Chapter 379 – Zhenxiong’s Arrest

The eventful days finally came to an end, and time returned to calmness. Wei Corporation was back on track, allowing Wei Chen to escape the previously relentless routine and spend more time with his family.

Among those delighted by this change was Chen Li. Despite living with Wei Chen for the past six months, their time together had been limited due to Wei Chen’s overwhelming schedule.

Chen Li, however, understood Wei Chen’s commitments and never complained, wholeheartedly supporting his work. Even during these months when they didn’t spend much time together, their bond didn’t falter.

As for Qiuqiu, far from growing distant due to the lack of time spent with Wei Chen over the past half year, Qiuqiu grew closer to him, showing increased affection.

One weekend, Wei Chen finally had a break from work and didn’t have to go to the office. Qiuqiu clung to Wei Chen, ignoring Chen Li’s attempts to separate them, much to Chen Li’s annoyance. Chen Li pouted, intentionally ignoring Qiuqiu, but Qiuqiu persisted, calling out for “Big Dad” repeatedly.

Unable to resist any longer, Chen Li eventually gave in, playing with Qiuqiu on the bed for a while. Qiuqiu couldn’t win against “Daddy” and surrendered.

“Big Dad, save me!” Qiuqiu’s vocabulary had expanded, speaking clearer and more articulate words now.

Wei Chen joined in, joining the father-son duo on the bed, enjoying their playful time together.

With rare leisure time at home, Wei Chen had plans to spend more time with Chen Li and Qiuqiu, even contemplating taking them out for some fun. However, their plans were interrupted when they saw Grandfather Wei sitting calmly on the sofa.

“What’s wrong, Grandfather?” Wei Chen inquired.

The relationship between grandfather and grandson had improved somewhat in the past six months.

“Just got a notification. Weizhenxiong was deported back from F Country. He happened to have a criminal record in the country, so he was arrested.” He had no intention of hiding Wei Chen and told Wei Chen truthfully.

As for why Weizhenxiong was sent back, Wei Chen had some speculations. It seemed that when he fled with the stolen money, F Country might have been his destination. Now, unable to sustain himself there, he sought refuge with Fang Yun.

Did Weizhenxiong really expect Fang Yun to shelter him after what he’d done? One phone call to the authorities and Weizhenxiong was sent back.

Wei Chen wasn’t worried about Weizhenxiong but rather concerned for Fang Yun.

Calculating the time difference, Wei Chen called Fang Yun at a time that would not disturb Fang Yun.

The phone was quickly answered, and Fang Yun seemed to have guessed Wei Chen’s purpose. She said, “Achen, I’m fine. He came to see me the day before yesterday, but I turned him away. I think he was afraid of being recognized, so he didn’t dare to cause a scene. But I still reported it to the police.”

“Mom, as long as you’re okay.” Wei Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief, not feeling anything wrong with Fang Yun reporting to the police.

Wei Zhenxiong had once hurt Fang Yun in such a way that nobody knew if he might do something crazy again. Fang Yun reported to the police, solely concerned for her safety.

Moreover, Wei Zhenxiong had brought it upon himself.

Grandfather Wei didn’t know about Wei Zhenxiong’s kidnapping of Fang Yun for that mere ten or so percent of shares, but he could somewhat guess that Wei Zhenxiong must have used some despicable means; otherwise, Fang Yun wouldn’t have given him the shares’ money.

So, at that moment, there was no blame on Wei Chen for only caring about Fang Yun and not his own son, Wei Zhenxiong.

However, Wei Zhenxiong was still his son, and it was impossible for him to just watch Wei Zhenxiong go to jail. Yet, asking Wei Chen for this favor seemed somewhat difficult for him.

Wei Chen knew what Grandfather Wei was about to say and said firmly, “Grandfather, I’ve given him a chance, but he squandered it. Now, I can’t do anything more.”

Grandfather Wei opened his mouth but ultimately didn’t say anything more.

He knew Wei Chen wasn’t powerless but rather didn’t want to do anything for Wei Zhenxiong. He also didn’t have the position to ask Wei Chen to do anything for Wei Zhenxiong, especially considering the unsightly things Wei Zhenxiong had done.

Grandfather Wei sighed and said, “So be it. Those who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.”

Grandfather Wei accepted this fact, but he had his own considerations. He had finally managed to improve his relationship with Wei Chen, and he couldn’t afford to have any rifts again just because of Wei Zhenxiong. After all, the Wei Corporation now belonged to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen didn’t say anything further, letting the matter pass without stirring up any waves in their already calm lives.

Days passed, and before they knew it, it was time for Wei Zhenxiong’s trial. Both Wei Chen and Grandfather Wei appeared in court.

Standing at the defendant’s bench, Wei Zhenxiong no longer possessed his former vigor. He looked utterly defeated, as if waiting for the judgment of fate.

The evidence was conclusive, and Wei Zhenxiong confessed. The trial went smoothly. As he was being taken away, he glanced towards the audience.

Seeing Wei Chen and Grandfather Wei, he smiled.

It was a smile filled with resentment, malice, and helplessness.

He had resigned himself to his fate. Everything that had happened in the past six months had completely worn away his defiance, and he was ready to endure whatever fate had in store for him.

Several days after Wei Zhenxiong was imprisoned, Grandfather Wei went to visit him.

The guards escorted a visibly thinner Wei Zhenxiong. Looking at him, Grandfather Wei didn’t know what to say for a moment. This was his son, whom he had never deprived of necessities, who had grown up in affluence, and now had fallen so low.

This was something Grandfather Wei had never imagined.

“Why are you here? To show off, to display that nonexistent fatherly love?” Wei Zhenxiong sneered.

Grandfather Wei stumbled over his words, “Zhenxiong, I…”

The mockery on Wei Zhenxiong’s face became more pronounced. “No need to explain anything to me. I know my current fate is my own doing. But think, over all these years, what have you done for me?”

His tone was piercing; Wei Zhenxiong finally released his pent-up grievances.

“Yes, you worked for the Wei Corporation. You were selfless. And I, I was supposed to be the sacrifice for your selflessness. You never acknowledged my efforts. Do you know how hard I tried to become someone worthy of the Wei Corporation? And the result? A casual word from you negated it all.”

“Fine, negate it all. Of course, you took Wei Chen under your wing, that’s fine. But he’s my real son. Why did you lie to me, manipulate the paternity test? All these years, I’ve never heard him call me ‘father’ with any emotion. You, as a father, as a grandfather, turned our relationship into something akin to enemies.”

“Why did I do all this? Just so you could look at me with respect, so you could retract that statement denying my capabilities. But in the end, I’ve become a joke, fallen to this state, and it’s all because of you. Do you know that?”

“Yes, in the eyes of others, I’m the young master of the Wei family, privileged and well provided for since childhood. But sometimes, I envy others. They have the love of parents, the expectations of family on their shoulders. And me? I have nothing. Absolutely nothing! Do you know that?”

Wei Zhenxiong had unleashed a torrent of emotions, unable to contain the words he had buried deep in his heart for years. Each sentence poured out like a release of pent-up emotions.

He couldn’t accept it, couldn’t accept how fate treated them differently. Why was it that Wei Chen could save the Wei Corporation, while he was deemed a sinner?

Even more unbearable was the differential treatment from his father. One was a son, the other a grandson. Even if there was a generational gap, shouldn’t there still be some semblance of connection?

He felt that his current predicament was solely caused by Grandfather Wei. If only… if only Grandfather Wei had trusted him more, provided more help, how could he have ended up like this?

Grandfather Wei had always claimed he lacked intelligence compared to Wei Chen. But if he had been taught like Wei Chen, mentored the same way, he firmly believed he could have reached Wei Chen’s heights.

As Wei Zhenxiong concluded, his emotions spiraled out of control, and the guards had to restrain him.

Grandfather Wei had barely spoken, listening intently to every word from Wei Zhenxiong. Each of his words felt like a dagger piercing Grandfather Wei’s heart.

Housekeeper Zhang supported Grandfather Wei as they left, but Grandfather Wei seemed lost in thought.

“Sir,” Housekeeper Zhang showed concern. He had heard every word Wei Zhenxiong said, understood how damaging they were to Grandfather Wei, but he didn’t quite agree with Wei Zhenxiong’s words.

“Sir, what he said was just an excuse he made for himself, trying to justify how he ended up in this state,” Housekeeper Zhang stated.

Indeed, those were all Wei Zhenxiong’s excuses, ways to absolve himself of his failed ambitions.

Why hadn’t Grandfather Wei personally guided Wei Zhenxiong? Before Wei Chen was born, Grandfather Wei had devoted himself to nurturing Wei Zhenxiong as the heir, but his teaching style often leaned toward sharing only part of the knowledge, leaving the rest for one to figure out.

Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t grasp Grandfather Wei’s intentions. It was indeed due to his lack of understanding.

In the later period, Wei Chen displayed intelligence, and Grandfather Wei shifted his focus onto Wei Chen, which was understandable. After all, Wei Chen was still young then, and compared to Wei Zhenxiong, he showed more understanding and was more adaptable.

Within aristocratic families, ensuring the family’s continuity involves selecting the most exceptional successor, a decision every head of a family has to make. Blame could only fall on Wei Zhenxiong for not being clever enough to handle such a responsibility.

Of course, Housekeeper Zhang also acknowledged that Grandfather Wei hiding Wei Chen’s true paternity from Wei Zhenxiong was fundamentally the elder’s mistake.

But Wei Zhenxiong introspectively asked, even if he had known Wei Chen was his son, would he still have made the same choices? The answer was affirmative. Wei Zhenxiong’s ambition outweighed his conscience. For the sake of ambition, what value did conscience hold? Why else would Fang Yun suffer so terribly at Wei Zhenxiong’s hands?

Therefore, Wei Zhenxiong’s current outcome was largely a result of his own lack of integrity, but Grandfather Wei also bore a significant responsibility.

However, Housekeeper Zhang sometimes felt fortunate that despite the dysfunctional family, the young masters of the Wei family turned out well.

In Shanghai today, whenever anyone mentioned the three young masters of the Wei family, they were spoken of highly. How could Grandfather Wei not understand what Housekeeper Zhang was trying to convey?

In the past, he wouldn’t have cared how Wei Zhenxiong spoke, as he firmly believed in his righteousness. But now, Grandfather Wei was plagued by self-doubt. If he had been right, the family wouldn’t have faced crises before, and Wei Zhenxiong wouldn’t have ended up in such a situation.

Perhaps, Grandfather Wei felt that the root cause of all the tragedies the Wei family was experiencing now was himself.

Grandfather Wei gestured to Housekeeper Zhang, saying, “No need to say more, I’m clear in my own mind.”

Housekeeper Zhang knew Grandfather Wei had become trapped in self-doubt due to Wei Zhenxiong’s words. Wanting to console him but unsure how, Housekeeper Zhang silently supported Grandfather Wei back, observing how this incident had aged Grandfather Wei even further.

The night Grandfather Wei came back from visiting the prison, he fell ill, but fortunately, he was rushed to the hospital in time, saving his life.

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