Chapter 378 – Descendants of the Wei Family

Regarding all the rumors from the outside world, Wei Chen listened to them but didn’t take them to heart, diligently completing all his tasks every day.

However, just because Wei Chen didn’t pay attention didn’t mean that others in the Wei Corporation didn’t heed the gossip from the outside world.

Within at least ten days, a staggering thirteen people from various departments of the Wei Corporation resigned. It averaged more than one resignation per day.

Moreover, this trend didn’t cease. Unless Wei Chen implemented effective policies and substantial capital influx, resignations would continue to increase. It wouldn’t be limited to lower departments; soon, it would spread to the upper echelons of the Wei Corporation.

As the saying goes, people strive for higher grounds. The Wei Corporation no longer held enough allure for these individuals. They felt that their aspirations couldn’t be achieved within the Wei Corporation and sought a larger, more stable platform.

All this was understandable, and Wei Chen didn’t attempt to retain such individuals.

Of course, Wei Chen didn’t harbor any resentment toward these people either.

The Wei Corporation, as perceived by outsiders, seemed like an unstable wall on the verge of collapse, perhaps beyond repair.

Even internally, there was not much optimism about the Wei Corporation’s future.

In Wei Chen’s office, an assistant handed a resignation letter from the head of the planning department to Wei Chen, saying, “Boss, this is the resignation letter from the director of the planning department. He…”

“I know.” Wei Chen’s voice lacked any emotion. He said, “Instruct him to settle the remaining salary with the finance department.”

The assistant appeared troubled. “Chairman, if allowing the director of the planning department to resign this way, the other management still contemplating might also submit their resignation letters without hesitation.”

“Let those who want to leave, leave,” Wei Chen said emotionlessly.

In today’s society, there’s an abundance of talent. He didn’t need to hold onto those who wanted to leave.

The assistant knew the chairman wouldn’t listen to anything more, sighed, and said, “Understood.”

As the assistant predicted, once the resignation of the director of the planning department was approved, it triggered a chain reaction. More and more management personnel approached Wei Chen with their resignation applications. Those who hadn’t yet left were observing, waiting to see if Wei Chen had any policies to revive the company.

Certainly, a few had no intention of leaving. They believed in Wei Chen and themselves. They felt that, with their efforts and Wei Chen’s leadership, they could steer the Wei Corporation through this difficult period.

Wei Chen didn’t say much to these people, merely taking note of their decisions.

So, despite the Wei Corporation appearing like a collapsing building to the outside world, they managed to survive for another month, and in fact, the company’s performance even showed some growth during this month.

In such circumstances, with the Wei Corporation’s performance still improving, the prominent figures in the business world of the city couldn’t help but commend Wei Chen.

However, while they acknowledged Wei Chen’s accomplishments, they also considered him somewhat foolish for staunchly supporting a company that seemed crippled, akin to a trapped beast futilely struggling.

However, amid widespread pessimism, the Wei Corporation secured its first significant injection of funds after the crisis.

The source of these funds shocked the entire business community—it came from the Biscuit Fund, hailed in recent years as the god of investments.

The fact that the Biscuit Fund invested in the Wei Corporation? The Wei Corporation was currently akin to an old man in the twilight of life; was it genuinely worth the Biscuit Fund’s investment?

The outside world speculated that even the investment deity, the Biscuit Fund, could make mistakes at times. However, the subsequent events delivered a resounding slap to those assumptions.

After the fund injection into the Wei Corporation, Wei Chen orchestrated an impressive turnaround. Not only did he solve the Wei Corporation’s financial issues, but he also filled the Biscuit Fund’s coffers to the brim. It left the outsiders utterly astonished.

Merely from the investment of the Biscuit Fund, Wei Chen swiftly led the nearly failing Wei Corporation into a remarkable transformation.

Now, nobody looked down on Wei Chen anymore; nobody called him a fool for struggling with a company on the brink of collapse.

The Wei Corporation’s stocks surged like a roller coaster, suddenly turning positive.

People who stayed in the Wei Corporation were now smiling and joyful.

Wei Chen, impressive, truly impressive.

However, after this, Wei Chen didn’t give the outside world a chance to catch its breath. Riding this momentum, he initiated several major projects.

All these major projects turned out successful for the Wei Corporation, and under Wei Chen’s guidance, the company transformed into an emerging technology industry, no longer relying on its previous port and traditional industries to make money.

It could be said that the vitality the Wei Corporation currently exhibited was something most new enterprises couldn’t even dream of achieving. Under Wei Chen’s leadership, the Wei Corporation grew once more, and this time, it was with lightning speed.

In the past, those who had resigned while witnessing the growing strength of the Wei Corporation felt deep regret. Upon hearing that the Wei Corporation was planning a job fair, they immediately reapplied, their expressions reflecting their remorse.

The Wei Corporation didn’t shut the door on those who had previously resigned during the Wei Corporation’s toughest times. Instead, they recruited them based on their abilities, offering them positions. This made these individuals feel ashamed, silently vowing to work diligently at the Wei Corporation in the future.

Moreover, with such a formidable leader as Wei Chen, they believed that under his guidance, the Wei Corporation would surely achieve greater glory, ensuring a bright future for themselves.

Those who had chosen to stay and shine in their positions during the Wei family’s challenging times received Wei Chen’s recognition and became new faces in the upper echelons of the Wei Corporation.

It was because of this inclusive approach in talent acquisition that the Wei Corporation gained a good reputation, attracting more talent to join their ranks. It undoubtedly created a positive cycle.

Within just six months, the Wei family gained admiration throughout the business world.

Now, when these business magnates mentioned Wei Chen, they praised him highly, acknowledging his remarkable leadership skills.

At this moment, the CEO of the Biscuit Fund made a public appearance. The headquarters of the Biscuit Fund was in Beijing, and the CEO’s name was Wei Hua, known as Tree in English, a legendary investment figure who rocked Wall Street several years ago.

However, what shocked people even more than this identity was the fact that the CEO of the Biscuit Fund shared the surname Wei and was part of the Wei family in Shanghai, the brother of Wei Chen, the current chairman of the Wei Corporation.

For those of the Wei family, who would dare to say they were in decline? One Wei Chen was not enough; now, there was the investment genius Wei Hua!

Such a Wei family—how could anyone claim it was in decline?

Yet, before people could fully absorb this information, another piece of news struck them—a young company in Shanghai, a rapidly rising company that swiftly entered the top 100 nationwide, previously causing a sensation in the city, had a mastermind behind it named Wei Yan.

Yes, that’s right—a member of the Wei family, and a cousin of Wei Chen.

Wei Chen, Wei Hua, Wei Yan.

These three names had become prominent figures in the business circles of China, easily regarded as the leaders of the younger generation, even standing shoulder to shoulder with the older generation.

And astonishingly, all three of them were from the Wei family.

Who the hell said the Wei family was in decline? These three brothers were enough to prop up the entire Wei family and elevate it to even greater glory than before.

Following this event, the Wei family’s position in Shanghai became even more solid than before.

Recently, Old Master Wei enjoyed going out to meet some old friends, eager to hear their praises for his three grandsons.

Old Master Wei’s vanity found satisfaction, and he was genuinely happy. He never imagined that his Wei family would produce such three remarkable individuals, leaving his old friends envious and admiring whenever they spoke of them.

As for Wei Zhenxiong, Old Master Wei had already cast aside this failed son, considering him worthless.

Old Master Wei went out joyfully every day and returned just as gleefully. His later years turned out unexpectedly comfortable.

“Sir, we’ve arrived home,” Housekeeper Zhang accompanied Old Master Wei. He also felt proud. With the Wei family having produced three outstanding young masters, he felt like displaying them everywhere, just like Old Master Wei.

Initially, Housekeeper Zhang thought the Wei family was heading towards ruin. But unexpectedly, when it seemed like there was no way out, a sudden turn of events happened. The three young masters of the Wei family turned out to be so capable that within just six months, they rescued the Wei Corporation from decline.

At this moment, Old Master Wei was returning from a golf game with his old buddies. They talked about Wei Chen’s new big project, Wei Hua’s investment in another project, and what Wei Yan had achieved. A smile had been on Old Master Wei’s face all day long.

When bidding farewell to his friends and getting back into the car, Old Master Wei’s smile persisted. Sometimes, Housekeeper Zhang wondered if the old man would even smile in his dreams.

Of course, with such outstanding grandsons, not just three, even one of them would make him wake up laughing from a dream.

Getting out of the car with Housekeeper Zhang’s support, Old Master Wei, while walking back home, said, “Old Zhang, I never imagined such a life before.”

Housekeeper Zhang replied, “The young masters can support the Wei family now, sir. You don’t need to worry.”

“Yeah,” Old Master Wei chuckled, feeling immensely content.

Six months had passed, and even Qiuqiu had grown quite a bit.

Six months ago, Qiuqiu was a chubby little troublemaker who could only take a few steps. Now, six months later, Qiuqiu has transformed into a chubby little guy who can run all around.

During this half-year period, Qiuqiu has been living at the Wei family’s old mansion, getting acquainted with Old Master Wei.

When he saw Old Master Wei and Housekeeper Zhang entering the living room, Qiuqiu sitting there immediately called out, “Pa pa!”

Old Master Wei walked over to Qiuqiu, ruffled his hair, and replied with a smile, “Hey there.”

Qiuqiu was an endearing child, and Old Master Wei was no exception. Since stepping down from his dominant position, especially after seeing the further growth of the Wei family under Wei Chen’s leadership, Old Master Wei had let go of many things. He no longer agonized over whether Qiuqiu was Wei Chen’s biological son or not, feeling particularly close to Qiuqiu.

Perhaps due to a psychological effect, the closer he felt to Qiuqiu, the more Old Master Wei found similarities between Qiuqiu and Wei Chen. Sometimes, he even had the illusion that Qiuqiu was his own great-grandson.

However, now these details didn’t matter. He had completely accepted Chen Li and Qiuqiu, feeling remorseful about his past actions. Sometimes, when Old Master Wei reminisced about the past, he felt like he had been blinded by foolishness to do such extreme things.

Yet, due to pride, Old Master Wei never uttered an apology to Chen Li.

Since accepting Chen Li, Old Master Wei knew about Chen Li’s past and couldn’t help but start to feel compassion for him. He made sure Chen Li was well-fed, preparing three meals a day for him. Of course, Chen Li’s amiable disposition, at times childlike, was irresistible to everyone.

Chen Li and Wei Chen could sense Old Master Wei’s change. They were pleased to see Old Master Wei changing. After all, they were family, and considering that Old Master Wei had raised Wei Chen, resolving any differences between them was the best outcome.

Chen Li now lived comfortably at the Wei family’s old mansion. Initially, due to internal resistance, he couldn’t sleep well at night.

But as Lan Xiping had predicted, once Chen Li got used to it, things would improve. And indeed, now Chen Li was doing just fine. His subconscious resistance towards the Wei family and Old Master Wei had gradually faded away over the past six months of their interaction.

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