Chapter 74.1 – Destroying the Headquarters (2)

On the sea surface, the large ship slowly came to a stop. Hu Li jumped off the ship to check on the fisherman who said someone had jumped into the sea, while Xu Tonggui brought the branch secretary up to the deck.

The branch secretary had already changed his clothes, with a simple and prison-like horizontal stripe pattern. There were injuries on his face, but he hadn’t suffered any inhuman treatment, appearing to still maintain some semblance of a person. Xu Tonggui asked him, “How did you get in?”

The branch secretary remained silent.

Without any warning, a dagger plunged directly into his elbow joint. The intense tearing sensation came suddenly and swiftly, causing him to involuntarily cry out.

The screams echoed across the entire deck, and the once-clean floor was now soaked with blood.

Xu Tonggui’s decisive action caught everyone off guard. Those behind him, unsure whether to step forward to stop him or remain silent, stood frozen for a moment.

Xu Tonggui showed no intention of waiting for the branch secretary to hesitate. After stabbing one arm, he didn’t pause for a moment, raising the other arm without giving anyone time to think.

“Wait! I’ll talk!” The branch secretary, unable to recall the various combat techniques he had learned earlier, instinctively twisted his body in an attempt to create distance, all while explaining, “You need to contact the headquarters and get approval before going down!”

Xu Tonggui stood up and looked at the group behind him. Someone understood his intention and approached with a communication device for the branch secretary to use. Inheriting Captain Xu’s excellent style, he held a device in one hand and a knife in the other, the blade glinting.

Xu Gao, standing behind them, averted his gaze. The corners of his eyes twitched as he strained, and for a moment, there was an illusion that they were the ones from the antisocial organization.

Hu Li, who had gone down to ask the old fisherman, came up. He casually remarked, “The one who jumped into the sea is a male, a drunkard.”

According to the old fisherman, there was a smell of alcohol on the man.

“No need to rescue him,” Xu Tonggui asked, “What about the fisherman?”

Hu Li glanced at him and said, “I told him to go back.”

As the branch secretary, still intact, prepared to pick up the communication device not far away, the area beneath the sea surface began to stir restlessly. It was as if something was penetrating the deep sea, pushing the water in all directions.

A passage emerged from the sea. Everyone stood still, staring at it, including the branch secretary who had just picked up the communication device; he was also taken aback.

Indeed, it was a passage, no mistake about it.

However, unlike the passages he had seen before, this one was completely stationary. It lacked the fluidity of the previous ones, which could appear and disappear at any moment.

Rather than saying the passage opened, it seemed more like someone had damaged it from the inside.

The SIU’s boat descended along the passage.

The sea was a strange world that many had never seen before, dangerous and intense, with the most primitive cruelty and vitality of nature.

They continued to dive until they reached a place devoid of light. At the end of the passage, light finally emerged.

The white light appeared somewhat faint in the sea but was visible.

They descended from the sea into a river, and before their eyes were towering buildings.

The scene in their line of sight had an indescribable strangeness.

The dome overhead was the source of the city’s light, surrounded by modern high-rise buildings. The tallest building had been burned down, leaving only a blackened structure. The fire spread, engulfing the adjacent building. Bright flames burned, and people on the roadside seemed oblivious, continuing on their own paths. Glass shattered and fell from the upper floors, some people noticed in advance and avoided it, while others were pierced by the glass, falling to the ground, with bystanders nonchalantly passing by.

A sound of collapsing buildings came from one side.

The SIU quickly split into several teams. The original team split up, temporarily becoming each team led by its captain, leading their respective teams to search different areas. Xu Tonggui and Hu Li led a small team towards the collapsed building.

The two most capable fighters were paired together. Some were puzzled, but no one objected. They quickly went to their respective locations.

Xu Gao was fortunate to be assigned to this team. For the first time, he felt a sense of security working together with the captain and vice-captain.

The sound of the collapsed building seemed loud, as if it were nearby, but in reality, it was quite far. They walked through several streets, and everything seemed relatively normal until they reached an intersection.

Upon reaching the intersection, someone unconsciously tightened their grip on the gun in their hand, startled by the sight before them.

Bodies covered the ground in layers, blood flowing across the ground, following a drainage channel on one side. All the bodies were piled together in a uniform manner, each with a red mark on the neck, and no other injuries.

It was this small, fine mark that had taken away the lives of everyone.

The gaze of the small team turned towards the street beyond the intersection.

The scene was a complete disaster. From the intersection to the street, there were winding trails of blood and collapsed buildings. Bullet marks were visible everywhere, and the cuts from the collapsed buildings were neat—just like the necks of the people lying on the ground.

Someone had been here, and this person was formidable, at least overwhelming in strength for those lying on the ground.

The atmosphere became more oppressive the further they walked.

Most of the people present had their minds on edge, in a state of high tension.

After turning down another street, a large crater appeared on the ground. Inside was a creature covered in eyes of various sizes, with the eyes no longer moving. Some pupils had been completely pierced, indicating it had ceased to exist.

It was hard to imagine how such a large crater spanning five lanes of road was created.

Behind them came the sound of a cane striking the ground. Turning around, they saw an old woman carrying a basket of vegetables emerging from the street corner, crossing the pedestrian crossing.

This would have been a normal sight, but in this situation, it inexplicably seemed more eerie.

There were still vehicles on the road, but they only passed through the intersection and showed no intention of turning towards the road where the pedestrian crossing was located.

In an instant, glass shards splattered from the collapsed building pierced the tires of the passing vehicles. The vehicles skidded, their direction no longer under control. Even in such a situation, the expressions of the people inside the cars remained unchanged as they gripped the steering wheel.

The vehicles quickly approached the elderly person who was still crossing the pedestrian crossing. The people inside the car remained expressionless, and the sound of the tires rubbing against the ground failed to catch the attention of the old woman. Strangely, it seemed like they were completely unaware that they were approaching the end of life.

Despite the bizarre situation, the other side was still human, a living person. Xu Gao, who was at the end of the small team and closest to the pedestrian crossing, quickly ran towards it, hoping to at least save the old woman.

Just as he was about to reach the person, a distant noise of buildings collapsing and destruction came from behind. Something was rapidly advancing at an unimaginable speed.

Before he could reach the old woman, a huge black shadow came from behind and flashed past him.

He could even see the spike-like fur on top of it, only a few centimeters away from his pupils.

The vehicle and the old woman, both were directly struck by the creature that was thrown at them. The vehicles were tossed high and then fell back down, emitting a painfully grating sound.

After colliding with the vehicles, the creature still didn’t stop, it fiercely collided with a building, leaving deep marks on the ground with its spikes.

If he didn’t see it wrong, there seemed to be a knife embedded in the creature. Even after crashing into the building, it didn’t stop, directly piercing through the building and colliding with the next one.

Huge holes were left in several buildings, and the buildings began to tilt, one after another.

After the creature with spikes passed, Xu Gao dared not close his eyes. Even though his eyes were already sore, he didn’t dare to move, standing in place as if any movement would lead to irreversible consequences.

Someone pointed towards the tilting buildings and said softly, “…on the rooftop, it seems like there’s someone.”

Others followed the gaze.

Indeed, there was someone on the rooftop of the last building. The distance was too far, and they couldn’t see clearly, only vaguely discerning a silhouette.

White coat, black pants, white hair.

Just as they looked over, the person on the rooftop directly jumped from the top floor, plummeting into the billowing dust.

Xu Gao finally snapped out of the tremors of death and turned his head towards Hu Li at the moment he saw the white hair.

Hu Li’s expression had changed, casting a glance at Xu Tonggui, who was standing at the front. Xu Gao followed suit, looking at the person at the forefront.

It’s hard to describe what kind of feeling this was.

The person was still the same person, the same appearance. He stood there, gazing into the dust, but for some reason, it seemed like he had completely changed, making people feel a sense of unfamiliarity.

Without moving forward or leaving, the group stood in place as if inexplicably waiting for something.

A figure emerged from the distant dust. The leaning skyscraper behind him collapsed, producing a tremendous noise that continuously pounded on people’s eardrums, stimulating their already tense nerves.

The figure gradually became clear, and they saw it.

Indeed, it was white hair.

The white hair flowed backward along with the rising dust, and beneath the white hair, the eyebrows and eyes were faint, with bloodstains at the corners of the eyes. He was dragging a long knife in his hand, with the blade resting on the ground, and the red blood on the blade still slid down, leaving a winding trail.

He walked casually, with the wreckage of the collapsed building and the motionless body of the strange species behind him.

The figure and the face were very familiar, but the whole person was completely unfamiliar. When the emotionless pupils looked over, this person looked at everyone as if they were inanimate objects.

Hu Li’s usually narrowed fox eyes widened, his hand unconsciously resting on his weapon at his waist, habitually vigilant.

They had indeed been deceived before.

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