial.

Tang Guo then realized that perhaps handing over such things for self-care might not have been the best idea.

Fortunately, they had agreed to meet in the morning, leaving plenty of time before the afternoon. Urgently, she redirected the situation back to its original plan.

As per the initial agreement, she provided clothes, shoes, and accessories, and now there was an added wig.

After an urgent 30-minute crash course, Jiang Yujin managed to handle the wig in a somewhat presentable manner.

The driver and bodyguard had arrived in the morning and had to wait until noon before seeing someone come downstairs.

The car door opened and closed, and after a slight sway, two more people were in the car. One was Tang Guo, the other was unfamiliar.

Objectively speaking, the other person was very beautiful, but the kind of beauty that was unattainable, casting a faint chill when her light-colored pupils glanced over, inexplicably unsettling.

—Really just like in the photos.

Tang Guo sat to the side, her heart still racing.

Initially, when she knew this person had to step in to pretend to be her due to lack of manpower, she didn’t dare to hope too much.

Unexpectedly, the result was surprisingly good. During their last meeting, she hadn’t noticed anything, but this time she realized that this person was actually very good-looking, with faint features and a gentle hint in his smile.

After the very good-looking person got into the car, he quickly took out his phone, first taking selfies on a chat app, then opening Xiaoxiaole and quietly waiting for friends to send game energy.

Once the energy arrived, he started playing a silent version of the game, a series of cool effects flashing on the phone.

It was clear this person took playing the game very seriously.


Tang Guo quietly turned her head away again.


After bringing back the bodies of the One-eyed and the giant worm, professionals meticulously examined the corpses, finding the numbered engravings inside the One-eyed’s eye socket.

From the Zero laboratory, they had obtained cells named “Genesis Body A1,” and now it was A2.

There were two possibilities: either they upgraded A1 to create A2, or Zero had directly developed new cells.

Neither possibility counted as good news.

Because they didn’t actively seek and use strange species for research, and there wasn’t much funding allocated to them from above, their progress had always been behind Zero.

Smooth research progress was akin to pouring money like water, especially considering that almost every branch Zero had was equipped with a laboratory, the amount spent behind the scenes was incalculable.

Some said, “I heard they’ve already started investigating where their funding is coming from.”

If they could trace it and cut off the funding flow, their research would likely die on the vine.

The SIU had indeed begun investigating Zero’s funding sources. After the incident at the estate, they traced the path and found evidence of Zero engaging in transactions involving different species. Such transactions surely brought in significant profits but were far from enough to sustain the labs’ normal operation.

A highly probable speculation was that there were other backers behind the scenes or that the founders of Zero themselves possessed enormous wealth.

Although they claimed to be investigating, in reality, they were clueless, shooting in the dark. There were only a few individuals rich enough to sustain such a massive organization, so going through them one by one would eventually reveal the one with abnormal transactions.

First under suspicion was Lu Dongcheng. His family had been in business for generations, immensely wealthy, accumulating wealth for several generations, a fortune even they couldn’t entirely fathom. Moreover, he had the experience of returning from the Game, naturally becoming the prime suspect.

The task of investigating Lu Dongcheng fell on the head of the First Unit of the SIU.

The captain and vice-captain weren’t around, so the remaining individuals, who were relatively free at the moment, drew straws, and two unlucky souls were chosen to carry out the mission.

Xu Gao, who had successfully infiltrated the secretarial department, helped pass on the documents, eyes filled with pity, saying, “I heard Lu Dongcheng will be at that downtown hotel today for business. Good luck.”

The two unfortunate souls took the documents and headed towards the hotel.


At noon, Jiang Yujin left the agency, still early for the afternoon appointment. His considerate employer decided to treat him to a meal before leisurely heading towards the hotel.

On the way to the hotel, Jiang Yujin’s game energy in Xiaoxiaole ran out, so he put down his phone and looked out of the window.

The city center was full of towering skyscrapers, and the road was bustling with cars.

Then, inexplicably, the smooth afternoon journey turned into a sudden traffic jam.

Those stuck behind would never know what the hold-up was about up ahead. All they knew was that the waiting time was getting longer, and horns blared incessantly.

Jiang Yujin checked the time and decisively said, “Pull over for a moment.”

As soon as he spoke, the driver and the bodyguard in front were caught off guard, visibly shocked.

Jiang Yujin got out of the car, taking the armored helmet from the vehicle on his way.

Tang Guo watched him step out and walk back, disappearing from her sight.

Soon after, an electric scooter zoomed past directly by the window, with white hair flying in the air, dominating the view.

Among the frustrated drivers stuck in the traffic jam, Jiang Yujin effortlessly and gracefully passed by on the electric scooter, looking completely suave.

Sure enough, the little electric scooter felt more comfortable to ride.

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